Victory at Sea: Flattops

Victory at Sea Flattops None


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Victory at Sea: Flattops

  1. I love science and what is happening in the world I work in credit control and love maths, now I know it makes me sound like a geek You are probably right My Novel The Alternates encompasses everything I love, Dan Brown, Frank Herbert and Tolkien Obviously I am none of these people but they are my aspirations.The very odd thing is these authors all add heavy religious connotations to their works, maybe that is the key, or at least was, but I have tried as hard as I could to create alternate realities without any religious reference, so as not to offend but ultimately because outside of our world, outside of our reality, who knows what there is Book two is well on the way, and I am thinking it will be out 21 May 2015

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  1. Wilson Brown was a Vice Admiral in command of the carrier Lexington s task force He was not the commander of the Lexington Captain Frederick Ted Sherman commanded the Lexington from 1940 until her loss in the Battle of the Coral Sea.A very brief sketch of carrier warfare in WWII is offset by a considerable number of rarely seen photos.

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