Fury kidnapped girl defiant biker Chained in brutal darkness they fell in love Free in the world they were torn apart Empires rise empires fall and still she burns in his soul But between them now

1 kidnapped girl 1 defiant biker Chained in brutal darkness, they fell in love Free in the world, they were torn apart Empires rise, empires fall, and still, she burns in his soul But between them now runs a wild river of ambition, greed, and blood So much blood He ll do anything for revenge, and she ll do anything to protect him Love and vengeance are the same kin1 kidnapped girl 1 defiant biker Chained in brutal darkness, they fell in love Free in the world, they were torn apart Empires rise, empires fall, and still, she burns in his soul But between them now runs a wild river of ambition, greed, and blood So much blood He ll do anything for revenge, and she ll do anything to protect him Love and vengeance are the same kind of savage I still have the dreams, baby Do you In mine, I plead and wait for your touch to come like it always did.But it never does.I strain against the iron, but you re no longer there in the shadows I m alone.One single shard of deep dark hope was enough back then.Not now.My claws, your fangs have sunk deep.Follow my trail of blood,my trail of anger, desolation.Am I the same man Soul dark,Heart dense,Blood fierce,Purpose raw.Flame burning.Unrelenting.Brewed on vengeance,laced with tenderness,my fury for you This novel is a standalone and a spinoff of the Lock Key series Warning This work of fiction contains graphic violence, language, sex, and disturbing material some readers may find objectionable.

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  1. I daydream all the time, what if way too much, and am a lip biting romantic And I don t want to be cured of any of those Ever I m a crazy New Yorker who now lives on a beach in beautiful Greece I ve been writing since forever because it keeps me sane Well, sort of I have two children s books traditionally published and I ve self published my romantic suspense series, the spinoff and a historical Join me in my world Follow me on goo alJs0S Visit my website catporter Sign up for my Primo List for email exclusives subscribepage j9q3z1 Join my FB Group Cat Porter s Cat Callers facebook groups 16512 FInd me on Facebook facebook catporterauthorCheck me out on Instagram instagram catporter.w Check out my Pinterest for my character setting inspirations pinterest catporter103

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  1. If you follow my reviews, then you know that I love dark stories and I don t shy away from offensive, violent and perverse content In fact, the twisted and disturbing a story is, the better So, when I saw all the warnings about how dark this book was, I thought it would be a huge hit with me Unfortunately, it didn t work out that way It was definitely dark and disturbing, but it just didn t have that something extra that takes it to the next level I liked it, but I didn t love it.The story begi [...]

  2. This book is NOT for the faint of heart so please take caution Graphic violence, abuse, sexual assault and content, trigger warnings This was the first time I have ever read a book by Cat Porter I am now a FAN forever Serena is tough, beautiful, good and Med s old lady, president of Smoking Guns MC club She s abused, used as a sex slave, angry and she just wants out Finger s a prospect of Flames of Hell MC club His grandad was an original founding member of the club and he s following his granda [...]

  3. I m in the minority with my rating and feelings on this one I really wanted to love this but I didn t, despite it starting with one hell of a bang and gripping me from word one See, I m all about the romance and this was not a romance, it was a story about them making it through a horrific time in their lives separately It was heavy on the misery of two people who, despite having to claw and fight their way through it all threw it all away with stupid bloody choices that could so easily have bee [...]

  4. 2 StarsDNF 25%I like Dark romance and I ve read some very dark ones This story started great but then If you ve ever read my reviews, you know I don t like sharing and this one had a threesome that two of them were main characters and I couldn t tolerate it I m not into motorcycle club so much but sometimes I read them and this one was one of them that I was enjoying but sorry the sharing part didn t work out for me So if you like dark romance and don t have problem with sharing partner threesom [...]

  5. 5 Always You StarsWhat a emotional and well earned journey Fury is a standalone that follows the complete story arc from the Lock and Key series The story spans 25 years of heartbreak and devastation but the most soul destroying example of true love It s dark and gritty and not a traditional boy meets girl and they fall in love kind of story It s intense It s passionate It s of everything Serena and Finger s story isn t a comfortable story but it s their story Serena and Finger are not tradit [...]

  6. ARC kindly provided by authorG I have no words Cat Porter is a magician This is my first read by this author and I can t believe I haven t read any of her books until now Huge mistake that has to be rectified MC romance is my thing and I ve read hundreds, and hundreds of MC romance books, but this one has to be in the top 5 It goes straight to my favourites It s really hard to write a review without revealing anything, and I don t want to write than I have to because it would spoil everything f [...]

  7. DNF 52% It was a 5 star read until it wasn t anyThis is my first Cat Porter book and despite me not finishing Fury this will NOT be my last Cat Porter book I like to think maybe this book was a fluke and the others aren t like this I shall explain in the spoiler section I picked up this book because it wasn t linked to the Lock and Key series because I didn t want to jump into the middle of the series even though the books are standalones Fury is very misleading, it s a spin off from the Lock Ke [...]

  8. There are books once you started reading, you know you re going to devour it and Fury did just that to me, it piques my interest right away.Finger and Serena s story is an epic journey of love found in an unexpected dark place, in a situation where no one knows what will happen next, and yet a strong bond was created between two people that will stand the test of time Both are fierce in protecting the people they love, no matter what.Take the warning seriously for you re in for a wild ride into [...]

  9. Why did we have to sacrifice love for love Taking a chance on Cat Porter s debut novel, Lock Key, was one of the smartest things I ve ever done She slayed me with her story telling magic and her smooth writing style She won me over and I ve been a fierce fan ever since She may very well be my favorite author I can t say for sure because favorite authors are like your children, you love them fiercely and can t choose one over the other because each have their own unique traits Let s just say she [...]

  10. 5 I was always yours starsIf you are fan of the Lock Key series like I am then you have probably been anxiously awaiting the story of Finger and Lenore Finger intrigued me as soon as he hit the page in Iron Bone I was dying to know how he got his name It was just as brutal and heartbreaking as I expected As a devotee to the series I expect you will find satisfaction by reading the other books first That being said this is a standalone and is great intro into in Cat s writing Hopefully you will [...]

  11. I don t have the words to express just how much I loved Fury It tore my heart out, and I m not sure I ll ever be the same The intense emotions left me stunned, breathless, and completely blown away Cat Porter s words are beautiful, even when the story she tells is raw, brutal, and often, ugly Finger and Lenore s story, while harsh and violent, is also an incredibly beautiful and moving story of two people doing whatever it takes to survive Fury spans twenty five years and Ms Porter layers Finger [...]

  12. Fury wasn t the easiest book to read especially what happened from around the 50% mark but I enjoyed the journey of these two characters even when I didn t care for the choices they made.This book had me contemplating how love could grow in such a hostile environment, thrive, blossom, endure so very much and still be a thing of beauty Serena and Fingers love has an ugly, raw beauty to it that I quite enjoyed Kudos to the author for being able to showcase beauty in the midst of all that ugly.I de [...]

  13. We got here, baby, through fire and blades, demons and curses, blood and plagues Just WOW I had high hopes for Fury and Cat Porter exceeded every single one of my expectations and then some A gritty, incredibly sensual and emotional thrill ride Put this one on your must read list Why did we have to sacrifice love for love This is a story that spans decades and offers up the very best in the MC romance genre There are many biker books out there but Cat Porter is one of the most talented writers i [...]

  14. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review 4.5 stars He d lain his heart and soul in my hands, and I would keep them safe I would never let them go Ever I love Biker MC romances, however lately I haven t found any that keeps me interested long enough When I read the blurb of Fury, I was intrigued but didn t really know what to expect I have read a book by this author before, and really enjoyed it, so I wanted to give this one a go as well My first thoughts when I started reading were OMG this [...]

  15. Cat Porter is a phenomenal writer, and I really did love the beginning part say the first third of this book.Unfortunately I had major issues with the rest of it barring the last 10% which did actually reduce me to an emotional puddle of happy tears view spoiler I hated that they spent 25 years with other people, specifically Finger and his graphic sex scenes with other women Although I completely understood Serena s decision to stay away, I didn t like it spoiler hide spoiler

  16. Fury is a long book but I loved every minute of it.There are a number of aspects to this story including a number of MC clubs, organized crime syndicates and it delivers a heck of a story There are aspects of this that are gruesome and some readers might not want to read this kind of MC book and at times I gulped at what I was reading but to tell Finger and Serena s story these situations were relevant Justin Finger believed he was born but not raised he erupted He was the weed that grew in the [...]

  17. If I could give this book than 5 stars I would No joke A story that spans over 20 years and is filled with so much rich history, storyline and packs a true gut punch of emotionsI m a slobbering mess right now and have been on and off for the past two days that I have been reading Fury.When the mysterious and sexy character of Finger was introduced in the last book of the Lock Key series, he was called in as a favord I just fell in love with this darkly alpha man and needed to know where he came [...]

  18. Cat Porter popped my MC book cherry and transported me to a new and unknown world Through her exquisite prose, I witnessed Finger and Lenore s epic love story Their story is not for the faint hearted It is brutal and harrowing and very dark at times, but at the same time it is full of passion and soul, love and loss, betrayal and so much heartache This story is full of emotion and with a twist that will have you reaching for the kleenex, I urge you to read this exceptionally written story Highly [...]

  19. I have a love hate relationship with Cat Porter I love her, but inevitably while reading one of her books she will gut me, and then I hate her for it CP is the queen of conflicting emotions and she outdid herself in Fury with situations that were raw and painful, yet achingly beautiful, even a sex scene was scorchingly hot, yet painfully heartbreaking Fury got to me even than Random and Rare, view spoiler and Dig Died in it hide spoiler but I loved every minute I spent reading it.Finger and Ser [...]

  20. 4.5 Stars If you have ever read a Cat Porter book you know that her writing is magnificent and her storytelling is epic I was soo soo excited that we got Finger and Lenore s story and after reading it all I can say is that it was worth waiting for This book was incredible, emotional and so raw It viscerally affects you where you can t stop thinking about it.Without giving away any spoilers or plot points, this book is almost a journey as it spans close to twenty five years as we see the ups and [...]

  21. A cruel, brutal and very long story I believe that the author had to describe all the moments, but for me to damn long and lost her charm The main characters meets in an unusual way that marks them throughout their lives, even when they are not together, but they have chemistry that you can feel when reading.

  22. Hands down, best MC book I ve EVER READ and a top favorite of 2017 Fury is a heart stopping, gut wrenching, nail biting saga of epic proportions It spans 25 years and is filled with greed, betrayal, pain, and revenge, but most of all love Finger Serena s journey was a long, difficult and sometimes ugly road that wrapped up in a hugely satisfying and powerful ending Do not take the warnings of this book lightly, it is at times brutal, savage and difficult to read We got here, baby, through fire a [...]

  23. He d lain his heart and soul in my hands and I would keep them safe I would never let go I ve said this before when I have read a book by Cat Porter, QUALITY, a quality read, nothing rushed, nothing left unturned, you re taken on a journey through the lives of two people telling a story that bleeds out feelings and Hurts, the good the bad the ugly from the very beginning right to the end Serena and Justin s fate was forged the moment they shared a dark place in time together, both in captivity u [...]

  24. I ll try keeping it spoiler free, so other readers can experience everything I did This one wasn t easy to read The first half or so of the book is dark and, simply put, devastating You have to heed the warning given by the author, you have to be mentally and emotionally prepared for it because it s ugly So ugly, you re wondering when will it end, when will the clouds part and let a little bit of sun shine through and, most of all, think HOW MANY THINGS CAN THEY ENDURE It all starts in the past, [...]

  25. Copy received in advance for voluntary review Oh my heart I m in love with a man named Finger and a woman named Lenore Their love story is tragic and beautiful It spans twenty five years From the brutal way they met in their early twenties to their well deserved HEA in their forties Their lives were anything but easy and their hardships were heartbreaking But no matter what the obstacle and no matter where they were, you could feel their love for each other I cried for them For the unfairness An [...]

  26. An absolutely exhausting read How many bad things can happen to one couple A whole hell of a lot 25 years is way too long The book way way too long, too I was unusually unemotional about halfway through this I felt the ending was also so glossed over I wanted fireworks, but instead it just fizzled out.

  27. 4.5 5 Stars I have just spent the last few days reading this gem Fury begins with a powerful introduction, to a page turner of a story you won t be able to put down In retrospect, a health warning may have been wise 1 Don t try this at home2 Heart palpitations are inevitableIt is the perfect choice for a book club, well any book club I would join LOL I lost count of the numerous scenarios worthy of being put on the table for discussion At EDGy, we were blessed to be able to share our emotions to [...]

  28. I loved the beginning 4 starsI struggled with the middle 2 starsI loved the ending 4 starsI have to say that the middle of this book could ve really made me DNF this one I felt like the focus was on Finger and Tania Even their first experience together with Serena made me cringe I did not like that aspect of the story at all Then those two hooking up over the years, it just felt wrong.I did, however love Lenore s strength The reasons for what she did were selfless and heartbreaking Finger was a [...]

  29. DNF I m not going to rate this book because I don t feel it s fair, I only got to 28% although Cat s writing was amazing as usual the characters felt so real it was just too dark for me I found it extremely difficult to read I definitely know now I just don t enjoy books this dark.

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