Strike Callie Winslow is on the verge of realizing her wildest dreams When her cake shop on one of Melbourne s most vibrant shopping strips opens to the public she ll be on her way to the top of the food ch

Callie Winslow is on the verge of realizing her wildest dreams When her cake shop on one of Melbourne s most vibrant shopping strips opens to the public, she ll be on her way to the top of the food chain literally But one night, days before the launch, everything goes up in flames.As fire engulfs her shop, Callie is trapped inside with no way out, until a handsome mysterCallie Winslow is on the verge of realizing her wildest dreams When her cake shop on one of Melbourne s most vibrant shopping strips opens to the public, she ll be on her way to the top of the food chain literally But one night, days before the launch, everything goes up in flames.As fire engulfs her shop, Callie is trapped inside with no way out, until a handsome mystery man bursts through the inferno and carries her to safety Problem is, he vanishes soon after without telling her his name.Haunted by the stranger who saved her life, Callie pulls out all the stops in her attempts at finding him, but she isn t quite prepared for the man she finally meets.Mark Storm Ryder is a shell of his former self Accused of a crime he didn t commit, he was banned for life from professional MMA and sent home with his reputation in tatters Left with nothing to his name, he fights at the illegal cage fighting league known as The Underground to make ends meet Plagued by the stigma of his downfall, he s closed himself off to everything and everyone, believing it s for the best.Then one night, he hears a cry for help and rushes headfirst into danger without a second thought When he pulls a beautiful woman from a burning building, he knows he can t stick around and face her inevitable judgement, so he disappears, but little does he know, the mystery woman won t let him vanish as easily as that.Brought together by fate and fl

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  1. Amity Cross is the International Bestselling author of wicked stories about rock stars looking for redemption, gritty romances featuring MMA fighters and dark tales of forbidden romance She loves to write about screwed up relationships and kick ass female leads that don t take s t lying down.Amity lives in a leafy country town near Melbourne, Australia and can be found chained to her desk, held at ransom by her characters.Don t send help She likes it.Available Series The Beat and The Pulse More coming in 2017 Unexpected Series Complete Royal Blood Series Complete L is for Luminous Stand Alone Romance And coming soon Find out about Amity and her books by visiting amitycrosswritesWant to be notified about new releases Sign up for the VIP newsletter and get occasional free books, bonus stories, and bit AmityCrossNews

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  1. Amity Cross latest hero , Mark Storm Ryder, seems to be anything but a worthy alpha male in her newest release Strike in fact, based on his tainted reputation, his asshole demeanor, and his ability to keep people at a distance with his prickly personality, he s much a villain than a hero And, he seems to be find with this perception of him until one woman s cry for help forces him to put his pity party on hold and save her life, offering a glimpse of the man underneath the broken spirit and nas [...]

  2. ARC received from author for an honest reviewI don t even look at the blurb any of a book in The Beat and The Pulse series I know I am going to get a sexy and sweet in his own way MMA fighter and a girl that will win his heart.To say that Storm and Callie s relationship starts of hot and steamy is an understatement Phew, was it sexy or what I adore Callie She is sweet and fun and sexy but has those self doubts that we all have.Mark Storm Ryder is the bad guy of The Underground, and he perpetuat [...]

  3. While I m sad to see this series end, I loved this last book of it Full Review to ComeStrike delivers yet another steamy love story between an MMA fighter and the woman who is his perfect match One of my favorite things about the books in this series is that I know I ll be getting a story that is full of heat but also has a lot of heart Callie and Storm s story is full of emotion and a little rocky but proves that fighting for love is worth it Storm is a man who knows he s made mistakes, he puni [...]

  4. I have found my favorite fighter within the Beat Pulse series by Amity Cross And it s Mark Storm Ryder sadly, the last fighter to get his story I haven t read all books yet, but of those I ve read, this story is by far my favorite With its setting it is darker and grittier than most of the stories, making it dangerous and oh so intriguing.Storm, being a disgraced UFC fighter now swinging his fists in The Underground, is one of the bad guys brooding and aloof, and a mystery to most people Nobody [...]

  5. Storm has returned the underground to make easy money and stay underneath the radar after his world spectacularly fell apart Karma is a bitch and unfortunately he knows this first hand, aware that he is paying the price for being a fame hungry cold bastard that trampled on people in his rush to succeed Living in the shadows, keeping every one at a distance he uses his fists to earn money and constantly bears the weight of sins on his shoulders An unexpected act of heroism triggers a chain of eve [...]

  6. This is the tenth book in The Beat and The Pulse series It is a standalone, but Hammish and Lori are in this book Their story is book 6, Flow.This is the final book in the series Ignite is book eleven and is already out It s in the Dark Desires box set.Callie is at the point in her life where her dreams are coming true She has her bakery and it s almost ready to open That is until it goes up in flames, literally And she s trapped.Luckily someone hears her cries for help.Disgraced ex UFC fighter, [...]

  7. I have read every single book in this series including the final book you can only get in the anthology Dark Desires until the end of the year when it releases on its own This book, Strike, has become my favorite I think mostly because Storm is a completely broken character He doesn t feel he is redeemable or worthy of anything good Callie is soft and sweet and not just because of her baking She is the fighter on the inside that Storm is on the outside I seriously love this Their relationship is [...]

  8. Strike is 10 and the final installment in Amity Cross s The Beat and The Pulse series I am a huge fan of this MMA Underground fighting series and am so sad that it is over Callie is one of my favorite h s out of all of the books She is on the threshold of making her dreams come true and she is just so sensible A little quirky, but she reasons things out and finds her way Storm is a jerk He knows it, owns it, but is starting to wake up from that and finding his conscience He wants to do the right [...]

  9. Cannot believe that this is the tenth book in this series What an amazing book it is Amity Cross world of MMA fighters are gruff, troubled and really amazing guys just looking to be loved.When Strike jumped out of the car of yet another hot chick s car, just looking to get away from her, he had no idea that he would stumble upon a burning building And stumble on saving the life of the girl that was the new owner, who was passed out in the storage room in the back.Callie, was on cloud nine, paint [...]

  10. Strike is book 10 and the final book in the fantastic series from Amity Cross.Mark Storm Ryder had it all, money women and he was on his way to the top as a professional MMA Fighter then thanks to one girl s lies he lost everything Now he s back in Australia and fighting illegally at the UndergroundCallie Winslow has always wanted her own bakery and finally her dreams are coming true but when a fire breaks out on the premises and she finds herself trapped, her knight in shining armour comes in t [...]

  11. I am gutted that this series has come to an end but it goes out on a high In this highly charged finale we met Callie, a woman with a dream She is hard working and determined but when it comes to matters of the heart she is full of self doubt When she saved from her burning shop by the brooding Storm she can not stop thinking about him Storm has faced a tough few years and wont let anyone get close to him, fearing that he is no good The relationship between these two will have you wanting to sha [...]

  12. Another excellent book in The Beat and the Pulse series Strike is book 10 in the series but is easily read as a stand alone Amity Cross has done it again with this wonderful story Callie and Storms relationship is rocky to say the least, but it is real It is wonderfully written and, with the characters being fully developed, the reader can live the story along with them I am sorry to see the series ending, but I am looking forward to seeing what Amity Cross publishes next.

  13. Loved itAs with the previous books of this series, I absolutely loved this book Couldn t put it down Amity Cross writing style is just so easy to read and so fluid Good story line and plot, a touch predictable at times but then not predictable at all in other areas Dialogue between the characters was good and felt natural I liked both the male and female lead characters All in all well worth the read

  14. 4.5 starsI ve been hanging for this book since Flow and it didn t disappoint What really surprised me was how emotional I felt at times reading this I just wanted to give Storm a hug so bad Word of warning, he will than likely frustrate you but I guess that s what seriously damaged characters do to you.

  15. 5 Another amazing read from the Beat and Pulse series.Following the path of Mark and Callie.Totally enjoyed it can t wait for the next book.

  16. I loved this series so much and I m so sad to see it end thank you Amity Cross for bringing these characters to life

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