Thresh Thresh Just the name suggests power dominance dangerd the man himself Oh man I ve never met anyone like him Larger than life exuding raw power He s a mountain of rugged masculine sex appeal But I

Thresh Just the name suggests power, dominance, dangerd the man himself Oh man I ve never met anyone like him Larger than life, exuding raw power He s a mountain of rugged, masculine sex appeal But I have walls that no man, no matter how big he is, has ever been able to break through Thresh doesn t know how to take no for an answer, though He s determined toThresh Just the name suggests power, dominance, dangerd the man himself Oh man I ve never met anyone like him Larger than life, exuding raw power He s a mountain of rugged, masculine sex appeal But I have walls that no man, no matter how big he is, has ever been able to break through Thresh doesn t know how to take no for an answer, though He s determined to get past all my defenses and show me what I ve been missing The only problem is Thresh has enemies Powerful, deadly, merciless enemies who have no problem using me to get to him And Thresh is injured, one arm left useless Can Thresh singlehandedly take on armed and dangerous men out to kill us AND my freight train of emotional baggage

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  1. NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, WALL STREET JOURNAL and international bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women Her bestselling titles include ALPHA, STRIPPED, WOUNDED, and the 1 and international bestseller FALLING INTO YOU You can find her on her farm in Northern Michigan with her husband, author Jack Wilder, her six children and menagerie of animals.Sign up for Jasinda s newsletter at eepurl qW87TVisit Jasinda s website jasindawilder Follow Jasinda on twitter at twitter jasindawilderJoin Jasinda on Faceboook at facebook AuthorJasind

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  1. The second installment was way better than book 1, just like i predicted it would beThe same amount of actionThe same type of muscular hulk like mercenary ex military alphaThe sexually wild but repressed heroine but very fine portrayed too, not that pathetic crap The carnal sexual intensity here simplyyond words I m gonna show you how it should feel to be worshipped, Lola And my God, so he didoh, how he didThresh, for you man, solid 4 stars

  2. Thresh Jacinda Wilder The adventure continues and this is just awesome This next book is about Thresh and from what I read, he s a monster Like on every aspect, monster hands, monster body, monster cock, like everything The story picks up when Thresh was rushed to the hospital where this hot doctor works Lola Reed is hot alright Big boobs, big butt, big everything It s like Thresh found his perfect pair Lola has a sad background with relationships so she swore men off for three straight years Th [...]

  3. So freaking sexy I need Thresh A whole lot Complete book hangover here A PERFECT sequel to the series Jasinda, you did it again It is a perfect blend of suspense and HEAT So darn HOT Blazing This is a MUST read Did I mention that Thresh is a super sexy, drool worthy man that will rock your world The author never ceases to amaze me I always seem to fall head over heels with every male character the author creates This book, this entire series is so freaking addicting READ IT

  4. I was waiting with baited breath for Thresh and he did not disappoint Under all that big muscle, Thresh was just a big marshmallow I mean, he kept making me swoon the way he would think about Lola and also the way he would talk to her He was real with her no lying no holding anything back just pure honesty I really enjoyed that I liked Lola as well She was hardcore and strong but could still be put under Thresh s thumb in 2.5 seconds flat Loved it Her hang ups with sex were unique but I liked wa [...]

  5. Thresh is obviously a well endowed man Effing twelve inches long and nearly as thick as my wrist, or I was a size zero white girl Jesus Christ, Thresh I glanced up at him, dizzy, shocked, and now feeling decidedly ravenous He smirked No part of me is small, babe No I really loved Thresh the man knew how to play his woman, his grin turned hot, rife with dirty promise I didn t get hurt, babe It s just been a few hours since I ve had you, and all the adrenaline has me horny So I m feeling a little [...]

  6. Sexy, suspenseful, sexy, hawt read I love Jasinda Wilder s writing style and I enjoy her books.I loved this book The only con was it ended abruptly, it felt as though the story ended before the romance between Lola and Thresh was resolved.

  7. I am so happy that Jasinda started this spin off from the Alpha series What a bunch of intriguing characters in this recovery team Thresh is larger than life and was such a dominate figure in the previous book These guys live on the edge constantly and to them fall in love is a sight to behold Of course, Lola can hold her own She puts Thresh in his place than once But that big tough guy has a heart of gold and ultimately he gives it to her I love how Jasinda gives her heroines not only real lif [...]

  8. So far Thresh is by far my favorite of the Alpha One teamhe s got such a great sense of humor but at the most inappropriate times I also really love Lola, she is such a strong character and Thresh s equal in every way.As I thought with the first book Cain is back with a vengeance causing problems for the Alpha team and ends up kidnapping Duke This story line is fleshing out really well and I m anxious to see where it leads next.This book even though it s about a different team member is still pa [...]

  9. Unapologeticly SexyThe second in a series of alphalishous men Did not disappoint, I was so caught up in all that is Thresh that the ending jumped up and bit me Anticipation has taken over for Duke

  10. Sexy Steamy Action Packed Sexy Hulk of a man Thresh falls for a emotionally closed off Doctor Reed This sexy determination throws them in an unfortunate situation which leads them into a chase of cat mouse in a wild adventure where their undeniable passion takes over.

  11. Love it Thresh, Thresh, what can I say Love how alpha he is, how protective and loving towards Dr Reed This story was truly a good one, I like how is connected with the first book Really recommended to anyone, follow Jacinda Wilder.

  12. Could not put this book down, loved it from the start Thresh is full on alpha with a cocky mouth but is all heart for Dr Reed, so did not want this book to finish and need Dukes book now to find out what happens next

  13. Continues to the next AlleyI think it is hard to continue the pace and processes of the first book in a series, but this writer does and then some.

  14. ReadOh a must read Hot and steamy resh oh yeah my new book boyfriend wow Great series can t wait for the next one

  15. It was awesome, I read it in less than a day I loved it Thresh and Lola just mention to be Can t wait for Duke next.

  16. I was hooked from the very beginning This story was intense,exciting,sweet,nail biting,and erotic I need of Thresh and Lola.

  17. Love, love, love The Alpha series is one of my favorites and this series is just as good A must read for any Jasinda Wilder fan.

  18. So, I read Thresh 2 A 1 Security and Duke 3 the same day and I have to say I enjoyed Thresh s and Lola s story a bit and I will tell you that had I not read them consecutively I may have liked them both Having just read Thresh s story I realized Duke and Temple s storyline seemed almost the same Too many similarities in their situations and their feelings made me not be able to get into Duke s story as much The fault I found with both stories is timing Yes I get these are erotica novels but re [...]

  19. OMG This book was much much hotter than the first one in the series, Harris And that was plenty steamy.I like getting to know the rest of the Alpha One Security team And given the number of times he s appeared in the previous series Alpha, Beta and Omega and then in this series, I m glad Thresh was first off the rank It was really cool the way Jasinda Wilder brought together 2 cultures that don t really normally merge in fiction And I hope I get to see some of Lola and Thresh even if it s as bi [...]

  20. I loved Thresh, he was a badass, funny and caring After his last mission, he s bleeding and flies all the way to Miami to see Dr Lola Reed to patch him up She s attracted to him but is very wary of him because of things that happened in her past When Thresh leaves the hospital, he stops by her place to ask her out on a date and she turns him down As he leaves, he notices a tail and that s when things get a bit messy He goes back for Lola and they go on the run He meets her dad, get to know one a [...]

  21. Big guy Thomas wanted a date with Dr Lola Reed Cain s man followed Thresh, so he had to bring Lola somewhere safe She suggested her father s remote place On their way, he killed their pursuer right after fingering her At her father s place, she told him about her insecurity Her boyfriend of 5 years broke her trust by uploading her fucking 45 minutes video in the internet and vanished Her father s place got attacked but they managed to get out safely Epilogue of Duke being taken with a famous cel [...]

  22. If only this man was real OH MY DAMN Thresh sounds like everything I need This book is a great read A wonderful continuation I can t wait to read the next book And see how everything ends Again great read If you ve read A1S book one you must read this one also You have to finish the story

  23. Loved this book Lola is a wonderful character who is an actual woman and not a girl who has depth and isn t your typical skinny girl What an awesome change of pace when it comes to these types of books Her relationship with Thresh seemed honest and intense and made the characters seem real in a crazy situation.

  24. Ok 2.75 stars for this I liked Lola A lot I like her whole story I like Thresh as a dude, in the book and for Lola He s much deeper and sweeter than he comes off in Omega and Harris That being said, he doesn t totally float my boat in a leading man Still a story that moves and wants to make you read the next book.

  25. ACTION PACKED Thresh and Lola s story was HOT, Fast paced, SEXY This Series is AMAZING The drama continues with Cain and it will continue in Duke s story I CAN T wait for the final confrontation between AS1 and Cain although I don t want this series to end

  26. ThreshWow, Thresh and Lola had one check if a story and fast paced Danger lurks everywhere and two wounded souls learn to trust each other Maybe just find the unthinkable love.

  27. EnjoyedAction packed from beginning to end I enjoyed reading and would recommend to others This book can be read as a standalone

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