Bounty Hunter's Woman

Bounty Hunter s Woman From the Kindle Bestselling Author in Victorian and Western Romance Bounty Hunter Charlie Durango is a rugged determined man But never did he dream he d have to track down and capture his own bride

From the 1 Kindle Bestselling Author in Victorian and Western Romance Bounty Hunter Charlie Durango is a rugged, determined man But never did he dream he d have to track down and capture his own bride Raised motherless, beautiful feisty Kate Maloney hates the proud, disdainful father who abandoned her upbringing to a series of failed governesses and strict boardinFrom the 1 Kindle Bestselling Author in Victorian and Western Romance Bounty Hunter Charlie Durango is a rugged, determined man But never did he dream he d have to track down and capture his own bride Raised motherless, beautiful feisty Kate Maloney hates the proud, disdainful father who abandoned her upbringing to a series of failed governesses and strict boarding schools When Kate s rancher father reaches his wit s end and sends her to live with a brutal schoolmistress in East Texas, Kate retaliates by burning down the boarding school Languishing away in jail, Kate has no idea her father is at home plotting her comeuppance Ready to leave the harsh trail and settle down, handsome bounty hunter Charlie Durango never dreamed his most dangerous quarry would be his own future bride When Charlie agrees to an arranged marriage with Jeb Maloney s lovely daughter, he is stunned when his willful fianc e rejects him, sight unseen, and rides off into the treacherous Texas Hill Country on the eve of the Comanche moon Charlie gives chase, only to be rewarded when Kate shoots him and steals his horse all before she even realizes he is the man her father chose Theirs becomes a battle of wills hot enough to ignite the Texas prairie But the smoldering attraction between Charlie and Kate proves stronger than them both The headstrong lovers blaze a trail of passion and pride as they head for a reckoning as fierce and shattering

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  1. Eugenia Riley is the award winning, bestselling author of dozens of historical, contemporary and time travel romances, including A TRYST IN TIME, TEMPEST IN TIME, and TIMESWEPT BRIDE She is a 1 Bestselling Author of Time Travel Romance at and Kindle She has written for publishers including Avon, Bantam, Warner, Harlequin and Dorchester.Eugenia is delighted to announce the launching of Eugenia Riley Classics, a new imprint featuring all of your favorite Eugenia Riley historical, contemporary, and time travel romances, finally available again in Kindle, NOOK, Kobo and at iBooks Eugenia s currently available e book list includes WANTED ACROSS TIME BUSHWHACKED BRIDE BUSHWHACKED GROOM PHANTOM IN TIME EMBERS OF TIME A CHRISTMAS IN TIME LOVERS AND OTHER LUNATICS TIMESWEPT BRIDE TIMESWEPT BABY THE PHANTOM OF THE BATHTUB TEMPEST IN TIME and TWO HEARTS IN TIME.Eugenia s latest release, WANTED ACROSS TIME, is an April 2013 release in Kindle, NOOK, Kobo, and at iBooks WANTED ACROSS TIME is a wild and sexy romp back in time to the Wild West, in the tradition of BUSHWHACKED BRIDE and BUSHWHACKED GROOM.Eugenia is especially acclaimed for her nine time travel romance novels Her first two, A TRYST IN TIME and TEMPEST IN TIME, were Waldenbooks romance bestsellers in mass market paperback both titles sold out of print three times Three of her time travels placed on the Ingram s romance list and EMBERS OF TIME was a top ten bestseller in time travel at Borders Eight of Eugenia s time travels have earned 5 star ratings or better at Heartland Critiques, and all have won numerous high ratings and rave reviews in publications such as Romantic Times, Rendezvous, and The Literary Times Reviewer Harriet Klausner calls Eugenia the empress of time travel romance She has received thousands of fan letters on her novels, from locations all over the world.Eugenia is the winner of the HOLT Medallion for WALTZ IN TIME She is a magna cum laude graduate of Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas, a former English teacher and editor of TOUCHSTONE Literary Quarterly She lives in Texas with her husband they have two grown daughters and two grandchildren.

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  1. I do not even know where to begin I was totally sucked in hooked from the first page This is one author who knows how to keep her reader entertained by giving you everything in one place that makes a true romance If you haven t met Kat Maloney you do not know what you are missing This is one sassy young lady who has no trouble telling it like it is She loves to back talk, argue, she can talk faster than a side winder She will pull a gun on you in a heartbeat as she skins you alive with her tongu [...]

  2. Plot Set in the Old West, Kate Maloney has no mother and many daddy issues said dad, Jeb Maloney, wants her out off his hair and upon meeting Charlie Durango, a bounty hunter looking to retire, they strike up a deal to marry Kate to Charlie.Review may contain spoilers The book offers a straight forward writing and a light, fluffy read, all of which I can appreciate.As most stories do, Kate is described as fierce, rebellious, tough as nails, smart, independent, a one woman show, etc However her a [...]

  3. This vastly entertaining story was so much fun to read If you like The Taming of the Shrew then you will love this Kate Let s just say she gives good old Charlie a run for his money She does get in trouble, but what can you expect from a headstrong young woman She is much like her father loyal and proud It does take him awhile to kind of understand his daughter, but thanks to another strong willed woman and a bounty hunter the two make peace This western had it all Indians, water disputes and po [...]

  4. Kate Maloney is a wildcat who wants to be able to make decisions about her life Her father wants her married to a man of his choice He picks Charlie Durango He s a bounty hunter who wants to retire and have a family Can Charlie get Kate to accept his proposal What happens next is a no holds barred battle of wills Eugenia Riley has written a story that has two strong willed people that have powerful chemistry fight to find a HEA I loved seeing them learn to care for each other even as they battle [...]

  5. This Book Has It AllWhile I don t usually read westerners or or period romances this book is in a class of its own It has a modern day woman trapped in pre civil war times She wants to control her on life, and doesn t stand by while others are wronged Her father in desperation, decides to marry her off Naturally she runs away He sends her future husband to bring her back She doesn t know he s her intended.Their adventures are a riot The book is an epic It has Indians, water feuds, love, romance [...]

  6. Bounty Hunter s WomanThe love story of Kate Charlie Jeb, Kate s father, want to marry her off So he chosen a renown bounty hunter When Kate leans her father has plan to marry her off she run away Charlie must track down her A good story except the way she write about the Native American.

  7. Really good book Loved this story I like it when the main characters have a little grit in them If you like reading saucy romance with some feisty characters then you will love this book

  8. What a great read I love that I am so feeling this Old West cowboy type read because I have not found many that will keep my attention till the last page I have to admit that I saw a little of me in Kate and I just loved that.

  9. LovelyHa ha ha What a couple Enjoyed how these two came together And the family drama All in all awesome read Thank you.

  10. 1st reading this arthur i loved it It was very good she left nothing out I am defiantly reading her books I read a good book and know have a new Arthur

  11. Never ending storyLong and convoluted Wished the story would just end Heroine super spoiled and hero not as stoic as I would like.

  12. This is an old book with a brand new title In was originally published by Avon Books in mass market paperback back in 1992 The title then was Taming Kate.

  13. Great bookI loved this book It had romance , humor and mystery thru it all I laughed so hard, shed a few tears and just smiled a whole lot

  14. A wild, often frustrating story Mostly enjoyable but not a totally pleasant experience Worth the time but I glad it s over.

  15. One way I d describe this book is, it s a hot sexy adventure I had fun reading this one Kate is certainly one feisty gal, and Charlie has his hands full just keeping track of her They are both head strong and a battle of wills is brewing You ll be hard pressed NOT to laugh out loud while reading this one It s a fun adventure and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  16. This is the first time I have read a book by this author and I must admit that I was very pleasantly surprised at how well this book was written I found this book fascinating and highly entertaining and a pleasure to read What you will find in this delightful book is a feisty headstrong devious young woman Kate Maloney , her not so understanding and at his wits end father Jeb Maloney , a bounty hunter wanting to retire and offered Kate as a bride Charlie Durango , drama, suspense, intrigue, twis [...]

  17. I gave this Book a rating of 5 sTitle Bounty Hunter s WomanSeries Stand aloneGenre RomanceAuthor Eugenia RileyFormat Kindle eBookPublished on Aug 31, 2016I voluntarily reviewed a Courtesy Advanced Reader Copy of this book Main Character s Descriptions Charlie Durango is a bounty HunterKate Maloney is a troublemaker Summary Paragraph Charlie is tired of living on the trail and just wants to settle down The last thing he expects to have to do is track down his future brideKates dad is tired of her [...]

  18. Kate Malone is a beautiful feisty lady she has had nothing but bad happen her Father is a very proud man he has had nanny after nanny to bring her up and finally sent her to a boarding school and the main lady was a mean one she would beat them and other things so she burned down the school so her father in the mean time is making arrangements for her to be married to a bounty hunter a sexy stricked man named Charlie Durango and he never figured that his bride would be the hardest one to caught [...]

  19. I have revised this review from last year because I feel this review is better I have mentioned in other reviews that I like a story with a strong woman This book has the strongest woman yet She s still under her father s control although he has her at a boarding school Now he s ready to marry her off and finally finds a bounty hunter who will escort her from school to her father The author comes up with so many ways for an 18 year old to make her father and the bounty hunter mad I couldn t put [...]

  20. I have been reading Eugenia Riley books for ages They all make me read without putting them down because the characters and the stories are so amazing Sadness comes when the story ends Pick this up for a great romance and adventure

  21. Fairly goodThis book has a lot of action, traveling, shooting and most of the characters are full of sass The couple don t do much except argue, kiss, and travel She and her father are at odds constantly Pretty good.

  22. Take one feisty, headstrong woman and an equally determined man and you ve got a great story Nothing is ever smooth running with this pair and there is many an adventure mode their journey This is a highly entertaining, fast paced read and quite steamy at times I received a free copy and voluntarily reviewed this book This is my honest review.

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