Pagan in Exile: Book Two of the Pagan Chronicles

Pagan in Exile Book Two of the Pagan Chronicles The setting is medieval but the issues addressed have twenty first century parallels Jinks s writing is the tour de force of young adult prose VOICE OF YOUTH ADVOCATESThe year is and Jerusalem

The setting is medieval, but the issues addressed have twenty first century parallels Jinks s writing is the tour de force of young adult prose VOICE OF YOUTH ADVOCATESThe year is 1188, and Jerusalem is in the hands of the Infidel Upstanding Crusaders and their squires like Lord Roland Roucy de Bram and Pagan Kidrouk are returning to Europe, hoping to rally The setting is medieval, but the issues addressed have twenty first century parallels Jinks s writing is the tour de force of young adult prose VOICE OF YOUTH ADVOCATESThe year is 1188, and Jerusalem is in the hands of the Infidel Upstanding Crusaders and their squires like Lord Roland Roucy de Bram and Pagan Kidrouk are returning to Europe, hoping to rally knights to their cause The sardonic young Pagan expects Lord Roland s family to be the picture of fortitude and good manners, but he s in for a rude awakening Brutish and unfeeling, the de Bram clan cares nothing for the Crusades, or indeed for anything outside their neighborhood in France Meanwhile, local unrest is brewing Church authorities are duking it out with the de Brams over a group of heretics living nearby And now Pagan and Roland, sworn to defend Christianity, are left to decide for themselves who to stand by and whom to trust.

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Pagan in Exile: Book Two of the Pagan Chronicles

  1. Catherine Jinks is the Australian author of than thirty books for all ages She has garnered many awards, including the Children s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award three times , the Victorian Premier s Award, the Aurealis Award for Science Fiction, the Australian Ibby Award, and the Davitt Award for Crime Fiction Her work has been published in Australia, New Zealand, Britain, the United States, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic and Thailand.Catherine was born in Brisbane, Queensland, in 1963 She grew up in Papua New Guinea, where her father worked as a patrol officer Her high school years were spent in Sydney, NSW in 2006, her alma mater, Ku ring gai High School, named its library after her From 1982 to 1986, Catherine studied at the University of Sydney, graduating with an honours degree in medieval history She then worked on Westpac Banking Corporation s staff magazine for approximately seven years In 1992 she married Peter Dockrill, a Canadian journalist in 1993 she and her husband left Australia for a brief spell in Nova Scotia, where she began to write full time They returned to Australia in 1994, and Catherine gave birth to her daughter Hannah in 1997 Since 1998, she and her family have been living in Leura, NSW.She has two brothers, and two pet rats Like most people in Leura, she has become a slave to her garden, but not to the extent that she ll buy rooting powder.Catherine has been writing books since she was eight years old She doesn t expect to stop writing them any time soon.Author photo Catherine Jinks in front of Conceptual Networks , by artist Paul du Moulin.Photo by Paul du Moulin

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  1. 3.5Not quite as delightful as the first book, but still lots of fun The stream of consciousness narrative is tricky to do well but this series nails it.

  2. Can I say that I m obsessed with The Voice 3Pagan3This quartet is definitely a favorite, though I really didn t like the ending because of Pagan love and Roland love, not because it was bad and also, for similar reasons, I didn t like what was going on with Roland and Esclaramonde.Almost cried at the ending The weirdest books are tearjerkers for me.Another thing about the voice this book has a really interesting writing style It uses sentence fragments, but not because of the character s capabil [...]

  3. So I m not much coherent than when I finished the book because, um, all night gaming bender not enough sleep Nevertheless I will try to give you something than OMG Roland Pagan 4eva Because really, when it comes to these books, that s my default setting.A quick note about accuracy Jinks got honours in medieval history Indeed, while we may think of it as a modern name, Jordan was in use at least in the early 13th century, contemporary to this story That said, and I did go look at the most accur [...]

  4. 3 1 2 stars Pagan in Exile is the second in a four book series about Pagan Kidrouk, a Christian Arab from Jerusalem who joins the Order of the Temple In this book, 17 year old Pagan serves as the squire of Sir Roland Roucy de Bram, a Templar Knight, who has gone home to recruit men for the Second Crusade However, Sir Roland s family is content to stay and wallow in dirt, eat and drink to oblivion, and fight petty wars with neighboring fiefdoms.The reader experiences the story unfold through Paga [...]

  5. Catherine Jinks does it again Typically sequels either fall flat or are much better than the original I m happy to report that Pagan in Exile is just as good as Pagan s Crusade Pagan is still an ideal narrator with his biting wit and brilliant observations about everything.This time the story picks up a few months after the battle for Jerusalem Pagan and Lord Roland have travelled back to France Languedoc and intend to stay with Roland s family Pagan expects them to be much like his master the p [...]

  6. Very addictive, once you get into it Pagan, as always, is colorful and full of the quips, but the setting here is far different from the one in the lively first novel, Pagan s Crusade Here, the majority of the story takes place within the Bram castle, with Lord Roland s vulgar relatives Let s just say I lost my appetite for three days I spent reading this book in my spare time After finishing it, though, I immediately checked out the third, Pagan s Vows This series is such a hidden gem

  7. I thought this book was a great read it had humour, action a touch of romance and it was practically full of emotion It s the second book in the series and I thought this book was just as good as the first book.Roland, Pagan s squire returns to his homeland He meets his father but his father and family are as about as welcoming as and I quote a steaming turd Pagan meets many new people, some bad and some good A series of events start to take place and Pagan and Roland find themselves in deep tro [...]

  8. I didn t like this one as much as I liked the first, but I do very much like Pagan as a character Roland s turning out to not be very bright The setting this time was France, and there s a lot of action but the plot wasn t strong The only good thing was Pagan s voice and it was good enough that I ll be picking up the next book in the series With trepidation, but still.

  9. If you enjoyed Pagan s Crusade , as I did, you ll like this too Catherine Jinks has developed a formula witty dialogue, gritty action and educational historical settings that should appeal to young adult readers I think I m getting a little too old for these, but I m not quite there yet Quick and easy.

  10. Just finished this one, and I will say I really enjoyed this a bit than the first This time we are filling out some of Roland s back story, by going to medieval France Interesting examination of heretics, I think something I really had grasped when thinking about that time period.Looking forward to getting to the next two books

  11. Pagan and the Lord Roland have finally made their way to Roland s home in England Pagan is very surprised at the frankly revolting family that Roland has come from A sad tale with a very sad ending, I found it really hard to read because Roland s family is so hateful and sad.

  12. I love this series, and this book the second is probably my favourite Although Pagan s acerbic wit is restrained than in the other books he narrates, this is a compelling, easy read that illustrates life in Dark Ages France.

  13. Since Jerusalem fell to Saladin, Lord Roland and his squire Pagan have traveled to Lord Roland s home to recruit soldiers for another Crusade All is not well with the family, and soon Pagan and Roland are caught up in a land dispute .

  14. A really good book You get to know about Lord Roland and his family and how they disprove of him becoming a Templar

  15. I read the first four Pagan novels when I was younger and loved them, particularly the narrative style I d love to read them again some day.

  16. I liked these books but I can t get junior high students to read them I think they don t have enough back ground knowledge about the middle ages to understand them.

  17. Not quite as enjoyable for me as the first Pagan book, but still a really enjoyable book with great characters.

  18. Both fun and insightful The characters are painted with a broad brush and become archetypal, though they did not seem quite stereotypical to me Fascinating depiction of a heretic commune.

  19. An easy read More like a stream of consciousness than a narration, but that only adds tothe impact of Pagan s words as he describes his feelings and fear, and his loathing for Roland s family.

  20. In the same vein as the first Pagan book, we are shown France in the late 1100s and learn a bit about the Cathar heresy.

  21. I don t remeber what this book was about So I guess it wasn t that good If it was I would have something better to say.

  22. The continuing hilarious adventures of Pagan and Lord Roland as they try to take on Lord Roland s awful family.

  23. More misadventures of the intrepid young squire This time a look at midieval knightdom in France not a nice sight.

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