Torrid Affair

Torrid Affair I m fucked The life I have lived for the past ten years is built solely on lies and secrets But I can t help myself I m in love with two different men And one of them is my brother in law He s my drug

I m fucked.The life I have lived for the past ten years is built solely on lies and secrets.But I can t help myself.I m in love with two different men And one of them is my brother in law.He s my drug My fire My addiction.But he s married to my best friend And I m married to my husband.I m not ashamed I have no guilt.None.I m not fucked I m a fucked up person.This isI m fucked.The life I have lived for the past ten years is built solely on lies and secrets.But I can t help myself.I m in love with two different men And one of them is my brother in law.He s my drug My fire My addiction.But he s married to my best friend And I m married to my husband.I m not ashamed I have no guilt.None.I m not fucked I m a fucked up person.This is the story of how I ruined my life.And the life of the one I loved most.

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Torrid Affair

  1. Callie Anderson is a wife, mother and writer, who embraces the truth, then weaves it into a magical tale of romance and heartache.

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  1. Complimentary Copy Provided by the author Callie Anderson exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE Torrid AffairAUTHOR Callie AndersonGENRE CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE CHAPTERS Prologue 3 PARTS 38 EpilogueRELEASE DATE September 13th, 2016MY RATING 4 STARS WARNING If cheating is a hard limit for any of you don t one click thisRRID AFFAIR This kick starts off in the Prologue and let me tell you from just that glimpse into what s to come it looks like it s going to be emotionally raw, it s going to ri [...]

  2. 3.5 Stars Please note that all of my spoilers in this review are BIG spoilers, so proceed with caution Overall Opinion This was actually a lot better than I thought it d be Just by the title alone, I know my safety gals won t like this one I, however, like to mix it up every once in a while The ups and downs, and the connection I made to the characters and relationship made it enjoyable for me I was completely disappointed in the ending though I really wanted what I call an HEA with maybe a fart [...]

  3. Let s just get this out there, right up front This book contains cheating For some, this a huge hard limit, and I totally get that But if you are brave enough to risk your heart and your kindle, I can t tell you how much a chance this book deserves Torrid Affair begins in present day with Brie trying to come to terms with the state of her marriage to Julian that leads her to having to face her past and the man that she never stopped loving, Nathaniel, her brother in law But before the story can [...]

  4. Let me tell you something first I have read books about cheating before and I loved and even fell in love with some of them E.g My Time in the Affair by Stylo Fantome A Love So tragic by Stevie J Cole I have read books about incest and even swapping couples and loved them hard E.g Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma Rule Breakers by Roya Carmen I am telling you all this because I am not one of those readers who cannot read about cheating or forbidden affairs I have no such hard limit.Having said that, I [...]

  5. Reviewer s disclaimer As the title suggests, this book does have cheating in it If this is a problem for you, don t read it No one is forcing you to read it, so don t be a dick Callie Anderson has once again ripped out my heart and crushed it in her amazing author hands She then rebuilt it and put it back tenderly, making sure all was right with the world again She has a writing style that will suck you into a book and make the outside world disappear I am a huge fan of how Ms Anderson s stories [...]

  6. 4 Stars Well this was one exhausting and frustrating as hell ride and aside from drinking, I m glad I survived that effed up trainwreck Whether we want to admit or not, we all love books like these The ones that test your patience, the forbidden love story, or the storylines you know without a shadow of a doubt is so wrong but you refuse to stop reading I ve been there, read that, and while doing so I questioned my morals But did that stop me from reading HELLS How do you know when you ve found [...]

  7. The title of this book is pretty self explanatory Some people, like myself, find it very hard to get into a story that involves cheating.Usually I try my best to avoid these types of stories because not only are they painful, but I can never figure out how cheating can result in a HEA However, this book was about so much than a torrid affair As a matter of fact, I found myself rooting for the characters that were involved in said affair.I know I even surprised myself.This story is essentially a [...]

  8. Great read review thoughts to come I won an arc fromLITTLE RED RIDING HOOD on Facebook THANK YOU I m looking forward to the angst I m fairly sure this story will give me

  9. 4.5 sThis book was right up my alley and it s been sitting right under my nose for a while now I ll be honeste blurb didn t really do it for me I mean, I wanted to read it for the angst and most cheating books are pretty angsty butI m pretty particular about the type of cheating Good thing I had nothing to be worried about Nate and Brielle meet in college, go on a date and share a half kiss with the promise of a next date Both can hardly wait but it s with a sad heart that we find out that Nate [...]

  10. Calle has the ability to write a story that makes you want to question your morals in life If you are against cheating do not read this book But, if you want to read a story that s addictive, and heart stopping this is the book for you This book starts with the main character and what her life is now It s past to present which sometimes bothers me, but the way Callie created it, she mastered it to complete perfection Nate and Brielle are quite the package They meet in college but everything was [...]

  11. It says in the blurb It has cheating With brothers Heroine, it seems, cheats in her husband with her brother in law who is also married to her friend A reviewer said if you re brave enough to read this, we ll see beyond the affair See a love story that because many reasons, couldn t be lived in the past For me, IMHO, it s not about braveness it s about principles I don t condone cheating There s no excuse Period.

  12. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review Title Torrid AffairAuthor Callie AndersonCategory Drama, RomanceSeries or Standalone StandalonePlot 4Characters 4Scorching Level 4HEA Not tellingThis was so wrong but at the same time so emotional If you are looking for a brutal, heart breaking story, then look no further.Brielle is a woman in a miserable marriage She hates her life and she cannot forget the man who marked her forever In order to know her story, we go back in time when our her [...]

  13. 3.75 stars I love reading books which fall a little bit outside the box and portray something which may be not everyone could understand So yeah, the blurb, the forbidden aspect and the title all drew me in to this book If you didn t already realise this book revolves around the cheating aspect Straight away I know some people would never think any kind of cheating is ok, which is fine because to each their own opinions Me however, actually enjoys it when a book contains cheating It is a human m [...]

  14. 4 Stars The heart wants what the heart wants I never understood that phrase until nowBook Torrid Affair.Author Callie Anderson.Genre Adult, DramaThis is my second book from Callie Anderson and of course she brings the same angst and drama,But in this book its times 2 From the first page to the end of this book I was so frustrated with the characters I wanted to pull my hair out But Callie Anderson brings it home in the end and delivers a great book Love was fucked up Whoever said it was the most [...]

  15. The book is just meh.My opinion is not about the cheating Honestly, I didn t care about the cheating aspect, because in college they had a secret relationship when they had already broke up with their significant others in the present, they had an actual affair, because they both are still married to other people, but from the first page, you already know that both of their spouses did something that made impossible to sympathize with them.The story was based on nothing but a series of coinciden [...]

  16. ARC provided by the author for an honest review My GOSH what a powerful, emotional read that will leave with a major case of a book hangover Callie Anderson wrote a magnificent love story that swept me away from the moment I began to read I must say however there is cheating involved and if that is a trigger please proceed with caution With that being said, and no I do not condone the act the circumstances and way it was written made me realize, see and understand the why THAT ladies and gentlem [...]

  17. Hold your heart You have been warned This is not your typical love story yet that s what it is It s rough and wrong Emotional Rollercoaster of Angst I loved every word This is a perfect example of the heart wants what the heart wants There is cheating so if you can t handle it don t read it

  18. 50% and it s a wrap Ugh If you want to cuss up a storm go on and read this one Jeez I can t take it any Both of them annoyed the hell out of me

  19. Magnificent Could not put this book down This was my first book by this author and I look forward to reading from her This one will be a book hangover for sure One of my top reads of 2016.

  20. True, it is not all love and kisses in this book And there are lots emotional moments that literally made me ache physically But, it just added to how much, as a whole, I enjoyed this book As you can probably guess, there is cheating in this story And while the idea of cheating in a romance book is a turn off and most likely turn most readers off completely, do not avoid the book because of that This is not just a one night stand, not a selfish kind of cheating This is differentjust keep reading [...]

  21. 3.5 4.0 StarsWow, this book sucked me right in.cially the first 50%, but then UGH I hated the direction of this storyline after that But, even with that being said, I still devoured the book and couldn t put it down I had a real problem connecting with the main characters because I DID NOT agree on some of their decisions And don t even get me started about the secondary characters namely, Delaney and Julian I knew that the cheating could be an issue for me is one of my major pet peeves in a boo [...]

  22. Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Oh my god, this book was everything I was expecting it to be and I absolutely LOVED, loved this book and even though there is cheating involved, you have to read it in order to understand why.I m not kidding, I thought my heart was going to shatter as I read this beautiful book I have nothing but praise for it.I have started falling in love with this author s writing, her books turn me into an emotional mess and now I am hooked and addicted to he [...]

  23. Callie Anderson has written one book that ll set you on the edge of your seat as your heart fills with angst, forbidden hopes, desires and dreams as her two characters tiptoe that boundary line between friends and lovers Anderson doesn t hold back as she delivers a story centered around a topic that most readers consider Off Limits or an Automatic No Cheating But I am here to tell you that this isn t a story of two individuals who maliciously come together at the detriment of those around them I [...]

  24. Wow, just finished this book and all I keep thinking is wow The story was just beyond I loved everything about this book, were the characters perfect Nope, but then again are any of us.I know some won t read this book due to the cheating but honestly I really think you should try and keep an open mind going into this book Cheating doesn t bother me in books at all but if it does and it s a hard limit you may not enjoy that aspect of the book but again I really would hate for you to miss out on t [...]

  25. 4.5 Angst Filled Stars Review by Lisa KaneCallie Anderson has put about a million warnings out there that this book has cheating So if you can t handle that, do yourself a favor and read something else Having said that, if you re still on this crazy train then dive into the shark infested waters with me Brielle is looking at her life and wonders how she got where she is married to an abusive husband and at the end of her rope She had such big plans for her life but instead of pursuing art she s [...]

  26. WowSuch an amazing story I really don t even know where to start This story was real on so many levels It doesn t paint a picture that the world is always this warm fuzzy place Most the times it s ugly This story shows that with every decision there is a consequence The world is not always full of flowers and sunshine.

  27. Well, that was an interesting ride I found it addicting and I am no stranger to angst and books with cheating In fact, they are my favorites I love to read why people make the decisions that they make that could destroy their lives This is a 3.5 star for me Though I enjoyed it very much, somethings just felt off for me not real I am an angst lover, but this never felt like true, heart pounding emotions I figured things out way early on and things just could have happened so differently I get tha [...]

  28. 4.5 stars I ve come to expect the unexpected when I read a book by Callie Anderson Her stories go to places that lots of authors stay away from Torrid Affair is a story filled with betrayal, lies and deceit, but underneath all the ugly is an all consuming love story Brielle and Nate are no doubt soulmates, but they just can t seem to find the opportunity to be together to explore the pull they have towards each other So they make the opportunities happen, regardless of who gets hurt in the proce [...]

  29. I have a new favorite Callie Anderson book Wow I m still high off all of the angsty emotions, but holy hell Callie has done it again Not every book is filled with honky dory situations and people with the most fantastic moral compass Torrid Affair is the perfect example of this And before you go and say oh, but cheating books aren t for me, I assure you that while there is cheating and the characters are at times fully to blame for their not so innocent actions, this is still a book soooooooo w [...]

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