Dustwalker A SYNTH SEARCHING FOR PURPOSE Walk Scavenge Destroy Trade A simple cycle that s suited Ronin for one hundred and eighty five years With no clear grasp of his programming the barren wasteland known as

A SYNTH SEARCHING FOR PURPOSE Walk Scavenge Destroy Trade A simple cycle that s suited Ronin for one hundred and eighty five years With no clear grasp of his programming, the barren wasteland known as The Dust offers him purpose, a place where his ard undercasing, amped up processors, and advanced optics can be put to use The ramshackle towns on the edges of theA SYNTH SEARCHING FOR PURPOSE Walk Scavenge Destroy Trade A simple cycle that s suited Ronin for one hundred and eighty five years With no clear grasp of his programming, the barren wasteland known as The Dust offers him purpose, a place where his ard undercasing, amped up processors, and advanced optics can be put to use The ramshackle towns on the edges of the waste serve merely as resupply stations between increasingly long treks But one night one human woman makes him question everything.A WOMAN WHO BRINGS HIM TO LIFE Lara Brooks struggles to survive under the strict rules imposed by the bots in Cheyenne With her sister missing, she s been on her own for weeks, and fears the worst Her only hope comes from Ronin, a bot she catches spying on her He promises to provide for Lara and search for her sister All she has to do is dance It should be easy she s done it before But the longer she spends with Ronin, the harder it is to see him as just another bot.A SANCTUARY HIDING DARK SECRETS In a city where humans are relegated to live in squalor, Ronin discovers a threat greater than any in the Dust Warlord, Cheyenne s tyrannical leader When Ronin ignores the rules, he unwittingly puts Lara in danger Warlord is as intolerant of disrespect as he is of mankind Warning This book contains foul language, explicit sexual content, and violence and is intended for mature readers only.

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  1. Tiffany Roberts is the pseudonym for Tiffany and Robert Freund, a husband and wife writing duo Tiffany was born and bred in Idaho, and Robert was a native of New York City before moving across the country to be with her The two have always shared a passion for reading and writing, and it is their dream to combine their mighty powers to create the sorts of books they want to read They live in southwestern Idaho with their three children, where they are now actively pursuing their dream.

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  1. This is the most romantic cyborg novel I have ever read And I have read 436 science fiction romance books in the past six years The husband wife writing team of Tiffany Roberts has juxtaposed poetry of emotion with a decimated and dangerous post apocalyptic world Their talent at taking an unfeeling, emotionless Bot and turning him into one of the most eloquently romantic heroes I ve read in any type of romance genre is impressive Here s the story A synth named Ronin wanders The Dust of the forme [...]

  2. 5 Amo ergo sum I need a Ronin in my life stars I am not sure I can write the review this book deserves at the moment Too many distractions, and I need to switch off a bit actually The problem is, I loved this little thing with a fierceness I didn t expect, and it hurt so much when I finished it I got angry at the whole damn world, scolding tears keeping me awake next to my kids Silly, really, true nonetheless.In a way it is a classical sci fi storyline post nuclear war dystopian future, humanity [...]

  3. I recently wrote a mini review for Tiffany Robert s Dustwalker I didn t do it justice The novel s love story reached out an grabbed my heart It remains there, firmly entrenched It s that good Unlike so many dystopian novels, Dustwalker is filled with hope, as well as with characters I d love to meet again and again The raw setting is so carefully crafted, the reader becomes immersed in a world of dust and death, where only the few find surcease from the brutal conditions of a planet soured by wa [...]

  4. Humanity had to do it We had to have artificial intelligence, robots and the like to make our lives better What happens when our own creations become our own worst nightmares Does humanity become obsolete, a burden What happened after The Dark The dynamic writing duo that make up Tiffany Roberts has done it, again Enter the dystopian, post apocalyptic world of DUSTWALKER and witness a future where humans are excess baggage to be tolerated and relegated to squalor in a world where the land has be [...]

  5. I have read several books by Tiffany Roberts Tiffany Roberts is the pseudonym for Tiffany and Robert Freund and they were all good stories and entertaining mostly 4 Star reading but the duo has hit it out of the park with this one.I was concerned after reading a few chapters that this was going to be yet another depressing dystopian story which I tend to hate, after a couple chapters I was really getting to hate our heroine as well, BUT then slowly things started turning around, there was light [...]

  6. I voluntarily received an ARC of Dustwalker in exchange for an honest review Every so often a book will touch me on such a fundamental level that it will break me down to a sobbing mess I am not talking a little tear here or there, I am talking big bawling, snotty mess By the end, that is what Dustwalker did, and it was worth it This is a post apocalyptic tale unlike any I ve read before The world and character building are vivid and complex I could feel the dust through the pages, I could see t [...]

  7. DNF 78% One of the most used plots in romances is the worldly guy falling for the destitute girl I have grown tired of that story because the rich guy is usually an overprotective jealous jerk and the woman is vibrant and incredibly beautiful yet no one else but our hero sees it So I was very surprised I loved this book until about 60% I will start with the good The fact that Ronin is a synth not human but programmed for higher functions than robot makes it a refreshing take on a worn out storyl [...]

  8. 4.5 bittersweet stars Uhmmm yeah, so these wonderful authors gave me this wonderful book to read and review I realize now that it s been close to a month since releaseSORRYYY I ll start off by saying that humanoid robots have never been a thing I care for because I always had a problem buying into the authenticity of their emotions and actions I strongly believed that they are fabricated by their makers Which was why I could not, for the life of me get into the show WestworldEVER These wonderful [...]

  9. 2.75 Dustwalker is an apocalyptic tale set in a time after the world was devastated by nuclear war The earth is mostly a wasteland now covered in mounds of dust and pockets of active radiation with only small sections of land where humans and robots cyborgs synths dwell The main setting is Cheyenne A horrible place for a human to live as its ruled by an evil Warlord bot who hates humans Lara lives in Cheyenne and is barely managing to survive by digging beneath the dust on the outskirts of town [...]

  10. 3.5 stars.A sweet romance and android sex Sign me up This story has a touching romance set in a really desolate dystopian world I especially enjoyed the first half when the romance comes to fruition Despite the sweetness, there are some seriously messed up moments this is not a lighthearted read.I thought the relationship between the two main characters Lara and Ronin was great and the questions they asked about what makes us human and what is love I have to admit I found Lara a bit annoying at [...]

  11. Another masterpiece by the dynamic duo that is Tiffany Roberts Amazing job you two I love the fact that the ending made me cry after Tabitha read the note Ronin left her as he embraced the woman he loved Both characters were great, from Lara with her courage, sense of what s right, and foul mouth to go with it all And Ronin who found interest in her dancing and was curious, gentle, and found happiness though her All I can say is thanks for the read you two it was wonderful.

  12. 4.5 stars rounded up to 5 I really enjoyed this book from a new to me author I hope Ms Roberts plans to write stories set in this world.

  13. Dystopian landscape Humans scavenge for metal scrap to trade with their robot overlords Humans live in shantytowns bots live in a suburban oasis Some bots look like humans, but this story follows Ronin, who takes a liking to a human woman who s about to give up She s lost her sister, she s lost her source of food, and her hatred for robots is the only emotion she s got left Started off with that This is it, I ve found buried treasure feeling in my fluttering heart, but then I was told the heroin [...]

  14. This is a sci fi romance, with a touch of mystery This is a stand alone, I recommend it for 18 and older due to the sexual content This book really surprised me, I do not usually enjoy post apocalyptic stories, but this book is gave me the feels Yes, it is an emotional roller coaster, I could not put it down till the end The story was so detailed, so realistic, I could picture it all in my head One of my favorites This would make a great series hint, hint Lara Brooks has not had an easy life, th [...]

  15. I ll start this review by saying that Dustwalker is a new book for my favorites shelf But, it did not start out that way.I immediately connected with the two main characters Ronin, or Dustwalker, is the main storyteller in the story He has been re activated for 185 years and remembers every minute of every day since then He maintains his synthetic body by scavenging the post apocalyptic, desert like countryside for valuable materials He is a sentient bot , modeled on humans That he appears and a [...]

  16. This was a solid 4.0 4.5 KU read by husband and wife team Tiffany Roberts In post apocalyptic Cheyenne WY humans are barely surviving The robots have it good though There are bots that can only fulfill their base programming cleaning, landscaping, etc And synths who are high functioning AIs with the capacity to learn and feel No human, synth or robot remembers the Black Out Not the cause or reason Ronin is a synth that travels outside Cheyenne to scavenge whatever he can from the dusty wasteland [...]

  17. This book should be a movie Dustwalker is very well written, with carefully crafted descriptions that created vivid pictures in my mind as I was reading it I loved both characters, and their love story was epic Their relationship was well developed, and the reader can follow their growing feelings for each other as the story progresses.Please, if anyone knows a movie producer, could you put a bug in their ear This book would make a great movie, with dystopian landscape, wasteland, sand storms an [...]

  18. After still not being able to get that epilogue out of mind, I came back and changed my rating from 4 to 5 8A really heart touching story There were some sad parts, and I thought the couple fell in love a little too quickly, but it was a very heartwarming story of love triumphing Have tissues ready for the epilogue I ll remember this one for awhile.

  19. Rounded up to 5 starsThis wasn t perfect and lagged in few places, but so original that made this a five I really enjoyed this story.

  20. This book Seriously, THIS BOOK.I probably should have waited a few days before writing a review Having just finished, I m just so emotional.stated by this story the best possible way It s been a long time since I read a book this beautiful I read it thru KU, but bought it as soon as I finished because I already want to read it again.I don t rehash plots in my reviewsothers are better at that than I am I will say that the world building is excellent and the characters are finely drawn I appreciat [...]

  21. Az eleje kifejezetten j l kezd d tt A vil gfel p t s, ahol az emberek nyomorognak s guber l sb l tartj k fenn magukat, m g a mesters ges intelligenci k uralkodnak, k lnek j k r lm nyek k z tt, nagyon profin bemutatott A robotok k z tt van embernek kin z , s van csak alapfunkci kra k pes is A f h s egy emberhez nagyon k zeli MI, akinek s r lt a mem ri ja s nem eml kszik vissza a nagy blackout el tti id kre, csak eml kszil nkok j nnek vissza is guber l , s nagyon sikeres Mivel nem tudja, hogy mily [...]

  22. Yes, it s well written, but once I put it down I couldn t care to take it up again So, no DNF, but definitely limboed It s there, maybe I ll pick it up again I do know that given the backstory the romance didn t click for me She s has been raped by a robot and lives in utter misery because of them But in a week she fell in love and had sex with him And the excuse was bad, your sister has been killed and you celebrate life 1 it s pretty stupid and cliched, 2 it s probably wrong It s not you havin [...]

  23. Loved it Read it This was the best book I ve read in a realllllly long time At its heart this is a romance, probably the best robot human romance I ve ever read The story takes place so far in the future that bots and humans don t even remember which came first, new creator theories have arisen on both sides I would recommend this book to anyone that likes either robot cyborg stories or if you enjoy post apocalyptic romance, or even better both, READ THIS BOOK I actually loved that it s not a se [...]

  24. I was not expecting that.With all due respect, I have to disagree with my fellow reviewers who described this book as a cyborg romance This was a beautiful love story old style western set in post apocalyptic future where the hero happen to be a cyborg While reading it , the black and white images from Akira Kurosawa Seven Samurai kept flickering at the back of my mind Not surprising, considering choice behind Ronin s name So, no matter what type of story you prefer romance, dystopia, action or [...]

  25. An interesting take on the cyborg humanity evolution From the start Ronin is a sympathetic character, he s a cyborg searching for his purpose and I found myself enjoying his take on life Lara is a little harsher in the beginning however this is due to her experiences and it isn t long before she s on Ronin s side The book does have a hea I only wish I hadn t read the epilogue it s sad I knew where the story was going however I didn t want to read it.

  26. Awesome book the world building was thorough and the arguments for synthetics versus humans was very well approached The characters were fleshed out and my emotions were wrung out by the end Beautifully written.

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