Angel Fire

Angel Fire Twenty four years after his brother s death in Vietnam Cassidy McLeod is drawn back to their Wyoming hometown by a mysterious phone call and faces a harrowing reunion with his past A beautiful novel

Twenty four years after his brother s death in Vietnam, Cassidy McLeod is drawn back to their Wyoming hometown by a mysterious phone call and faces a harrowing reunion with his past A beautiful novel of family love and loyalty Library Journal.

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Angel Fire

  1. A lifelong journalist, Ron Franscell is the bestselling author of 16 books He is currently working on his next true crime.Over the years, Ron s books have earned high praise from bestselling authors such as Ann Rule, John Lescroart, Vincent Bugliosi, C.J Box, Howard Frank Mosher, and Warren Adler His writing has been compared to Truman Capote, Robert Olen Butler, Norman McLean, Cormac McCarthy and Charles Frazier Now, meet the author, who now lives in San Antonio, Texas His latest book is MORGUE A LIFE IN DEATH St Martin s Press , co authored with acclaimed medical examiner Dr Vincent Di Maio It explores Di Maio s life and a dozen of his most historic, infamous, and heartbreaking cases.And THE DARKEST NIGHT also titled FALL in a 2007 hardcover continues to be a bestselling true crime This intensely personal nonfiction about a monstrous crime that touched his life as a child has been hailed by authors such as Ann Rule and Vincent Bugliosi, as well as critics, as a direct literary descendant of Truman Capote s In Cold Blood But Ron s books aren t confined to true crime THE SOURTOE COCKTAIL CLUB is the true story of an extraordinary if slightly macabre road trip with his teenage son to the Yukon in search of a mummified human toe and a father s reassurance that he hasn t become irrelevant to his son.His CRIME BUFF S GUIDE books are quirky travel guides that take true crime and history trippers to some 400 outlaw and crime related sites all over the USA Editions include Los Angeles, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Washington DC, and Maryland.His debut novel, ANGEL FIRE, was published by Laughing Owl in 1998, and reprinted by Berkley Penguin Putnam in 2000 His popular mystery, THE DEADLINE, was re published in 2014 by WildBlue Press, followed by a sequel, THE OBITUARY His book reviews and essays are regularly published in many of America s biggest and best newspapers, such as the Washington Post, Chicago Sun Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Denver Post, San Jose Mercury News, St Louis Post Dispatch, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and others DELIVERED FROM EVIL 2011 explores the entangled lives of mass murderers and their victims, tracing the lives of 10 ordinary people who survived some of America s worst massacres Auspiciously, it debuted on the day a deranged young gunman killed six and wounded 13 at a Tucson supermarket in one of the most shocking crimes of our day.

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  1. A delightful comfortable read that contemplates poignant, not so easy, life lessons The ending was the only viable course and I look forward to discussing it with my 15 16 year old students.

  2. Angel Fire by Ron Franscell is an absolutely gorgeous and haunting novel of family love and loyalty set in a small town in Wyoming in 1957 Cassidy McLeod puts his life on hold to care for his revered older brother when he returns from Vietnam all but catatonic The author poignantly describes the powerful bond between the brothers that defines their lives and their world The flashbacks of their lives are scenes that only a master storyteller could write about growing up in a small town, and the i [...]

  3. Like many outstanding classic novels and this one is destined to be one , Angel Fire merits than a once through Trying to live with the alarming, engrossing, yet realistic ending both appalls me and makes sense I should not say I am surprised though, as those same adjectives describe Ron Franscell s storytelling throughout this story of two loyal brothers long parted by the Vietnam War and death Daniel s and Cassidy s show of empathy, support, and sustenance for each other paints a picture of a [...]

  4. DisappointedThe initial reviews of this book sounded very promising but a third of the way into it I just didn t have it in me to finish it I can see how some may enjoy the style of writing, but I feel the story got lost in the going back and forth between decades I believe the book would be much meaningful and enjoyable had it not.

  5. This is one of the best books I have ever read, and is a complete treasure It is one to read and read again, and always has the power to move you I cannot even begin to describe the emotional impact, and the author s ability to tell a story that enhances, embraces and touches our humanity in this powerful and marvelous book.

  6. One of my favorite books I have read it a couple of times, and both times I read it through in one sitting

  7. Cassidy s brother Daniel returns home after 24 years The family believed he had died in Vietnam.

  8. I grew up in a small town in Montana, so could easily relate to the rural scenes Franscell had a lot to say, I am still digesting Liked the book and may read his other one.

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