On a Whim

On a Whim What s next Ever since high school Katie Weldon has wondered what it would be like to be Rick Doyle s girlfriend As a college senior she s about to find out In the swirl of Katie s upgraded dating li

What s next Ever since high school, Katie Weldon has wondered what it would be like to be Rick Doyle s girlfriend As a college senior she s about to find out.In the swirl of Katie s upgraded dating life, she receives an unexplained bouquet, an unexpected call from her mother, an unprecedented girls night out with Christy, and an unhappy moment when her beloved car, BabyWhat s next Ever since high school, Katie Weldon has wondered what it would be like to be Rick Doyle s girlfriend As a college senior she s about to find out.In the swirl of Katie s upgraded dating life, she receives an unexplained bouquet, an unexpected call from her mother, an unprecedented girls night out with Christy, and an unhappy moment when her beloved car, Baby Hummer, takes its last wheeze Rick s new roommate, Eli, complicates things by inviting Katie on a midnight jaunt to see a meteor shower Under a canopy of stars Katie grasps a new view of the universe out there as well as up close As if she had nothing else to do, on a whim she singlehandedly starts a fund raising campaign for clean water for Africa.With Rick caught up in making plans for the future, how will Katie navigate her way through the remainder of her college career with no money, no transportation, no spare time, and no idea what God is up to On a Whim is the second book in the Katie Weldon Series

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On a Whim

  1. ROBIN JONES GUNN is the much loved author of over 90 books with than 5 million copies of her titles sold worldwide Her Father Christmas books are a Hallmark Original movie Her popular Christy Miller series now continues in Christy Todd The Married Years Robin s novels and non fiction works have received multiple awards and are a favorite with book clubs and study groups Robin and her husband have a grown son and daughter and live in Hawaii.

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  1. As I said, I love these books My only complaint is that since the seris started, the characters have only aged 7 years and I have aged 21 What s up with that

  2. Although there was some predictability with this book, I enjoyed the trip to get there The characters were a little realistic in some places than in others, and although the miracle for Katie s financial problems was a little over the top, it was a good solution.

  3. Never fails, finishing one of Robin Gunn s novels you can t help but feel inspired and awed I loved this second Katie Weldon book Katie is a firecracker She makes the book fun and exciting It s a roller coaster ride with her as the protagonist.Half way in the book there was a moment where Katie is meeting up with her best friend, Christy Spencer I still can t get over that name change though for lunch, the two have a heart to heart moment and talk about their past years and all the major events [...]

  4. I do my reviews in the form of a letter, which is why they are written like this.Dear Robin Jones Gunn, Again, this book gets a 4.5 Maybe a 4.6 This book was really good I really like reading about Katie She is such a good character I love how she s honest and speaks her mind She finally realizes that she loves Rick in this book It s sad that she tells him but he doesn t tell her But at least he FINALLY kisses her Some of my old dislike of Rick comes back in this book He s just so materialistic [...]

  5. I like seeing things from Katie s perspective after reading a whole series from the view point of her best friend Christy Katie is spunky and somehow manages to get herself into a bunch of crazy situations and strange encounters I enjoyed seeing how she got out of her messes and who she met along the way There were a couple of characters in this book that I was a little confused as to why they were hanging around, but I figured since there was still another book there was plenty of time for the [...]

  6. I never write reviews, but I couldn t help with this one The Katie Weldon Series is the perfect continuation of the whole Christy Miller Series As much as I loved Christy, Sierra, and College Years, I have to admit the writing was not superb It s evident in the Katie Weldon Series just how much Robin Jones Gunn grew as a writer in the time she took away from these characters Yes, it still has lovey dovey parts, but it is not super cheesy like the other ones tended to be at times The characters a [...]

  7. Katie Weldon athletic, competitive, spunky redhead is also good friends with Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen, both of whom are title characters in two other series although many of the stories involve all three friends Because this series begins when Katie is a senior at college and deals with complex issues, I think it s better suited to high school seniors and older At any rate, I really liked the novel and how Katie discovers that she is harboring unforgiveness and pain in her heart her spi [...]

  8. I recommend reading the whole Christy series before diving into this and its predecessor PECULIAR TREASURES The characters are very developed and one might feel lost I ve found these new Katie stores to be overly thoughtful with little actually happening Lots of episodic discussions Plus her relationship with Rick is just not believable in this book it seems Gunn is setting the scene for a breakup anyway There s the new guy for Katie, and the new girl for Rick It was so obvious.The books have al [...]

  9. Having been invested in this character for so long I really want to see from her than the same old same old complaints And by the end of the book if Katie had asked to DTR or for an I love you one time I thought I might scream As I said previously for the first novel in this series the relationship with Rick is too forced and while I believe that is part of Gunn s point I also think she could have made the point sooner and avoided some of the redundancy and character flaws that keep Katie and [...]

  10. A Quickie ReviewContinuing the seemingly never ending life and times of Christy Miller, Katie Weldon, and friends, this book features Katie continuing to deal with the stresses of everything from her relationship with Rick Doyle, to her car breaking down, to her strained interactions with her mother Anyone who has enjoyed the books leading up to this one should find plenty to love about it It also makes a good point Even when interactions with the opposite gender seemingly stay friendly, they ca [...]

  11. Boring and way too sappy I understand what the author is doing, creating a world of niceties and wholesomeness, but come on Let s have a bit of conflict than, Why didn t you tell me you were leaving early Oh, I didn t No, you didn t Oh, I m sorry I m sorry, too not actual dialogue, but close Not all that well written, either It doesn t flow well and is chunky in places.

  12. I was a little disappointed with this one, not really sure why It seemed there were plot lines that didn t go anywhere and Katie seemed less easy to connect with I hope the next installment fixes my uneasiness and ends the series with a wow and not an oh, well Update June 24, 2010 Just finished Coming Attractions all uneasiness is forgiven.

  13. One of my all time favorites It was good to read it again I had forgotten how it ended Katie went through some things that most college students go through I appreciate the mostly realistic life problems and responses she has Although, I don t know too many college students who suddenly receive a large inheritance from a great aunt they ve never met But it makes for a good plot twist.

  14. I don t know what it is about the Katie Weldon books, perhaps I can just relate so well to what happens, but I think they are really great I liked the first one a bit better than this one, but this was still good There were a few things in this book that seemed a bit predictable, but then there were some cool surprises as well.

  15. This book was seriously amazing I couldn t put it down Robin Jones Gunn s books are truly amazing, they help me in little ways but also in huge ways as well I can t wait for the next book to come out

  16. Love Robin Jones Gunn Her books and characters have integrity and purity and I love that This series and the ones associated are great for single gals holding out for Mr Right, or to encourage young gals to wait on God s timing and direction in life.

  17. This was a great book, and I for sure related to Katie since we were both RAs However, she is probably less relatable for me than both Christy and Sierra And speaking of, I want to hear about Sierra

  18. WOW Just wow The ending of this book was just so incredible I am left in awe I feel joy and it was a reminder of the faithfulness of God and that He truly is good, and He has the whole world in His hands Who is like the Lord Wooah

  19. 4.5 StarsOn a Whim was a great sequel to Peculiar Treasures It s so much fun to get to know these characters better, to watch all of their ups and downs and to see them learn from their mistakes I highly recommend this awesome series

  20. This book spoke a lot about being a wise steward of finances, pacing a Christian dating relationship wisely and being a woman of discretion all in a fun story I can t believe I don t have the last book with me I ll have to run to the library first thing Monday morning.

  21. It was a pretty good book that was about Katie and her collage year.And her job and all the girls she meets and with her boyfriend,Rick.On a scale from 1 10 I would give it a 7 1 2.I would recomend it to some of my friends that are girls.

  22. I thought this book was really good I liked how Eli was in it I think Katie can be to demanding sometimes I hope in the end she chooses Eli 0

  23. This one drives you crazy if you don t like the whole, I can t decided what to do with my life thing Really good ending though.

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