A Christmas Memory, One Christmas, & The Thanksgiving Visitor

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A Christmas Memory, One Christmas, & The Thanksgiving Visitor

  1. Truman Capote was an American writer whose non fiction, stories, novels and plays are recognised literary classics, including the novella Breakfast at Tiffany s 1958 and In Cold Blood 1965 , which he labeled a non fiction novel At least 20 films and TV dramas have been produced from Capote novels, stories and screenplays.He was born as Truman Streckfus Persons to a salesman Archulus Persons and young Lillie Mae His parents divorced when he was four and he went to live with his mother s relatives in Monroeville, Alabama He was a lonely child who learned to read and write by himself before entering school In 1933, he moved to New York City to live with his mother and her new husband, Joseph Capote, a Cuban born businessman Mr Capote adopted Truman, legally changing his last name to Capote and enrolling him in private school After graduating from high school in 1942, Truman Capote began his regular job as a copy boy at The New Yorker During this time, he also began his career as a writer, publishing many short stories which introduced him into a circle of literary critics His first novel, Other Voices, Other Rooms, published in 1948, stayed on The New York Times bestseller list for nine weeks and became controversial because of the photograph of Capote used to promote the novel, posing seductively and gazing into the camera.In the 1950s and 1960s, Capote remained prolific producing both fiction and non fiction His masterpiece, In Cold Blood, a story about the murder of the Clutter family in Holcomb, Kansas, was published in 1966 in book form by Random House, became a worldwide success and brought Capote much praise from the literary community After this success he published rarely and suffered from alcohol addiction He died in 1984 at age 59.

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  1. A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote is an upcoming read in the group On the Southern Literary Trail in December As my last two months of the year looked to be packed as I finish up challenges, I decided to take the time to read this story collection I had previously read both Breakfast at Tiffany s and other stories as well as In Cold Blood, so I had already experienced Capote s expert storytelling skills With any story he has written, however long, I knew I would be in for a treat as I took the [...]

  2. The Hook A review by my GoodReads friend Mike I could not say it better than him You can find Mike s reviews at user show 3 certain to search his shelves for A Christmas MemoryThe Line The first two paragraphs will draw you in Imagine a morning in late November A coming of winter morning than twenty years ago Consider the kitchen of a spreading old house in a country town A great black stove is its main feature but there is also a big round table and a fireplace with two rocking chairs placed i [...]

  3. There are reasons that some books become classics This is one that captures moments from childhood and freezes them for all time, moments from treasured holidays, moments of love, fright, embarrassment, belonging Moments that many of us can relate to even if we did not grow up during the Depression in the deep South as did Truman Capote with his beloved cousin Sook I believe I will eventually need to obtain a copy of this book for myself or just continue liberating the library copy at Christmast [...]

  4. A Christmas MemoryThis heartfelt story of an eccentric old woman, Miss Sook, with the shorn white hair, calico dress and tennis shoes, her young best friend and cousin she calls Buddy, and the little orange and white rat terrier Queenie is one of my favorite Christmas stories Such a memorable endingo lost pair of kites flying in the sky hurrying toward heavenOne ChristmasYoung Buddy is forced to visit his estranged father in New Orleans at Christmas time and finds out the answer to the question. [...]

  5. Now that was 107 pages of good, no great, literature This collection of Capote s packs a punch through a very small package Capote s memories encouraged me to remember some of my own childhood memories I laughed and I cried, but I enjoyed every word The whiskey scene reminded me of Aunt Bee off of The Andy Griffith show getting drunk off of medicine and Sook reminded me of my great aunt who wasn t exactly all there, but was probably there then we realized Who in the South doesn t know how to pl [...]

  6. These three stories touch the heart and just might take you back to your own childhood holidays, whether or not you live in the American South Capote has a way of drawing you in with writing so enjoyable and vivid that you see and experience his memories of Christmas and Thanksgiving with his cousin Sook when he was a child They will make you smile, laugh and probably bring a tear or two I checked this out from the library, but intend to get a copy so I can read this slim volume again around fut [...]

  7. This is a perfect little book, with 3 stories of remembered Christmases and Thanksgiving, that illuminate Capote s early life in Monroeville, Alabama He and his cousin friend Sook, she was 60, he was 8 were both misfits who made life bearable for each other It has been a while since I read Capote, and I had forgotten what an artist he was with words I think I ll pull this one off the shelf every year at the holidays, just to be reminded of a simpler time, and the beauty of Miss Sook s spirit.

  8. I was delighted to find this collection on sale this week I had not expected to be able to read it with the Southern Literary Trail this month, and I had wanted to.What a sweet, nostalgic collection this is and a real tribute to Truman Capote s talents The only other thing I have read from him was In Cold Blood, and while I admired his talented writing, I abhorred the book I never read Breakfast at Tiffany s because I did not want to spoil the warm glow I have from the movie version.Well, that w [...]

  9. Goodness the man can write Wonderful stories to read at the holidays about believable though eccentric people Best of all No sugarplum fairies, no Scrooge or Grinch turned benelovent, no miracles A quick read, recommended to almost everyone age 9 up.

  10. Finishing up this short story trio with The Thanksgiving Visitor has given me a very happy start to this Thanksgiving Day Today among the other blessings in my life, I m thankful for my friends whose reviews and suggestions help me find great new books and stories to explore one of the most recent of which is this one, which I may have to re read during the holidays from now on Embarrassingly, this is the first of Capote s books I ve read , so he s going on the shortlist today These stories are [...]

  11. Por supuesto que existe Pap Noel S lo que es imposible que una sola persona haga todo lo que hace l Por eso el se or ha distribuido el trabajo entre todos nosotros Por eso todo el mundo es Pap Noel Yo lo soy T lo eres Una vez dentro, me acurruqu en el asiento y cerr los ojos Sent a un extra o malestar Un dolor agobiante que me her a por todas partes Pens que, si me sacaba los zapatos de la ciudad, aut nticos monstruos torturadores, aquellas agon a remitir a Me los quit , pero el misterioso dolor [...]

  12. Wow Truman Capote is a master of descriptions He makes the people, the surroundings and the feelings so very real You almost feel like you are there with him as a young boy and his friend never named in this story, I noticed as they pick pecans for the fruitcakes they will bake or procure the much needed alcohol required for the very best fruitcake and again as they search out the Christmas tree and decorate it A Christmas Memory was a delightful reminiscence and warm account of a meaningful fri [...]

  13. Delightful gem Thanks to Laura for the suggestion Capote has a beautiful writing style, and this book about young Buddy and his collection of quirky family is heartwarming What a pleasure to read at the holidays He captures the charm of the old south perfectly I smiled throughout the whole book Highly recommended for a quick and witty read.

  14. 4.5Three semi autobiographical stories the shrill of reality deafening, equally as inspiring the resilience of the human spirit I truly respect and adore the work of Truman Capote all at once, well written, interesting and engaging I ll continue to read his stories, and I m convinced, I ll continue to enjoy them

  15. Mi primer libro de Truman Capote y me gusto bastante, te hace evocar tu propia infancia al relatarte la suya Perfecto para estas pocas decembrinas, sobre todo el cuento un recuerdo navide o.

  16. A Christmas Memory is a slight little hardback that I bought last year, and somehow didn t get around to reading This Christmas keepsake volume from the Modern Library was published in 2007 though the three stories were first published in 1956, 1982 and 1967 respectively.I have read quite a number of Truman Capote short stories, and so knowing what a good short story writer he was, I had looked forward to finally reading the three stories in this volume I wasn t disappointed, these will definite [...]

  17. I ve read and reviewed A Christmas Memory previously Here I ll concentrate on the other two stories in this collection.One Christmas relates how the young Truman is summoned to New Orleans to spend the holiday with his father a man who is as foreign as any stranger, and equally as frightening to the impressionable boy The child doesn t really want to make the trip he d rather stay with his old maid cousins in the familiar, rural Alabama setting where he feels loved and protected Still New Orlean [...]

  18. I ve always thought a body would have to be sick and dying before they saw the Lord And I imagined that when He came it would be like looking at the Baptist window pretty as colored glass with sun pouring through, such a shine you don t know it s getting dark And it s always been a comfort to think of that shine taking away all the spooky feeling But I ll wager it never happens I ll wager at the very end a body realizes the Lord has already shown Himself That things as they are, just what they v [...]

  19. Nostalgia and sentimentality are woven together beautifully in this brief memoir by Truman Capote Written in the mid fifties before the peak of his acclaim and subsequent dissolution, this is a touching story of friendship and the memories of youth In a simpler time and place the young Capote shares the essence of Christmas with his elder cousin The story is a prime example of what William L Nance in The Worlds of Truman Capote calls Capote s fiction of nostalgia, in which the author looks back [...]

  20. When reading these three short stories of Capote s, it provides an insight into the troubled man s future The stories are wonderful, humorous and suspenseful until that last sentence where he breaks your heart I would recommend not reading the biography until after you have read the stories unless you re familiar with the author already What a wonderful story teller he was, albeit a tortured soul To have a mind that can remember with such clarity details and emotions at such a young age and writ [...]

  21. My mom s book group read A Christmas Memory and all RAVED about it, so I had to read it THankfully I had a book of three short stories by Capote, including ACM In each of the three stories there is a much older cousin I think in her sixties when Truman was 7 or 8 who was like a child She and Buddy as she calls Capote had a close and endearing relationship He writes the way I wish I could.

  22. This book is the embodiment of Christmastime in my home state of Alabama It s funny and nostalgic and wonderful Every year, I hear a local actress perform this tale at my library One of my favorite quotations from the story is, I could leave this world with today in my eyes.

  23. Perfect little story about a Christmas with Capote, the child, and his not quite right cousin Sook They make fruicakes, drink whisky, and exchange gifts in rural, Depression era Alabama Bring a kleenex.

  24. All three short stories featured in this collection revolve around the life of Buddy, a boy who lives with his relatives in Alabama The first two stories, A Christmas Memory and One Christmas, had me on the verge of tears Atmospheric and haunting they related simple things that happened on an average person s everyday life Amusing Linguistically refreshing Poignant And what was was they were absolutely identifiable Buddy s experiences, train of thoughts, feelings were that of mine when I was ki [...]

  25. Three short novellas taken from the life of Truman Capote Happy and sad at the same time Can not speak highly enough of these stories.

  26. Truman Capote spent part of his childhood with extended family as his parents left him to pursue their own lives and these stories are based on this time in his life His closest friend was a great aunt and these stories center on their wonderful relationship They were poor and lived in rural Alabama and their holidays were very simple and old fashioned Capote was such a gifted writer, I was immediately transported back 80 years This was a perfect read for this time of year.

  27. Loved this The writing is, naturally, brilliant and the stories well interwoven Too short but otherwise much better than your average holiday fiction Realistic characters and heartfelt storylines.

  28. These are technically 5 star short stories, but my personal rating was a mere 4 stars They are excellent, and I enjoyed them very much I just reserve 5 stars for things that blow me away Perhaps I just don t appreciate the art of the short story either I rarely read them, but they really can be gems It s possible that once I read many short stories, which I do intend to read of his and read Hemingway s and others I will read these again and realize the error of my ways I will never read In Cold [...]

  29. These are sad and sweet yet hopeful They are honest and beautiful coming of age tales Excellent Christmas fare for those who want something with some solidity and truth.

  30. Truman Capote was born in 1924 and lived his young life in the South with his mother s relatives after the divorce of his parents This book contains 3 stories that appear to be based on those experiences.These aren t the happy holiday stories of excess that we see today Truman grew up during the Depression with unusual family ties Kids today should see that it is possible to be happy with the love of your auntie or cousin , a dog, and a few books.During this time of life, Capote s neighbor was H [...]

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