Pad Pet stranica Pismo koje krije tajnu koja je pet godina le ala duboko zakopana Tajnu koju ni jedno ni drugo nisu htjeli doznati Ho e li ih istina ponovno razdvojiti Pet godina nakon burnog prekida Hou

Pet stranica Pismo koje krije tajnu koja je pet godina le ala duboko zakopana Tajnu koju ni jedno ni drugo nisu htjeli doznati Ho e li ih istina ponovno razdvojiti Pet godina nakon burnog prekida, Houston i Rory prisiljeni su raditi skupa na otvorenju novog vinskog bara Bez obzira na njihovu tragi nu pro lost, ne mogu odoljeti jedno drugome i ponovno zavr avaju skupa.Pet stranica Pismo koje krije tajnu koja je pet godina le ala duboko zakopana Tajnu koju ni jedno ni drugo nisu htjeli doznati Ho e li ih istina ponovno razdvojiti Pet godina nakon burnog prekida, Houston i Rory prisiljeni su raditi skupa na otvorenju novog vinskog bara Bez obzira na njihovu tragi nu pro lost, ne mogu odoljeti jedno drugome i ponovno zavr avaju skupa Pismo im visi iznad glava poput giljotine Houston se ponovno nalazi u istoj situaciji u kojoj je bio prije pet godina mora birati izme u istine i jedine ene koju je ikada volio.

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  1. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cassia Leo grew up in California and has lived in three different countries She loves to travel and her dream is to one day score a record deal based on her awesome shower singing skills She is the author of the Shattered Hearts series Relentless, Pieces of You, Bring Me Home She is also the author of the popular Luke and Chase series.Come chat with her on Facebook facebook authorcassialeo or Twitter twitter AuthorCassiaLeoOr you can follow her blog at cassialeo to stay up to date on new releases and giveaways.Thanks for reading

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  1. 3.5 4 ThisIsTooMuch Stars I don t know where to start from This book was really intense and it will make you feel.Various emotions will probably pass through you You may get mad, frustrated, heartbroken, depressed, happy, confused, maybe even disgusted.The only certain is that it will make you feel Houston is Hallie s older brother Rory is Hallie s best friend and she was in love with Houston ever since she was 11 They share a really long and painful past.A past built in a tragedy, lies and unsp [...]

  2. The Way We Fall is a story of hurt and betrayal of love and longing It s filled with all kinds of juicy little secretsme that will break you and some that will build you back up The story is told mainly in the present but it also takes us back to some pivotal points in the past Rory and Houston essentially grew up together and that whole time Rory has had a crush on Houston It s basically unrequited until Houston returns home from college to discover that Rory has grown up Unfortunately, she is [...]

  3. Where do I begin It s ends with a cliffy It wasn t even a pretty one view spoiler they break up once again hide spoiler The hero, Houston, is one BIG asshole I don t care if he s broken Btw, he got married in the five years of separation He s still married when he hooks up with the heroine as well The main chick, Rory, needs some growing up to do Weak is a one way to describe her Here s what bugged me I don t know why Rory didn t move on She s still in love with Houston despite the years He got [...]

  4. THE WAY WE FALL is live bit twwfamziBooks bit twwfibooksBN bit twwfbnKobo bit twwfkoboGoogle bit twwfgoogleSmashwords bit twwfsw UK bit twwfamzuk CA bit twwfamzca AU bit twwfamzau

  5. I received a complimentary ARC of this book from the publisher, through Netgalley, in exchange for honest feedback The Way We Fall was a much emotional story than I had anticipated A second chance romance story, I found myself really rooting for Rory and Houston I wanted these two to work out their differences so badly It seemed like every time I thought they were finally going to get it together, another bomb would drop Despite their obvious and undying love for each other, they almost seemed [...]

  6. Well colour me intrigued I listened to this book on audio and it s definitely one of the better ones I ve come across Character wise, I loved Rory, always My predicament was with Houston, the problem being even though he made some stupid bad decisions, wasn t always a great person or said he wrong things both past and present Quite often I still really like him I m still really routing for him That ll show you how well developed this story is The plot is great and the entire flow was pleasing T [...]

  7. I Hope it Never Ends Where to start Let s see, If you are a fan of Cassia you know how intense her stories are Her stories are all about emotions Betrayal, lies, love, tragedy, secrets All the real emotions that you can really relate to The Way We Fall is no different Rory and Houston story is so complicated Definitely life hasn t been fair with them, but there s no doubt that the still love each other so much The writing is amazing Characters are strong, lovable and some you just want to slap t [...]

  8. I was in the mood earlier this month for a really good and really intense NA book Think Clipped Wings love those books I had been seeing this one around and the reviews looked really good I m such a sucker for second chance romances and this seemed like the perfect book to meet my NA craving mood Unfortunately, this book and I just weren t meant to be I found myself annoyed by most of the book, but the audio was so short I figured I might as well just finish in the hopes of it possibly getting b [...]

  9. It s not very well written and it s populated exclusively with unlikeable characters view spoiler My God, Rory is pathetic Normally I can have a little sympathy for the weak h in a story if she shows that despite not having a backbone she at least has a brain Rory doesn t have either I totally love Houston even though he s treated me like shit for years and left me when I told him I was pregnant Oh but he s just so dreamy Oh look, he s back in my life and I still loved him oh so very much Maybe [...]

  10. ARC Kindly Provided by Gloss Publishing through Netgalley5 This doesn t surprise me stars I knew without a doubt this was going to be good I haven t read anything of Cassia s I didn t like This is one of those stories that pulls you in and you don t even realize how much time has went by.It s a story of a family torn to pieces when the unthinkable happens This is mainly between Houston and Aurora with flashbacks that include Hallie, Houston s sister and Rory s best friend Growing up with Hallie, [...]

  11. Items ticked off 15If I had to pick one word to describe The Way We Fall it would be awkward Not because the story is necessarily awkward in any way, but rather the entire structure and parts of the plot are What it is, is basically a second chance story We have two people who were together when they were younger and due to some inconvenient events, they ended up going different paths in life When they meet five years later its a coincidence and they end up having to work together So far, there [...]

  12. 4.5 Complicated Stars If ever two souls were perfectly right and perfectly wrong for each other, it would be us I don t know what to say about this one It will certainly make you feel First, I have to give it to Cassia Leo because she can seriously write She can spin difficult topics into gold You might hate what goes on in the story, but when you read about the relationship, there is only one word to describe it COMPLICATED I was always ready to belong to Houston But I was not ready for what ca [...]

  13. Now this is not the end It is not even the beginning of the end But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning The Way We Fall is not yet the end of The Story of Us but yet it is the beautiful beginning of everlasting love They say Love is stronger in second time around Rory and Houston story is one roller coaster journey of love, betrayal and lies I instantly fell in love with this story, the characters and how it flows It s hard to talk about without spilling some beans but I guarantee that thi [...]

  14. DNF 50%This just didn t work for me Nothing about it was working Won t be reading anything else by this author

  15. cheater fucked up situation suicide pedophilia mental problems heroin doormat and weak cruel hero and jerk Hero married

  16. Spoilers ahead This book should have come with a cheating warning but I guess that would spoil the story Honestly I had a really hard time liking or even respecting Houston at all I also could not grasp this all consuming love he and Rory supposedly had They only dated for 6 months He was not honest at all and then left her right after she got an abortion Then 5 years later he runs into her, is married but isn t really into his wife because he s hopelessly still in live with Rory eye roll Now he [...]

  17. This is the first book in The Story of Us series and words cannot describe how much I loved this book It is such a well written story When you read the last page, you will want to read it again It s hard to talk about the book without giving away spoilers, so I will just tell you about the characters Such strong characters, you cant help but fall in love with them This is a touching story of love, loss, sacrifices, and broken hearts Houston is such a beautiful soul, but he has a secret that is k [...]

  18. I m just going to keep this short We all know that lies can hurt someone you love badly But I think that the omission of the truth still counts as a lie Houston keeping the big secret from Rory that caused her to break down, had an even larger impact 5 years later when he finally told her the truth I fell in love with this book because it wasn t the typical quick Contemp romance type The plot I evened out perfectly, with the exact amount of interesring element This book made me understand that l [...]

  19. I m still reeling from this amazing story I m feeling ALL kinds of things It was a very emotionally charged, HOT, beautiful and intense story of love, loss, secrets, tragedy, heartbreaking tough times and touched on some very tough topics There s some crazy going on and hello twist I didn t see coming Oh the chest pains this book caused me I cannot wait for I NEED

  20. Such a beautiful and sad story how two loves can drift apart I really loved this book how Rory and Houston can be so in love and then fall apart.This amazing book show how their past and five years later they can turn out I loved this amazing story and I m so excited about reading the sequel next to find out what later happens

  21. I have no problem admitting that I enjoy a good guilty pleasure read every once in a while And as a steamy, angsty new adult romance, The Way We Fall perfectly fit the bill.Although certainly nothing earth shattering, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Cassia Leo s writing, given that I downloaded this for free on my Nook I was pretty hooked to the story Some things didn t sit perfectly well with me, but I was able to put that aside just enjoy the story I will say that this is of [...]

  22. I absolutely love The Way We Fall, Cassia Leo has out done herself yet again with this book It s my new favorite of her s, and trust me, I m sure you ll be saying the same by the end of the book So in THE Way We Fall we meet Rory, she s living life to the fullest, well as well as she can after she had her heart broken five years ago She s got a good job and has a place of her own, what else could a girl ask for right Rory, goes to work one day and her boss needs a favor, Rory being the nice pers [...]

  23. I m not even sure where to start with this bookIf you ve ever read anything written by Cassia Leo, you know how she sucks you in with intense emotions, witty dialogue, and characters that are so well rounded you instantly build a connection Well, The Way We Fall is no different Rory and Houston s love story is one of a kind I know you ve probably read that on other reviews, but lemme tell ya you ain t seen nothin yet I ve read books than I can count and normally, I can always tell if there s go [...]

  24. Cassia Leo has done it again I thought the Shattered Hearts series was amazing but The Way We Fall had me glued to my kindle all day.Aurora s first love Is the brother of her best friend Hallie but she is a good few years younger than Houston When tragedy strikes this brings Rory closer to him and he is there in her hour of need.Told in different points of view and throughout the book flows back and forth in time But this was a good way to slowly reveal the events that will have you gasping with [...]

  25. Cassia Leo knows how to write an amazing and beautiful read filled with wonderful characters and a storyline that is filled with so much emotion and intensity My emotions is still all over the place and I love that feeling when I m reading a book This is a story about love, loss, tragedy, and hope I was hooked from the first page and couldn t put it down until the end The main characters of Rory and Houston were so real and raw You couldn t help but feel a connection with them Cassia does not on [...]

  26. The Way We Fall, wow I thought things couldn t get any better than Black Box but this certainly is right up there as one of my favourite books by Cassia Leo.The two main characters Houston Rory had me hooked from the beginning I loved Rory s sense of humour and spunk I admired her confidence and independence Houston was mysterious to me, hot but mysterious There were so many unanswered questions in the beginning as to what had happened in the past, what was the big secret he was keeping from Ror [...]

  27. This is the first in a new series from Cassia Leo, Where we Fall, The Story of us 1.The story is about a lost love, which was too young to last and hindered by secrets and guilt We meet the characters Rory Aurora and Houston five years later when their paths accidentally cross again.Neither one has really got over their break up especially Rory, there are emotional wounds that each have and time hasn t done anything to heal them.Without divulging the plot I hate spoilers I d like to say this boo [...]

  28. Cassia has hit another home run with this new series and I am on pins and needles waiting for the next installment.Houston and Rory practically grew up together Rory has been in love with her best friend s brother for as far as she can remember Due to a tragic event that touches both of their lives, they decide to take a chance with each other The only problem is that Houston is holding onto a secret A secret so big, that it eventually tears them apart.Now years later Rory thinks that she can fi [...]

  29. I was given a copy for an honest review The way we fall is absaloutly brilliant As soon as I started I could not stop reading till I finished the book I was gripped from the start This is book 1 and I m in a bit of a book hangover waiting for book 2 If the others are to go by the 1st I think this might just be my fav this year I m loving this style of writing, you will know when you read You will feel like a mixed bag of emotions reading this but such a perfectly written story and I want to know [...]

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