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  • Unlimited Bummi und ihr Pony - by Martha Schlinkert
    330 Martha Schlinkert

  1. Galinski Martha was born in 1913 in Gelsenkirchen Her father, a blast furnace worker, died in the First World War when she was only three years old Her mother fed her and her five siblings by working nights in a factory She grew up in an apartment house in Gelsenkirchen.Martha loved her stories, but they did not have enough money to buy books So they thought themselves out of these stories and telling their playmates and friends After she had learned to write, she began to write their stories The letter was her main hobby.After school high school and commercial college she was trained as a secretary and worked for the Director of the German ironworks, Gelsenkirchen One day the producer Joseph Schlinkert from Olsberg in the company to get a job The two saw each other and fell in love.They were married on 18 September 1939 during the Second World War and Martha moved in with her husband to Olsberg Joseph did not go to war because he was indispensable in his company He established bolts for weapons.Martha Schlinkert day job as a secretary of her husband In the evening, she wrote books First, she wrote two books about the lives of the working class, but fell quickly into oblivion Her great passion was for since childhood, but the children s stories She wrote whenever she had time, and came to over 100 children s books.1943 gave birth to her son George Schlinkert Two years later she had a daughter Irmtraud.Among the most famous of her books probably the Bummi series is about a young girl who grows up in Olsberg and has all sorts of nonsense in my head In the first book as she tries out the potting soil in the garden to see if the soil in the Sauerland really sour taste.Book critics sometimes complained that their books are not in every detail thought through But that was never Schlinkert suggestion Rather, they simply wanted to write nice, child friendly stories that convey the humanity and the children should help to understand life Schlinkert received hundreds of letters from children who thanked him for the stories and wanted to know about Bummi.With about 60 Martha suffered from dementia possibly Alzheimer s, but this has never been examined closely She died on 30 June 1979, just two years after her husband.Overall, it brought the 10 Bummi books on a circulation of over 2 million copies Besides, the author Martha Schlinkert Bummi created many other children s characters like Maxi, Anne, Winni, Pelle, Peter Purzel, Silvie and Kordula A total of over 100 titles with a combined total circulation of than 6 million books, which sell without advertising today is still good Decisive for this is the low price of the books and the fact that they are sold in major department stores So Martha is one of the most successful Schlinkert children s book writers of the postwar period That the literary criticism of the Bummi books because of their innocence and unpretentiousness stylistic partly tore violently, did not detract from the success The desire to say, No Schlinkert was a board member of the Sauerland employee of the federal government and home magazines Suerl nner and Sauerland.Bio from gelsenkirchener geschichte

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