Vampire Bites

Vampire Bites Dip into Vampire Romance with some of today s USA Today International and Bestselling Paranormal Romance authors in this boxed set about forbidden love romance undisclosed desires and secrets Enjo

Dip into Vampire Romance with some of today s USA Today, International and Bestselling Paranormal Romance authors in this boxed set about forbidden love, romance, undisclosed desires, and secrets.Enjoy steamy, exciting, and passionate tales of romance This collection is sure to satisfy vampire lovers of all types A scorching thrill ride until the very last page

  • [PDF] Vampire Bites | by ↠ Gina Kincade Kiki Howell Angelica Dawson Phoenix Johnson Erzabet Bishop Xandra James Bethany Shaw Muffy Wilson
    244 Gina Kincade Kiki Howell Angelica Dawson Phoenix Johnson Erzabet Bishop Xandra James Bethany Shaw Muffy Wilson
Vampire Bites

  1. Gina Kincade Kiki Howell Angelica Dawson Phoenix Johnson Erzabet Bishop Xandra James Bethany Shaw Muffy Wilson says:
    USA Today Bestselling Author Gina Kincade has been penning romance since she was seventeen years old She writes to a diverse range of genres where vampires and were creatures will rip out a villainous heart without thinking twice, or bodyguards and heroic cowboys will obliterate miscreants, and then finally celebrate winning by engaging in steamy romances forged in fictional worlds readers yearn to crawl into.Gina writes under a total of three pseudonyms to date in other genres, including YA and children s.Ms Kincade s life is full, time is never on her side, and she wouldn t change a moment of it

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  1. As some of you know, I am quite the fan of paranormal romance I jumped at the chance to read this vampire romance boxed set I ve read some of each author s work, enjoyed it, and this set did not disappoint.Each story is unique, from dark and foreboding to sensual and romantic The stories are short, but the characters and plots are well developed just enough to whet my appetite for I ve read some of Muffy Wilson s erotic romance stories and flashes, so it was extra nice to see her step into the [...]

  2. I was pleasantly surprised to see Muffy Wilson s name amongst the group of notable authors not because she isn t a notable bestselling international author, but because she isn t known for work in the vampire shifter werewolf genre So, far be it from me to deny her a sojourn into the arms of the Prince of Darkness, I joined her there This story is love story than paranormal blood lusting, but there is lusting There is also mystery, intrigue even murder There are so many interlocking levels to t [...]

  3. 9 Novellas, 99c, and 5 Stars for All I bought this book on pre order because of the authors I go to my favorite restaurant time after time because they deliver my steak exactly how I like it e v e r y time, these authors do the same thing and did not disappoint Bravo I am a great fan of Muffy Wilson I love her style the romance is over the top romantic, the story always has depth, characters are believable and really well developed.d the sex Who wouldn t want searing scorching sex like that with [...]

  4. Vampire Bites is a fresh look into the paranormal genre of fiction I gave this anthology a deserving 5 Stars Most deserving of this rating is Muffy Wilson s ingenious creation, Immortal Hearts I adored this story Muffy Wilson has created out of this world magic with her prose This immortal romance blazes with intense passion for the best of heated page burners, from almost any book I have previously read, from beginning to end She continues to illustrate her bountiful talents where she left off [...]

  5. Vampire Bites is a cool collection of short stories featuring duh vampires I liked each author s perspective on vampires and the other paranormal elements woven into each story s world werewolves, fae, witches, gods, etc Their stories vary in their degree of steaminess one was very erotic explicit , but each very good To remind people, these are short stories, so you may not get enough background detail as a full novel Also, a lot of the stories basically leave off with cliffhangers, so be warne [...]

  6. Exceptional I am so proud to be not only associated with this group of talented and highly skilled wordsmiths but call them all friends as well From the gorgeous, eye catching cover thank you, Danielle Gavan to the tempting, teasing, magical, mystical yarn spinning within, every word is a morsel to delight You will love the fang dabblary, the clever were withall, the twisted shape shifters and a parade of other masterful creatures that go bump and eeeeek in the nightd the sexy interludes, too Th [...]

  7. I m a fan of vampires and other paranormal romance and I looked forward to reading all of these books.Such a great selection of stories, some I liked that others but a perfect opportunity to discover authors I didn t know before A great set covering vampires, witches and others with drama, love and lots of steamy scenes with mystery and suspense thrown in I highly recommend this boxed set with something for everyone.

  8. He was a vampire They were all vampires 10 GOLD VAMPIRESNo touchy the fangs Make me like you I want to be like you What are you doing Following my heart I d love to drink you forever WOW I LOVE THIS VAMPTACULAR COLLECTION Lots of unique FANGS, I mean things, to make each story stand out from the others Even right now I am thinking of each story, WHY I can call up every story I my mind s eye and just how much I was Vampire Thralled by each every single story I was super excited to get my fangs in [...]

  9. This was a great group of stories I will be honest that there were some stories I like better than others This did give me a great chance to read from authors I had not heard of I love vampires so that s always a good place to start.1 The first story is about a vampire that comes home when his sire is killed in a altercation between vampires, witches and werewolves The don t get along the best so this made things worse When he kidnaps a witch to see what they are planning to do he finds out he k [...]

  10. This is a really great set of stories for those who like a little darkness in their vampire romances They are quite intense in some cases They are well written and are not just intros to series but complete stories.The Vampire s Witch by Kiki Howell is an interesting story of a community where the supernaturals are at war The witches, shifters and vampires kept to themselves for the most part until a vampire and a shifter fell in love In this story Issac, a vampire, comes back to help and falls [...]

  11. Vampire Bites is an amazing set of stories I recommend picking up a copy today if you like paranormal romance stories.The Vampires Witch I loved seeing Issac and Winter come together She loved him from afar when he was still mortal but now that he is a vamp and there is a war starting their love is even forbidden.Blue Moon Hourse Jocelyn was attacked many years ago by someone she trusted She has been trying to take back control in her life ever since Little does she know the Blue Mooon house is [...]

  12. I got this anthology in exchange for an honest review and of all the reviews I ve done, I don t think that it gets honest than this particular one The stories were varied and I like some than others but for the first time, I actually encountered a situation within the story that I really could relate to Blue Moon House Kitten This story stood out to me from the stories within this set because as a survivor of incest, sexual assault, and rape, it is possible for some to get past the helplessnes [...]

  13. This boxed set of novellas was incredibly good Each story brings the vampires to life and shows them to be warm, loving, and caring, no different than anyone else They love, grieve for lost loved ones, and fight for their lives when attacked You will fall in love with them and root for their happily ever after For some of them their happily ever after comes quickly, for others it takes thousands of years before they are reunited with their lost loves Because of the heartache they have endured ov [...]

  14. I received this ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review VAMPIRE BITES Short Story Boxed Set by Various AuthorsThis is a collection of really interesting and enjoyable books These stories are made up of various paranormal stories, written by a diverse group of authors The storylines vary, some light hearted and others darker and dominant The pages are colourfully lit up with action, suspense, romance, and a variety of characters I did however prefer some books than others, but none t [...]

  15. Love vampires Then this is the book for you This is a collection of vampire stories that will have you reading far into the night All of the authors know how to weave stories that will have you wanting to read The characters vary in personality however have no fear, the dark, sexy vampire is here to stay Warning you will need a pitcher of ice water and a large fan when reading Grab your copy and get lost in these awesome stories I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  16. I really enjoyed this boxed set Great stories by some authors I am familiar with and some who I had not previously known but plan to know better in the future Well rounded compilation of books including vampires, shifters and I fell in love with some of the characters and laughed, cried and ranted at them throughout the book 10 complete stories at a great price Can t go wrong with it A great addition to any library.

  17. The anthology had really good, well written and satisfactory stories for all tastes There are vampires, witches, werewolves and lot of action, lust, romance, love, steamy sex, intrigue and suspense Everything I like Found some of my favorite authors and others that I had not read books by them before and of course, for me that is the cherry of the ice cream because I had to add to my favorites list Always find surprises in the box sets and this one didn t let me down.

  18. This is a fab read I love collections like this because I can sample various authors works I find some I like, some I love Win win I havent read most of these authors before so it s opening a new world to me Absolutely loved the story by Kally Sten and am in the process of procuring the other books Great stories all together For the price and the quality you re getting great deal and won t be disappointed

  19. A good collection of paranormal short stories There is a short blurb at the beginning of each story, loved that It gets you excited to read the upcoming story At the end of each story you have the option to go back to the beginning of the book This collection is a a great way to read an author you might not have read before The stories are short, but they are not lacking, the authors do a really good job of drawing you the complete picture

  20. I received an ARC of this book for an honest reviewI was so excited to get to read this box set t I have to admit I really loved some stories then others but they were all wonderful, I won t go into details on each story but if you love Witches, Vampires, Werewolves and hot, Steamy scenes then this is the next box set to read.

  21. It s been awhile since I read vampire stories, but his boxset was a great way to reintroduce myself back into them What I love about quality box sets is that if one story isn t for you, you can move on to one that is I have read some pretty garbage boxsets, but in this one, even if I don t like the story, I cannot find fault in the writing These authors are talented and know how to write.

  22. These books are so awesome if you love witches and vampires and sexy hunks and sassy women love hot and dreamy touches you will love all these books they are so worth it I love them all they were so good I got this free for an honest review and believe me it was so worth it could not put it down fast past some were and some were so hot and slow Michelle

  23. A great boxed set of reads Loved them and hated to see them end Entertaining and fun I recommend them They were enjoyable definitely a must read I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  24. This series is a must if you love vamps, and of course who doesn t This collection has some of the best authors with some of their newest and hottest stories Click buy and see what I m talking about

  25. Loved this box set it gave me a bit of everything I like In Paranormal reads Exciting, sexy, steamy.just awesome thank you to the authors for the opportunity to read it I will be reading from these authors

  26. Wow This is an awesome boxed set Who doesn t love vampires Some authors were new to me but I will be checking out their other books for sure If you love strong heros and heroines, and especially vampires, then this is for you.

  27. Kallysten s story gets 5 stars, the rest get from 1 to 3 stars Kallysten s story was wonderfully written I loved Lucien, he was a great male lead The patience he had, his honesty, it was refreshing The female lead went through a lot of emotional growth.

  28. I am about halfway through the box set and Iam very pleased with the set Iam posting reviews on each book as I complete them All vampire readers will love these stories.

  29. I received this book for an honest review I loved this book The plots and characters were amazing I definitely recommend this as an excellent read

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