Made for Him: A Mafia Baby Romance

Made for Him A Mafia Baby Romance After dumping her cheating boyfriend Jessica Simmons takes the dark and dangerously handsome high powered billionaire Matteo Moretti home from the bar for a healthy dose or five of getting over bre

After dumping her cheating boyfriend, Jessica Simmons takes the dark and dangerously handsome high powered billionaire, Matteo Moretti, home from the bar for a healthy dose or five of getting over breakup sex Even though it s the hottest night of her life, Jessica resolves to let a fling be a fling and move on She has her career and enough self respect to know she doesAfter dumping her cheating boyfriend, Jessica Simmons takes the dark and dangerously handsome high powered billionaire, Matteo Moretti, home from the bar for a healthy dose or five of getting over breakup sex Even though it s the hottest night of her life, Jessica resolves to let a fling be a fling and move on She has her career and enough self respect to know she doesn t need a man Until she finds out she s pregnant with Matteo s baby Though she doesn t expect him to be exactly thrilled with the situation, he surprises her with his fierce need to love and protect them both, and soon she s imagining a future with her once one night stand But then secrets are exposed, and Jessica learns that Matteo s world is not the haven she d once thought it was Soon caught in the middle of a terrifying tug of war between rival criminals, she s faced with a tumultuous decision of who to forgive and who to trust and it might not be the father of her baby WARNING If you love insta love, super dee duper steamy sex that s a little rough around the edges, and a heart swelling, cheesy sauce HEA, then you re in for a treat

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Made for Him: A Mafia Baby Romance

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  1. 4 Smut Scale StarsThis was hot, but short Very short I think it ended at 75% or some such nonsense.

  2. Matteo Moretti is the HOT new dirty talking, mafia boss in town Jessica, deciding to have a ONS after a break up with her boyfriend, meets Matteo at a bar and he goes home with her Neither can forget the other When Jessica has a nice little surprise, she meets up with Matteo to discuss options What then ensues isDesk sexCar sexShower sexThis book was definitely not lacking in the sex department Throw in some suspense and action with a sweet epilogue and you have pretty good story My biggest comp [...]

  3. This was a surprisingly good book considering it s length It had a lot going on, but the plot didn t feel rushed Both characters were well written Matteo Moretti was sexy as fuck I do wish she would have stayed angry with him for a bit longer than she did I like that type of angst and would have liked to see Matteo have to work a bit harder to get her back, but that was just a small issue.Overall I loved this one.

  4. I just could not get into this couple Then the later reveals about the hero totally finished hiim off for me It was an ok read, but yet another example of the heroine letting the hero off the hook for being an epic douche The curse of the magic peen strikes again

  5. short and steamy with a bit of suspense I enjoyed this one A bit predictable but a good pick if you want a quick book with a lot of sexy scenes.

  6. did enjoy it but too short had everything I love,alpha sexy male,twists,sex scenes phew but felt rushed.

  7. Oh Lordy, that was one sexy mob boss And perhaps the best response to a pregnancy announcement, ever Show me where my baby is His sudden coolness has vanished and lust flares in his eyes My baby s inside of you, he says, his other hand running up my leg and gripping my thigh My baby Despite its shorter length, it still managed to have an interesting story and characters and crack me up at the same time I mean, here s a real concern smirk What if he s into some weird shit, like flogging girls or [...]

  8. For being on the shorter side, this story had a lot going on Matteo was a hottie for sure and he was devoted to the h I was a little worried that things were going south for a few pages but he came through for me lol safe steamy read No cheating, the only om ow drama was her ex trying to cause problems for them but he was stopped A few twist that were easy to predict A decent epilogue that made you unable to resist loving the couple.

  9. Fantastic book with super possessive and obsessive H There were a lot of HOT sex scenes in this book My only complaint is that the book ends at 65%.

  10. Jessica Simmons needed a one night rebound and she found it with Matteo Moretti Weeks later, Jessica finds out that she is pregnant Having to tell Matteo is going to be a father, is not on Jessica s want to do list but she knows he deserves to know Matteo has been thinking of Jessica since they had their one night together Matteo is delighted to be a father and wants Jessica by his side For Jessica though it sounds it is to good to be true, but Matteo is determined to prove to Jessica that he is [...]

  11. This is my first book by Rae Lynn Blaise and it was really good although it was short so it did feel a bit rushed but the story line was very good Jessica just dumped her cheating boyfriend and she s at the bar looking for a one night stand She takes Matteo Moretti, a rich, high powered businessman home with her The two of them have the best sex of their lives and they both can t stop thinking about each other A few weeks later Jess finds out she s pregnant and since they didn t exchange numbers [...]

  12. This book was hard for me to rate Had very mixed feelings It was good, in that the book drew me in and I couldn t put it down Loved that there was no ow om drama It was of a dark dysfunctional romance Loved that the H was tough and protective would literally take a bullet for the h However, he had an unsavory unhonorable side I had trouble reconciling with He did not mind using an innocent person in unconscionable ways So he was not, imo, a good bad guy The h was sweet, but irresponsible and di [...]

  13. I would have given this book 5 stars but it absolutely drives me nuts when a book ends at 70% and you have a ton of other books or sneak peaks at the end of the book A sneak peak of the next book or another book by the author is fine but not a whole book or several first chapters.

  14. I thought this story would be different, I figured the H would be bullying the h to be with him and she d be resisting but she pretty much went yeah baby, I m game Not complaining though There was a twist in the story that made it interesting.

  15. Major spoilers, don t read unless you want the twist revealed to you Contains strong language and a pissy attitude cause I m feeling a little disgruntled I made the mistake of reading this without checking out details beforehand, once I d seen it was considered safe, I went ahead which probably makes sense to most people but I m picky and sensitive and therefore now a little irritated and pissy It wasn t a great story to start with but I wanted something slightly cheesy with a criminal element [...]

  16. Historia con demasiados t picos mafiosos.Chico malo conoce a chica, sexo r pido, baby en camino, venganza y traici n de por medio con su felices para siempre Destacable lo amoroso, enamorado y entregado que es Matteo a su familia.Enero 5

  17. Una trama que posiblemente daba para m s, solo tuvo sexo, sexo y sexo entretenido y corto si, pero no daba para mucho puntaje, no es nada que no haya le do antes

  18. Strangely endearing Also, I can only wish to have that much sex when I get pregnant Can anyone please get me a fan

  19. Well this was a short but action packed story The characters well developed and the twists and turns keep you reading from start to finish What a great story

  20. A quick, entertaining romance, that even with a fairly common plot, manages to surprise occasionally.Title Made for Him A Mafia Baby RomanceAuthor Rae Lynn BlaiseGenre Contemporary RomanceMain Characters Jessica Simmons is young, cute, has a great job at a top law firm, and a decent boyfriend until she catches the boyfriend dipping his wick in the local barista So she does something she normally wouldn t gets drunk and picks up a hookup No harm, no foul Except of course, unless you get pregnant [...]

  21. I bought this book mostly to see if what I assumed about this book because of the subtitle was true It was This book novella is very, very short I think it finished around 65% in my version, and the last 35% were the first 7 chapters of a different book by the author.The characters were all painfully one dimensional, and I honestly saw no growth in the relationship between Jessica and Matteo since pretty much the only interactions we saw between them are sex Sure, Blaise hints that they share co [...]

  22. Rating 4.5 starsI read this novel with little to no expectations since I d never read anything this author had written before coming across this book I didn t expect enjoy it as much as I did What a welcome surprise With the exception a few typos, punctuation errors and a corny or two, this book had everything I d want in a light read PASSION the connection sexual tension were off the chartsARACTERS were well developed and interesting could have used a tiny bit development in some cases like Un [...]

  23. romanticcynicblog.wordpress.cBeware of Spoilers Star Ratings Heroine Jessica 23yrs old 3 5Hero Matteo 34yrs old 2 5Plot 2 5Grovel goodCheating none HEA yes with babyTriggers sexual assault from exAverage score 2.5 5Best Line you got one thing wrong If you keep this baby, and you won t be raising it alone I m going to be there Worst Line You can t even keep me out of your niece s pussy Personal Review This was a very quick read with a lot of sex but not much depth It was literally one sex scene a [...]

  24. Awww I loooove this book and itsy bitsy love story in it Psssttt Have I told you that I love the hot bed scenes too much Yeah Yup In this book, you ll find the a lot A LOT, baby, and I love them so very much Yeah it was simple and short story with almost non drama in it, but well, those kind of book was my simple sweet and abso fvcking lutely my kind of book HEA with maximum romanticism ALERTS The main story wasn t show up until the kind of ends of this book and when you read it, hm I kinda like [...]

  25. This story was better than I expected and unique in many ways It got darker than I expected and a little bit scarier than I expected Clearly, I was not sufficiently prepared for what I got when I started reading.Jessica, orphaned at a young age, has just broken up with her cheating ex boyfriend She decides to get a little wild because she never does Enter Matteo Morretti He is hot and dark and she takes him home As their romance progresses, I totally fell in love with him When his secrets came o [...]

  26. This was an enjoyable, fast paced, and sexy story And yet it was also sort of predictable and too short Maybe I just watch to many crime TV shows I would have loved for the story to be a little drawn out The author was able to create such chemistry great between Matteo and Jessica I definitely would have loved to read about them and not just fast forwarding four months ahead Overall it was quick and entertaining, but I had to take some stars away because it was just too short in my opinion.

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