Game of Shadows

Game of Shadows Ethan Makkai thought that seeing ghosts was the worst of his problems Between his ethereal gift and life with a single mother hell bent on watching his every move he feels imprisoned When Ethan sees

Ethan Makkai thought that seeing ghosts was the worst of his problems Between his ethereal gift and life with a single mother hell bent on watching his every move, he feels imprisoned When Ethan sees a chance to escape, to leave the house by himself for the first time in his life, he seizes it, unaware that this first taste of freedom will cost him everything.Ethan is thEthan Makkai thought that seeing ghosts was the worst of his problems Between his ethereal gift and life with a single mother hell bent on watching his every move, he feels imprisoned When Ethan sees a chance to escape, to leave the house by himself for the first time in his life, he seizes it, unaware that this first taste of freedom will cost him everything.Ethan is thrown into a strange and eerie world, like nothing he s ever seen He s assaulted by dive bombing birds and rescued by a stranger who claims to be his bodyguard His apartment is trashed, and his mother is kidnapped to a place Ethan never knew existed a hidden continent called Tara.Travelling to Tara in search of his mother, Ethan discovers that everything he knows about his life is a lie His mother is royalty His father is not dead His destiny is likely to get him killed.Confronted by a vicious sorcerer determined to destroy the Makkai family, Ethan must garner strength from his gift and embrace his destiny if he s going to save his mother and all the people of Tara, including the beautiful girl he s fallen for.

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Game of Shadows

  1. Erika Lewis Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Game of Shadows book, this is one of the most wanted Erika Lewis author readers around the world.

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  1. Put this on your TBR list It s everything I love in an adventure story Great world building, strong characters maps Carole

  2. Game of Shadows is a riveting, page turning adventure with a wonderful blend of Celtic mythology and deeply imagined twists I adored Ethan and the way that Erika Lewis showed him realistically struggling to come to terms with his destiny and his plight, and I found myself plunging through this book at the same time that I hated for it to end Can t wait for

  3. Game of Shadows originally lured me in with a promise of fantasy and mythology It also seemed to be offering a nice dash of sword and sorcery which I can never turn down Needless to say, I cracked the spine with a certain amount of enthusiasm and hesitation I believe we are all somewhat guilty of over hyping titles to discover that they are not what we anticipate So when I am truly excited, it can begin as an awkward encounter I want to love them, but I am afraid Books are very much like real li [...]

  4. Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewI did not know about the novel before reading it but the synopsis, mixed with a touch of urban fantasy and fantasy, seemed quite promising And did you see that cover Really appealing Ethan is an overprotected boy, he can not step outside without his mother accompanying him Even if he understands that his gift that allows him to see ghosts can attract trouble, he still wants to be free and go out at will It is also what he finally does on his birthday, in secr [...]

  5. lynns books 2017 04 20 gaGame of Shadows is a tale of adventure, a coming of age story that focuses on a teenage boy called Ethan Makkai The abridged version of this review is that whilst I don t think this book worked for me personally, I can certainly see the appeal for the target audience This is undoubtedly a fun and fast paced read, maybe a little too young for my tastes but still very easy to read and with plenty of imagination.As the story begins we make the acquaintance of Ethan He lives [...]

  6. Detailed review A Bohemian Mind at WorkThe story follows a familiar arc An unfortunate turn of events brings the reluctant hero closer to his destiny, fighting monsters and betrayals from close quarters in the process.Readers, I think I missed something important Oh, yes Our hero, the gallant Ethan Makkai, can see ghosts The power of seeing or calling upon ghostly beings for interviews or Radharc seem to have passed on from ancestors to the future heir to the throne Obviously, our guy has it, by [...]

  7. Sadly this didn t quite work for me, there are several reasons for this and to be honest I think I might like this as a movie In fact this did remind me of some beloved childhood favoritesAlas I ain t no child for a long time now so maybe I am just too old for this one Who knows The storyline is the best and only redeeming part of this book in my opinion It s fast paced, though some things are very predictable, it s never dull and has many entertaining twists and turns Now the writing style is s [...]

  8. Game of Shadows begins brilliantly Ethan, a sympathetic adolescent hero who can see ghosts, stands up to a school bully It s the first time he s escaped from his mother s close supervision, something he s struggled against for as long as he can remember When he returns, triumphant from his school yard encounter, he finds she s been kidnapped Not only that, but a mysterious, dramatic, wild eyed man rails at him that the two of them should never be separated, that the mysterious Ravens have taken [...]

  9. Ethan Makkai is the awkward teenage son of an overly protective teenage mom living in a small apartment in Los Angeles And he can talk to ghosts Soon his mother is kidnapped and a strange old captain transports him to a hidden continent There, he must rescue his mom from a sorcerer who plans to use her blood in a plot to take over the land of Tara.This was an engaging, fast paced fantasy novel I particularly liked the world and magic system based around Celtic mythology Ethan does get a little t [...]

  10. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Game of Shadows is an imaginative, non stop action teen novel but with the main character s abrasiveness and combativeness this story may not be for all readers.Opening Sentence Ethan Makkai, freedom is a state of mind Excerpt YesThe Review Game of Shadows is a YA teen fantasy novel geared toward the teen boy in your life I only say this because I had a hard time really caring for the main character and the only way I could really understand him wa [...]

  11. Game of Shadows is the first book in a yuing adult fantasy series by Erika Lewis I loved Game of Shadows I found it to be a thrilling fast paced adventure with a wonderful male protagonist Yes there is a guy main character Let us all rejoice for that fact for a moment This was a great start to what seems like it is going to be a very magical and cool series I can t wait for the next book.Ethan s world is flipped upside down when he sneaks away from his mom to walk to high school alone for the ve [...]

  12. Over the years, fantasy has splintered into various sub genres, urban fantasy, sword and sorcery, paranormal, and medieval Stories involving magically enabled American who enters a magical fantasy world to save the day are abundant, some very good, others less so Game of Shadows by Erika Lewis is a fun read that hits all of the high notes, while maintaining some restraint in the young hero s use of magic and showing a learning curve with respect to other medieval skills While we as readers want [...]

  13. Very amazing book I love the Celtic mythology and the way the story brings them to life I m looking forward to the new book

  14. I think that most of you know by now that fantasy is my go to genre in my life, and I was excited to get the chance to discover a new fantasy series, especially one with a lot of promise, great world building and fun characters.The story begins in a world we know well and a boy whose life is about to be changed forever Like Percy Jackson and Clary Fray before him, Ethan believes himself to be an ordinary kid, except for the ghosts that he sees that no one else can In fact, Ethan does share a few [...]

  15. Game of Shadows by Erika Lewis is an exciting fantasy suitable for young adults It is a unique story that is fast paced and entertaining Fourteen year old, Ethan Makkai, has an over protective mother He doesn t feel like he fits in He can see ghosts Plus, he has found out his life is a complete lie I enjoyed Ethan s character His heritage has been hidden from him After his mother, Caitriona, is kidnapped, he finds out the truth about the continent of Tara he never knew existed He grows a lot thr [...]

  16. This story was a great page turning adventure with a 14 year old boy who has no idea that he is destined to be king of a place he never heard of The book starts out with the author showing us this sheltered 14 year old boy who mother basically shelters him like a 4 year old I thought this was all very odd and almost cheered when he ran off trying to show his Independence and then was sad when it seemed it was all gonna end with him getting bullied by some jerk In the end instead he finds out all [...]

  17. Mother conceals boy s true identity from him and surprisingly enough it backfires, plunging him into an Irish mythology themed adventure There was some good world building in this book, but otherwise I wasn t a fan It was poorly paced action sequence followed action sequence with no time for character development The action was written as though the author had actually wanted to write a film The dialogue was poor I didn t believe in the characters the main characters mother had knowingly and ine [...]

  18. Game of Shadows Erika LewisI received Game of Shadows by Erika Lewis from in return for an honest review, and when I had been informed that I was going to be getting this book I was somewhat excited since it was an ARC and in a genre that I am a big fan of, and I could drop my review before the publishing date Unfortunately for me, the book was a major disappointment and I struggled to get through it It wasn t bad, such as a few books that I ve read, but it was probably the biggest clich that I [...]

  19. I m tempted to give this one star, but that feels a little harsh Erika Lewis has a long career in writing for television and has authored or co authored several graphic novels Her inexperience with the longer format of a novel shows To my dismay, this book turned out to merely be the first in a series, the rest of which I have no intention of reading I only struggled through the final chapters of this one because I m generally too stubborn to leave books unfinished I felt like Lewis got as tired [...]

  20. I finished Game of Shadows but I do not think that I will be breathlessly awaiting its sequel s I generally enjoy quest fantasy, enjoy stories which involve speaking to spirits and magic, but this novel tries to bring it all in together as Los Angeles born Ethan attempts to grow into the destiny he didn t know he had in hidden fantastical Tara Because Ethan can see and speak to spirits of the dead and, additionally, call the unicorns he is the heir to the throne of a hidden country even though a [...]

  21. So this really isn t my typical read, when I picked this to review it was because the young man sees ghost and that had me leaning towards paranormal not fantasy Although I must admit that I think I really needed a read that was not my norm because I really enjoyed it.Ethan is feeling suffocated by his mother because he can t go anywhere without her, she walks him to school which gets him laughed at It s his birthday and he wants to be able to just walk to school on his own and she refuses he t [...]

  22. Review originally posted on She Dreams in Fiction It has been said many times by me, but I love books based in mythology One of my favorites is Celtic Mythology, so signing up for this book tour was a no brainer Not only did I love the mythological elements in this book, but I am so pleased to be able to say I thoroughly enjoyed Game of Shadows Where to even start Well, let s start by saying this novel centers around Ethan Makkai, a teen living with his over protective mother He has the ability [...]

  23. 3.5 stars from Jana, read the full review at FANTASY LITERATUREDisclaimer just so you know, some of the books we review are received free from publishersHigh school is hard enough on its own there s homework, bullies, unrequited crushes, and overprotective parents, just to name a few hurdles on the way to freedom and adulthood But that s nothing compared to the challenges presented in Erika Lewis Game of Shadows 2017 our intrepid hero must also learn sword fighting, diplomacy, and an entirely ne [...]

  24. Disclosure I received a review copy in exchange for a honest review Game of Shadows was published last week and may have flew under everyone s radar It probably would ve flew under mine as well if it wasn t brought to my attention for review by the wonderful publicist at Tor After reading the synopsis, intrigued, I happily agreed to review it Plus it had an awesome cool cover And boy am I so, so glad I read it I loved Game of Shadows It was the perfect adventure novel, with the right balance of [...]

  25. Ethan is a 14 year old boy who s being bullied at school, starting to develop an interest in girls, and is intent on carving out some space from his overprotective single mother but then she s kidnapped, and a man introducing himself as his grandfather appears It turns out that Ethan might be royal and an adventure is just beginning.The book as a whole reminded me of the Princess Diaries meets, oh, Percy Jackson this involved Celtic mythology and some other fantastic events The writing was slig [...]

  26. Originally posted at archeddoorwayI ve been looking forward to reading Erika Lewis s Game of Shadows since I stumbled across it on a few months ago while looking for something to read and thinking that it sounded pretty interesting So I was excited when I received a review copy in the mail a few weeks ago, even if it did take me a few days to start reading it It only took a few chapters before I decided I loved this book, yet by the time I finished it I knew I was going to struggle with reviewin [...]

  27. Erika Turner has done the Young Adult reader a good thing This is a well written tale about Ethan, a young teenager that has an unusual gift I enjoyed the book It does have a few minor things that caused me to pause at times after clipping along at a great pace That s not a bad thing at all I m not one to drop spoilers on a review, so bear with me I am looking forward to seeing Erika close some of those issues that cause me to pause There is quite a bit to digest in this book and some backgroun [...]

  28. It was absolutely fantastic, and I cannot wait for the sequel If you enjoy the Percy Jackson style of writing then this book is definitely for you I ve never before read a series than involved Irish and Celtic mythology, and since I m Irish, this book was a delightful find.

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