Gather Her Round

Gather Her Round In critically acclaimed Alex Bledsoe s latest Tufa novel a monster roams the woods of Cloud County while another kind of evil lurks in the hearts of menLove and tragedy are not strange bedfellows am

In critically acclaimed Alex Bledsoe s latest Tufa novel, a monster roams the woods of Cloud County, while another kind of evil lurks in the hearts of menLove and tragedy are not strange bedfellows among the Tufa Young Kera Rogers disappears while hiking in the woods by Needsville When her half eaten remains are discovered, the blame falls upon a herd of wild hogs, a serIn critically acclaimed Alex Bledsoe s latest Tufa novel, a monster roams the woods of Cloud County, while another kind of evil lurks in the hearts of menLove and tragedy are not strange bedfellows among the Tufa Young Kera Rogers disappears while hiking in the woods by Needsville When her half eaten remains are discovered, the blame falls upon a herd of wild hogs, a serious threat in this rural community In response, the county s best trackers, including game warden Jack Cates and ex military Tufa Bronwyn Chess are assembled to hunt them down.Kara s boyfriend Duncan Gowen mourns her death, until he finds evidence she cheated on him with his best friend, Adam Procure Seeking revenge, Duncan entices Adam to participate in their own boar hunt Later, Bronwyn and Jack stumble across a devastated Duncan, who claims a giant boar impaled Adam and dragged him off As this second death rocks the town, people begin to wonder who is really responsible.Determined hunters pursue the ravenous horde through the Appalachians as other Tufa seek their own answers Between literal beasts in the woods and figurative wolves in sheep s clothing, what truths will arise come spring

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Gather Her Round

  1. I grew up in west Tennessee an hour north of Graceland home of Elvis and twenty minutes from Nutbush home of Tina Turner I ve been a reporter, editor, photographer and door to door vacuum cleaner salesman I now live in a big yellow house in Wisconsin, write before six in the morning and try to teach my three kids to act like they ve been to town before I write the Tufa novels The Hum and the Shiver, Wisp of a Thing, Long Black Curl and Chapel of Ease , as well as the Eddie LaCrosse series The Sword Edged Blonde, Burn Me Deadly, Dark Jenny, Wake of the Bloody Angel and He Drank, and Saw the Spider the Firefly Witch ebook chapbooks, and two vampsloitation novels set in 1975 Memphis Blood Groove and The Girls with Games of Blood.

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  1. I was lucky enough to get an advanced reader copy of this book, which is good, because I couldn t wait to read it As usual, author Alex Bledsoe writes like a dream, with intriguing characters and a plot full of surprises Another winner.

  2. I fell in love with this series and couldn t wait to get my hands on this book It didn t disappoint The Tufa world is rich and flowing and mystical, as well as dark, gritty, and earthy Bledsoe shows us the worst and the best in the world in a way that makes it unforgettable.

  3. 5 stars This was an outstanding book Alex Bledsoe just keeps getting better I am absolutely in love with this series.

  4. Alex Bledsoe got me hook line and sinker with his first novel of the Tufa The Hum and the Shiver With each subsequent Tufa tale, he reels me in further There are so many elements about the series which keep me reading the backstory, the setting, the depth of the characters, not to mention the incredible story arcs that weave and wander between the books creating a tapestry that delights, surprises, and satisfies When I read a Tufa novel, the plots of each book engage me, but the writing oh, the [...]

  5. I haven t been as taken by a series of books and a writer s abilities as I have Bledsoe and his Tufa novels in quite some time There s something about the world Bledsoe has created in his fictional Cloud County and this race of displaced fairies, the Tufa, which makes me desperate to know I want to know all their secrets In the Tufa books, Bledsoe has a whole people to take stories from, a sort of Spoon River Anthology of backwoods rural folk There s no central character to his stories, usually [...]

  6. A new song on the night windI am always struck dumb after reading one of the Tufa novels There is absolutely nothing my poor voice could say that could explain them or explain how they strike a certain chord in the heart that makes you want them to be true In fact, a part of me always believes that somehow, somewhere, they really are true, and that Cloud County exists on some plane or other They ring so true in the heart I think because his voice is so similar to the Appalachian stories and song [...]

  7. This time it s a purely rural fantasy, including violent folk songs, a monster hog and a ghost seeking revenge Told as a story in a story, you get to see several characters in action, several who are pretty despicable A decent read, if a bit of a downer, I liked other books in the series better.

  8. 4 starsBledsoe is a master at creating a world and a story with the things he doesn t say, and his Tufa series is a shining example of how the art of subtlety can creep inside you and blossom Now into book five I find that the vague sense of haunting that accompanies the setting and the characters of this series only serves to accentuate the duality of also feeling like I m coming home when I start a Tufa story Gather Her Round is at once a warm, welcoming blanket and a chilling, dark knot in yo [...]

  9. I m pretty sad that I ll have to wait another year for a new Tufa book I ve got another author to watch for now This series is so good I highly recommend if you like fantasy American stories steeped in folklore and custom.

  10. I read and reread the past four Tufa books very carefully, looking for things that would create beautiful scenes in a coloring book I drew The Tufa Coloring Book So, I was relieved recently to crack open Alex Bledsoe s latest book, Gather Her Round, and just, you know Read it Having read the previous four so closely further enriched my reading experience of the fifth I knew what to expect, and when I found it, it was comfortable and cozy And then when the unexpected happened, that made it all th [...]

  11. So, I m a huge fan of the Tufa novels But this one might be my favorite It s a monster story with a focus on human relationships And the magical side of the Tufa is downplayed almost to non existence However, that serves the story very well Mr Bledsoe is masterful at dialogue and character development You really can relate to the people and the events in the novel It helps to have read the previous novels Back stories can only help with the depth of emotion in certain situations But this novel d [...]

  12. I m not sure why I enjoyed this one so much Maybe it seemed as it tied up some ends from previous books while telling this story moved the whole story forward and I appreciated the format of the story Beautiful Can t wait for the next one

  13. I have greatly enjoyed every one of Alex Bledsoe s Tufa novels I really enjoy that he does not bring in every flavor of mythical being as is often the case in urban fantasy Though I suppose you can t really call this urban fantasy is rural fantasy a thing I really enjoy how Bledsoe uses music in these books Songs have stories behind them I have a small collection of antique hymnals from the 1800 s, and I find it interesting how songs evolve over time Verses are added or dropped, wording gets ch [...]

  14. I want to read the Tufa novel s slowly and savor every word I want to, but it never happens I race through each Tufa novel because I can t wait to devour each one This one is no exception This is still one of the only two series that should come with a soundtrack I can t wait for the next one

  15. I was quite disappointed The last two Tufa novels have been trending downward after the first three were so engrossing The main characters were unlikable so didn t care much about what happened to them When all was said and done, there wasn t much to the story.

  16. This book worked much better for me than Chapel of Ease, which was a relief because I ve enjoyed all the other Tufa novels and I was hoping that the charm was fading, and I had problems with the last Firefly Witch collection as well.

  17. The author returns to what made the first book in the series so compelling, the mystery of the supernatural in this richly embroidered world.

  18. A friend gave me this one, I was quickly spell bound This is the fifth book in the series, but you can easily drop into this world This is an engaging mix of modern mystery with old fashioned fairy tale I plan to find the first book in the series This is a world, and author, I want to visit again.

  19. I was lucky enough to win an ARC and wow Just, wow I ve loved every book in the series, but this was just outstanding.

  20. Advanced the overall story arc, which I like, but the stories that are self contained in each book are beginning to feel formulaic and perfunctory.

  21. The song in chapter 29 is real by the way, and you should go listen to it on Youtube It s called Against the Black by Jen Cass and Eric Janetsky.

  22. More, please In each new Tufa book, we get a little of the backstory This book feels like a placeholder, giving us of Junior s clan I think that the next book will be amazing.

  23. I love this whole Tufa series This one makes use of two of the intriguing English Scottish ballads, Old Bangum , with it s larger than life story of a giant wild boar, and The Two Sisters , with its tale of musical instruments that talk, in a wonderful way

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