The Elephants in My Backyard: A Memoir

The Elephants in My Backyard A Memoir This was a once in a lifetime chance I found myself standing dangerously close to the edge of a cliff Far below me was an incredible abyss with no end in sight I could turn back and safely return to w

This was a once in a lifetime chance I found myself standing dangerously close to the edge of a cliff Far below me was an incredible abyss with no end in sight I could turn back and safely return to where I had come from, or I could throw caution to the wind, lift my arms up into the air and jump From The Elephants in My BackyardWhat happens when you spend te This was a once in a lifetime chance I found myself standing dangerously close to the edge of a cliff Far below me was an incredible abyss with no end in sight I could turn back and safely return to where I had come from, or I could throw caution to the wind, lift my arms up into the air and jump From The Elephants in My BackyardWhat happens when you spend ten years obsessively pursuing a dream, and then, in the blink of an eye, you learn that you have failed, that the dream will not come true In 2003, Rajiv Surendra was filming Mean Girls, playing the beloved rapping mathlete Kevin Gnapoor, when a cameraman insisted he read Yann Martel s Life of Pi So begins his lovely and human Jenny Lawson, author of Furiously Happy tale of obsessively pursuing a dream, overcoming failure, and finding meaning in life Mesmerized by all the similarities between Pi and himself both are five foot five with coffee colored complexions, both share a South Indian culture, both lived by a zoo when Rajiv learns that Life of Pi will be made into a major motion picture he is convinced that playing the title role is his destiny.In a great leap of faith Rajiv embarks on a quest to embody the sixteen year old Tamil schoolboy He quits university and buys a one way ticket from Toronto to South India He visits the sacred stone temples of Pondicherry, he travels to the frigid waters off the coast of rural Maine, and explores the cobbled streets of

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The Elephants in My Backyard: A Memoir

  1. Rajiv Surendra Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Elephants in My Backyard: A Memoir book, this is one of the most wanted Rajiv Surendra author readers around the world.

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  1. 3.5 starsThe Elephants in My Backyard is the memoir of Rajiv Surendra Kevin the rapping mathlete in Mean Girls and his quest to be Pi in the movie based on the book, Life of Pi He was intent, likeobsessivelyintent on becoming Pi, from traveling to India to the places in the novel, learning to swim, and emailing the author, Yann Martel The email responses from Martel are included in this book, but not Surendra s correspondence How Martel did not lose his sh t with this guy, remained polite and ki [...]

  2. A copy of this book was provided to me by Penguin Random House Canada This is so good, relatable and eye opening.Review coming soon.

  3. This book was a wonderful surprise Rajiv, best known as Kevin G, the rapping mathlete in the amazing Mean Girls, shares here his determined story of wanting the role of Pi in the film adaptation of Yann Martel s Life of Pi I won t give away anything except to say his story is inspiring, funny, poignant and to me was very relatable Goals help us shape our lives Rajiv writes with clarity and humour An inspiring effort, both on and off the page.

  4. Disclaimer I won a free copy of this book through a giveaway in exchange for an honest review.Surendra s story is a great reminder that often the journey is important than the destination in life If you re a huge Mean Girls fan like me, then you ll recognize Surendra as the rapping mathlete Kevin Gnapor Learning that the actor was nothing like the character was fun and this book tells the story of how he spent years pursuing the lead role in Life of Pi but ending up learning a lot than how to [...]

  5. I started following Rajiv s work after I had read an article about his career switch from an actor notable as mathlete Kevin G in MEAN GIRLS to a calligrapher and chalkboard artist His memoir, THE ELEPHANTS IN MY BACKYARD, describes his journey of study to try to get the lead role of LIFE OF PI From befriending the author to visiting South India, learning how to swim, flying to Maine to interview a survivor who was lost at sea, he strived to achieve a dream that ultimately was not to be However, [...]

  6. A moving, funny memoir written by Rajiv Surendra, the actor who played the rapping mathlete Kevin G in Mean Girls and now works as an accomplished visual artist This book is a bit about showbiz, but than that, it s about obsession and passion, about following a dream so long that the journey becomes important than the destination Part travelogue, part obsessive quest, part coming of age story, this insightful memoir is about finding your roots and learning who you are, while shutting up the vo [...]

  7. A memoir of a young man I found that premise intriguing to start Aren t memoirs for the old to look back over their life No This was a lovely book A story of a particular time in his life when he was chasing the perfect role We know he doesn t get the role before we even pick up the book But, nonetheless, it was interesting to see his progress and his determination I especially appreciate how adaptive he is and how dedicated he is to his goal Oh, to be so focused.

  8. I really like Rajiv and his book He has a dream of playing star role in The Life of Pi He studies, travels, and strives to be the best for the part We all know he didn t get his hearts desire, but the struggle to chase his dream and the heartbreak when it goes to another is a great read Thanks to

  9. 3.5 stars Well written except for sprinkling here and there of comments tidbits that seemed like gratuitous afterthoughts to seem edgy funny But overall I enjoyed the authors ability to embrace new experiences and people It was interesting to read his journey since l love Life of Pi book and movie.

  10. What a cool fellow It took me a while to get into this book, but once I did, I loved it Rajiv sounds like the kind of person I would love to have as a friend He has so many cool interests I m going to have to look at his business website now

  11. The endearing story of a Toronto actor he played Kevin G, the rapping mathlete in Mean Girls who dreams of being PI in the film version of Life of PI He works hazard for six years to get into the part he stays in India for a while, he learns to swim, he interviews a shipwreck survivor all to make sure he s ready to become PI on the screen His interest in Pi borders on obsessive at times, but his writing is really sweet, and I understand the frustration of being typecast in particular roles becau [...]

  12. I m going to sound a little Mean Girl, but this is me being honest He gave up a good role for nothing Please note that the replacement for that series role has gone on to have a semi successful acting career Obsessed is the only way to put it Look up his current acting status for a laugh Have fun being a starving artist wannabee actor, because it appears to me that he is a better artist than actor One last thing the dude is fixated on body parts and functions Like grody details that I don t need [...]

  13. I got really thrown by the timeline something is fudged, and I think it s his age which isn t in the memoir but he s listed as being born in 1989 from other sources and that doesn t add up but Surendra s got a solid narrative going on.

  14. I was totally charmed by Rajivt just his obsession to become Pi, but his years working at Black Creek Pioneer Village, his time in Munich, and ultimately his calligraphy business Even though I knew he didn t get the role, I was rooting for him all the way.

  15. I was pleasantly surprised by this book,I could not put it down Many times I couldn t help but laugh out loud,and sometimes cry.I really got into his journey and did not want the book to end Great read

  16. I need books like this in my life There are many memoirs of those who made it , but what about those that didn t Loved this look into the unique perspective of someone who has been successful in finding their own happiness and goals.

  17. This is of an unusual celebrity book in that it was based on the pursuit of a single movie role I found the book to be really interesting and engaging.

  18. 3.5 starsI haven t seen Life of Pi , so I didn t really know how the story would end I enjoyed the journey It s cool how multi faceted he is

  19. Hey Rajiv Surendra.ank you for the window into your life An entertaining story and written with flowThankx to Yann Martel too for the contribution.Together a story was created Thank you again.

  20. I really liked his writing style and enjoyed his story Since he seems to have such a wild imagination and a wide variety of experiences I d love to see some fiction from him in the future.

  21. Fascinating story of one man s struggle to find himself Most interesting because of location of the story near Metro Zoo and UT Rajiv tells a wonderful, detailed and compelling story Worth reading.

  22. A beautiful biography of a man working hard to attain his dream He chooses to follow his passion without betraying his artistic integrity I highly recommend it

  23. As kids we are taught that if you work hard, you will succeed No one or rather few people ever talk about failing to realize their dream or major goal Sure, it s easy to tell a person to just pick themselves up after failing, and to just shake it off the feelings of hurt and disappointment to move forward, however that is something that is without a doubt easier said than done.Thus I was enticed enough to pick up Rajiv Surendra s The Elephants in My BackyardFull review wp p36jwx 15Q

  24. I enjoyed Rajiv s journey than I enjoyed The Life of Pi I love his lofty, off the beaten path, goal This book is a reminder that it is the journey and not the destination that is important.

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