Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage

Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage Escape to Wildflower Cottage this summer with the brilliant new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Teashop on the Corner and Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Caf Viv doesn t like anim

Escape to Wildflower Cottage this summer with the brilliant new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Teashop on the Corner and Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Caf.Viv doesn t like animals And the feeling is mutual animals seem to hate Viv too So when she applies for a job at Wildflower Cottage, a tumbledown animal sanctuary which caters for a variety ofEscape to Wildflower Cottage this summer with the brilliant new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Teashop on the Corner and Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Caf.Viv doesn t like animals And the feeling is mutual animals seem to hate Viv too So when she applies for a job at Wildflower Cottage, a tumbledown animal sanctuary which caters for a variety of unloved animals, she is not sure she will fit in But then she catches sight of Heath, the owner, and things start looking upGeraldine runs the Wildflower Cottage sanctuary She s a woman who has a secret in her past and who was drawn to the sanctuary just as Viv was But her sanctuary is about to come under threat Can she keep her past a secret and her future safe Back home, Viv s mother Stel thinks she might have found a man who will treat her right for once Ian is kind, considerate, and clearly head over heels for her That s what she has wanted all along, isn t it

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Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage

  1. Milly Johnson was born in Barnsley, raised in Barnsley and still lives in Barnsley although she did study in Exeter for four years and emigrate to Haworth in West Yorkshire in the 1980s.She trained as an actress, teacher, an accountant, a Customer Services and Suggestion Scheme Manager as well as working in a variety of administrative posts for companies dealing with anything from antique furniture to plastic injection moulded poop scoops Eventually she found a happy existence writing poems and jokes for the greetings card world helping to kick off the hugely successful Purple Ronnie project which she still does on a part time basis whilst penning her novels.

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  1. I picked up this book expecting a light chick lit read Being a person who loves owls I was immediately hooked when Viv arrives at The Wildflower Cottage Sanctuary for Animals where she encounters Piccolo, an owl Later Viv meets a couple owls and especially the white owl Ursula who seems to dislike everyone Since she is not really an animal lover and is frightened of birds, Viv decides coming here was not such a wise move But then she has an ulterior motive in coming to Ironmist and taking work [...]

  2. 4.5 starsI m a big fan of Milly Johnson, I look forward to the arrival of a new book from her every year and she never lets me down Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage is an absolute pleasure to read, as always Milly s writing is full of warmth, love and humour and sweeps you away to a place that you never want to leave.The book follows a young woman called Viv who takes on an admin job at Wildflower Cottage a home for mistreated animals and birds of prey Despite the beautiful animals and gorgeous [...]

  3. 4.5 StarsAnother incredibly brilliant story, from the always talented Milly Johnson This is such a touching story, and I loved how within the first chapter we had been introduced to the whole menagerie at the Wildflower Cottage wildlife sanctuary What confused me slightly then being introduced to Viv s mum Stel and her whole friendship group in the very next chapter, which felt quite early on like information overload It took me a while before I came to embrace the chapters that involved Stel a [...]

  4. jerasjamboree 2016 0Milly has a writing style that means it s easy to get into the plot from the beginning and as with all Milly s novels there s a great cast of characters in Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage Selfless Viv had me intrigued for pretty much most of the story From the beginning I had questions about her motives although because of her character you know they re not going to hurt anyone but herself I love it when I don t work out completely what s driving a character s behaviour I di [...]

  5. Milly really is my favourite author and I always eagerly await her new books You know that you are guaranteed a wonderful read with a great cast of characters both human and animal with a huge splash of that Milly humour throughout.Viv arrives to take up an admin post at Wildflower Cottage which runs an animal sanctuary ,specialising in Birds of Prey When she reveals that she doesn t have any experience with animals and is scared to death by the geese you begin to wonder why she s taken this job [...]

  6. This is, of course, not a literary novel but a popular novel Does that genre still exist Milly Johnson s books all seem to be tagged as chick lit although I prefer the term of women s fiction It is definitely plot driven, and the ending is romantic and predictable , but in between it is indubitably feel good fiction, and that is why I enjoy her books so much at certain times when I just can t get my head around profound literature Like Christmas time As with all of her plots, the baddies will b [...]

  7. Where do I start For me, this is Milly s best one yet and I ve read them all Being an animal lover, this book ticked all the boxes even if I was distraught a couple of times and sobbing with Viv It was an amazingly satisfying read The main characters, Viv, Geraldine, Heath Stel and the Old Spice Girls all had problems and some were serious The twists and turns that they all took were wonderful Caro s scene with Gaynor in the Ladies will live long in my memory I was in bits And the less said abou [...]

  8. This was such a wonderful feel good story about love, loss, friendships, new beginnings with a touch of magic and mystery From the first sight of the sunny, gorgeous illustrations on the cover of this novel you can expect an equally delightful read I have thoroughly enjoyed all of Milly s previous books and this book was just as good, if not better, than her others.The story is set around the idyllic Wildflower Cottage which is nestled in a valley in the Yorkshire Moors surrounded by the beautif [...]

  9. I came across Milly Johnson s books a few years ago after picking one up on a whim in a supermarket and I m so glad I did.Milly writes from the heart and for the very first page of each novel, you find yourself completely immersed into the book Her latest offering, Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage, is no exception.The book follows the story of Viv, who although she doesn t like animals, applies for a job at an animal sanctuary called Wildflower Cottage There she meets the gorgeous Heath and wond [...]

  10. Loved it Milly at her best Read it on holiday Sometimes cried many times giggled aloud a few weird looks from fellow holiday makers

  11. 3 stars.I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Wildflower Cottage Johnson s description was so well written that the cottage came to life and felt like an actual place The inhabitants of the town are also very interesting, and though they appeared for only a short moment, they felt just as real and natural.Viv was really my favorite part of the story I loved her attitude and confidence, especially when she knew when to step up and be courageous Her quirk was also very interesting, and I love how it [...]

  12. Another wonderful read from Milly Johnson She never disappoints with her characters, settings and interwoven stories that all come together beautifully at the end.Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage is a warm, comfortable read that keeps the reader turning pages The key characters are likeable and Milly has a wonderful way of creating people that you almost wish you could know and become friends with yourself As always, the pages keep turning until the book ends and you wish you were still in the w [...]

  13. Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage has all of the usual ingredients of a Milly Johnson book, but this one had a little intrigue as to who characters really were and what their true motives were and the reader is teased about these things at the end of practically every chapter Why did Viv really go to Ironmist Ian seemed off from his introduction Stella should have stuck to her gut with the beady eyes thing Geraldine had a secret Heath was very mysterious There were other revelations along they w [...]

  14. A cleverly written, witty, emotional story about past mistakes and redemption set amongst the back drop of a beautiful countryside escape I loved reading this book and how the characters evolved, each description and dialogue enticing you in to feel like you really know and care about them, or hate them The stars of the book are the animals for me the big and beautiful dog Pilot, and the cautious and trusting Ursula especially I was left wanting to know a bit about several of the supporting cha [...]

  15. I was lucky enough to have an advanced copy of this book and I have to say I think it is Milly s best ever I love all her books, but this had me gripped from the start, with twists and turns along the way, which I did not see coming Tales of heart warming animals at the sanctuary, along with tears and laughter This book brought out just about every emotion as well as having a brilliant story with many surprises good and bad along the way.

  16. Another great book by Milly Nothing got done today until I finished it I ve read all of her books now and not one has been a disappointment Great feel good novel.

  17. esmeraldaviaggielibri uRecensione di Margherita Un indimenticabile storia d a il nuovo libro di Milly Johnson, scrittrice gi conosciuta per i suoi romanzi Un indimenticabile natale d a , Un indimenticabile autunno d a , Un indimenticabile matrimonio quasi perfetto e Un indimenticabile storia d a.Viv Blackbird ha 23 anni e, durante il periodo estivo, trova lavoro presso il Wildflower Cottage ad Ironmist Viv ha un dono particolare il suo olfatto molto sviluppato le permette di isolare le varie ess [...]

  18. Adoro le storie ambientate nella campagna inglese Il paesaggio inglese uno dei miei preferiti al mondo, dove mi rintanerei a vivere subito.In questo romanzo siamo a Pogley Top, luogo inventato collocato nello Yorkshire.La scrittrice ci racconta la storia di due protagoniste, Stel e Vivian Blackbird, madre e figlia, con il chiaro intento di mettere a confronto due generazioni e due situazioni particolari in cui spesso le donne si trovano invischiate.Stel ha cinquantadue anni, una madre e una lavo [...]

  19. Buongiorno amiche del Confine,grazie alla Newton Compton, questa settimana ho letto per voi l ultimo romanzo di Milly Johnson, Un indimenticabile storia d a , che a dispetto del titolo non una storia d a, non unicamente, non principalmente Il romanzo narra una storia ben pi complessa ed articolata, andiamo a conoscerla.Vivienne Blackbird una giovane donna, figlia adottiva di una madre single che non ha avuto grande fortuna con gli uomini Viv ha un dono speciale che riguarda il suo olfatto, e gra [...]

  20. Recensione presente nel blog ragazzainrosso.wordpress3.5 stellineIl Wildflower cottage un rifugio per animali sito nella campagna inglese, ormai con le ore contate qui che la giovane Viv trascorrer l estate occupandosi degli animali assieme alla simpatica Geraldine e all aitante veterinario Heath Tuttavia la giovane non ha cercato quel lavoro per caso ma perch in quei luoghi si trovano le tracce del suo passato Certe volte le cose che ci rendono strani si rivelano essere i nostri migliori punti [...]

  21. Recensione Si apre il sipario sulla cresta di una collina Una brughiera incoronata da un castello che rievoca i tempi di re Art Nebbia densa e avvolgente che sembra voler celare agli occhi indiscreti misteri secolari Questo vede Viv, ma per sua stessa ammissione il tutto si riveler essere una gabbia di matti.Persone che costruiscono razzi in giardino, gemelli telepatici, fabbricatrici di orsetti a maglia, asini a tre zampe, gufi che pensano di essere gatti, maiali che si credono cavalli, la proi [...]

  22. As usual this novel had lots of Milly s warmth and love written between its pages But while it didn t spoil the quality of the novel I felt that this one was a little bit too sad for me Other than the last 30 pages or so it seemed like it was a bad time for all the whole way through That doesn t mean it was a bad book, I still enjoyed Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage but I felt it was very different from the usual chirpy style of Milly s books I guess what it was, was realistic Viv Blackbird ta [...]

  23. I am such a massive fan of Milly Johnson and she has totally excelled herself yet again with this book.As an author she offers so much than the usual boy meet girl, girl hates boy but girl loves boy in the end kind of story.This book goes a bit darker than that It shows that everybody has a past no matter how perfect they appear to be It s gritty yet still has a lightness to it that makes it so easy to get involved with and read quickly.What the synopsis doesn t tell you is it s so much than t [...]

  24. A bitter sweet novel with the inevitable happy ending Viv, a woman in her 20s, gets a badly paying job helping in an animal sanctuary threatened with closure, though she has an ulterior motive The sanctuary s handsome proprietor, Heath, is brusque and rude Her mother Stel, emotionally naive and vulnerable, with a track record of disastrous relationships, thinks she has finally found the man of her life but is he just another of her misjudgements Viv, Heath, Stel and other characters all have sec [...]

  25. Whenever I m travelling overseas, I love to take a Milly Johnson novel along to read on the journey It s become a bit of a travel tradition of mine I m a nervous flier, and her books help me to relax.So I was really happy to see that there was a new novel for me to add to my Kindle before we flew out to Portugal this summer In Sunshine over Wildflower Cottage, there are two storylines running alongside each other Viv has travelled to Wildflower Cottage animal sanctuary to discover the truth abou [...]

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