Children of Time

Children of Time An alternative cover edition can be found here The last remnants of the human race left a dying Earth desperate to find a new home among the stars Following in the footsteps of their ancestors they

An alternative cover edition can be found here.The last remnants of the human race left a dying Earth, desperate to find a new home among the stars Following in the footsteps of their ancestors, they discover the greatest treasure of the past age a world terraformed and prepared for human life But all is not right in this new Eden In the long years since the planet wasAn alternative cover edition can be found here.The last remnants of the human race left a dying Earth, desperate to find a new home among the stars Following in the footsteps of their ancestors, they discover the greatest treasure of the past age a world terraformed and prepared for human life But all is not right in this new Eden In the long years since the planet was abandoned, the work of its architects has borne disastrous fruit The planet is not waiting for them, pristine and unoccupied New masters have turned it from a refuge into mankind s worst nightmare Now two civilizations are on a collision course, both testing the boundaries of what they will do to survive As the fate of humanity hangs in the balance, who are the true heirs of this new Earth

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Children of Time

  1. ADRIAN TCHAIKOVSKY was born in Lincolnshire and studied zoology and psychology at Reading, before practising law in Leeds He is a keen live role player and occasional amateur actor and is trained in stage fighting His literary influences include Gene Wolfe, Mervyn Peake, China Mi ville, Mary Gently, Steven Erikson, Naomi Novak, Scott Lynch and Alan Campbell.

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  1. Holy guacamole This book rocked I had a feeling I would like this book but hells bells, I had no idea how much I would love it You have Earth that is pretty much going to pot, then goes to pot because of some stuff Then people wake up a million years later on their ships Well, okay not a million but still So there is space There is a new planet that continued to make itself from the start of terra forming many years ago I don t think I spelled that right but we all know what it means They were w [...]

  2. There s something wildly giddy welling up within me, and I blame it entirely on this book.There have been a couple of brilliant SF titles to come out this year and I would swear belong on the Hugo list, and this is yet one Kim Stanley Robinson s Aurora was one, as was Scott Hawkins s The Library at Mount Char, but if I had to break down the individual merits of each, I might wind up saying that this one deserves it the most For pure SF, it hits the heights of ideas, memorable characters, explor [...]

  3. Smart and imaginative, highly recommended for everyone who loves Sci Fi and not recommended for anyone with arachnophobia.Children of Time is Adrian Tchaikovsky s first Sci Fi and also my first experience with his work This is a highly praised book, it won Arthur C Clarke Award for Best Novel in 2016 and most likely, will be 5 stars read for anyone who has never read anything like it Plus, for even praise, the film rights to the book has also been sold to Lionsgate It s a great story The plot r [...]

  4. Sympathetic spiders Inconceivable I do not think that word means what you think it means Nope, in this case, it pretty much does It s not that I have a spider phobia I like to think we have a truce regarding squishing and biting it s that something about their structure and movement speaks to a primeval instinct to run away.Children of Time popped up in friend reviews, but I ll be honest it wasn t until I realized there were giant spiders and colony ships that I really became intrigued I am usua [...]

  5. 5ish stars An unqualified masterpiece This is some of the smartest, most exciting, and most imaginative fiction I ve read in a long time It s grand, expansive, and both character driven and plot driven.Uplifted spiders So cool and creative The evolution of the Portias and their clusters is endlessly compelling The journey that the humans take over the millennia, if not as thrilling, is dramatic in its buildup to the inevitable convergence of the two groups.It chronicles the rise and fall of the [...]

  6. Five stars because this puppy had me rooting for arachnids Five stars for carefully crafted characters, humans and otherwise alike Five stars because of the incredible, millennia spanning plot Five stars because of that ENDING Not what I expected and so satisfying.

  7. 5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2017 06 12 Children of Time was my first novel by this author, and wow, what a way to start my initiation into the Adrian Tchaikovsky fan club I have never read anything quite like this book before, and I have to say the praise it s gotten has been well deserved I just loved this.First of all we have this incredible story, which has everything in place for a space opera of the grandest proportions Long ago, when Earth was on its last legs and human [...]

  8. This is the future.This is where mankind takes its next step.This is where we become gods Science has given mankind the tools to travel to distant stars, to terraform their planets and to play with the building blocks of life genetics.It sounds like a dream come true, an utopian future in which everything is possible.In practice, the deployment of miraculous scientific discoveries from the laboratory to the real world is fraught with the same issues that have plagues past generations greed, self [...]

  9. Master Mage rating of 10 10 We will show them, Portia thinks We will show them the error of their ways Let s start by saying I have never read anything like this and I haven t been blown away by a SCI FI novel since The Martian chroniclesMy Fellow Bald Mage Keith Brady has been telling me to read an Adrian Tchaikovsky novel for a long time but I seem to put it off all the time, but Children of Time appeared in the Kindle sale for 99p and I thought why not, it s cheap, let s give this author a go [...]

  10. I had this book on my shelf for a long time I like scifi in generational, but especially deep space explorations of the last humans usually on board a generational ship are one of my favourite topics That plus the green cover drew me in and made me buy it bac then, but it wasn t until now a buddy read with the group that I finally picked it up Had I known what was to await me between the pages I could smack myself for not reading this sooner The story is about humanity travelling amongst the sta [...]

  11. An absolutely brilliant and fantastically imaginative piece of science fiction This is one of the best books I ve read this year.

  12. I read my first Adrian Tchaikovsky book earlier this month Guns of the Dawn It was an easy 5 for me I decided to take this on next since the two subject matters could not be different While the first book made my 5 shelf this book blew me away and made my special beyond 5 shelf taking it s place among the elite books of my stack For a book to be this great it has to tick some boxes for me Did it elicit empathy Check Not only did it but it did so in a rare manner where I felt it a race not even [...]

  13. I loved this book It s got an arrogant and brilliant scientist Doctor Avrana Kern , an ark ship full of desperate humans, who are a remainder of a dead Earth looking for a new planet, a deadly AI guardian god, and an amazing bunch of spiders.I think it takes some skill for an author to get past my automatic heebie jeebie response to spiders and instead have me cheering their every little development, and worrying at their every setback I liked the recurring use of specific individuals and their [...]

  14. I have really struggled with this book Really the only science fiction I tend to like is character driven so I was up against it from the start I ve always thought that insect and deep sea creatures have much potential as horror monster elements in a story The look of them close up is just as awful as anything fictitious it s only that, in the case of insects, they re small and in the case of deep sea creatures, far down and away, that saves us So I was interested to read about Portia and the de [...]

  15. What a fantastic read Truly creative Sentient spiders anyone Highly recommended and the best sci fi book I ve ever read.

  16. What an adventure My, my This one is not easy to write about, no it s not It came out the same year that Mount Char literally MOVED me I mean, upon finishing it, it felt like someone had picked me up, and then dropped me, that s how intense the book was for me continues to be so, still It was also the year The Fifth Season entered my life This book Children of Time It passed me by somehow until now This book It feels like reading something on a gigantic scale By that, I refer to the scope and re [...]

  17. Ah, who am I kidding I actually read this thing weeks ago Not a fan, sorry Carol I may elaborate further, if I ever attempt to catch up on reviews.

  18. What can you say about a book that spans eons, traverses across the galaxies, has no likeable human characters, and has a very cynical view of mankind In my view you say Brilliant This one for me pushed all the buttons There was a sense of wonder and creativity and empathy and social commentary and of course some humor though sparse and TALK about a different perspective I loved this It was packed with reminders for me as to why I gravitate towards science fiction Frankly it s been a very long t [...]

  19. Hard science fiction a category of science fiction characterized by an emphasis on scientific accuracy or technical detail or both Just to be sure what are we talking about.The detailed info about Portia, the jumping spider and Scytodes, the spitting spider are as accurate as they can be, no doubt here In fact, there is an entire chapter at the beginning with characterizations of both species, which is, after all, fascinating, but non fiction So, nothing new BTW, all this info about the spiders [...]

  20. Children of Time finds the last survivors of the war ravaged human race travelling through space on an ark ship, seeking out planets that had been terraformed for human habitation by a long dead interstellar empire Eventually they find what should be a perfect home except it is defended by an insane AI whose scientist forbear had inadvertently uplifted the planet s spider population to sentience.From this whacked out setup which I fully admit relies on a teensy bit of hand waviness at the get go [...]

  21. Copy from my blogSynopsisEarth was dying long ago in war and pollution A scientific mission terraformed a couple of planets, one of them with the target to uprise monkeys in a closed environment using nanocytes The experiment went wrong and right at the same time The monkeys never landed, but the nanocytes formed other lifeforms on the planet spiders, ants, and beetles The novel follows the accelerated rise of their cultures through exemplary vignettes.In a concurrent plot, one human starship th [...]

  22. Don t you love those years where you think that you have read the best books of the year already, and then in December one book comes along and BLOWS THEM ALL OUT OF THE WATER Its difficult to condense this extraordinary tale that spans thousands of years, into a single paragraph Also, I don t want to give anything away because it will spoil it So ill be as simple, and as vague as possible Humans go out of the solar system to colonise other planets Things don t exactly go to plan There is a lot [...]

  23. 4.65 You can never know That is the problem with ignorance You can never truly know the extent of what you are ignorant about I wanted to read this book only because it was recommended to me by a friend I never expected to love it so much, despite never having read anything by the author Boy am I glad I read it I was raised on Science Fiction and Fantasy Every week my family would receive in the mail the newest Sci Fi publication and we would all fight over who is going to read it first, althoug [...]

  24. An amazing novel following the evolution of a completely different sort of civilization and technology and its interactions with the last desperate elements of our own.A mad genius scientist at the pinnacle of Humanity s progression towards the stars claims the first terraformed planet for an ambitious experiment in nanotech uplift on monkeys Just as her experiment is about to begin civilization itself implodes in an ideologically driven conflict partly over the uplift project itself In an act o [...]

  25. This was SO GOOD I was expecting a decent little sci fi but it was better that I had hoped The synopsis almost makes it sound like a bit of a horror story but it wasn t Not even closeunless you re afraid of spiders In fact, the synopsis doesn t do it any justice Frankly, neither will I but I ll try.This story is somewhat long at around 600 pages but I think every page needs to be there It begins by giving you the set up, breaks it into two different storylines, then brings them both together in [...]

  26. excellent stuff on par with the author s superb Shadows of the Apt decalogy obviously there are spiders as main characters and ants, beetles and the like around and the rise of their civilization that comprises one of the two strands of the novel is superb the idea of a civilization that rises fast in evolutionary terms due to various factors is of course not original the late R Forward had a novel set on a neutron star, the Orthogonal trilogy of G Egan is in the same vein etc but here is done s [...]

  27. Sometimes, all it takes to crack a problem is a new perspective Funny how a book registers in your literary radar, only to be left to the side, becoming one of the hundreds of titles vying for your attention, and finally one day being picked up on a whim And oh my why on earth did I wait so long to read this Tchaikovsky gives us something totally mind blowing, charting two races bent on survival On one side you have the dregs of humanity, stuffed in a generation ship, searching for a suitable pl [...]

  28. A fun read with Bookish Buddies 3.5 stars Its quite a long story, which is not a bad thing but I did have my ups and downs with it The plot is seperated where you follow the last of humankind in space and on a experimental planet the creatures that were planted there and a virus that was supposed to be for monkeys.Large amount of time passes where you follow the creatures their intellectual development and here things were extremely intriguing but also bland boring at other times Too much, too p [...]

  29. Thanks to my GR friends, Monica, Gary, Scott Hitchcock, Paul O Neill, and Carol Your enthusiasm compelled me to start this wonderful in its most literal sense book.Here are some of the reasons that I found it so enthralling The plot itself is both disconcerting and brilliant in the way it blends three separate story lines The time frame for this saga is massive with centuries rolling by as if they were minutes.Humans have almost destroyed themselves yet their technology, at times, attempts to em [...]

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