Life in a Nowhere Town

Life in a Nowhere Town An alternate cover edition can be found here First kiss first heartbreak first love first time but not necessarily in that order The hit reality show Singing Sensation promises to make its winner

An alternate cover edition can be found here First kiss, first heartbreak, first love, first time but not necessarily in that order The hit reality show, Singing Sensation, promises to make its winners big stars but all Conor Gillis wants is to get out of his small town It s not the sort of place where a quiet, eighteen year old who loves the Beatles and playing guitAn alternate cover edition can be found here.First kiss, first heartbreak, first love, first time but not necessarily in that order.The hit reality show, Singing Sensation, promises to make its winners big stars but all Conor Gillis wants is to get out of his small town It s not the sort of place where a quiet, eighteen year old who loves the Beatles and playing guitar can expect to fit in.Conor s also pretty sure he s the only gay person in town.Well, except for one other personDerek Folsom is the kind of bad influence parents warn you about He s tough, rough, and always looking for a fight He s the last person anyone would suspect of being gay, in fact he s likely to punch anyone who does suspect it So why is he suddenly so interested in Conor Conor s pinning all his hopes on auditioning for a TV show It s his only chance to realize his dreams, and escape all of these confusing feelings But will he be able to find his voice and his true self

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Life in a Nowhere Town

  1. A writer for hire for than ten years, Hanna Dare now writes what she loves to read well written, character driven stories of men exploring their identities and discovering their own unique kind of happily ever afters usually through sexytimes Find Hanna on the internet enjoying pretty pictures, procrastination and caffeinated beverages.Sign up to the mailing list to keep up to date on new releases and special sales eepurl bDoK_f

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  1. I waited to read this book until California Schemin was released and I m so glad I did Life in a Nowhere Town ends in a cliffhanger this is a series based on the same main character Conor Gillis, an 18 year old boy who s in his senior year in high school.Connor s life in nowhere town is lonely and miserable after losing his mother when he was only 14 years old, Conor has been struggling to keep her memory alive while his father took the easy way and pretended like his mother never existed Being [...]

  2. I was given a copy of this book free by the author in exchange for an unbiased review.Conor is a senior in a middle of nowhere town who thinks that his only way out is to audition and hopefully win a tv singing reality show.Part of the school life is Derek, the school bully However, although his relationship with Connor starts out that way, their relationship soon changes to that of a sexual nature.I liked tis book Conor and his 2 female misfit friends were typical teenagers If anything there wa [...]

  3. This was a great book There are a few word editing issues so if that is a thing for you then you might not want to read it I found the story line captivating and was so disappointed when it just ended Urrrg Conner and Derek s lives are bleak but interesting and Derek s character is intense Most of the secondary characters are fairly well fleshed out as well I must have missed the part where it said this was a cliffhanger I hope book 2 comes out soon.

  4. This story is about Connor Gillis, a senior in a high school who dreams of leaving his bumfuck nowhere town and having a career in music He isn t a popular kid at school and his only friends are Megan and Ali Of course, there s the local bully, Derek, who has it out for everyone, really, but especially Connor The story flow is a little choppy There are different parts that make up the puzzle but the transition isn t very smooth There s Connor s audition to the Singing Sensation competition, his [...]

  5. I RECEIVED A FREE COPY FROM THE PUBLISHER IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEWI m not the biggest YA fan but I ll admit this book was nice Also fiery crotch made me snicker a few timesOT The plot wasn t complicated, it was rather simple a small town boy auditions for a singing competition, fully assured that he isn t going to get a call back much less win, while dealing with that, he has to deal with this thing going on with Derek the school bully.I m not complaining about the sex scene, but to be h [...]

  6. A Joyfully Jay review 4.25 starsLife in a Nowhere Town is not the first book I have read in which the main character is involved in a national singing competition on TV This is not surprising as the popularity of these shows is increasing, no matter which country you live in The aspect I like about Hanna Dare s story is that the Singing Sensation auditions are secondary to the development of her protagonists Life in a Nowhere Town is about who Connor and Derek are and the reasons why they seek c [...]

  7. I thought it was a purely written fan fiction with barely disguised parodies of the characters in the TV show Shameless.

  8. So well written These people are real high school seniors, with all the awkwardness of that year in small town Midwest America Conor is a fantastic lead character, and all the rest are just as complex, even the bully s minions Can t wait to see what happens in the next book

  9. A copy of this book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review Oh I loved this book Our main character is Conor, who I loved, I got such a great feel of who he is He desperately wants out of his small town, where his life sucks He s bullied, his father is distant, and he can already picture how the rest of his life will play out if he doesn t escape and at least TRY to have it be different He gathers his courage to seize his one shot, by trying out for a singing competi [...]

  10. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review It is difficult for me to figure out how to review this book I enjoyed it BUT, and this is a huge BUT it s a short book with a cliffhanger This annoys me in principle I was enjoying what was going on, wondering why I was almost finishing and he still was in his hometown I like the story I want to know what happens But I can t figure why this isn t a complete novel, instead of these chapters My cynical side says that you will get a l [...]

  11. I received a copy of this book from the author via the DBML program in exchange for an honest review.I don t typically read YA books but this one sounded interesting and I am so glad that I read it Conor is a teenager, living in a small town, dealing with than the typical teenage angst His mother died a few years earlier and his father is having difficulties dealing with her death, which leads to a strained distant relationship with Conor his sister Music is important to him, it s how he connec [...]

  12. A free copy of this book was provided by the author in return for an honest review via the Don t Buy My Love program Life in a Nowhere Town was a perfectly paced story told solely from the third person POV of Connor He s the oldest child of his small family, just him, his sister and his father Connor s mother has past away, and she was the one who instilled a love of music in Connor When the reality show Singing Sensation comes to town, Connor suddenly sees an opportunity He wrangles his favorit [...]

  13. I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.Conor has had some tragedy in his past and all he wants to do is get out of the town he s in and pursue his passion in music With the help of his very supportive aunt, he tries out for the music talent search show, Singing Sensation While he s waiting to hear the results, he has to deal with the mundane and often trying times in high school One of the most puzzling things is that Derek, the school bully, wants to pay him to tutor him in hi [...]

  14. Conor is a bright teenager who loves music listening, playing, and writing His mother was a music teacher and taught him everything she knew After her death he continued to play, but didn t have the support he once had, because his father gets upset when Conor plays Living in a small, nowhere town leaves Conor with few to no options for a job or college His only hope of making something of himself is to audition for Singing Sensation A singing competition that could make all of Conor s dreams co [...]

  15. I was given this book as an ARC for a fair and honest review This was a sort of sweet but disjointed book for me about Connor a small town boy who dreams of getting out from where he is and living a life that is his own There are things standing in his way though A disinterested father who checked out after the loss of his wife, a bully and his cronies who make his everyday life pretty miserable and no real opportunities to escape except maybe Singing Sensation which might just give him the chan [...]

  16. A free copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.Conor Gillis is attending his last year of high school and desperate to get out of the small town he lives in after he experiences his first day of school and an encounter with the biggest bully at the school, Derek Folsom.His only solution to get out of the small town is to audition for a place in Singing Sensation, a singing contest While waiting for the official acceptance into the contest He s approached by Derek wh [...]

  17. This is a book that not only has massive amounts of humor in it but it has some bullying, and some parts that made me tear up also.Connor, I think, is really scared about not getting out of his small town along with the small mindedness He wants bigger things for his life but I think he is wanting to be able to help his family with the financial burden and he also wants to sing and play to remember his mother.Derek is the complete opposite of Connor He is the person at school people are afraid o [...]

  18. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Life in a Nowhere Town Sing Out 1 is a great beginning to Conor finding himself in ways than one I will tell you this story is not complete and appears to be one of a few so if that frustrates you, then you should wait until the full story has been written The story started a little slow but picked up steam later There were moments I laughed out loud, had my heart hurt and yummed with some sexy bits Since so much thought was p [...]

  19. I really loved this story about Connor who lives in a small town and dreams about seeing the world or at least getting out of town for once When an American Idol like reality show holds auditions in the neighborhood this might just be his chance, even if he never watched singing sensation in the past and always made fun about his sister who is a big fan But not only the show could change Connors life, he also gets to know Derek who is the school bully and until now only talked to Connor to make [...]

  20. I received a copy of this book through Book Funnel This was the second book I ve read by Hanna Dare and so far my favorite Ms Dare has the ability to look inside a young man s mind and heart so we can grow and change along with him The cast of characters are multidimensional and, as in real life, we uncover their motivation and deeper feelings over time.Conor just wants to get out of town Away From the bullies From the lack of musical stimulation From the small mindedness of people From the sadn [...]

  21. I received a copy of this book for reviewingConnor deals with so much loss that I actually felt it for him Derek is a total mess complete trouble and yet I m rooting for him I love that Connor is just an average guy with great inner strength even if he doesn t know it yet Can t wait to see what happens in the sequel

  22. 4.5 stars I am pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this I teared up a number of times for the loss that Conor lived through and for his hopes and dreams.

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