Will You Be My Valenswine?

Will You Be My Valenswine Poor Polly piglet searches all over the barnyard but can t find the perfect valenswine She s just about to give up but is it possible that the right valenswine has been under her snout all along Liv

Poor Polly piglet searches all over the barnyard, but can t find the perfect valenswine She s just about to give up, but is it possible that the right valenswine has been under her snout all along Lively rhymes and delightful illustrations by make this a valentine readers will want to receive every year Full color.

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Will You Be My Valenswine?

  1. Teresa Bateman was born in Moscow, Idaho, but moved to Washington State when she was three years old and that s where she has lived most of her life.An avid writer and reader, Teresa has been making up stories and poems since she was in grade school To me it was as natural as breathing, says Teresa.In high school Teresa would drive her teachers crazy by creatively completing assignments She always met the letter of their assignment, if not the spirit She worked hard to inject some humor into her work, knowing that the teachers would be reading hundreds of papers and wanting her to stand out It worked.Teresa took English classes for fun in college and when she applied for a Washington State Teaching credential, the state looked at her transcripts and added an endorsement to teach English through the 12th grade Teresa cites her teacher Donnell Hunter at Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho, as having a big influence on her and her writing He published a class magazine to which the class submitted their work under pen names Their grades depended on how many stories were included in the magazine Teresa submitted under about 15 different pen names just to be annoying But she knew her work was being judged on its merits alone Mr Hunter encouraged her journal writing and instilled in Teresa good writing habits that she continues to this day.Teresa served an 18 month mission for her church in Argentina, and taught school for a year in Honduras She also taught school briefly in St Mary s, Alaska a little bush village with a population of 500 in the winter and 50 in the summer She currently is the librarian at Brigadoon Elementary School in Tacoma, Washington.Teresa writes every single day Without fail She also works full time, so that means some days she doesn t write much, but she always writes When at home, Teresa s special spot for writing has a good view of the lilac bushes outside The wallpaper on her computer is of a winding path through gentle rolling hills and meadows She tells herself, when stuck for an idea, that the story lies at the end of that path.Teresa also writes when she s away from home and she carries a laptop computer with her On family vacation to the Oregon coast she balances her E mate on her knees and sits out on the deck as seagulls wheel and cry overhead and the ocean waves pound to the shore at the bottom of the cliff.Teresa lives in Tacoma, Washington.

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  1. This book had great illustrations and it rhymed well My daughter loved the animals in the book and enjoyed the journey of Polly trying to find her Valenswine I was great to see her figure out Polly s Valenswine before Polly did and talk to the book Great message about perspective.

  2. wp p9wsgO 1gthis is a really cute book about a pig named Polly She is sad because everyone has a valenswine but her She walks the barnyard asking different animals and objects if they would be her valenswine She keeps going back to her mother to complain that she wants a valenswine By the end of the book she finds her true valenswine Over all a very cute book and I love the play on words Instead of valentine it s valenswine to make it pig related

  3. Cute little pig tries to find a valen swine but looks everywhere and gets no answers At last, she discovers, her mother loves her best.

  4. I liked this book, but I would have liked it better had Polly s valenswine turned out to be a friend, rather than her mother I think the story would have been enhanced if this had been the case, especially if the friend were a different farm animal e.g a goat kid or calf That said, I found the rhyming text and the illustrations to be very enjoyable.

  5. Polly, the pig, is sad because she can t find her Valenswine But, she hasn t looked right under her own nose to find exactly what she is looking forher Valenswine was there all the time, with just the right amount of love and kisses Used for Hearts A Beating storytime February, 2010.

  6. The pig wanted someone to love him and he found out his mother was his valenswine A.R.

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