Dirty Thirty: A Coming of Age Story

Dirty Thirty A Coming of Age Story The author of the bestseller Insatiable pens a new book about turning thirty in the adult film trade Internationally known as a porn star Asa Akira s perceptive funny and straightforward writings o

The author of the bestseller Insatiable pens a new book about turning thirty in the adult film trade Internationally known as a porn star, Asa Akira s perceptive, funny, and straightforward writings on love, sex, death, marriage and celebrity come together in a surprising book of essays Personally revealing as well as universal, Dirty Thirty marks the coming of age of aThe author of the bestseller Insatiable pens a new book about turning thirty in the adult film trade Internationally known as a porn star, Asa Akira s perceptive, funny, and straightforward writings on love, sex, death, marriage and celebrity come together in a surprising book of essays Personally revealing as well as universal, Dirty Thirty marks the coming of age of a new literary star.

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  1. In 2014, Asa published her first book INSATIABLE Porn A Love Story with Grove Press, which was named one of New York Post s Best Books of 2014 Her second book, DIRTY THIRTY A MEMOIR is due to release in August of 2016 from Cleis Press.Praise for INSATIABLE Porn A Love Story by Asa Akira Akira is not only passionate about the porn industry, she s shameless, funny and even endearing Susannah Cahalan, New York Post Best Books of 2014 An intimate look at her life Each chapter is filled with brutal honesty and self deprecating humor It s touching, inspiring, and flies in the face of a lot of people s preconceptions about the life of an adult film star What s most refreshing is that the high points of the book aren t the double penetration and masturbation scenes even though that stuff is great it s her strong storytelling, which makes her struggles and triumphs in the adult film industry super relatable Erica Euse, Vice It is common for mainstream porn stars to explain their choice of profession with some variation on I just love sex When Asa Akira says it, though, I really believe it And yet, no person can act as the flawless representative for an entire group of people and certainly not while writing a memoir worth reading Luckily, Akira doesn t try to do that with her book All of which is to say, her book is a lot like her porn raw, brutal and always unflinching Tracy Clark Flory, Salon Candid, funny, sexy, and smartAkira expertly explores the human side of the sex industryShocking and tawdry, but ultimately relatable, this is a tale of a young girl realizing her dreams and navigating dangerous temptations drugs, hooking, pizza along the way Royal Young, Interview Magazine Insatiable is, at turns, laugh out loud funnypoignantd outrageously politically incorrectBut above all else, it s a brutally honest look at one woman s journey through the adult industry EJ Dickson, The Daily Dot

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  1. ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewWho is Asa Akira Well, you either know her or you don t But I think practically majority of the male population might know who she is according to her large amount of Twitter followers Well for those who don t know who she is let me give you a brief introduction on who she is Asa Akira is synonymous as one of the top leading porn actress known for her anal scenes and recently as a published author.Porn There will always be a stigma associ [...]

  2. 3.5 starsIf you know me, you know I love porn.And while I love porn, the really dirty kind, I have never truly understood the people who perform it Do they do it because they HAVE to do it Or do they truly enjoy doing it I also have always been wondering how someone in the industry has a healthy relationship outside of it.So when I saw that a popular porn star, Asa Akira, had a new book coming out, I didn t hesitate to add it to my TBR Did it answer all of my questions Surprisingly, yes There wa [...]

  3. I read Asa s first book, Insatiable, and I like it The book answers your curiosity about adult movie industry I am always curious about everything, so the book pretty much answered my questions.Her second book, Dirty Thirty, is not surprising but fun to read Asa is very candid about her life as a wife, a daughter, a friend, a writer, a podcaster and a performer She s funny and pretty smart What I don t like about this book is it s not organized It jumps back and forth to the past and present tim [...]

  4. it was okay the writing was very straight and to the point, as if she was speaking directly to you mostly done in short essays and two styled in script form a quick read.

  5. Don t Google Asa Akira at work Unless you re in a private office and sitting at a desk that faces the door If you re male, Google her only if you won t have to stand up and walk anywhere soon And if even discussion of pornography offends you, click out and visit Focus on the Family s website for plainer fare.Believe me, I was initially reluctant to take on a book by a porn star and broadcast my appreciation enthusiastic respect, really to my several billion readers, but one thing hooked my lip, [...]

  6. Wow How to explain this read and my feelingsFirst, it is titled as a memoir However, each chapter tells of something different that has happened in Asa s life from events during her teen years, to her relationships friends and romantic , to her marriage, to her life as a porn star It is almost as though you have auto biographical essays of her life events, along with random thoughts thrown in that make the book damn entertaining.The writing is really great There were many times I laughed out lou [...]

  7. Asa Akira s first book was a snide slog, a try hard affair that held the audience at arms length and never let us in the author s mind Dirty Thirty is still a pose but Akira is actually vulnerable this time and so it reads like a real person than before It s still pretty flippant and a couple chapters are just boring stories with no pay offs, but when Akira lets the reader in, albeit briefly, it s illuminating.

  8. An interesting enough memoir, but the flow could have used some work this book is written as essays or journal entries, and certain events are referenced multiple times across chapters in a way that makes you think this book was never copy edited for readability and the elimination of unnecessary repetition.

  9. In my opinion, it was definitely better than her first book I laughed , I felt sympathy, and I was invest in the story Granted, I did listened to the audio, and it probably should associate with the review, but if it were her reading it like she did with her last book, it would probably gotten a five star.

  10. I try to keep an open mind, and this is one of two books that I bought in order to try to help understand why someone would go into the industry that she has This book tells a lot about how she feels about reaching the age of thirty and the sort of processes her mind goes through.

  11. 3.5 I love essays I love Asa A lot of the essays seemed to be repeated from insatiable and that I did not care for Besides that No complaints Solid summer reading right here.

  12. Oh I know what you re thinking Huh.at name sfamiliarmehown t it So maybe you click on Asa Akira s name And then realization dawns Oh, oh no have been someone else.I swear.Anyway, if you get past that moment of awkwardness and actually think about picking up the book, I assure you won t be disappointed Akira is fully hilarious, incredibly frank genuine, and brimming with good stories and haikus The stories don t always connect to each other, and there s no real overarching theme or narrative thru [...]

  13. 3.5 StarsI knew who Asa Akira was before I got an email enlisting her new book as one to sign up to review Yes, this means I watch porn I have been enlightening myself with this form of entertainment for years This would be a bit of a change from fiction, so I thought, Why not and signed up I actually follow Asa on Twitter along with a few other entertainers and knew that she was fluent in sarcasm but sometimes non fiction authors will stray from that and I am glad that she did not The read was [...]


  15. I haven t been introduced to Asa s writing before, but wish I had She writes in a way that is completely raw, open and straight to the point If you want a soft read about the troubles of turning thirty, go elsewhere If you want a gritty look into the life of someone who works in a profession that is often looked upon with a Marmite feeling, topped with the dark humour she thrives on and the level of detail only someone who has been there can give you, then you must read this book I know I loved [...]

  16. I can officially say that after reading Asa s second book I am completely desensitized as a human being nothing will ever shock me again This book is even better than the first one It s way personable in my opinion The stories she tells in this one had me crying I was laughing so hard I will say this one is not for the faint of heart either or easily offended She has a very dark sense of humor When she tells sexual stories especially the ones about porn shoots she does not hold back at all She [...]

  17. I wish Dirty Thirty could make a baby with Insatiable because that baby would be five stars Much like my dream version of Melancholie and the Infinite Sadness in which I cull the weakest tracks from both discs into a nonstop killer 12 song LP Both books are complimentary together but, after having breezed through both on the sands of San Juan, I realize Asa s writing has ball busting bestseller potential if she waits than a few years between nonfiction installments More to love if you loved th [...]

  18. I didn t enjoy Dirty Thirty as much as I enjoyed Asa s first book, Insatiable Both books are similar in that they detail Asa s life before and during her career as a pornstar and her thoughts on her experiences etc I love her attitude and how comfortable she is in her own skin and how she s not ashamed of her chosen career path She actually loves what she does, nothing to knock there.The second half of the books is much enjoyable than the first because there s personality in the way she tells [...]

  19. This is the kind of book that I would not recommend to anyone that is unaware or unapproving of Asa Akira s day job While for the great majority, I would never presume that they are their job, for Akira that is pretty close to the truth Her book greatly reflects this point as she illustrates through her relationships both platonic and romantic, her hobbies and even the outlook on life she has developed As for the style of the book, Akira cannot be faulted for her writing style She writes engagin [...]

  20. My god Asa Akira is an incredible writer I ve read ALL the porn memoirs out there, and Asa a are somehow beautiful in a way the others aren t My favorite porn memoir of all time would honestly have to be Girlvert by Ashley Blue, BUT Asa s 2 books are just about equal to that one They make me cry They make me laugh They re so relatable Asa, keep writing books if you read this You are my favorite writer and you have such beautiful talent with words You write in a way that somehow is eloquent and t [...]

  21. So I was one of the lucky few who bought my copy and at signing by Asa Akira Reading this book helped me be comfortable with myself and my own thoughts It was the first time I read something like this, a collection of essays by someone famous, and I m glad she was the first I always thought she was great as a person I listened to her podcasts with David Choe Getting an idea of her thinking process and just seeing a woman who is happy in what she does despite what society has to say about it was [...]

  22. Once again, Asa is able to share, with refreshing honesty, her experiences in life and in porn Continuing the story from her first memoir, Dirty Thirty provides incite to growing up in NY, abusing drugs, and moving into the sex industry The haikus between chapters remain one of the entertaining elements of the book While certainly an enjoyable read, featuring multiple amusing anecdotes, Dirty Thirty does not quite match the level of its predecessor Read together, the two books share a fascinati [...]

  23. Pretty much on par with her first book and my thoughts about it are the same Akira s a fine enough writer and some of her mini essays are fun, but others are just flat out boring and provide zero perspective on anything.

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