Under the Mistletoe

Under the Mistletoe is a Kindle Una novela rom ntica m s sin di logos trascendentales ni mucho menos Para pasar el rato The SECOND in a FIVE PART series It s beginning to look a lot like Christ

Under the Mistletoe is a Kindle Una novela romántica más, sin diálogos trascendentales ni mucho menos. Para pasar el rato.. The SECOND in a FIVE PART series.It s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Webster Grove, but seventeen year old Steph isn t in the mood to celebrate When Mr Rivera s attitude goes from bad to worse, Steph makes it her number one priority to help the Christmas Grinch rekindle his relationship with the holiday spirit Meanwhile, Webster Grove High s newest student, IThe SECOND in a FIVE PART series.It s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Webster Grove, but seventeen year old Steph isn t in the mood to celebrate When Mr Rivera s attitude goes from bad to worse, Steph makes it her number one priority to help the Christmas Grinch rekindle his relationship with the holiday spirit Meanwhile, Webster Grove High s newest student, Isaac Peyton, is raising the eyebrows of every girl in school, and keeping Steph on her toes with his questionable motives With the days ticking by, all Steph wants is to turn a seemingly blue Christmas into a holiday she ll never forget. Good Kindle Under the Mistletoe OMG!! OMG!! Now I'm totally and officially swoon over Alex Rivera. Loved this 2nd story and I'm craving for the next. Really, I can't stop reading it. I'm blushing when I read the last chapter, when Alex filled Steph's poem with his words as the answer. It's totally freakin romantic. And the kissing under the mistletoe...*sigh*
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  1. Tracie Puckett Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Under the Mistletoe book, this is one of the most wanted Tracie Puckett author readers around the world.

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  1. OMG OMG Now I m totally and officially swoon over Alex Rivera Loved this 2nd story and I m craving for the next Really, I can t stop reading it I m blushing when I read the last chapter, when Alex filled Steph s poem with his words as the answer It s totally freakin romantic And the kissing under the mistletoe sigh

  2. Oh My Gosh This book was of the hook, I absolutely loved it So much romance and Christmas and it was just the best book Alexander is amazing I loved his response to Steph s poem I could not stop smiling It was just so cute And Calvin also he was so nice to Steph and the only father figure she has had He also knows what s going on between Alex and Steph and keeps it on the down low I think she rather gets along better with her future step dad than with her mom Her mom is like a kid she s so selfi [...]

  3. I can t stop reading the book It s so addictive and Alex Rivera 3I m in shock how this woman Tracie Puckett captivated my attention, her writing rocks The last part OMG my eyes filled with hearts blush I m definitely going to read the third book.

  4. Woah, I am loving this series so much Romance, drama and suspense as well as some laugh out loud moments I adore this series and this has become one of my favourite series of all time Even though this is not a standalone you don t need to read the others in order to understand what s going on as it is recapped for you Brilliant work.

  5. Though the old cover is terrible this is a great teen contemporary series with the forbidden love and the family aspect This book is probably my least favourite of the series.

  6. Shows that if you really want someone s happiness, you do what ever it takes to make them smile and love what they once enjoyed This is just amazingly well written I am glad I purchased it.

  7. Ay, estoy toda asdfghgkfld con el final que a n no puedo decir algo coherente Pero tratar.En esta segunda parte, nos encontramos en un ambiente m s festivo ya que es Navidad, Navidad, dulce Navidad Alex est de un humor extra o debido a misterio por descubrir ustedes Steph ya est m s afianzada en su relaci n con los Rivera Steph y Alex oh, Alex suspiro est n m s cercanos Y aparece un nuevo chico en la figurita No digamos que es un tercero en discordia, porque no lo es Hablo del nuevo vecino de St [...]

  8. The novel Under the Mistletoe by Tracie Puckett is a book that I would strongly recommend to young adults This is the second book in the Webster Grove series and it continues with the captivating romance of Steph and her English teacher Alex Rivera It is the beginning of winter in Webster Grove and snow has begun to dust the ground Steph notices that Alex s mood has changed as it nears the holiday season and it is her job to figure out why he hates Christmas so much and how she can make it a gre [...]

  9. For the full effect of this review click here.This book didn t disappoint per see It was nice Picked right where it left off Added a few personal touches An unknown man to spice things up Everyone s cautioned over this guy Except Steph and her friend The guys are not at all okay with him And feelings will come to light And apparently, this book contained only 30 something pages, and had yet to bring drama into a volume 2 book of a series Definitely would ve been likely to have this book as book [...]

  10. The main problem I had with this novella is that it was too quick, the events feel like they just happen one after another instead of a buildup.Caroline, Steph s mom, annoyed me can I say selfish and I really don t get what Cal sees in her He s quite the gentleman, so I also found Steph herself a bit not so likeable at some times, and at other times I feel like wishing I were her and I found that her name really grows on you, it gets easier to read and logical I really liked the Rivera family, [...]

  11. Like the first book, I read this in a few hours and I loved it Alex Rivera is OTP and I cant wait to continue reading it I love every character Although the best friend relationship lacked here because her friend was thinking about a guy she couldn t have and didn t pay attention to her friend which annoys me so much I think it has a lot of predicted things but I still enhoy it The author s writing is fantastic and she made the list of the author 4 who I couldn t put the book down until I finish [...]

  12. 4 5 stars VERY SHORT READ but good to my liking I actually liked this one better than the first because I go to meet Calvin Future Step Father to Steph He is soooo HILARIOUS I love him SPOILER QUOTE One of My Favorite Quotes I was just thanking Steph for.Well everything Alex said, few seconds late You gonna look into my eyes all dopey and stupid too Calvin asked I carried the tree in I LAUGHED OUT LOUD TO THIS IT WAS SO FUNNY

  13. I really loved Steph and Alex s relationship I must say though the guy on the cover of the book was not what I pictured.Anyways, the books just get better and better It s just like Oh how I wish I was Steph or is that just me I think this story is pretty unique and just mind blowing with the best romantic ideas ever This series is just crazy packed with swoon worthy stuff that made me scream at my ipod Definately worth the money you buy it with, if not it s worth alot .

  14. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars It is better than the first book At first I hated the poem it was too much like 10 things I hate about you but in the end when he wrote on it I really like it although they moved to love way too fast I am gonna make a prediction about what is going to happen next I think mark is going to turn out to be her father and issac will have a photo of them kissing so will see if I am right in the next book

  15. Steph is having a hard time hiding her feelings due in part that she sees the object of her affection almost daily When he begins to become surly she makes her job to cheer him up and gets a surprise This story is fast paced and exciting and when you re through you ll be reading for the next book.

  16. LoveI have fallen in love with the Webster Grove Series and can t put them down Steph is so engaging and of course Alex is dreamy I can t wait to read the next book in the series

  17. it like covers every celebrationThanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Dayi mean i don t know of any other global celebration so I think we are in the clear for events around a time of celebration.

  18. This book was very good It was funny but also sentimental This book was very entertaining and very well written The ending was amazing I would definitely recommend it

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