Arkwright Written by a highly regarded expert on space travel and exploration Allen Steele s Arkwright features the precision of hard science fiction with a compelling cast of characters In the vein of classic

Written by a highly regarded expert on space travel and exploration, Allen Steele s Arkwright features the precision of hard science fiction with a compelling cast of characters In the vein of classic authors such as Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, and Arthur C Clarke, Nathan Arkwright is a seminal author of the twentieth century At the end of his life he becomes reclusiWritten by a highly regarded expert on space travel and exploration, Allen Steele s Arkwright features the precision of hard science fiction with a compelling cast of characters In the vein of classic authors such as Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, and Arthur C Clarke, Nathan Arkwright is a seminal author of the twentieth century At the end of his life he becomes reclusive and cantankerous, refusing to appear before or interact with his legion of fans Little did anyone know, Nathan was putting into motion his true, timeless legacy Convinced that humanity cannot survive on Earth, his Arkwright Foundation dedicates itself to creating a colony on an Earth like planet several light years distant Fueled by Nathan s legacy, generations of Arkwrights are drawn together, and pulled apart, by the enormity of the task and weight of their name.This is classic, epic science fiction and engaging character driven storytelling, which will appeal to devotees of the genre as well as fans of current major motion pictures such as Gravity and Interstellar.

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  1. Before becoming a science fiction writer, Allen Steele was a journalist for newspapers and magazines in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Missouri, and his home state of Tennessee But science fiction was his first love, so he eventually ditched journalism and began producing that which had made him decide to become a writer in the first place.Since then, Steele has published eighteen novels and nearly one hundred short stories His work has received numerous accolades, including three Hugo Awards, and has been translated worldwide, mainly into languages he can t read He serves on the board of advisors for the Space Frontier Foundation and is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America He also belongs to Sigma, a group of science fiction writers who frequently serve as unpaid consultants on matters regarding technology and security.Allen Steele is a lifelong space buff, and this interest has not only influenced his writing, it has taken him to some interesting places He has witnessed numerous space shuttle launches from Kennedy Space Center and has flown NASA s shuttle cockpit simulator at the Johnson Space Center In 2001, he testified before the US House of Representatives in hearings regarding the future of space exploration He would like very much to go into orbit, and hopes that one day he ll be able to afford to do so.Steele lives in western Massachusetts with his wife, Linda, and a continual procession of adopted dogs He collects vintage science fiction books and magazines, spacecraft model kits, and dreams.

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  1. 5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2016 04 05 aFirst thing I did after finishing this book was go to YouTube and pump my fists to the main theme of Star Trek Enterprise I know that opening sequence has long been divisive among Trek fans, but personally I love it The feelings that song stirs that glowing hope and belief in humanity s ability to venture forth into the great unknown through their own tenacity and sheer determination is perfectly suited to the show s themes and, as it h [...]

  2. This SF was pretty much awesome, and , it was awesome for entirely different reasons as the book progressed I ve never read Allen Steele before now, but he s just made a fan of me It s obvious he s well read and respectful of the entire genre from the get go, and reading about the early days of SF was a huge treat Nathaniel Arkwright was a fictional author, sliding into one of the Big Four Golden Age SF masters, ranking up there with Heinlein, Clarke, Asimov, Anderson, Pohl, Williamson and so ma [...]

  3. Audiobook 2.5 stars They will be the citizens of the Galaxy Ben smiled Every time he heard that line he got a kick out of it He wondered how many people in the room would catch the reference to Nat s favourite Heinlein novel Probably about as many as those who realised he had lifted this entire scenario from a scene in Asimov s Foundation Arkwright is a fun little book of Science Fiction nostalgia porn Not only are writers like Fred Pohl, Bob Heinlein, Robert Silverberg and Isaac Asimov used as [...]

  4. 3.5 stars I really enjoyed the infectious optimism of this book, infused with the spirit of mid century faith in science and science fiction On the other hand, I felt that it retained some of the flaws of that period as well everything felt almost the same as 20th century America, no matter where we were in the future Nonetheless, a fun little book.

  5. In a way, Arkwright is Seveneves on easy mode A multi generational science fiction exploration novel, instead of being reliant on super hard science, it s a love letter to science fiction itself to fuel the plot along and make an enjoyable read.The story is about an author, Arkwright, who is right in line with the golden age of his time generations ago With his royalties and investments, he starts a secretive fund to eventually launch an interstellar spaceship to a planet believed to be able to [...]

  6. G oing to the stars says something that digging a hole in the ground doesn t It says you ve got hopes for the future that goes beyond mere survival.Nathan Arkwright is a popular science fiction writer whose dream is to see humans explore space When he dies, he leaves behind a legacy devoted to seeing that dream to fruition This book follows the Arkwright family through the years it takes to plan, to create, and to simply watch and wait faithfully for Nathan Arkwright s vision to unfold.It isn t [...]

  7. This was definitely a love letter to science fiction, and it was surprising in a good way In this novel we follow a family through multiple generations, all with the end goal of building a starship to colonize an earth like planet out in the universe We get to see their family struggles, aging, dying, births, etc All the while working towards the common goal It s a kind of wonderful flip on the traditional generation ship idea where we have generations building and overseeing the travel of the s [...]

  8. A generational epic describing the realization of fictional golden age SF author Nathan Arkwright s plan to finance and build humanity s first interstellar colonization effort.Nathan Arkwright creates a Foundation with his estate instructing his friends and family to invest it in technologies that are critical to interstellar flight and reinvest profits until an actual interstellar colonization effort can be launched The book follows the setting up of the Foundation and the generations that foll [...]

  9. Full review later.I was a bit nervous picking this up because I d seen some of the low reviews from people that share fairly similar reading interests to me But I snagged it from the library, and I was pretty much instantly captivated This is a gorgeous story that isn t filled with shinies and romance and cowboying in space Instead, it s a study of the hope, the logic, the imagination, and the minds that will lift humanity away from earth.

  10. I adored this book science fiction about science fiction, making it fact and reaching for the stars If this isn t in my top ten books of the year I ll be amazed.

  11. Arkwright is the story of a fictional golden age science writer, Nathan Arkwright a writer in the mold of E.E Doc Smith, but as famous as Asimov or Heinlein who uses his fame and fortune to jumpstart a project to send humanity to the stars In that sense, the novel is a metafictional throwback to the golden age, as well as a straightforward throwback to the kind of heroic problem solving stories that era was known for It is the most unabashedly dorky sci fi novel I have ever read, and to some deg [...]

  12. This was disappointing.For the longest time it has been my fondest wish to get a decent space exploration colonisation book I really need to go back and read Red Mars and the rest of the trilogy because as time goes on it is becoming increasingly clear that nothing is going to top it.Arkwright is less a science fiction novel and of a very short form soap opera with the pretence of existing in a science fiction novel It is split into several parts beginning with the death of Nathan Arkwright, su [...]

  13. only barely makes a 1.5 star because of the idea of it couldn t make myself finish even from the beginning, it felt like a lot of name dropping and look i know things about scifi , and as it progressed, i only kept reading because i thought something would happen it would get better some kind of redeeming quality would appear and then the last straw was the line by the time i was in my teens, i was fluent in french, spanish, and indian which, if you re going to go to the trouble of complaining f [...]

  14. The Arkwright ChroniclesIf you re looking for a good, classic sci fi story believe me when I say this is not it Go right now to your search function, lists, shelves, whatever and find something else If I could give this a category, it would be called space historical or space saga This is basically a soap opera that spans from the founding of the Arkwright Foundation through the death of Nathan Arkwright, with a history of every other Arkwright family member and the trials they go through as the [...]

  15. I wanted to like this novel than I did Name dropping from the sci fi golden era to pique the reader interest is fine but not enough to sustain it for the length of the entire book, the multi generation family story was repetitive and boring I liked the parts about the science view spoiler behind the starship building and voyage hide spoiler but I found the actual story weak.

  16. I had purchased a hardback copy of Arkwright as one of my partner s Christmas gifts last year I was excited to finally have a chance to read it, as it was on numerous Top 10 Sci Fiction of 2016 lists But when I showed my partner what I was reading, he admitted he d DNF d after the first third of the novel But maybe you ll like it, he said.I took this to mean that Arkwright was character than plot driven And in some ways this is true Arkwright is a languid novel about sci fi writer Nathan Arkwri [...]

  17. Science fiction writers have a fascinating sense of time Frank Herbert made it seem like thinking in millenia was easy or at least possible Le Guin remembers a millenia of human time that hasn t even happened yet And Steele somehow Steele has created a future, one slow generation at a time, until humanity finally reaches the stars.It s a beautiful journey, too Humanity takes leaps here on Earth at the same time that humanity gains traction in space It might seem, at the end, like it was a futile [...]

  18. Imagine, a hard science fiction book that focuses the story on the people That is what you will find here From the golden early days of science fiction, with homage to the great writers and editors, through generations of a fictional family descended from one of those writers, this is a fun switch on the concept of a generation ship The generations all live on Earth, working to first build the ship and then to keep in touch with it, receiving information, and sending course corrections over the [...]

  19. Considering all the kerfuffle around SFF awards and fandom in the last year, it would not be surprising if fans felt a little aggrieved with the genre at the moment What with in fighting, factions, splinter groups, and often bitterness all around, it can seem like a forbidding place to be associated with.Allen Steele s latest book, his twentieth, points out that actually such squabbles in science fiction are actually not new, beginning with the telling of similar events over seventy years ago An [...]

  20. Nathan Arkwright was one of the Grandmasters of science fiction He rubbed shoulders with Heinlein He was talked about in the same breath as Asimov And he created the beloved Galaxy Patrol series, which went on to sell lots of books and launch a TV movie franchise And at the beginning of this book, he dies He doesn t want his legacy to be the books, though He wants it to be getting mankind to the stars, so he s created the Arkwright Foundation This book is about generations of his family followin [...]

  21. Full review at The Speculative Herald speculativeherald 2016Rarely can a book captivate me so strongly so quickly, but Arkwright hooked me from the very first page I literally could not put the book aside until I got through the first section It is a story of vision, aspiration, determination, progress, changing the world and it s expectations and it is also the story of family, friendships and loyalties It is a story of genre and evolution that includes the loss of the previous masters of genre [...]

  22. Some books take me years to finish Looking at you Stone of Tears for various reasons ranging from circumstance to annoyance I also often ready 5 6 books at the same time, switching off from one book to another at chapter breaks Its like keeping up with your weekly TV shows Arkwright didn t let me do that I read nothing else this weekI went to the book store to buy a Science Fiction novel about Galactic colonization After pondering several different, I choose Arkwright I thought I was going to ge [...]

  23. 5 Stars Arkwright by Allen Steele is a science fiction novel that simply does just about everything right It isn t a game changer It isn t a hard science text book story And, it isn t anything newHowever, it is a gleaming beacon of hope for humanity, for the science fiction genre, and for the family of Nathan Arkwright, a fictional science fiction writer that used his fame, money, and contacts to fund a generation starship.What makes this book unique and worth your time is firstly, the gifted wr [...]

  24. Optimistic near future SF.Arkwright is the name of a successful SF writer in this story He wills the small fortune he has amassed from a space opera series to a foundation The foundation, carrying his name, is intended to bring to reality the fiction he wrote i.e the development of a galactic spaceship On this premise, Allen Steele builds a multi generational tale of a privately supported trip to the stars The story is told in vignettes of various generations of the Arkwright family, as they str [...]

  25. This is the kind of book that long time science fiction fans would enjoy most, but it s also a book that a non fan would be fortunate to have as an introduction to what science fiction is about.The first part, with its faithful depiction of science fiction fandom in its earliest days, was a real pleasure to read The next couple ones have echoes from Carl Sagan s Contact, and the last one reminded me of Arthur C Clarke s Songs of Distant Earth, among others I loved a lot the changing pace from on [...]

  26. Great writing and fantastic ideas Even though this is a generational book with each section occurring two or so waves after the previous , the characters are well done and interesting Steele has a great talent for stretching your imagination and exciting your core This is among the tops for early interstellar spacecraft Not quite a 5 star since in my opinion, it needs additional volume His books always leave me wanting for .

  27. A Wonderful Book, butThe author has take the somewhat ubiquitous idea of the SF Generation Ship and flipped it on its head, instead chronicling the generations that dream up, build, and bring this concept to reality Highly recommended.Note Had to downgrade my original rating of 4.5 due to the inexcusably large amount of typos and missing words Nothing yanks you out of a story worse than that.

  28. This book was pretty interesting when it came to the hard science, I m not going to say the F word, t I think that if there is an idea there is a possibility, the characters were short lived but they helped the story move smoothly This whole book had a subtle feel to it i enjoyed reading it.

  29. More properly called meta science fiction, Mr Steele s Arkwright is a disjointed, unnecessarily sentimental paean to the Science Fiction section of the bookstore, rather than science fiction itself.

  30. Nathan Arkwright is an aging science fiction writer with a dream.One of the Big Four of the Golden Age of science fiction along with Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, and Arthur C Clarke , Arkwright wrote the Galaxy Patrol series, which became a tv show and a movie franchise In his waning years, he wants what he s always wanted real, manned space exploration.He s also worried that an asteroid collision could cause another mass extinction, this time wiping out humans.During the first World Science F [...]

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