Ma ei taha, ei taha!

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Kuigi v ike printsess on p ris printsess, on ta ikkagi t iesti tavaline laps Ka temal tuleb tihti ette hetki, kui ta m nda asja kohe v ga v ga tahab v i siis ei taha ldse mitte.Siin raamatus on jutud sellest, mida v ike printsess EI TAHA Ma ei taha magama minna Ma ei taha k si pesta Ma ei taha haiglasse minna Mina ei teinud

  • Unlimited Ma ei taha, ei taha! - by Tony Ross
    473 Tony Ross
Ma ei taha, ei taha!

  1. Meet the illustratorWhat is your favourite animal A catWhat is your favourite boy s name BillWhat is your favourite girl s name RoxanneWhat is your favourite food LobsterWhat is your favourite music IrishWhat is your favourite hobby Sailing

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  1. This is my life with my now 6 year old She never wants to go to bed at night, but doesn t want to wake up either.e she s too tired She definitely identified with the protagonist, but now she s taking ideas from it, asking for a glass of water when we re all set.As for the book itself, it is just OK and too random Some scenes appear out of context and it appears the story happens during daytimewhich would perfectly explain why the little princess does not want to go to bed.

  2. The little Princess was told to go to bed but she really did not want to go She tried all the tactics to avoid it Eventually she fell asleep in the cat basket but when she woke up, she felt tired and went to bed This is a light hearted story about the troubles of bed time.

  3. The little princess is at it again only this time she won t go to bed no matter what anybody else does or days Toddler and up

  4. I got this book by accident when I was trying to get another book with the same title.I found it somewhat annoying It s about a princess who doesn t want to go to bed Maybe I just didn t like the fact that she complained of not wanting to go to sleep when she wasn t tired, and having to wake up when she was tired When my son wakes up in the morning, he s not tired He s AWAKE as awake can be Plus, it just didn t seem like her parents really addressed any of her concerns to me like when the girl d [...]

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