Ma tahan, ma tahan!

Ma tahan ma tahan Kuigi v ike printsess on p ris printsess on ta ikkagi t iesti tavaline laps Ka temal tuleb tihti ette hetki kui ta m nda asja kohe v ga v ga tahab v i siis ei taha ldse mitte Siin raamatus on jutud

Kuigi v ike printsess on p ris printsess, on ta ikkagi t iesti tavaline laps Ka temal tuleb tihti ette hetki, kui ta m nda asja kohe v ga v ga tahab v i siis ei taha ldse mitte.Siin raamatus on jutud sellest, mida v ike printsess TAHAB Ma tahan de Ma tahan oma hammast Ma tahan, et tuli p leks Ma tahan kaht s nnip eva

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Ma tahan, ma tahan!

  1. Meet the illustratorWhat is your favourite animal A catWhat is your favourite boy s name BillWhat is your favourite girl s name RoxanneWhat is your favourite food LobsterWhat is your favourite music IrishWhat is your favourite hobby Sailing

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  1. This helped my daughter get over her desire to take over everyone else s birthday party Thanks again, Mr Ross

  2. Birthdays are awesome So awesome that our heroine, a princess, decrees that she is going to have TWO birthdays Then THREE birthdays Soon her kingdom is celebrating her birthday every day but less and less guests can make it to her parties, and her presents become smaller and smaller Perhaps 365 birthdays is a little muchVery cute Didn t like the illustrations much, but it s a cute book anyways.

  3. Princess has such fun on her birthday that she wants a second one presents, cake, everything Soon she demands a third birthday, then a fourth, then every day of the year is declared her birthday Sounds great, but the presents get lousier, and the days just don t seem special any.I was disappointed in this Junior Library Guild selection Just wasn t much story, not much originality.

  4. The little princess wants her birthday to occur often so she asks for birthdays Will she ever get enough Cute and constitenct with the the Little Princess personality Preschool and up for length.

  5. This story is about a young princess who wants two birthdays like her mother who is the queen However, once she got two birthdays, and once she got two she wanted three birthdays, and so on This went on until the princess birthday was everyday of the year She liked this concept at first, but eventually people stopped coming to her parties, and stopped bringing her presents, and her cakes became lousier and lousier each birthday party The princess wanted a special day that was unlike any of the o [...]

  6. I am a fan of these princess books by Tony Ross His drawings don t overemphasize her royalty but rather her every child persona He makes it easy to imagine this child in reality This is a story of a precocious child who decides that one birthday a year isn t sufficient She likes the adulation she receives on her birthday and wants it and often As a result it gets less and less meaningful She finds out that getting what you wish isn t always getting what you want.This book would be very appeali [...]

  7. This book is about a princess who absolutely loves celebrating her birthday She loves it so much that she asks for two birthdays a year and then three and four until every day of the year is her birthday She loves it at first, but then her cakes get smaller and her presents get worse, and it s not as much fun any Since every day is her birthday she has to wake up early and look nice too, and she starts to get really tired of that as well So finally she wishes that one day a year will be her un b [...]

  8. I Want Two Birthdays, by Tony Ross is about a little princess who is jealous that the queen gets two birthdays and she doesn t The little princess has a talk with the prime minister and convinces him to put two birthdays for her on the calendar After her second birthday passes by, she wants a third and fourth The little princess wanted her birthday to be every day Her dream came true and everyone celebrated her birthday every day, but she wasn t satisfied Her birthday was no longer special The l [...]

  9. When something special happens all the time, then it isn t special any This book is a perfect example of why it is important to cherish the special things for being just that In I Want Two Birthdays , the Little Princess fails to recognize the significance of her special birthday, so through many additions, ends up with a birthday on every day of the year Eventually, she becomes bored and upset because her birthdays aren t special any, so she decides to have one UN birthday every year and celebr [...]

  10. Ha, ha What a great book to spark a discussion with kids about what makes special days like birthdays and Christmas really special This story reminds me of the book Caddie Woodlawn, and how Caddie and her siblings longed and craved to eat turkey dinners, until they raised turkeys and ate them every other meal Suddenly, the very mention of turkey raised a whole volley of complaints and groans.Tony Ross never disappoints in being clever.

  11. Be careful what you wish for This is a great book that teaches that lesson, so if you have students or children who are asking for something over and over again, like a pizza party, read this book and they might rethink that idea

  12. Little Princess wants to celebrate two birthdays like her mother the Queen Celebrating birthdays is so much fun, she asks for , until the kingdom is celebrating everyday and the now tiresome birthdays aren t so special any What to do Celebrate an unbirthday of course

  13. The Princess wanted two birthdays and then birthdays and soon the kingdom was celebrating it every day Birthdays started to not be so special so the King suggests having one un birthdayte read.

  14. I read this book to my sister s class on her birthday There were two birthdays that day, so this was perfect The illustrations aren t too appealing, but the kids loved it This could be read to teach the importance of not not being selfish.

  15. I liked it because she was peeking when the little prince was wrapping a heart necklace The little princess had little blushed cheeks.

  16. Christmas Every Day retold with a birthday theme Okay, and probably necessary for all those spoiled brats overindulged little dears out there, but not my favorite Tony Ross.

  17. This was a book that I would read to my children This book teaches patience, courtesy, and the ability to be happy with what you have.

  18. I love this story It has a great message about how always getting what you want wouldn t be that great The story is a little long, but I am going to use it in a preschool storytime about birthdays.

  19. This is a very cute book on what happens when a little girl becomes greedy and has her birthday everyday of the year.

  20. A nice lesson hilarious broken gifts when she wants a gift every day But it would have been nicer without the princess theme and with racial diversity among the players.

  21. The little princess wants two birthdays like her mother Then she wants four and it adds up to a birthday for every day Finally she will have one special day her unbirthday.

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