Variations on an Apple

Variations on an Apple For the fairest Past present and future Again

For the fairest Past, present, and future Again.

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Variations on an Apple

  1. Yoon Ha Lee is an American science fiction writer born on January 26, 1979 in Houston, Texas His first published story, The Hundredth Question, appeared in Fantasy Science Fiction in 1999 since then, over two dozen further stories have appeared He lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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  1. This short story is little short on plot and long on ornate language and imagery, but I liked the crazy, unpredictable mix of Greek mythology and science fiction The prince of Troy or Ilion Ilium , Paris, is asked by three goddesses, Hera, Aphrodite and Athena, to give an apple to the fairest In the original myth he gives it to Aphrodite, who promises him the love of the most beautiful woman in the world, and his affair with Helen and the Trojan war are the result In this short story, he gives i [...]

  2. It was then that Hera produced the apple Its brightness was such that everything around it looked dimmer, duller, drained of succulence What a prize, she said softly, bitterly No one wants the damn thing, except being uncrowned by its light is even worse Someone has to claim it review to comead it for yourself here tor 2015 10 14 variati

  3. A mythopoetic sciencefictional take on the story of Discord s Apple The emphasis here is on language, idea and imagery, not plot.

  4. One of my wishes for speculative fiction is an alternate hi story of Troy from the beginning, when Paris had to choose which goddess was the fairest At last there is Yoon Ha Lee s short story.This story is too short for my taste, not much plot Although it is far from bad the idea of mixing ancient myth with science fiction is excellent The execution of the idea is good too.

  5. It was then that Hera produced the apple Its brightness was such that everything around it looked dimmer, duller, drained of succulence What a prize, she said softly, bitterly No one wants the damn thing, except being uncrowned by its light is even worse Someone has to claim it Choose by random number generator Paris said, because someone had to As if anything is truly random in the stories we write for ourselves, Athena said.What if Paris was a different kind of fool This author has set him dow [...]

  6. Okay that was boring as hell.I like the story of the Apple of Discord because it was so Greeky that s why when I saw this retelling in Tor, I immediately read it.Let me just say that although I commend the author for doing something different with the story, I find the Variations on an Apple very boring It wasn t able to capture me either because it was too wordy or the way of the author s writing doesn t suit me Take your pick.

  7. An absolutely wonderful variation on a Greek myth, that was tremendously entertaining and thoughtful This quick read is well worth the short time it takes to complete And its free tor 2015 10 14 variatiEnjoy

  8. I ve never read anything by Yoon Ha Lee, but I think I might have to fix that soon I love their writing style Similar to Valentine above in that it s super poetic and descriptive, it also is a bit confusing Although I think that is in part due to the fact that it is super descriptive in such a short space This short is based on the Ancient Greek myth that Paris the prince of Troy, is asked by 3 goddesses, Hera, Aphrodite and Athena, to give an apple to the fairest In the original he gives it to [...]

  9. For a moment, nothing Then the city was lit by the apple s light, as though it was a lantern of condensed evenings Everything was painted over with the jitter tint of unease, from the factories where cyborgs labored with their insect arms to the academies with their contests of wit and strength, from the flower engraved gun mounts to the gardens where fruits breathed of kindly intoxications.Wow I wish I d read some reviews explanations before diving into Variations on an Apple I only had the vag [...]

  10. A gorgeous, crystalline, gender fluid refraction of the Matter of Troy, set in what seems to be a future where the distinction between human and artificial, real and virtual, has been replaced by far interesting categories But there s still a beautiful, terrible apple, and even when Paris thinks he s found a way out of the trap, there s still no good way to dispose of it Reads like it could have been written by Hannu Rajaniemi in a state of languid bliss, which is very much a compliment.

  11. This is one of the most beautiful short stories I ve ever read I could absolutely taste the prose and the world.

  12. Now this is a strange one A bizarre remix of the Iliad set in a futuristic, crumbling city a vision of the world in which the apple never made it to Helen a story that is both incredibly ancient and fiercely original Paris is, indeed, entranced by the fairest of the fair but here he s in love with the personification of Ilion Troy itself He is not a shepherd but a philosopher of numbers, dreaming of equations and calculus which will better allow him to understand the city he adores Here nothing [...]

  13. This was gorgeous and strange, and I definitely don t understand it, but not in a bad way More like in a Yoon Ha Lee is brilliant and writes on 8 levels at once, and I can only grasp 3 of them Mostly, I wish it had been longer I wanted of all the characters, but especially Cassandra and Helen And Ilion.

  14. This is a retelling of Illiad or Troy, if you want with a twist A twist of mathematical permutations, unchosen variables, perhaps even unhandled exceptions in the code And yet, the outcome is the same It will always be the same.It s tragic and so very beautiful, even in this alien variation.

  15. He didn t see them at first, lost in sandglass musings, and polygons begetting polygons, and infinite sums In one to one correspondences and sheep counted by knots upon cords An abacus, resting on his knee, dreamed of binary numbers and quantum superpositions harmless enough, in this slant of time It wasn t so much that Paris was a mathematician Rather, it was that Ilion was a creation of curvatures and angles and differential seductions, and he was the city s lover.There are many choices, and m [...]

  16. A variation of the story in which the Apple of Discord is offered to Paris to make him choose the fairest of the fairest goddesses This story seems to be the result of a literary game, rather than conceived as a traditional story It s full of exaggerated premises and the vocabulary is excessively ornate I believe the story is intended to transmit beauty through strangeness This story possesses the magic of the classical Greek mythology, where everything is possible, but it s unnaturally combined [...]

  17. A strange re interpretation of the ancient Greek myth of the Discord s Apple The prince of Troy is is asked by three goddesses, Hera, Aphrodite and Athena, to give an apple to the fairest Instead of giving it to Aphrodite, like in the original story, it gives it to its city, often personified in a gender fluid avatar.I read some of this author work in the past, and I always found it very original and interesting Variations of an Apple is undoubtedly interesting, but while I did like some of its [...]

  18. 2.5I was so excited that this was about Troy and the apple and the gods and I think that was this stories undoing It s very, very different and instead of trying to pull me in, the story is too caught up in language The imagery is overdone, alienating me along with the huge difference between its inspiration and what it is.

  19. Well it s short That was nice of it And to the extent that it is a take on the Trojan War, it s distinctive Rather too designedly distinctive The story, save a tiny core of a single good idea at its heart, was nonsense, disguised with rather silly I m an author trying too hard science fantasy descriptive twaddle 1.5 5, rounded down because I m bitter that one good idea was ruined.

  20. Overly wordy, confusing, and almost completely devoid of a coherent plot There are some good bits of imagery interspersed throughout, and it gets points for both its creativity and its unique spin on mythology, but I wasn t a huge fan of it.

  21. I think I read this too fast and lost the point plot of the story I ll get back to this when my head isn t so tired.

  22. Kind of a space opera ish version of the Judgement of Paris Trojan War story A bit too abstract obscure for me But Lee s prose is beautiful as always.

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