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The second is as yet untitled.

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  1. I am an author of young adult novels, a college professor, and an immigration advocate How are these all connected After many years as a researcher, service provider, and most importantly friend with immigrants to Georgia, I felt frustrated I often spoke to groups about immigration and the need for immigration reform I offered clear, rational explanations and data on why our immigration system needs to be repaired And then I realized something people only begin to care when they meet and get to know someone who is living inside this broken system It s been my great honor to have those very relationships over decades.So, I decided to try my hand at writing a fictional but very real stories based on my own experiences I hope these stories will bring readers into intimate, personal contact with messy, complicated, political situations I care about these issues deeply, because I care about the people who are affected by them I believe that, through story, we can connect to others in a deep, meaningful way which can be a powerful tool against the hate, fear, and misunderstanding that plague our society And now, the formal bits I am a Scholar in Residence at Emory University s Candler School of Theology In addition to DREAM THINGS TRUE and THE RADIUS OF US, I have co authored two non fiction books and written many articles on immigration I have been interviewed about immigration on National Public Radio, Public Radio International, Voice of America, NBC, and BBC America, among many other media outlets I am proud and honored to be the co chair of El Refugio, a Georgia non profit that serves detained immigrants and their families I live in the book lover s mecca of Decatur, Georgia with my spouse, four children, a dog, and a bearded dragon.

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