Green Eyes

Green Eyes Alpha males delicate souls and a killer psychopath hit it off in an impossible scramble for the last happy ending Yes the GREEN EYES take you on a roller coaster ride of gay romance When bipolar Jo

Alpha males, delicate souls, and a killer psychopath hit it off in an impossible scramble for the last happy ending Yes, the GREEN EYES take you on a roller coaster ride of gay romance When bipolar John meets mesmerizing Alex in the cruising area of Georgia Beach, little does he know about Alex s haunted past And, yes, the book is about lithe, tapered bodies, perfecAlpha males, delicate souls, and a killer psychopath hit it off in an impossible scramble for the last happy ending Yes, the GREEN EYES take you on a roller coaster ride of gay romance When bipolar John meets mesmerizing Alex in the cruising area of Georgia Beach, little does he know about Alex s haunted past And, yes, the book is about lithe, tapered bodies, perfect abs, and outsized male organs It s about love And hurt And murder And redemption Glands fire People talk during intercourse There s a hilarious supporting cast Expectations are met Yet we do We have Nobel laureates We have an even handed discussion of the orthographic skills of the Tea Party No pubic option We have educational content about the mysteries of vasocongestion We have neologisms Ikea moment, Armani minimum You learn about the 302 neurons that constitute the brain of a microscopic worm and how this all relates to the IQ of John s hated, child abusing father You participate in an in flagrante masterclass You get a hitchhiker s guide to gay sex You learn about the unheard of provisions still on the Georgia books prohibiting all but intra marriage intercourse Title 16, Ch 6 You hear about Torre s observation The other line is moving faster You ll be amazed by our avant garde art and music, or by the voracious appetites of two desperate housewives Consenting adults, unite We have secret drugs, Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, Albert Camus

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Green Eyes

  1. Michael was born in Berlin, Germany, but moved to the Netherlands and founded the Applied Logic Laboratory at the University of Amsterdam.He lives on the Cote d Azur now where he writes half serious prose, mostly gay themed His first novel, GREEN EYES, was a finalist of the Lambda Literary Awards last year His second novel, a sequel, THIS IS HEAVEN, will be out in September 2017 He loves cats, dogs, views, chess, mushrooms, hikes, and his partner Chang His short stories have appeared on the pages of Temptation Magazine, EtherBooks, Gay Flash Fiction, The Bear Review, and LustSpiel Magazine A new short story is due in Bunbury, the English lit magazine.

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  1. 3,5 stars THIS BOOK IS DIFFICULT TO REVIEW RECOMMENDWHY 1 GAY EROTICA This book was a nominee for LAMBDA 2016 in the category Gay Erotica.It is not a genre that can compete with MM Romance Yes, I know, the majority of MM Romance Readers want a lot of SEX scenes in their books, but not THE KIND of Sex Gay Erotica offers Gay Erotica is not about the romance between the two It is about libido in the first place Sex in the genre is often dirty, unclean, rough, aggressive and reeking Are you ready fo [...]

  2. I was given a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I think if you like Woody Allen movies you will enjoy this book I m sure you can tell by my two stars that I don t like Woody Allen moviese they don t make sense to me And yep there was a reference to a Woody Allen movie in the story There were just too many mindless ramblings and made it difficult for me to keep up and follow the actual story Yes underneath the mindless ramblings is a story a very crazy convol [...]

  3. Copy of the book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.First of all, three stars is not a bad score says I liked it when you hover over the little third star, and surprisingly most surprising for myself I have to say I did like the book.It kind of snuck up on me In the beginning I was like What the hell just hanging on for the ride trying to find my way into the story but then I would find myself picking up the book at odd moments and becoming really engaged in the story.I didn [...]

  4. This book was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review, through the Don t Buy My Love review program.First of all, I ll just start out by saying if you re looking for a traditional romance or erotica read, then this likely isn t the book for you In fact, if you re looking for a traditional read of any kind, this likely isn t the book for you, but maybe because I m already a big fan of writers like John Birmingham in fact, the book reminded me a lot of Birmingham s The Tasmanian B [...]

  5. This book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review.DNF 40%This book has a little of everything but it gets nothing perfect There are a lot of things happening simultaneously All the possible scenarios that can happen in the next instance are dissected minutely till there is absolutely no anticipation left over what might happen next.The writing style used in this book is very different It is not that I didn t know the meaning of the words in the sentences it was abou [...]

  6. Wow That was first reaction to reading this book, my second reaction was plain and simple holy shit It is hard to find words to describe this book and make it justice because this book is honestly like nothing I ve ever read before The language is very different, because you are right there inside John Lee s mind every step of the way and even though you are there quite a lot learning about John and his speculations about people, what is going on and why it is written in a way that it appears li [...]

  7. Michael Ampersant s Green Eyes is a curious exploration of the inner world of a gay man Beautifully written, often peppered with staccato short sentences and multiple literary and cultural references, both aiding in the characterization of the main protagonist, this novel however combines literary ambition with a genre plot of an erotic crime novel set in a hot coastal town, Georgia Beach The action unfolds through the eyes and the mind of John Lee, a 29 year old academic and a single man with a [...]

  8. Review on sognipensieriparole 20 Bitter sweet is the first word that comes to mind to define this erotic novel rather sort of Bitter sweet the main character is John, a 29 year old, bipolar teacher of French, who decides to give a jolt to his quiet life, starting with random sex on the beach Nothing impossible there, but this is only the beginning of an incredible series of events, some very funny, some very sad Readers should expect everything from dashed hopes in darkrooms to psychotic police [...]

  9. On the surface, Green Eyes is a sizzling, arousing gay romance novel Deep down, it is a philosophical book about the meaning of life or the nonsense of life , about the meaning of sexual orientation or the absence thereof , about true love or how love comes true , about language how to use mixed metaphors, for example, or better, how not to use mixed metaphors , about treachery and treason, redemption, elation, seduction there s a four chapter seduction sequence, cum stained, marvelous, one of t [...]

  10. A very unusual book serious literary fiction in the guise of M M romance If you like sex, read this book If you like love, read this book If you like one liners, read this book If you like perfect happy endings, read this book If you like irony, read this book If you like over the top, read this book If you like neologism, read this book If you like green eyes, read this book If you like blue eyes, read this book And so on READ THIS BOOK

  11. GREEN EYES is a delicious and sexy M M mostly story however it is also an deceptively intense and witty story of hope, love, humor, drama, trauma all the things we fantasize or have nightmares about to encounter and experience Read it now, then grab the sequel for another yummy adventure Disclaimer and My extra special thanks and gratitude to the author, Michael Ampersant, who sent a copy of this to me when he found out I was looking it, after reading THIS IS HEAVEN.

  12. Green Eyes 3.75 stars I will have to admit, this is my first foray into the land of erotica, and my experience with this genre is limited But this particular book has opened my eyes to a whole different species of writing that I feel I will be reading of in the future Mr Ampersant has written a novel about many things in Green Eyes, including, but certainly not limited to, Alpha males, suicide, gay romance, cruising the gay beaches, Nobel laureates, vasoconstriction I will let you research what [...]

  13. Reminiscent of Douglas Coupland, green eyes is humorous, thrilling and erotic It is the blending of genres I like the style that this is written in It s quite absurd and our narrator, John, seems to be either poking fun at himself or the author Michael Ampersant or the author poking fun at John The tenses seem to be all over the shop and I are not sure if something is happening in John s mind, that of the writer or in the reality of the book I like how this flows It is like drops of water fallin [...]

  14. Michael s writing is elegant and very funny with moments of great pathos I felt I got to know the main character well and appreciated him as a faulted, and aren t we all human The style of the book is definitely unusual, and certainly would not appeal to all readers The plot rambles wildly and I found myself reading a chapter or two and enjoying the language and humour almost as if I was reading a collection of poems or short stories I wasn t gripped in that I didn t find excuses to go and read [...]

  15. This is a most intriguing and nuanced novel It moves at a good pace, introduces interesting and developed characters, and while an erotic novel, it uses the format of an erotic novel to good purposes.

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