Rule of Three

Rule of Three Provoked by yet another argument with his rival Ian sets out to prove he s capable of serious black magic by summoning a demon Instead of a hulking red skinned brute however he winds up with the h

Provoked by yet another argument with his rival, Ian sets out to prove he s capable of serious black magic by summoning a demon Instead of a hulking, red skinned brute, however, he winds up with the handsome incubus Alistair Now, Ian must cope with a wily and seductive matchmaker who insists his rival may be than just an adversary.

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Rule of Three

  1. Lore Graham is a queer writer who lives in Boston, MA Ze primarily writes sci fi and fantasy romance, but dabbles in poetry and nonfiction as well.Lore is passionate about spectacular worlds and visceral stories, with a particular interest in queer characters Ze is transgender and nonbinary zir pronouns are ze zir zir or they them their Outside of reading and writing, ze enjoys cooking, playing rpgs, hosting parties, and hugging cats.Lore s poetry has been published in Strange Horizons and Liminality.

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  1. It all begins with friend baiting.Ian knows better, but when hasn t pride gotten the best of all of us When his friend and professional rival, Jae prods him, Ian bites Things don t go exactly as planned.Alistair is absolutely charming, everything an incubus should be And when Ian goes to answer Jae s thrown down gauntlet it ends up a bit than he originally expect, or ze Let s just say, there s a flurry discarded clothes and limbs entwining The first person narrative works, and since a majority [...]

  2. I expected so much from this book Instead I got two sex scenes, which didn t do it for me But there still are a few great things about Rule of Three First it s about magic today Our main character who isn t the most intelligent mage there is, I d say for example uses the internet to get the pronunciations right Another main character is genderqueer ze uses obviously ze zir, but sadly there were a lot of mistakes where he his was used And the third main character Alistair could have been so much [...]

  3. For a PwP the Point Was Porn story, this worked for me There was enough world and character building to get me motivated about the characters but holding back enough that I don t feel robbed of development by the long porn scenes MC is a impulsive lawful good who wants to prove his badassery to his hot rival by doing black magic Hot rival clearly has strong feelings for MC which ze cloaks with barbs and sass MC semi accidentally summons an incubus, who finds their competitive flirting sexy It en [...]

  4. Okay, this was kinda dissapointing.There is not much of a plot, plot is basically my rival keeps pissing me off so I will summon a demon to prove him wrong, opps, summoned an incubus, i do wonder where this is going Yes, it s going to a threesome sex, dear reader.The problem, however, that the smut scene which are supposed to be climax sniggers of the story are actually pretty unsexy In fact, the whole book, despite being about incubus and two people who are supposed to be so much attracted to e [...]

  5. Fed up with Jae s insistence that he is is a gray mage, and a rather boring one at that, Ian is determined to prove that he than mage enough to summon a demon Granted the demon he plans to summon is not particularly powerful, but a demon is a demon and Ian can damn well summon one if he wants to And, well, turns out Ian is correct He can summon demons all right Just not the kind he was expecting Instead of a low level demon to show off to Jae, Ian instead gets Alistair in all his incubus glory [...]

  6. Well this sucked Ohh, I mean yeah literally and figuratively I started reading this hoping Ian would end up with Alistair The direction the story took didn t really please me view spoiler There was a threesome, where the partners exchanged blowjobs no penetration despite having an incubus with them which I don t know, I was expecting to inflame their arousal to the point of all manner of penetrations and the happily ever after where Alistair decides to stay with the pair But the focus of the sto [...]

  7. A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsThis short novella is big on the erotic moments, with characters that have great chemistry, but without a lot of backstory I think the author does a great job setting up the premise of the story, and though I would have wished for a bit information, I thought that for the most part, this story worked as it was.We come into the relationship between Ian and Jae after things have been brewing for a year Their rivalry runs deep, with Ian being painted as a goody two sho [...]

  8. Erotica about two rival mages, the male MC and a snarky nonbinary person with lavender hair, dealing with a shape shifting incubus one of them goaded the other one into summoning I like the way this started out but I think I zoned during the extended threesome The first half was hot, though my favorite part was the MC s interaction with the demon when it s just the two of them together I do like the trope of human and devil together.I ve seen other reviews say the writer slipped into using he hi [...]

  9. Quick, entertaining and sexy read with a bit of magic thrown in Ian and Jae are both mages Their constant banter leads Ian to prove that he can perform dark magic His goal, conjure a demon and show Jae he s not weak One issue Ian didn t count on having was conjuring an incubus named Alistair That s where the fun times begin Will Ian be able to convince Jae what Alistair is My only issue at first was the use of ze and zir to replace common pronouns I adjusted and didn t even notice after a while [...]

  10. Diverse characters, an incubus I love incubi , poor little magician trying to prove it worth, I liked it a lot, it was fun to read

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