Where the Memories Lie

Where the Memories Lie Twenty five years ago Katie ran away from home and never came back But now she s suddenly reappeared in her best friend Olivia s life in the form of a chilling confession Olivia s father in law wrack

Twenty five years ago Katie ran away from home and never came back But now she s suddenly reappeared in her best friend Olivia s life in the form of a chilling confession Olivia s father in law, wracked with guilt, says he murdered her all those years ago Tom suffers from Alzheimer s and his story is riddled with error and confusion Except for one terrifying certainty Twenty five years ago Katie ran away from home and never came back But now she s suddenly reappeared in her best friend Olivia s life in the form of a chilling confession Olivia s father in law, wracked with guilt, says he murdered her all those years ago Tom suffers from Alzheimer s and his story is riddled with error and confusion Except for one terrifying certainty he knows where the body is buried.As Olivia and the police piece together the evidence, they are left with one critical question They have a crime, they have a confession, and now they have a body but can any of it be trusted

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Where the Memories Lie

  1. Sibel Hodge is the author of the 1 Bestsellers Look Behind You, Untouchable, and Duplicity Her books have sold over one million copies and are international bestsellers in the UK, USA, Australia, France, Canada and Germany She writes in an eclectic mix of genres, and is a passionate human and animal rights advocate.Her work has been nominated and shortlisted for numerous prizes, including the Harry Bowling Prize, the Yeovil Literary Prize, the Chapter One Promotions Novel Competition, The Romance Reviews prize for Best Novel with Romantic Elements and Indie Book Bargains Best Indie Book of 2012 in two categories She was the winner of Best Children s Book in the 2013 eFestival of Words nominated for the 2015 BigAl s Books and Pals Young Adult Readers Choice Award winner of the Crime, Thrillers Mystery Book from a Series Award in the SpaSpa Book Awards 2013 winner of the Readers Favorite Young Adult Coming of Age Honorable award in 2015 a New Adult finalist in the Oklahoma Romance Writers of America s International Digital Awards 2015, and 2017 International Thriller Writers Award finalist for Best E book Original Novel Her novella Trafficked The Diary of a Sex Slave has been listed as one of the top forty books about human rights by Accredited Online Colleges.For Sibel s latest book releases, giveaways and gossip, sign up to her newsletter at sibelhodge contact followmep.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading Best seller Look Behind You and Trafficked The Diary of a Sex Slave Then when I heard about British Author Sibel Hodge s new mystery thriller, Where The Memories Lie I knew I had to read it Sibel Hodge is a very talented writer that writes from a mix of genres, including romance, mystery and thrillers and young adult When the memories lie, sometimes it s best to let the truth stay hidden This is the story about a man who takes his secrets to his grave Nadia, Ethan and Ch [...]

  2. Sibel Hodge can really weave a believable story I know we reviewers say a lot of Cliches but this really is a cannot put down book It really gets under your skin and keeps your attention The trouble was, each time I thought another chapter then bed I got to the end and was saying this until dawn broke and I was so tired the next day How can you get up and leave a film that your e watching part way through Well, it was the same for this.When someone suffers from Alzheimer s, how do you know what [...]

  3. 3.5 starsI didn t feel this played out as a gripping psychological thriller as its marketed to be, but as a compelling mystery whodunit revolving around a tight knit family that has the rug pulled out from underneath them in the least suspecting way.Tom, aging father of 3, has Alzheimer s and is in a nursing home During a visit with his daughter in law Olivia, he blurts out I killed her I had to do it to protect my family With these words the story unfolds, taking you on a journey into the past [...]

  4. 3.5 Tom was an honorable man, a man who always put his family first, a man who would do anything for his family, a man who now suffers from Alzheimer disease and lives in a nursing home He is now saying that he murdered a young woman, many years ago, but how seriously should he be taken A solid story about a decades old tragedy, many secrets and a family in crisis When Jenny left all those years ago it was presumed, aided by the note she left, that she had run away But how far did she get The di [...]

  5. Olivia Tate s father in law has advanced dementia He gets confused alot and will oftentimes get agitated as different scenarios spark unpleasant memories So when Tom starts talking about being haunted by the ghost of Georgia, a woman he says he killed, his nurses and family believe he must have saw something on the news that triggered his nightmares But after his repeated murmurs to Olivia she decides to check things out Turns out Georgia is alive and well But then he claims it was not Georgia h [...]

  6. I really enjoyed Look Behind You and so was really looking forward to getting stuck into Where the Memories Lie, the author s latest psychological drama The description hooked me Tom, an old man suffering from Alzheimers Disease confesses to his daughter in law Olivia that he murdered her best friend Katie who suddenly disappeared 25 years ago, with everyone believing she had run away from home Anyone who has ever known someone suffering from the condition will know that in amongst all the usual [...]

  7. Sibel Hodge s Where The memories Lie is an enthralling look at the impact of personal disaster upon relationships What does it take to break the trust between a married couple, the trust in a family unit, and once broken, can that trust be repaired I used to think that everything was black and white Crimes should be punished People shouldn t tell lies Not big ones anyway Not important I ve just killed someone lies But then I d never been in this situation before Tom is the patriarch of a close k [...]

  8. REVIEW WHERE MEMORIES LIE by Sibel HodgeAn engrossing, can t put it down, mystery, WHERE MEMORIES LIE deals as much with human emotions as it does with its actual, very tangled mystery It also paints a compelling portrait of an Alzheimer s sufferer, and the pain for both patient and loved ones It s a terrible thing to see memory shrivel and fade, as the adult children, in laws, and two grandchildren of Tom Tate experience A man who acquitted himself wonderfully as a long time single father, an e [...]

  9. I give this book 3.5 rating,really disappointed with this book as it was lacking loved her book look behind youill going to read of this authors books.

  10. This book is an ideal test of your skills as a literary detective Usually when I suss out the perpetrator in a mystery story, I dock the book a star for being so simpleminded or derivative that even I can figure it out At the other end of the spectrum are authors who also lose a star because they bury the clues so deeply that you ll never spot them, least I ll never Not the mention authors who out out cheat by withholding essential information from the reader Unlike them, Sibel Hodge plays absol [...]

  11. Wow There s a few hours of my life I won t get back I wanted this to be thrilling But it was amateurishly written And Spoiler Alert the ending was ridiculous and not beliveable And I don t mean in the, wow didn t see that coming how exciting way It s like it was unfinished Are we supposed to believe the police suddenly stopped looking I can t understand the great reviews To each his own of course, but there s alot better fiction out there to read Just a bad, bad novel.

  12. A special thank you to Thomas Mercer and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Sibel Hodgereturns followingLook Behind You,with WHERE THE MEMORIES LIE a psychological intense suspense of dark family secrets, confessions, betrayal, and lies how far would you go to protect the ones you love Beware Be mindful of those holding your secrets.Alzheimer s could get you faster than a snitch in jail, or a white collar corporate whistleblower I N T R I G U I N G Hodge explores the power of [...]

  13. I absolutely adored Sibels last book Look behind You which was her first psychological thriller so i was rather excited to get a copy of her new one from Netgalley but also rather nervous Would Where the Memories Lie live up to my expectations I am please to say that it did Olivia lives an idyllic lifestyle with her husband Ethan and daughter Anna Ethan comes from close family but his father Tom is now in home as he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer s disease When Olivia visits him one day, Tom [...]

  14. A memory to forgetI read the few reviews that were available and most all thought this was a great book I could only get to Chapter 5 before I was done with it I then read the epilogue and the author asks the reader a moral question I started off liking the characters and the plot but it became clear we could lose multiple chapters and not miss anything It started off at a good pace and then became cumbersome I didn t need a whole chapter about a beach picnic I wanted to get back to the plot The [...]

  15. Holy Moly This book is absolutely one of the best psychological thrillers I ve read in a long time As soon as I read the blurb, I knew this was going to be a cracker of a thriller just not this good Every action has a reaction Every deed has a consequence There s always a price to pay Family secrets can be destructive They wedge a boulder between those who know them and those who don t When exposed, as happens in this book, they test a family s bond to the limit, shattering lives and relationshi [...]

  16. Source I downloaded this book via Kindle Unlimited Cost Free Title Where the Memories Lie Author Sibel Hodge Genre Suspense, mystery Overall Rating 4 stars I didn t expect much from this book, I never do when it comes to Kindle Unlimited books, I don t know why Also this book is a bit out of my comfort zone, but this book really drew me in Katie ran away 25 years ago, and her best friend hasn t thought about her since, until her father in law admits to killing her At first, she just writes it of [...]

  17. Tom is a man that lives with alzheimer s in a nursing home he is a man that always puts his family first.One day while his daughter in law is visiting him he confesses to killing a young women 25 years ago Is it his Alzheimer s talking or can it be true what to think, so she decides to find out for herself somebody must of missed the women.This book has plenty of twists and drama to keep you reading.Thank you netgalley and the publisher for a chance to read this book.

  18. Very poor characters had no substance and main character was dreadful The plot was ridiculous and so much of the dialogue felt contrived Really glad to finish this one and move on to something better

  19. Author Sibel Hodge tackles a very difficult and sensitive topic with a lot of people, a member of the family suffering from alzheimer s The struggles of the family, left in a world of reality with every day problems, knowing that when they visit they may not even be recognised Then she throws a spanner in the works when confused and frightened Tom confesses to killing a young woman 25 years earlier and burying her body So should Olivia, his shocked daughter in law, believe him or put it all down [...]

  20. I didn t want to finish this book It worried me that I might not like what I found out Does dementia free memories so secrets are exposed If these memories are real, would the kids and the rest of the family be able to handle the dark secrets Would I conceal the truth to protect the family in a similar situation I was twisted up in knots I woke with the story invading my dreams and just had to know who did it I love it when the writer gives me this creepy feeling Then I wonder who I know that ho [...]

  21. Great idea for a novel with an historic murder and how that may unravel in the lives of a family.Tom the elderly patriarch is slowly dying before his families eyes with the mind changing, personality altering and brain destroying condition Alzheimer s disease So amid all his dementia how lucid was he when he becomes agitated by a murder in his past The story is told in the first person and it to is this person Tom s daughter in law that the confession of a historic crime is made For me this is t [...]

  22. Not quite a 4 star rating 3 1 2 Olivia s best friend Katie runs away over 20 years ago and no one ever hears from her again Father in law Tom is in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer s and confesses to a terrible deed From that point on there is no stopping Olivia as she is like a missile intent on finding out what happened to Katie I liked the story, the way it was written, how you were led to think different things at various times, but it was a bit too long with lots of unnecessary domes [...]

  23. How Far would you go for a loved one Great story of a family with a secret kept to protect the family but it all comes out 25 years later Katie ran away from home and was never heard from But now Olivia s father in law, Tom, who also has Alzheimers says he murdered her all those years ago and he knows where the body is buried Follow the story of what Olivia feels she must do to make it all right.or does she

  24. Sibel Hodge.Brilliant.WHERE THE MEMORIES LIE.How well do you know your friends family After Katie disappeared 25 years ago she reappears again in her best pals life in the form of a confession by her friends father in law Tom He suffers from Alzheimer s and says he murdered Katie all those ago.The author has an uncanny ability to keep your attention no matter what genre she is writing.5 27 August 2015.

  25. Olivia s father in law is in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer s Olivia is well aware of the ravages of the disease since she is a nurse She visits him frequently but she is shocked one day when he adamantly declares that he killed someone Where the Memories Lie will keep you guessing long into the night and just as soon as you think you ve figured it out again

  26. So, a family secret, you say Blurted out by a frail Alzheimer s patient Would you really take everything at face value from someone who only last week was under the impression that he s Gregory Peck The story had potential, but imagine you stumble upon this secret in the man s diary The one he d written when he was still at full mental capacity Now that, I could get into.This book is not really a suspenseful thriller, a story about a tight knit family and the lengths they would go to protect th [...]

  27. This was a fairly good mystery suspense novel I enjoyed it for the most part Some good thoughts But the foul language rather spoiled it for me.

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