Beautiful Oblivion 2 (working title)

Beautiful Oblivion working title The story of Trenton Maddox and Camille Camlin continues Official synopsis coming soon

The story of Trenton Maddox and Camille Camlin continues.Official synopsis coming soon.

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Beautiful Oblivion 2 (working title)

  1. Jamie McGuire was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma She attended Northern Oklahoma College, the University of Central Oklahoma, and Autry Technology Center where she graduated with a degree in Radiography.Jamie paved the way for the New Adult genre with the international bestseller Beautiful Disaster Her follow up novel, Walking Disaster, debuted at 1 on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists in all four categories Beautiful Oblivion, book one of the Maddox Brothers series, also topped the New York Times bestseller list, debuting at 1 In 2015, books two and three of the Maddox Brothers series, Beautiful Redemption and Beautiful Sacrifice, respectively, also topped the New York Times, as well as a Beautiful series novella, Something Beautiful In 2016, Beautiful Burn made an appearance on the New York Times and USA Today, and was also named iBooks Romance Book of the Year The same year, A Beautiful Funeral also topped the New York Times bestseller list.Novels also written by Jamie McGuire include apocalyptic thriller and 2014 UtopYA Best Dystopian Book of the Year, Red Hill the Providence series, a young adult paranormal romance trilogy Apolonia, a dark sci fi romance and several novellas, including A Beautiful Wedding, Among Monsters, Happenstance A Novella Series, and Sins of the Innocent.Jamie is the first indie author in history to strike a print deal with retail giant Wal Mart Her self published novel, Beautiful Redemption hit Wal Mart shelves in September, 2015.Jamie lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with her husband, Jeff, and their three children Find Jamie at jamiemcguire or on Facebook, Twitter, Google , and Instagram.

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  1. Is this for real Oh heck no, I thought this was supposed to be a four book series, not five.Forget it Not touching this one I mean, in some cases I d be glad to see a series extended, but this is reeking of never ending book series syndrome.

  2. People already bad mouthing a book What s the point You said you hated the whole series, but why keep reading it if you didn t like it Move along

  3. These two recycled characters with different names again view spoiler Trenton Travis Carbon copy Cami Abby Abernathy A million times poorly done Extra Raegan America hide spoiler br br br br br br br

  4. The fourth and final novel in the Maddox Brothers Series, chronicling the exciting, romantic, and sometimes volatile road to love for the Maddox brothers The third eldest Maddox brother, Tyler, falls in love with Ellison Edson Synopsis for Beautiful BurnSo what the heck is this

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