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Dead Ink Within the walls of his tattoo shop Dead Ink Lars hides in plain sight from the past he walked away from But he still battles every day with the dark urges that drove him from his position as the Gr

Within the walls of his tattoo shop, Dead Ink, Lars hides in plain sight from the past he walked away from But he still battles every day with the dark urges that drove him from his position as the Grim Reaper Then Faith Dover appears, seeking his aid, and Lars discovers that he isn t as hardened as he thought On the run from her kidnapper, Faith stumbles into Dead Ink,Within the walls of his tattoo shop, Dead Ink, Lars hides in plain sight from the past he walked away from But he still battles every day with the dark urges that drove him from his position as the Grim Reaper Then Faith Dover appears, seeking his aid, and Lars discovers that he isn t as hardened as he thought On the run from her kidnapper, Faith stumbles into Dead Ink, towing in enough secrets and baggage to weigh down the dead But Lars isn t the savior she hopes him to be Dark and seductive, he might be dangerous than the people she s running from.When he discovers her suspicious ties to a crew of murderers, will he help her or cast her out to the craziness that has overtaken the world Can Faith win the heart of a soul incapable of trust A note from the author This is a companion romance novel that takes place in the Karma urban fantasy world It runs parallel to Fated s timeline It can be read alone or in addition to the series as the final book Genre Paranormal Romance Length 67,000 words

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Dead Ink

  1. Donna Augustine Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dead Ink book, this is one of the most wanted Donna Augustine author readers around the world.

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  1. Dead InkDonna AugustineDonna Augustine continues her dark paranormal romance Karma series with Dead Ink staring Lars the tattoo artist aka Grim Reaper, retired who ve readers have met before and brand new heroine Faith, a murder victim who ends up immortal instead of dead Her world building is an alarming portrait of our current world in a whole lot of trouble, and rocks Her dialogue is a heady mix of street wise gritty and quirky humor and her characters range from funny to scary and are all ex [...]

  2. A fabulous addition to Donna Augustine s Karma series Could you even kill a dead girl OMG Dead Ink is a fabulous addition to Donna Augustine s Karma series It s listed as the fourth installment in that series, but it could also work as a standalone, if that is your preference However, there s no doubt that your enjoyment of Dead Ink will be multiplied exponentially, if you have previously feasted on Donna s paranormal urban fantasy series Karma first You should know that I considered Karma such [...]

  3. What a wonderful addition to the Karma Series If you are an urban fantasy fan then I sincerely hope you ve read the Karma Series While Dead Ink is labeled as a romance and can be read as a stand alone novel, for me, it was a wonderful addition to the series I love a romance and this is one that doesn t loose its gritty urban fantasy feel It was the best of both genres combined in one book Dead Ink is a unique tattoo shop that is a small haven in a world gone crazy Lars, the owner, is deliciously [...]

  4. Dead Ink by Donna AugustineI thoroughly enjoyed this side of Lar s life which is in essence book 3 in the Karma series Fated.Lars still is working in his Tattoo shop whilst the world falls apart in all the chaos, riots and anger that is spreading through the world, though life for him has just got complicated when Faith falls into his shop after running away from Malokin and his second in command Keith Lars is suspicious of the whole story that Faith has told them, though as Keith is keen to ge [...]

  5. I have read the Karma series and was excited about Lars story I started reading and could not put down I found Lars super sexy which was interesting considering his old job.I really would like to see the other guys have a stories of their own This one was romance with some Paranormal but romance I really enjoyed it I have liked all of Donna Augustine s books so looking forward to books to read

  6. Loved this one Wow I loved this one so much The emotion and feelings in it were over the top There were a few I guess typos, words that should have been different words but only a few I guess her editor wasn t feeling well or was in a hurry on this one Anyway, I loved this series and I hope there are going to be to it I love reading about how each person is a actual thing like death or karma I d love to read about of them and about when karma and fate go back to work for the universe if they [...]

  7. 5 stars for the entire series I have read every book written by the amazing Donna Augustine I would highly recommend each and every one My only complaint is that they are over there aren t of them If your looking for a wonderful break from reality where Death walks among us Fate Karma are real, I recommend you give the Karma series a try

  8. Intriguing and so romantic I gave 5 stars because it is captivating and I couldn t put it down It s part of a trilogy and connects very well with Karma I found out the other side of the story.

  9. Dead Ink What a great read Filled in some blanks from the other three books I loved it Same story , but from a different perspective.

  10. Great SeriesI love Donna Augustine I ve read almost all of her books The Karma series was another great read On to the next

  11. Faith needs help and doesn t know where to turn She decides the enemy or her enemy seems like a good place to start When Faith first laid eyes on Lars she wasn t sure if she should stay or run He was dangerous that much she was sure of, but she was still so drawn to him Even though she didn t have anywhere else to go she felt safe with the guys and would do anything for them Another excellent book by Donna Augustine Love this series and was not disappointed One of my favorite things with a serie [...]

  12. Dead Ink is a stand alone novel in the world of the Karma series Taking a unique angle by using the same climatic scene from Fated, the final installation in the Karma series, Dead Ink tells the concurrent story of two Karma sub characters, Faith and Lars Lars is well introduced to those who have read Karma Quiet and brooding, Lars is the personification of death Faith is trouble showing up out of the blue leaving a wake of chaos Lars knows to keep her at an arms length, but has difficulties doi [...]

  13. Karma was the first book I read by Donna Augustine and it got me hooked on her I then read her Alchemist series while I was waiting for Jinxed to come out second book in Karma series I loved Jinxed and wasn t expecting a book about Lars.He is such an ass but I love him and this book was fantastic It had a little heat and romance than the others in the series but it was perfect I love the concept of this series and I hope the author writes a book about each of Fate s boys.

  14. I found this book a little harder to read so it took longer The storylinewas okay The action in this one seemed different what ways, I m just not sure I do know that not all books will carry the same amount of action and tension but this one just seemed slower paced While the graphic sex was a major turn off I loved seeing a loving side of Lars and Faith s action there at the end was a classic I do like my happy endings.

  15. Good ol LarsWell Lars bites the dust with hope It was a typical book in the series, the characters are well loved and the romance was fun However, the story lacked depth The death of someone evil was glossed over and the disappearance of friends was not really a big deal, and they were the main characters It was still a good book and recommended.

  16. Not what I expected but still entertainedNot the continuation I was hoping for but good nonetheless I had hoped to get of a Karma and Fate fix in this book but Lars and Faith didn t disappoint Not sure where the series is head now since it went backwards but I m hooked so I guess I will still be reading the next ones.

  17. I am enad with this series I m bummed that this one was a quickie and am eagerly awaiting I got book one for free and just had to purchase the rest This was a good way to whet my appetite while I wait for the next one Please Donna, hurry The only thing about this one that threw me a little was the cover It s totally incongruous with the others.

  18. Another great readLove this series and was so pleased that there was another book to read Highly recommend this book and series to you

  19. Another winning bookLars finally gets his own So self confident and cocky and faith turns him inside out Loved this book lota

  20. Great storyI loved the entire Karma series and really enjoyed Lars and Faith s story It kept me hooked from beginning to end I stayed up all night to finish it.

  21. I love this seriesPlease write and for God s sake write faster Can t wait to learn about Cutty, and Angus, and Paddy.

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