Daughter of Darkness

Daughter of Darkness When a rash of hellhound related homicides sends Gwen searching for clues she comes face to face with Pallo the Master Vampire who owns Necro s Magik World Supernatural Theme Park What she doesn t r

When a rash of hellhound related homicides sends Gwen searching for clues, she comes face to face with Pallo, the Master Vampire who owns Necro s Magik World Supernatural Theme Park What she doesn t realize is that she and Pallo share a past, and only he can help her discover who she really is.

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Daughter of Darkness

  1. NY Times USA Today Bestselling Author Mandy M Roth is a self proclaimed Goonie, loves 80s music and movies and wishes leg warmers would come back into fashion She also thinks the movie The Breakfast Club should be mandatory viewing for okay, everyone When she s not dancing around her office to the sounds of the 80s, she s busy writing sexy paranormal operatives Mandy lives in Oxford, Mississippi with her husband and three boys She has sold well over 1 million ebooks.

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  1. WTF is what I repeatedly said to myself as I read this book And I didn t use WTF like I do when I ve just found a dress I love for half off Oh, no I used WTF to express the sloppy writing skills of this author The storyline is scattershot After you ve read 1 3 of the book, the heroine has slept with men than I did in my first year in college she s moved from one predicament to another WITHOUT asking any questions and is always being saved by one of the men she s known biblically Oh, let s not f [...]

  2. I noticed this book doesn t have the greatest of reviews, but I feel differently This was one of the first paranormal romance books that I ever read In my opinion, I thought the book was great I got the box set trilogy, and quite honestly I couldn t put it down I always enjoy the love triangle, and this trilogy was no different Pallo and Caleb are both supernatual and both love Gwen They are very different men, and go about things very differently What I loved most about this book and the whole [...]

  3. First and foremost, before you read this review all books are not for all people and Daughter of Darkness is definitely not for me It is basically written poorly with a very light plot If that is your thing then this book will be for you I don t like adult love triangles so I definitely don t like sex triangles I am not a prude but I just did not enjoy this read.

  4. 1.5 stars because im feeling generous for another sad example of a story with such promise being absolutely ruined by the writing The plot isnt exactly unique ive read past lives messing up present ones storylines before but this one felt like it could be interesting and compelling despite not being unique That was the high point of the book For most of the book you have to try to figure out what is going on yourself because nothing is explained You figure out pretty quickly its a case of past l [...]

  5. I give this a good, solid erotic 3 star rating Keeping in mind that, while not a wholly different rating system, I do generally have far lower plot character development expectations for an erotic novel For the most part I enjoyed the book The men were kind and sexy, while Gwen had a wonderful sarcastic streak Unfortunately she also slowly crept into the too stupid to live category She constantly ran out on her own, despite knowing she was being hunted She seemed to be unable to look beyond even [...]

  6. Reviewed by RachelThis was a good series to get into This book has a little bit of everything supernatural in it from witches to vampires, trolls to faeries It covers all bases and gives them all personalities that are believable and endearing I have not read any books by this author before but I have really enjoyed this series so far I can t wait to see where the next book takes me I give it four stars.The many characters in this story were varied and well developed I enjoyed meeting and gettin [...]

  7. This waswell, dumb is too mean, but along those lines The romance was unbelievable just boring She fell way too easy even for their predicament The characters werewell static for starters, but also just trite The main girl couldn t decide if she was a badass or a pushovert to mention her inability to avoid hopping into bed with anything that moved It was apparently uncontrollable or something Anywho, this struck me as trying to be similar to the Anita Blake series and just falling short It had s [...]

  8. The first book of this series is a book that appears to focus on explicit sex and sexual tension rather than maintaining a storyline that keeps you hooked, and this bores to death.It starts off with some promise, but following the first sexual incident, this is all the story seems to do.The novel compounds into one sexual adventure followed by another, losing my interest, plummeting my attention span culminating in massive skimming I get the sex, I understand it s fun, but hey, I need a story or [...]

  9. Gwen Stevens has signs of ESP, though she has not quite gotten used to using these skills Her job at the Paranormal Regulators Law Offices keeps her quite busy, especially now that the supernatural related homicide rate is risingFor the entire review please go to the Best Paranormal Urban Fantasy Review site on the web, Bitten By Books for the review of Daughter Of Darkness in it s entirety You won t be sorry.

  10. So most people have rated this 1 or 2 starsaptastic If I only read the first one I might have a similar impression because it seems nothing is really explainedobably because it wasn t I bought the trilogy and read them all together and it was amazing I can t wait to find out the stories for the rest of the guys I am excited for James and Sohpie haha You get everything answered and explained in the last book It was a little unexpected but beautifully rounded I loved this set.

  11. This was a fun romp At times I wasn t sure what the heck was going on, and at other times I had much of an idea of what was going on than the heroine did I really love the characters of Kerrigan, Sharon, Caleb I think I ll like Gwen as I continue with the series Having Gwen learn about her past life throughout the book really helped me to be less irritated with her when she did things that made no sense to me But I LOVE her spunky attitude Will definitely be continuing this series.

  12. Oh my god cann anyone say slapper this Book didn t offend me in any way it just made me want to slap the main character talk about a bike She shags everything then gets pissed when they do it apart from all the shagging the story could have been quite good just was too much to an fro for me she should have charged she would have made a killing

  13. Only thing that made me not give this 4 stars is all the different men Would be rooting for one and then another Too many love interests Didn t look good on her part if u know what I am saying Lol

  14. This book pulled me in so many directions I felt like taffy not quite sure who Gwen was with or what she wanted So I had a very hard time wanting to like her as a character, either.

  15. the series is reminiscient of laurell k hamiltons plots didn t think this was better than that didn t like how caleb seem to just come out of nowhere may not read again.

  16. A book to read if you don t want or need to put a lot of thought into it, I was not disappointed with it and will read the other two in the series but I m glad the series was only.99

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