Going Home

Going Home The small mountain town of Nugget California has a strange way of giving people unexpected reasons to start over and find the most irresistible chances to fall in love Maddy Breyer needs to prove sh

The small mountain town of Nugget, California, has a strange way of giving people unexpected reasons to start over and find the most irresistible chances to fall in love Maddy Breyer needs to prove she can make her own life after betrayal blew up her previous happily ever after Staying totally focused on renovating a decrepit mansion into a bed and breakfast might help hThe small mountain town of Nugget, California, has a strange way of giving people unexpected reasons to start over and find the most irresistible chances to fall in love Maddy Breyer needs to prove she can make her own life after betrayal blew up her previous happily ever after Staying totally focused on renovating a decrepit mansion into a bed and breakfast might help her and this recession hit town finally turn things around But the mysterious new sheriff is the kind of lawbreaking temptation that s an even bigger challenge to resist Detective Rhys Shepard is only back in Nugget long enough to care for his ailing father He s got a big city promotion far away from this place that never accepted him He does not need a sudden crime wave to solve Or one leggy case of heartbreak stirring up all kinds of trouble and challenging his rules Which might explain why he s suddenly finding it hard to leave

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Going Home

  1. Stacy Finz is an award winning former newspaper reporter After than twenty years covering notorious serial killers, naked tractor driving farmers, fanatical foodies, aging rock stars and weird Western towns, she figured she finally had enough material to launch a career writing fiction She is the author of the Nugget Romance series Kensington Lyrical Press about a small mountain town that has a strange way of giving people unexpected reasons to start over and find the most irresistible chances to fall in love Look for her Garner Brothers series Zebra in 2017.Visit her website stacyfinz.Join her newslettereepurl bCEHeTFollow her on Twitter twitter sfinz lang enVisit her on Facebook facebook Stacy Finz A

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  1. 1.5 stars Full Review I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewThe town of Nugget is fairly remote, small, and surprisingly full of possibilities, Maddy hopes for just a little of those possibilities to come her way After discovering that her husband has been sleeping with his cousin s widow and the added bonus of he was in love with the widow before even marrying Maddy, she hightails it out of dodge Nug [...]

  2. Maddy is renovating an old mansion and turning it into a bed and breakfast She s just ending her marriage after her husband has been cheating on her and she s focusing all her energy into opening her bed and breakfast Rys is the interim police chief when he moves home to take care of his father I enjoyed these characters and really was hoping for a HEA for Maddy and Rys I enjoyed this book but thought it was a little slow and had so much going on it was hard to follow at times I would ve liked [...]

  3. Going Home , the first book in the Nugget Series was a charming story about what else coming home.In the case of this story it is a coming home for Rhys Shepard Rhys tries not to come home to Nugget often he has no real reason to, other than his best freind Clay , Nugget does not hold much of a draw for him even though his father still lives there Rhys has never had That type of relationship with Shep A phone call from the Sherrifs office changes that, his father has been arrested for theft whic [...]

  4. ARC REVIEW I really enjoy this series, I love small town romance and for the most part these are second chance at love stories Each character has a past that has jaded them and it creates a very believable and likeable characters for the exception of Clay from Finding Hope I still don t like him Maddy needed a place to start over after her disastrous marriage and divorce and Nugget California was the perfect place She convinced her brother into buying the old dilapidated Lumber Baron and turn it [...]

  5. I got this book free from Firstreads This is my honest review.This was such a fun and diverse read It was part romance, part mystery and part history It took place in the fictional town of Nugget, California, which is based on the present day place where the Donner Party got stranded in huge snow blizzards on their trek west in 1846 Fortunately, nobody eats anybody else in this story, but there is someone who is attacking people connected with an old Victorian mansion that is being refurbished i [...]

  6. An ARC of Going Home by Stacy Finz was generously provided to me via NetGalley in exchange of honest review.I enjoyed this book It s light, it s fluffy and if you like light romance, you certainly love this book To be honest I m not exactly in the mood for light romance, lately I m craving for dark ones and that s why I didn t really connect with the characters It s solely my fault, not the book I love Maddy s attitude She s focused and she s determined I find myself wanting to be like her So ye [...]

  7. I love a good small town romance and Stacy Finz s newest did not disappoint I liked that this isn t one of those small town impossibly full of boutiques and fancy stores Nugget is struggling to survive and beginning to figure out that they need to do something different to keep going While both Maddy and Rhys are both interesting characters who make rational decisions but for the most part this reads like a fiction To me this wasn t a problem as I really enjoyed getting to know the characters a [...]

  8. What a great first book in a series I enjoyed this story so much Maddy moves to the town of Nugget after discovering her husband has been unfaithful While renovating an old mansion into an inn, she meets Rhys, the police chief He is only in town temporarily while he makes arrangements for his ailing father There is so much going on in this story, there are criminals and busy bodies and a strong theme of family loyalty I think this is a great start for the series, I am excited to read the next Bo [...]

  9. What a wonderful book This one is set in a lovely little mountain town called Nugget IN California.After splitting from a cheating husband Maddy sets about turning an old mansion into a Bed and Breakfast Can she overcome her neighbours reservations and befriend them At the same time Detective Rhys Shepard has taken leave from his job to work back home whilst he cares for his father.I really loved Maddy s character really warm and well rounded I was willing her to make a success of the project an [...]

  10. It started out okay but then it involved way to many people and what was going on with them I think the couple was lost in all this and the other stories took away from them in general For the two main characters I enjoyed them but the side stepping of one another got a little old I hope the next book in the series is better and doesn t involve so many of the townspeople.

  11. As with most books that are the first in a series there s a lot than just a romance going on in Going Home, the first book in the Nugget series We re introduced to the main characters, Maddy a soon to be divorcee starting her life over and Rhys who grew up in Nugget Ca on the wrong side of the tracks and couldn t wait to leave when he finished high school 18 years prior But Rhys s estranged father whom only gave him the minimum attention and support he needed growing up has Alzheimers so Rhys i [...]

  12. After discovering her husband s infidelity, Maddy leaves the world of high society behind and sets her sights on life in the sleepy little town of Nugget, where she and her brother plan on turning a historic downtown building into a beautiful hotel, and she plans on proving to herself and the rest of the world that she really can make it on her own But small towns aren t always so welcoming of newcomers, and her sexy new neighbor is an unexpected distraction.When Rhys left Nugget, he never plann [...]

  13. Not my kind of book but finished it as I was curious as to what would happen with some of the characters I suspect the author recently learned how to spell ass and tried to use it as often as possible Sometimes twice on one page An easy summer read.

  14. A sweet little storye cotton candy equivalent of literatured who doesn t love cotton candy I so enjoy a book series set in a small town with quirky characters I look forward to reading the other books in this series.

  15. I haven t enjoyed a romance novel this much in a very long time Liked the characters, the town and the story.

  16. This book is the first in the wonderful Nugget series by Stacy Finz I want to thank NetGalley and Kensington Publishing for the ARC of Going Home as well as the whole Nugget series, and for introducing me to such an outstanding new author This is the wonderful story of Maddie and Rhys as they fall in love, and all of the difficulties happening in their lives Ms Finz takes you on a roller coast ride of emotions in this book.Rhys left Nugget, California when he was 18 and other than visiting on ve [...]

  17. Going Home by Stacy Finz is an engaging combination of sexual tension, mystery, angst, and of course, romance The story takes place in the small town of Nugget, California, where the winters are harsh and the majority of the townsfolk are busybodies and very resistant to change Nugget s claim to fame is the Donner Party tragedy and the author does a nice job of incorporating the history into the storyline.The two main characters, Maddy Breyer and Rhys Shepard, are able to find love in the midst [...]

  18. The place that d been Maddy s home was gone, lost to the betrayal of her husband cheating and their divorce Not that she minded His infidelity gave her the chance to start over in the small town of Nugget doing what she did best running an inn Well, trying to at least The building was falling down around her ears Accidents kept happening And the people Let s just say they weren t the most accepting bunch I ve ever met But she had her brother and determination Those should have been all she d nee [...]

  19. I would like to thank Kensington via NetGALLEY for giving me an unreleased copy for an honest and fair review.In the wake of her failed marriage, Maddy finds Rhys to be the man she can count on while turning the Lumbar Baron into a hotel, but will she fall apart when he goes back to Houston Will Rhys be able to leave Maddy and his new found sister and brother and turn down the police chief position in Nugget for the Lieutenant s position in Houston This debut novel is a 4 star beginning to the s [...]

  20. 4.5 StarsMaddy Breyer has been betrayed by her husband He s been sleeping with his cousin s widow, who he confesses he had been in love with before marrying Maddy Enough said She is out of there She and her brother are going to renovate an abandoned Victorian on the town square in Nugget, California It will make a beautiful bed and breakfast inn Just the kind of distraction she needs.Rhys Shepard is back in Nugget to care for his father who has symptoms of Alzheimer s He is acting as interim pol [...]

  21. This book was given to me for an honest review.3 star Being the authors first book, I thought it is a great debut The characters are very likable and I loved that it was based on a small town Rhys, before I get started,a strong alpha male, had a hard time when growing up, but came back even though he didn t want to He has very strong family morals, and screams sex on a stick when you put the alpha in a uniform Maddys character was a strong leading lady Moving there to start an adventure with her [...]

  22. I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review When I received an email offering me to review this book, I thought why not It s an autor I haven t read before, so it s nice to have a chance to find someone new and great Moreover, I m in a mood for romance I read the abstract and while it s wasn t bad, I knew that this book wouldn t be in my to read piles without that free copy Guest what I m so glad for it because, wow, what a great read This is the story of Maddy and [...]

  23. I really liked the premise of the plot and the interesting background of small town Nugget in Going Home The way Stacy included some of Nugget s somewhat horrifying history really brought the place to life Both of the main characters, Maddy and Rhys are strong They come from very different backgrounds, but that doesn t stop the attraction they have for each other In present day they have very different lives too though Maddy has goals, and they are centered around her new life in Nugget Rhys is [...]

  24. I read the 2nd book in this series first, and I really liked that book, with the exception of Clay getting on my nerves, so I already knew a bit about the main characters in this book, Maddy and Rhys, and I liked both of them in the 2nd book, so I wasn t surprised that they were very likable in their own book Maddy is going through a tough time in her life, and I felt for her, and I was rooting for her, and I think it s important that a reader wants the lead characters to succeed, and she really [...]

  25. Welcome to Nugget, California This is the first book in Stacy Finz Nugget series and it is a good start to the series Maddy Breyer has come to Nugget to help her brother renovate and open a small hotel She is also regrouping after finding out that her husband has been having an affair and is in love with someone else as well as her, so he claims When Maddy arrives in Nugget, she move into the other side of the duplex from the sexy new police chief, until renovations at the Lumber Baron allow for [...]

  26. Stacy Finz writes in a good voice Her first novel has a good plot and captivates the reader.Maddy Breyer left her rich, cheating husband to go to Nugget, California to make an old abandoned building into a 20 room hotel Rhys shepard never liked Nugget growing up and left it ASAP He is on the police force in Houston when he is called back to Nugget to take care of his father who was far from a nurturing man for all of Rhys life Rhys takes a six month leave from work in Houston, but plans to retur [...]

  27. This is a terrific debut novel by Stacy Finz In this story, Ms Finz introduces us to the charming and picturesque town of Nugget, California and its struggling business and land owners Rhys Shepard has come home after escaping years earlier from the small town and his neglectful father Rhys likes the bachelor life he leads as a Houston detective and is not happy to be back in Nugget as the interim police chief while taking care of his ailing father.Maddy Breyer and her brother have recently boug [...]

  28. Maddy s new career is a lot like her life in need of some rehabilitation and TLC She moves to Nugget to purchase and rehab an old Victorian home with her brother, with the intention of turning it into a luxury hotel, but many in the community are less than receptive to the idea Rhys is an up and coming detective in the Houston police force who moves, temporarily, back to his hometown of Nugget to assist his ailing father While there, he accepts an appointment to Chief of Police, with every inten [...]

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