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Over the Top Dawn Freeze had a huge crush on Hawk Rain for years and the entire town knows it It s understandable the man is total hotness That tall lean body Intense dark eyes And always one foot out the door N

Dawn Freeze had a huge crush on Hawk Rain for years, and the entire town knows it It s understandable the man is total hotness That tall, lean body Intense dark eyes And always one foot out the door Now he s on leave for exactly one week And this time, he s made it crystal clear that he only wants one thing Her.Hawk s been fighting his attraction to Dawn for as longDawn Freeze had a huge crush on Hawk Rain for years, and the entire town knows it It s understandable the man is total hotness That tall, lean body Intense dark eyes And always one foot out the door Now he s on leave for exactly one week And this time, he s made it crystal clear that he only wants one thing Her.Hawk s been fighting his attraction to Dawn for as long as he can remember She s his best friend s little sister, and that means hands off Except now she s all grown up, and her sweet sexiness is exactly what he craves But just as Hawk allows himself one mindblowingly intense night with Dawn, he learns that everyone he loves is in danger Especially her.And the only way to protect Dawn is to push her away

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Over the Top

  1. New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and a hearing examiner only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them She writes dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and sexy contemporary romances.

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  1. 3 StarsHe was tired of fighting, and he was tired of wishing Most of all, he was tired of wondering.So he held her in place and delved deep.Allow me to preface my review by saying had I read this book immediately after Rising Assets, I have a feeling I would have enjoyed it a lot As it was, with over a year wait between the last book and this one, I forgot everything Going back to my review of Rising Assets I was very excited about Hawk s book and I do recall there being some backstory of him a [...]

  2. 3 This Lone Ranger bullshit you re sporting just ended Stars.Having been waiting somewhat impatiently for well over a year for the next installment in the Maverick Montana series, I started Dawn and Hawk s story with extremely high expectations, I mean this is Rebecca Zanetti, the author I have a serious author crush on, and whose books I never get bored of reading So it was a bit of a surprise and a massive disappointment to be feeling that particular emotion for most of this book Baby, that is [...]

  3. ARC received from publisher via Netgalley That was cute, I thinkFirst of all, I m a big fan of Rebecca s Sin Brothers series Second, Entangled Brazen is a definite guilty pleasure for me So seeing this on Netgalley, Zanetti Entangled Brazen, hey, my first thought was sign me up I realized this is the 4th book in the series but it is a standalone The first 3 is about the Lodge Freeze brothers This is now about the baby sis, Dawn, and Hawk They have a history that goes way back Dawn s been into Ha [...]

  4. 2.5 starsDawn has been in love with Hawk for years Hawk is her brother s best friend They have great chemistry together but have never acted on their attraction to each other I ve read every book in this series and they are all standalones, each about a different couple, but they are all connected As a reader, in every book there was a little glimpse into what could be between Dawn and Hawk and I was super excited for their story Maybe I had too high of expectations because this didn t really hi [...]

  5. Rebecca Zanetti has always been a go to author for me When I want something thrilling Something sexy Something a little fun I waited an awful long time for Hawk and Dawn s story Unfortunately, it wasn t quite all I d hoped it would be A bit too much of the over the top old lady antics and not enough of the sinfully sexy alpha male Hawk And can I just wonder out loud How many possible concussions actually happen on a day to day basis, because in this book it seemed like a lot Every other chapter [...]

  6. Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Over the Top by Rebecca ZanettiBook Four of the Maverick Montana seriesPublisher BrazenPublication Date July 21, 2015Rating 3 starsSource eARC from NetGalley Warning this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers Summary from This kind of temptation is worth the riskDawn Freeze had a huge crush on Hawk Rain for years, and the entire town knows it It s understandable the man is total hotness That tall, lean body Intense dark eyes And always one [...]

  7. Over the Top is book 4 in the Maverick Montana series and finally we get Hawk and Dawn I really enjoyed this one and it was my favorite of the series Dawn has loved Hawk for forever and Hawk definitely had eyes for her too I was happy the brothers got over it really quickly since the three are really protective If I had one complaint I wish it was longer I would have liked to see them as a couple without the threat of danger and I was disappointed that we weren t given an Epilogue Overall this w [...]

  8. It was ok Honestly, I wanted to read about them for forever but sadly this story wasn t that interesting The whole plot with drug dealers and danger wasn t appealing to me, I mean this series was about sweet small town If I wanted to read some suspense, I would have taken another book And also, all those women claiming that they can take care of themselves Are you freaking nuts This dude has connection in dangerous places, those are international criminals and they are like we are not afraid, an [...]

  9. I love this series and I have been waiting forever to read Hawk s story It was perfectlots of action, lots of passion, and lots of humour I also loved the fact that we have known the two main characters through the other books and as friends the story immediately started as the couple already knew each other I hope this isn t the last book in the series as I d love to read Reese s storyif he can stay out of the hospital long enough

  10. ARC provided by author publisher in exchange for an honest review image error Over the Top by Rebecca Zanetti is the first book that I have read from this author and I must say that I found myself enjoying this quick read It had the elements of a sweet yet fun and quirky romance Since I have not read the previous three books of this series, this book was written in such a way that you did not feel lost with characters found in the previous books Over the Top focuses on one of my favorite trope o [...]

  11. Having loved the Maverick Montana series I admit I went into this with high expectations Hawk and Dawn s story has been gathering momentum nicely over the three previous books and I highly rate Rebecca Zanetti as an author, so to say I felt underwhelmed by Over The Top is disappointing I ve tried reason, I ve tried friendship, and I ve even tried asking nicely Now we re gonna try something else The foundations for the story are solid and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the writing Hawk an [...]

  12. 3 Huckleberry flavoured starsIt s a known fact in Maverick County that the little sister, Dawn Freeze, has held a candle for Hawk Rain for most of her life Being her big brothers best friend growing up, he became part of the furniture, as well as the family.Hawk has blended in and out of the town s backdrop, as his military and then covert work allowed him He returns on a particular day to Dawn singing with a band in the local centre, and is dumbfounded not only by her stellar voice, but by how [...]

  13. Over the Top is the fourth book in the Maverick Montana series by Rebecca Zanetti Let me just start off by saying that this author never lets me down I enjoy her books and style of writing immensely It never fails that I end up laughing like a loon, than once while reading a novel by Ms Zanetti She creates not only relate able, likeable characters, but ones that you remember and that leave a smile on your face It s never just the hero or heroine either, it s the full cast In fact, my favorite c [...]

  14. 3 Meddling Ways Stars Source eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Entangled Publishing Brazen I adore the Maverick Montana series and all the towns meddling ways So when finally we get Dawn and Hawk s story with Over the Top I jumped at this opportunity Sadly, though I didn t fall in love with this one as much as the others It was still cute but it didn t grab me like the others Hawk is the best friends to the Freeze Lodge boys He has also been the desire to his best friend s little sisters heart [...]

  15. How did I miss 2 books in this series I m not sure, but I can tell you that I m rectifying that as soon as I finish typing this.Over the Top is a hot read Hawk is scorching a growly, bossy, alpha male of the best kind He is on a self appointed mission, and he can t start anything with Dawn, the girl he s loved most of his life little sister to his best friends family until he is ready to be 100% in.Dawn has loved Hawk since she could remember and had been waiting for him to make a move for what [...]

  16. 3.5 5The old ladies in this book seriously cracked me up I liked them than I liked the main characters Review to come

  17. I have been waiting over a year for a new book in Rebecca Zanetti s Maverick, Montana series A year I was therefore ecstatic to finally get to read Dawn and Hawk s story in Over the Top, especially since their potential romance has been teased for some time The best friend s little sister angle is always fun to read about, combining sexual tension and a history between the characters that raises the stakes of their would be relationship While Hawk has always been a bit of a mystery, Dawn is the [...]

  18. Over the top Hot 3.5 Dawn Freeze has crushed on her brother s best friend Hawk, for years At age 18 it became obvious to Hawk, her family, and the town of Maverick that she had feelings for him He is in the military and has been in and out of town for years Nobody, not even his best friend Colton know what he does, but this is one of the reasons Hawk has stayed away from Dawn There is also the family, who Hawk considers as his own family.There is a lot of back and forth between these two Dawn ha [...]

  19. 3.5 starsDawn has been in love with her brother s best friend for as long as she can remember and half the town knows how she feels even if Hawk has never done anything to encourage her Hawk has secretly wanted Dawn for years but he s sure her brothers would never approve of them as a couple His job is dangerous and every time he leaves town there s a risk he might never come back so the last thing he wants is to leave Dawn broken hearted He s tired of fighting his feelings though and she s beco [...]

  20. I ve been waiting for Dawn and Hawk s book and in the previous Maverick Montana stories, it s been made clear that Dawn s had a thing for Hawk for ages and vice versa but with his military stints and other jobs, he hasn t stuck around long enough for anything between them to happen But he s finally decided that Dawn is all grown up and if she wants him for a short fling, she can have him What was interesting to me about this story is that there is very little conflict between Dawn and Hawk at th [...]

  21. Happy Release Day This is the 4th book in the Montana Maverick s Series My review of 3, Rising Assets can be found here.It was great seeing the characters from the first three books in this one This is Hawk and Dawn s bookd I ve been anxiously awaiting Hawk s HEA Poor guy was pretty badly beaten in the last book, and it s about time he found some happiness Of course, just about when he thinks he can grab that brass ringe bad guy gets loose and he has to leave Dawn s warm, sweet arms to go after [...]

  22. Gabi s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews3.5 starsThis is book 4 of 4 of a series I ve never read the series before This is a standalone so you do not have to read the others first However if you re like me once you finish this book you will most definitely want to read the others Dawn and Hawk are scorching together and not just during the sexy scenes Their chemistry is AMAZING I loved their relationship every page of the book I loved how strong Dawn was and how fierce Hawk is And t [...]

  23. 3.5 starsOver the Top was a sweet, fun and entertaining read.I enjoyed seeing Dawn and Hawk finally get together, they had amazing chemistry and there was never any doubt these two were meant for each other.The Maverick Montana series has been a great read and highly recommend it Each book can be read as a standalone.Thank you Entangled Brazen via Netgalley for the advance copy.

  24. Not my favorite of the series Although nothing really wrong with the book, I just couldn t connect with the characters While Hawk is definitely one hot alpha male, his control freak tendencies are a bit off putting Dawn just annoyed me The fact that she thinks she can handle a drug lord on her own was just laughable.

  25. Hmmmmmmmmm Sigh It s okay Missing something or I was just expecting too much The build up, plus the years of waiting kind of did that but then, I guess shrugs

  26. Delicious and entertaining, Over the Top concludes the Maverick Montana series, and brings us Dawn and Hawk s story She s the baby sister he s one of the older brothers best friends She s loved him for years, but he s had lots of reasons not to give her hope.But the meddling townsfolk have other ideas, and circumstances also conspire to give these two a shove.Ms Zanetti s story is fun, funny, and hot.Definitely looking forward to reading by Ms Zanetti

  27. I received an ARC of this book from IndieSgae PR in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book s blog tour promotions.Your brother s best friend Your best friend s little sister There s an unspoken rule between friends where you re not supposed to mess around with each other s siblings Your friends know exactly how you are in relationships, and if you re a player, you would be the last person your own friend would want their sibling to end up with.I like the general plot fo this book [...]

  28. This was okay Honestly, it was short and to the point, which was fine It was a little heavy on the sex, but that s to be expected with Rebecca Zanetti and she generally writes pretty hot sex, so it isn t as though it s a hardship to read.But that s the best I can do Okay Fine Good I love a fun unrequited turned finally requited love story, but quite frankly, this one was pretty low on the angst factor that usually accompanies that trope Dawn Freeze has loved Hawk Rain and seriously, let s think [...]

  29. Dawn Freeze is all grown up and her sweet sexiness is just what Hawk craves but with everyone he loves in danger he ll have to stay away in this exciting contemporary romance.Dawn has had a crush on Hawk Rain for years and if all she can have is a week then that s what she ll take and the reader can t help but get caught up in this romance as Hawk learns that some fights just aren t meant to be won The chemistry between Dawn and Hawk sizzles from the pages and sparks fly with every heated clash [...]

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