Surrendered To The Pack

Surrendered To The Pack This is a CLIFFHANGER short novella that is part of the serial Wicked Wolf Shifters This is NOT a full length book Parts must be read in order to enjoy the story Wicked Wolf Shifters serial Part Ca

This is a CLIFFHANGER short novella that is part of the serial, Wicked Wolf Shifters This is NOT a full length book Parts must be read in order to enjoy the story Wicked Wolf Shifters serial, Part 1Cassandra Wakefield s life is about to change College student and regular girl, she also comes from an isolated mountain town that for centuries has been under the th This is a CLIFFHANGER short novella that is part of the serial, Wicked Wolf Shifters This is NOT a full length book Parts must be read in order to enjoy the story Wicked Wolf Shifters serial, Part 1Cassandra Wakefield s life is about to change College student and regular girl, she also comes from an isolated mountain town that for centuries has been under the thrall of a very wicked pack of wolf shifters If the insatiably hungry shifters don t get their annual female sacrifice, all hell will break loose on the town This year, Cassie lost the draw She s about to face down a magnificent pack of sexy alpha men Despite her nervousness, she s undeniably intriguedd deeply aroused Steely eyed yet magnetic alpha Trevor, outrageously hot, flirtatious Mac, and drop dead gorgeous Finn, who has headlined her most secret fantasies for years now, await her.Pack Alpha Trevor Reginald doesn t do three things drama, hysterics, or emotions Pack dynamics are for drama, town surrenders tend to get annoyingly hysterical, andemotions well, emotions are useless things for which Trevor reserves no time He s here with his packmates for one reason only to take the surrender s virginity and thus ensure his pack s continued healthy existence But bringing the lovely Cassandra into the Wicked Mountain Wolf Pack stirs something in Trevor he hasn t felt in years Something he will fight tooth and claw to resist before it overwhelms his reason a

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Surrendered To The Pack

  1. Anna Craig J.K. Harper Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Surrendered To The Pack book, this is one of the most wanted Anna Craig J.K. Harper author readers around the world.

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  1. My Thoughts 5 out of 5 Unicorns I loved it Received a copy of the ebook for an honest reviewThis is the first book in a serial novella series This means it is one story split up into parts so the author can get it to you quicker than waiting for the whole book to be complete I m not sure if this will only be four parts or not, but I have seen 4 parts named at this time This serial is not complete at this time, so if you are not one for cliffhangers I d wait until the serial is complete This is f [...]

  2. A quick read, but very entertaining The overall premise is an interesting one with a young woman being sacrificed every year in order to keep the peace between the local werewolf pack and the town There is plenty of sexual tension for Cassie, the current surrender, and Trevor, the pack s alpha Trevor is caught off guard by his reaction to Cassie and takes matters into his own hand in regards to Cassie s status.The sexy times are plenty hot and well written The only thing I wish that had been add [...]

  3. New serial and new author for me Really sexy, fun and loads of eye candy maybe mind candy Like all serials the story moves along quickly but its okay The author makes sure the reader knows what is going on and so its easy to follow along Overall rating 3.5.

  4. I received Surrendered to the Pack and its sequel, Claimed by the Pack, via RomanceArcade, in exchange for an honest review.I m not a big fan of serials, especially the ones which leave off right in the middle of an important scene, so I was prepared not to like this one much.I found it a pleasant surprise to be mistaken There were a few errors, which I ve come to expect in indie pubs, but the cliche concept wasn t quite cliche.Cassandra is this year s Surrender to the local Wolf Pack She s twen [...]

  5. Excellent 1st book in the series by Anna Craig You have a town that once a year sends a Surrender or Sacrifice depending on who you talk too This year Cassandra s name is chosen 2 months shy of her 22nd birthday, which is the cut off age for being chosen Alpha of the Wicked Mountain pack Trevor throws a wrench in the works when he chooses to keep Cassie as his mate, something that had never been done in the 100 year history of the covenant As you can imagine, the male Wolves who expected to shar [...]

  6. FantasticI started reading the book thinking it will be similar to other shifter books, but it grabbed me straight away The story was exciting, funny and a strong leading lady I read the story in one sitting I could not put down my kindle, I needed to finish the story I needed to find out what happened to Cassandra and Trevor and the pack There were great sex scenes, very detailed and hot I realised that I was holding my breath at times whilst reading some of the scenes Great start to the series [...]

  7. Each year a virgin human girl between 18 22 is chosen to be sacrificed to the Wicked Mountain wolf pack the human girls are watched over very carefully to make sure they all remain pure as part of a treaty with the wolf pack If the village did not follow the rules, the wolves would raid the town and no girl would be safe Cassandra is this years chosen and must leave with 3 giant werewolf shifters Trevor is the alpha and Cassie feels like his mate, but they never mate with human women, they only [...]

  8. A Quick Read that packs a punch.Ooh my, my, my, this quick read packs one heck of a punch,1 young virgin woman3 smoking hot werewolvesAnd a tradition of surrender spanning centuries This is a great little book with a lot going onMature readers, strong language and sexual content.Reviewer for Nook Books and More Blog.R R 6 4 17

  9. OMG So good until it starts getting good and bam next book Really That s the only reason for the three star and not a four It should have been one big book instead Ugh But other then that good read.

  10. This was really shortd I still couldn t finish it The sexy parts were just awkward because of the way the characters movements were described I couldn t tell which way someone was facing who was touching what and so on.

  11. Cassie is naive, but not that naive I really think she should be scared Trevor should be explaining at least a little bit to her, to keep her from freaking out If she knew about what was going to happen, she wouldn t be so mouthy, IMO.

  12. InterestingI ve read many paranormal books, but never thought of a book taking this type of detour Very interesting, I can t wait to read in the series.

  13. interesting concept although not really explained hopefully in future episodes this will be covered thoroughly Will be interesting to see if Finn and Mac get their own fast intro read.

  14. holy shiftersi am and was absolutely amazed, this story is supremely good the story flowed so well, i just read right through to the end really good story.

  15. Oh, god Oh, yes Oh, god Oh, yes Three huge, sexier than hell, wild wolf shifting men trapped her in a cage of man flesh Completely at their disposal, utterly at their command, and totally helpless to say no Where to begin This is directly from the book The impossible The insane The unprecedented I think that it also is a fair description of this story in a way too Even though this sounds like some archaic medieval practice that SHOULD be appalling, it is EVERYTHING but that This is one HOT PAWSO [...]

  16. Most people would be thankful to win the lottery Not Cassandra Wakefield, however A few months shy of her twenty second birthday, she is the unlucky winner of a town lottery The prize is her surrender to a pack of wolf shifters in return for their word that they ll leave the town alone.I didn t like any of the characters none of them felt very real or natural All of their personalities were lacking some sort of unique quality Cassandra, in particular her history seems to be kind of generic her n [...]

  17. The Wicked Mountain Wolf Pack have a yearly female sacrifice to the pack Prerequisite 22 year old virgin and a see through dress required for the ceremony The sacrifice is meant to keep the wolves from destroying the town, killing humans and for their own well being The lucky lottery winner is the sassy blue eyed beauty Cassandra Wakefield who had to go willing to the pack to surrender her virginity possessive wolves wanting to be the first to breach her.I loved Cassandra s character she s audac [...]

  18. There are many books out there with similar themes A woman either voluntarily looks for a pack to have a sexual encounter initiation or a woman is sacrificed to a group of shifters and has to have sex with all of them.I don t usually seek out those stories as they tend to disappoint me I like a storyline with my romance This one has some of those elements a virginal sacrifice eager, yet scared, of having sex with multiple partners She is a college graduate but not quite mature The alpha frighten [...]

  19. Hot Sexy and Scorching Wolf Shifters This book had me drawn from the start I Love reading Paranormal Alpha Shifter books, and this one was perfect Cassandra a 22 year old virgin lives in a town with Wolf ShiftersA Treaty made long ago ,means every season a young female gets placed in a lottery , and if chosen she must go with the wolves to keep there numbers from going into extinction Lucky Cassandra gets chosen, and must take her place with Trevor the bad ass alpha who is deadly sexy, Finn a go [...]

  20. New to me author with a sexy paranormal series Wicked Wolf Shifters This is a serial so you ll need to commit to all four because this does end with a cliffhanger Cassandra isn t quite sure how it happened but she has become the virginal sacrifice to the local wolf pack She s heard the stories but to be the one given over to alpha Trevor is almost too hard for her to handle She tries to keep her head high but Trevor can smell her fear And her desire As Cassandra is lead to her fate Trevor realiz [...]

  21. Series alertCassandra had been offered to the Wolves as a means of fulfilling a centuries old tradition This would allow the citizens of Wakefield Mountain town to live without fear of being attacked by the Wolves A virginal sacrifice of a women between the ages of 18 22 yrs was offered to the Alpha and members of his pack Barbaric, I know, but I had to read on because the storyline baited my curiosity Trevor and his two enforcers, Finn and Mac, liked what they saw in Cassandra But for some reas [...]

  22. Copy received in return for an honest review I don t typically read serials, preferring to wait for the complete set, but this one piqued my curiosity Though it is very short, it had my full attention by the time it came to the cliffhanger ending.Cassandra has lost the drawing and is her town s surrender to a wolf pack that lives on the mountain overlooking the town In return for her sacrifice, the town will be protected Even though she has had erotic dreams of one of the three males that have a [...]

  23. Get caught up in this one This is an addictive read You should probably go ahead and get the next sections now because you will most definitely want them This story builds the intensity steadily with great character revelations and descriptions and unexpected plot twists Although it leaves you with a cliffhanger, I m not mad It was a great place to pause to allow me the chance to absorb the action up to this part I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, thought that Cassie was a completely charming ch [...]

  24. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Anna Craig This is part 1 of the Wicked Wolf Shifters by the author.Cassandra Wakefield was called home to participate in a annual female sacrifice to the Wicked Mountain pack Now she has to surrender to the alpha and the pack but for some reason the alpha Trevor Reginald changes the outcome of things.This is a short story with hot sex The characters interaction was well written.This is for erotic paranormal readers because of sexua [...]

  25. Wickedly deliciousCassandra Wakefield has been chosen as the town sacrifice to the Wicked Mountain Pack Pack Alpha Trevor Reginald is intrigued by this year s sacrifice to the point of wanting her then he has ever wanted a woman before But the alpha can t take a human as a mate even though the pack has been trying to get him to take a new mate But not a human, it s just not done Well written and very entertaining Looking forward to the next installment.

  26. Cassandra is the pack surrender, required to pleasure and be pleasured by Alpha Trevor, Finn, and Mac But Trevor has a connection to her and will claim her for his own and not share her Will this cause discord and possibly even death for poor Cassandra I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.

  27. Wolf shifter series cliffhanger.Kindle Unlimited book Not a standalone book She is given to the pack so that her town can be safe But when they get ready to take her the Alpha becomes furious and kick them all out A human cannot be his mate but yet he is possessive of her What will he do when he finds out that she is his mate the pack says she should die

  28. Cassie is surrendered to as Wicked Mountain s latest sacrifice in order to keep peace for at least another century for her people Trevor tries to ignore his other half but the pull toward Cassie is so strong that his wolf wants to calm her as their mate It s against the pack rules to claim a human sacrifice as a mate It all comes tumbling down he tell his pack mates to leave them.

  29. Cassandra a surrender virgin who is given to a pack but ends up something for the pack Trevor the pack alpha who by all standards find his mate in an unlikely person or shifter and who of Finn and Mac all three have their sights on one woman who you may ask well must read to find out this is a Arc review given in exchange for a honest review by RomanceARC.

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