For Both are Infinite (Hearts in London #1)

For Both are Infinite Hearts in London Living in London was always part of the plan Ellie just didn t expect to do it alone Running away and starting anew was the only solution She set some rules for herself no connections no love no fri

Living in London was always part of the plan Ellie just didn t expect to do it alone Running away and starting anew was the only solution She set some rules for herself no connections, no love, no friends Work would be her only solace But when she s assigned to train Rhys Edwards, Britain s Heartthrob, for his run as Hamlet on West End, all her plans fade away EllieLiving in London was always part of the plan Ellie just didn t expect to do it alone Running away and starting anew was the only solution She set some rules for herself no connections, no love, no friends Work would be her only solace But when she s assigned to train Rhys Edwards, Britain s Heartthrob, for his run as Hamlet on West End, all her plans fade away Ellie soon realizes that just because you re breathing, it doesn t mean you re alive, and she learns it s the connections in life that make it worth living.

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For Both are Infinite (Hearts in London #1)

  1. Stephanie Alba lives in Miami, Florida with her husband, her toddler and their two dogs, Milo and Van Gogh She s obsessed with Disney, British history, traveling, romances novels, movies, and Halloween When she s not glued to her laptop or writing in her notebook, she s either running, planning her next vacation, binge watching Netflix, reading, or chasing her toddler.

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  1. Ellie Reed knows tragedy Just as well as she knows love, loyalty and heartbreak Though tragedy seems to be her driving force, she finds companionship in the lovely Rhys Edwards Ugh I loved him.Here s the thing if I d gone through what Ellie went through, I doubt I d ever be able to go on And we witness that struggle within Ellie It s done so well Rhys was the ideal man to pull her from her grief I loved his patience and how he was so willing to open her up to love and to him Scratch that He wait [...]

  2. OMG This is one of the most heartfelt and the sweestest stories i ever read I personally dont believed in soulmates but this story made me believe that it might be true Its also about second chances and if only one is brave enough to take a risk and open their hearts, they will find true happiness.Stephanie Alba is now my go to authors when im feeling down, knowing her stories will cheer me up

  3. An e copy of the book was graciously given by the author in exchange for an honest review I usually like my romance fast paced with some heat but I really enjoyed this light, slow building but intense story The progression of the romance between the two main character was slow but sure It wasn t hurried and it was perfectly timed The plot is light and it is easy to read Stephanie Alba s voice is like a lullaby that lulls a reader into this hypnotizingly sweet debut I gazed back, and there, in hi [...]

  4. 3.5 STARSYou can read this and other reviews at INKED IN CHAPTERSEllie has lost big time She s lost her fianc , her perfectly planned future, her hope, and ability to love Or so she thinks When presented with the chance to help heartthrob Rhys Edwards with his upcoming role as Hamlet, the last thing Ellie expects is a second chance at love, and life Rhys is different than Ellie imagined His kind heart and patient demeanor win her over in time But life isn t always sunshine and rainbows, sometime [...]

  5. 4 out of 5 starsThe title of this book is so great for this work I think Ms Alba was brilliant to name it as she did and I appreciate it the book that much because of the titleough I don t know if I really got it until almost the very end The story was wonderful and I enjoyed meeting Rhys and watching their relationship develop, but I had a hard time coming to like Ellie I felt like she lived in an eternal state of denial for so much of the book She kept everyone at arm s length and didn t want [...]

  6. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review As we spoke, Rhys stared at me, his lips parted into a soft expression The constant eye contact and leaning forward was distracting, and I would often have to look away to keep my composure He was enigmatic, or at least my feeling around him were This story was so heartwarming and fun to read I really couldn t put it down once I started it It was a complete pleasure to read Living in London was always part of the plan.Ellie just didn t expect to d [...]

  7. Words truly cannot describe how much I loved this book and how much it means to me I know I throw this phrase around often, but I have NEVER meant it as much as I do right now, this is, without a doubt, my favorite book ever I mean that with every fiber of my being I recently took a trip to London and reading Mrs Alba s words I was able to picture everything so vividly, like I was there watching the story unfold Rhys and Ellie s story took me on a whirlwind journey that I never wanted to end I f [...]

  8. I ll take care of you I believed him, but for how long How long would he allow me to covetously use him for my own healing For Both Are Infinite is such a refreshing book I didn t know what to expect going into this, but I am so glad I picked up and began reading this book I felt connected to the characters from page one in ways than one Ellie is such a strong woman with a wonderful support system Rhys is a sweetheart He is patient, compassionate, loving, and so supportive.Stephanie Alba s writ [...]

  9. Ellie always wanted to live her life in London and now she is,coming from the USA trying to escape the sadness ofher life before ,shes made a deal with herself no distractions,no friends and no love She wanted to concentrate solely on her work as a professor of Shakespearan studies.Shes assigned to train Rhys Edwards, Londons current darling for his role as Hamlet in the west end.What Ellie didn t count on was being so attracted to him,the actor is talented,gorgeous down to earth doesn t have ai [...]

  10. I was completely blown away by this author s writing Her story takes place in the modern day world, but she has the power to bring you to another place, another time I would call it old fashioned Her writing is phenomenal This book was truly amazing Ellie and Rhys story was different than most romances There was tragedy, yes, for Ellie Rhys met her, not by chance, nor circumstance, but because it was meant to be than any story I ve read before This story takes place in London, but they travel t [...]

  11. 4 out of 5 stars ARC Kindle Copy for ReviewAmerican Ellie has always planned to be in London but she did not expect to be there alone When her fianc dies suddenly, she is still mourning him as she tries to move onwards She runs off to London with no friends and plans just to concentrate on work.But soon all things changes when she is hired to train Rhys Edwards, an actor who is performing Hamlet on the West End and happens to be Britain s latest Heartthrob Quickly Ellie learns that it time to mo [...]

  12. I received this for an honest review I have to say that I really enjoyed this book The author did a wonderful job of pulling to very unlikely characters together for a really great bookEllie has had some trauma in her life and has learned to keep people at arms lengthRhys is an actor who needs Ellie s help with his new role The sparks between these two are beautiful and this book is extremely well written for a debut authorI was pulled right into the story I fell in love with Rhys right off the [...]

  13. I was given this book for a honest reviewI was given this book for a honest review and this book was one once you started you couldn t put it down I loved every second of it there was a girl that had her life plan but then met a man that changed everything there was misunderstanding and jealousy and then your hoping they get there happy ending but I guess you will have to read the book to find out I rated this book 5 stars loved every second of it and will recommend it to my friends

  14. What a fabulous debut novel by Mrs Stephanie Alba I found Stephanie on Instagram I can t remember how, or if she found me but nonetheless, I ve been waiting to read this for what seems like months Not a lot of debut authors can create these raw, intense moments, but Stephanie did, and her writing really shines through Plus, it took place in my favorite city London so I can t help but love it.If you re looking for a sweet romance complete with a swoon worthy hero, look no further Rhys is pretty p [...]

  15. I was immediately drawn into this wonderful book Rhys had me instantly swooning, he s kind and respectful and the way he loves Ellie made me want to be her This book is beautifully written and doesn t seem like a debut novel Stephanie is a fantastic writer and I am forever a fan and can t wait to see what she brings to the table with her next book.

  16. This is a beautiful love story from a very talented new author I was taken with this love story and transported to London every time I picked up the book I ve never been but this makes me want to see every special place that she described I loved the unique way Stephanie ties in music and how they are little love notes to each other.

  17. Incredibly sweet story filled with depth and heart It was hard not to tear up throughout the book I loved Ellie and Rhys, but the story was a tad long at times Although it may be the point of the story to see how they developed and grew into a tender love.

  18. I was given an ARC of Stephanie Alba s debut novel, For Both Are Infinite, in exchange for an honest review We meet Ellie Reed, a sweet girl from the east coast of the US that has been living in London to escape a saddened past back home Although living in London was part of her plan she learned early on that life doesn t always go the way you planned it to Because of her past she is determined to live her life in London and fills her time with work, work and work She doesn t need any friends, [...]

  19. Wow This book was beyond cute and sweet, with so much emotion I often found myself smiling a lot while reading, but also getting emotional This book was about loss and heartbreak but being able to move forward.Ellie moved to London to start new after a tragic loss She meets Rhys when she s assigned to help him do prep work for his new role in Hamlet Just as Ellie, I was blown away by how kind he was Ellie immediately captured Rhys attention, something about her made him go after her He was a swe [...]

  20. For Both Are Infinite is a wonderful debut novel that doesn t read like a first book at all Stephanie Alba is a skilled storyteller who has weaved a lovely tale of grief, hope, and love after loss I always commend authors who stick to realistic timelines and characters in their story It takes courage to deny your readers the instant gratification they crave in favour of steady and authentic character development So even during the moments the romantic in me wished Ellie would start moving on and [...]

  21. For Both Are Infinite is one of those stories that you immediately fall in love with Once I began reading, I was completely absorbed in Ellie Reed s life She moved to London for a new start and only wanted to concentrate on her work as a professor of Shakespearean studies Her world, that she got so used to, was turned upside down when she was assigned to help Rhys Edwards, a very handsome and talented actor who was about to play Hamlet on stage Her struggle to overcome her fears and his unwaveri [...]

  22. This is my first book by this author, and it didn t disappoint I loved every lovely, heartbreaking and beautiful moment of this book It was beautiful and Rhys caught my attention and heart from the very beginning and never let go The world, or at least my world would be a much better place if I had a guy like that He seems to wonderful to be true, but would that not be amazing if he was Loss touches so many of us, in very different ways and forms What Ellie went through was devastating, her proc [...]

  23. For Both Are Infinite by Stephanie Alba is an undeniably addictive read From the very beginning I was hooked on Ellie and Rhys s story Alba does a fantastic job in allowing their relationship to unfold naturally in a way that makes you feel as though Ellie is an old friend and Rhys is an actual real life celebrity His character is just too perfect for words If you re looking for a crave worthy story that will have you turning pages and sneaking in a read or three at every free moment, I highly r [...]

  24. This book is so sweet s about couple who struggle with the pas and uncertain future and how hard it is to move onThis story is simple but definitely happen in everyday life.It s such a sweet beautiful story.Rhys Edwardh i m totally swoon.he s so perfect and soooo husband material.If you re looking for something sweetis definitely for youRhys will swoon you

  25. Beautiful Such a beautiful story Ellie s story breaks your heart, but Rhys puts it back together Seriously a cute read that will leave your heart smiling.

  26. I had a really hard time with this one as you can probably tell from my status updates while reading it There were times when I actually contemplated not finishing it because I disliked the main character SO much and found it very difficult to connect with what was going on because she was so frustrating I also felt that we didn t get a lot of show but mostly a lot of tell I didn t sense connections between characters because I didn t know who they were There were a few exceptions but even in th [...]

  27. I had difficulty wanting to finish this book In the end, I did, just to be done with it I want to respect the author s work, but honestly, there was not much to keep me interested in the plot At the outset, we learn that tragedy colored Ellie s life and has caused her to turn inward to loneliness and seclusion in a foreign country What could have been an interesting exploration of loss and personal discovery became a very flat story about an unbelievably perfect man really, he was just not beli [...]

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