Unlucky Lucky Days

Unlucky Lucky Days Inventive disconcerting and hilarious these seventy three tales of our Unlucky Lucky Days might well be termed Dr Seuss for adults They call to mind Rudyard Kipling s Just So Stories as readily as

Inventive, disconcerting, and hilarious, these seventy three tales of our Unlucky Lucky Days might well be termed Dr Seuss for adults They call to mind Rudyard Kipling s Just So Stories as readily as they do Italo Calvino s Cosmicomics, Rikki Ducornet s Butcher s Tales and Woody Allen s most literary writings Braced on the shoulders of the fabulists, fantasists, absurdiInventive, disconcerting, and hilarious, these seventy three tales of our Unlucky Lucky Days might well be termed Dr Seuss for adults They call to mind Rudyard Kipling s Just So Stories as readily as they do Italo Calvino s Cosmicomics, Rikki Ducornet s Butcher s Tales and Woody Allen s most literary writings Braced on the shoulders of the fabulists, fantasists, absurdists, surrealists and satirists who came before him, Daniel Grandbois dredges up impossible meanings from the mineral and plant kingdoms, as well as the animal, and serves them to us as if they were nothing fantastic than a plate of eggs and ham.Daniel Grandbois other book, The Hermaphrodite An Hallucinated Memoir , with forty original woodcuts by Argentine printmaker Alfredo Benavidez Bedoya, is forthcoming from Green Integer in fall 2008 Grandbois writing has appeared in Conjunctions, Fiction, Boulevard, Sentence, Del Sol Review, and the anthologies Freak Lightning and Online Writing The Best of the First Ten Years, among many others Also a musician, Daniel plays or has played in three of the pioneering bands of The Denver Sound Slim Cessna s Auto Club, Tarantella, and Munly.ABA Indie Next Book 2000

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Unlucky Lucky Days

  1. Daniel Grandbois is the author of several books, including Unlucky Lucky Days an Indie Next Notable Book Believer Book Award Reader Survey Selection and A Revised Poetry of Western Philosophy His work has appeared in Fiction, Boulevard, and Conjunctions, among others These are funny, bizarre, moving stories a pleasure to read LYDIA DAVIS These are works of surpassing literary merit some of the most inventive, restless and creative fiction I have read in the last five years They sustain contemporary American fiction, even rehabilitate it, and to have all these works in one place for readers of the future is to do a good thing for all who care about the condition of prose writing in North America RICK MOODY Reading Unlucky Lucky Tales , I think of the great jazz improvisers or Angela Hewitt s version of Bach s Goldberg Variations Here is a plenitude, a world of effects and inventions, from a fine and mentally agile writer This is a book of imagination s plenty Ultimately, it is a book of wonder and delight ED OCHESTER Perhaps Daniel Grandbois is the love child of Rod Serling, HP Lovecraft, and Russell Edson His prose poems hybridize shards of folk tale, sci fi, wacky animism, derailed creation myths, and surreal apocalypse Kiss conventional reality goodbye and prepare to have your brain rearranged, to enter a realm in which scintillating, nonstop invention is god AMY GERSTLER Imagine, as Daniel Grandbois has, a conflation of Marxes Karl and Groucho and a hipster Plato, and you can begin to understand the enterprise of reimagining the history of Western philosophy as a series of comic summaries, complete with abstracts for the novice and infused with a storyteller s sense of the need to entertain, while shedding light on the great intellectual enterprises from ancient to modern times This book is a marvel CHRISTOPHER KENNEDY Animated by a wonderfully droll and fantastical imagination, these little stories are delicious RIKKI DUCORNET One is tempted to look for precedents to his odd surrealism and verbal pranks, but it s clear Grandbois has staked out his own territory, one peopled with offbeat characters and varied discourses The wise fool, an old conceit of literature, resurfaces, and he is of course Grandbois himself PETER JOHNSON Grandbois is a master of the double edged word, of stories that both cut through the world like butter and double back to saw themselves to bits BRIAN EVENSON Singularly original and captivating an important work of fiction that should transform what notions of fiction may currently exist LUIS J RODRIGUEZ A modern space time set of interconnected myths and stories startling sets of shape shiftings and melting tableaus elegantly precise graceful a work of art ED SANDERS A report from another world W e are reminded of why we read fiction in the first place to gain access to the wonderful peculiarities of the author s mind JEFF VANDERMEER Daily Blog A celebration of language in its purest form, exactly what poetry itself was supposed to be BEST EXPERIMENTAL BOOK Listing 2008, CCLaP Chicago Center for Literature Photography In a folklore like fugue that resembles a darkly humorous Jorge Luis Borges or Italo Calvino, Grandbois use s everything from animals to sentient pieces of paper to illustrate metaphysically dizzying truths about the world THE ONION

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  1. i bought this book because i didnt want to have to return it to the publisher, but i needed the shelf space at work i do that a lot, and now i need someone to come over here and make shelf space on my own shelves i liked many of these stories enough to give the book a four star rating, but i know i am not the target audience, because im only feeling a three these are surreal flash fiction pieces, and even though they are super short, their language made me have to read them a few times to get th [...]

  2. You must tell the truth, said the tapeworm, measuring the reviewer s guts But what is the truth squeaked the louse, perched on his ear And where shall we find it said the stone in his heart.But their voices were lost in a dense web of words, trapped for an instant on a flickering screen, before they were devoured by a ravenous click There, you see said the tapeworm, as he floated disembodied Is that why we must speak the truth asked the louse Is this where we shall find it asked the heart stone, [...]

  3. I don t pretend to understand each of these little stories, but those that I do I really enjoyed I hope my mild confusion was merely a result of an inadvertent line skip while reading on the light rail, rather than some defect on the author s part Perhaps these tales are really seeds, and some day soon their meaning will spring forth from my head, fully clad in armor This is a brave collection Bold strokes on a tiny canvas for most stories fill less than a page, and a few are shorter than this r [...]

  4. UNLUCKY LUCKY DAYS, a debut assortment, is fabulist flash fic of the highest order Nothing in the book runs so long as three full pages, in general the work eludes the social economic demarcations of what we like call realism Instead it offers disturbing yet charming shards of unbridled imagination In a typical metamorphosis, a brass lion s head knocker takes leave of its doorway, setting off to play middle school pranks All told, the collection divvies 73 surreal miniatures among seven sections [...]

  5. Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted here illegally Regular readers know that I m a big fan of experimental work, but that I always face a professional problem when trying to write reviews of such work here namely, my reviews tend to be long and detailed analyses of the story being told, something almost impossible to do when the book in question is experimental [...]

  6. Chock full of animals, vegetables and minerals, its oddly, yet wholly, engrossing and like nothing else you ve read before.

  7. Um WOW Something tells me that this author LOVES mushrooms and I m not talking about the saran wrapped, grocery store variety, either HAHAHA Honestly, I LOVED this book It s the most intelligent, unique thing I ve read in a long time But yes it s pretty much an acid trip in words.Grandbois has been compared to Dr Seuss, but I don t think that s quite right They share creativity, to be certain, but Seuss is much structured and sensical Reading this book was like analyzing a Salvador Dali painti [...]

  8. I was on vacation in San Francisco recently and one of the necessary items on my to do list was a pilgrimage to City Lights Books While perusing the shelves, I spied a signed copy of Daniel Granbois Unlucky Lucky Days Knowing the man s name and having heard great things about him from trustworthy people, I decided to plunk down some hard earned cash.Grandbois gave me my money s worth Even though it is a slim book at 117 pages, Unlucky Lucky Days is packed with 73 short tales The longest maxes ou [...]

  9. Unlucky Lucky Days is a book of 73 succulent stories Every word resonates with an allegorical style that opens the doors to an unusual universe of objects and characters The Chair, The Fish, The Log, The Yarn, New Heaven, The Urge, The Left Hand These stories are astonishing, surreal, satirical, philosophical, written with great humor.A third of the stories center on humans, but you will meet many other strange creatures here as well, like The Three Cranes Fly No Oval, Hear No Oval, and Walk No [...]

  10. Cool in a weird way, very odd, and extremely short stories exploring what kinds of lives and thoughts animals, inanimate objects, minerals, and plants to mention a few would have if they could I didn t read all, but picked and chose those that interested me A refreshing, imaginative, and unexpected read.

  11. Daniel has a keen sense of the bizarre, often overlooked aspects of life His stories of stains and hairs are told from a perspective few, if any have the pleasure of seeking and the uniqueness factor is high Not all will understand his art but anyone who is needing a trip down an unconventional road, try Unlucky Lucky Days.

  12. I enjoyed reading this one it s off the wall, a little bizarre, and even though out of about 70 stories, I fully understood 5, caught most of about 10, and the rest I m still trying to figure out Believe it or not, this book won awards, so someone fully understood it.

  13. Danny Daniel Grandbois is a friend from high school and an amazing talent I highly recommend this book You will laugh and wonder how Daniel comes up with these stories

  14. This review originally appeared in the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWSrockymountainnews newsGrandbois has ear for music and wordsBy Vince Darcangelo, Special to the Rocky Audiophiles may recognize Daniel Grandbois as the bassist of some of Denver s most interesting bands, such as Tarantella and Slim Cessna s Auto Club, groups that run the gamut from gypsy to gospel to Gothic Americana It s no surprise, then, that when he trades his four string for a pad and paper, Grandbois takes a musical approach to ficti [...]

  15. A little too strange for me A collection of VERY short stories, everyday subjects, that do off the wall things, like sound that builds a nest in an ear, urges that do things, and mirrors that wish they could see themselves, etc At least I didn t waste a lot of time reading it, it only takes a short while.

  16. 3.5 Another book I wish they had half stars for Some of the stories were hilarious and I read them out loud to my husband Some were just strange So while I didn t love the book I did enjoy quite a few of the short stories He has a unique, creative spin to his writing The Left Hand was one of my favorites

  17. I was so hoping for another book like I thought there would be cake I really wanted to enjoy a bunch of short stories However the stories were way too short, and read like jokes They each needed a little depth.

  18. I really wanted to like this book, but I couldn t get into it I kept trying and putting it aside and then it was due back at the library and I had to return I will try again when my life isn t as busy and my brain can focus I want to like it

  19. There were a handful of stories here that I enjoyed, but it wasn t coming together for me Its oddness wasn t particularly endearing, engaging, challenging, or odd enough to be really interesting It s too bad, because I really wanted to like this book.

  20. Weird Not even humorous, though I didn t read all the stories I guess it just wasn t for me Kinda gruesome, too.

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