Candidate - A Love Story

Candidate A Love Story If only life were as simple as choosing between Toaster Strudel and Fruit Loops Katherine Galloway is two years divorced and still living out of boxes Between her brothers cops that work with her ex a

If only life were as simple as choosing between Toaster Strudel and Fruit Loops.Katherine Galloway is two years divorced and still living out of boxes Between her brothers cops that work with her ex and her mother s constant reminders that her clock is ticking, Kate is trying to hold it all together But the truth is, she s eating Toaster Strudel for dinner, and livingIf only life were as simple as choosing between Toaster Strudel and Fruit Loops.Katherine Galloway is two years divorced and still living out of boxes Between her brothers cops that work with her ex and her mother s constant reminders that her clock is ticking, Kate is trying to hold it all together But the truth is, she s eating Toaster Strudel for dinner, and living and breathing her PR career When it comes to public relations, there s nothing she can t handle or at least that s what she thinks Grady Malendar, the only son of United States Senator Patrick Malendar, has a reputation as a playboy who likes to have a little too much fun The senator is running for re election and needs Grady s help with the youth vote But what they want is a new and improved, headline free Grady, so they hire a PR firm Grady is willing to participate in the dog and pony show to help his father win, but there are some things about Grady s life he wants to keep hidden Especially from his snoopy new PR babysitter, Kate Galloway.Somewhere between campaign stops and fundraisers, Kate and Grady discover that neither of them are what they appear to be on the surface Tensions between them grow until there is no denying they are falling in love behind the scenes of a fa ade they both need to keep in place Will scandal, old wounds, and secrets tear them apart, or will Kate and Grady realize, despite appearances, they are both candidate

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Candidate - A Love Story

  1. Tracy Ewens is a recovered theatre major who writes smart contemporary romance from a beautiful piece of Arizona desert When not working on her next book, she drinks copious amounts of tea, prefers an exit row seat, and reads well past her bedtime.Find Tracy on Twitter at tracy_ewens and Pinterest at tracy_ewens You can also stop by tracyewens to sign up for updates and news.

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  1. 3.5 Push Pull Stars Some Spoilers Do I make you uncomfortable, Kate Grady We don t need dinner to talk strategy Here it is Behave, keep your zipper up, smile, and keep your mouth closed unless your brain is engaged That s it You ll be thirty next week this shouldn t be too difficult I ll handle the rest Just act like you have something to lose and you re not a completely spoiled well, ass KateCandidate A love Story was a pretty good book The reason I didn t enjoy it was it made me like it , and [...]

  2. 4 Owning Who You Are Stars I sometimes do things a little backwards I found this gem of a book, Taste, review show, and happen to enjoy it I thought the author did a fine job, so I hunted down this book which was available on NetGalley, too It didn t matter to me which book I read first, as they work as a stand alone I even think knowing what I did from the book Taste actually added because I understood these characters from that story They overlap a bit but do not reveal too much to ruin the r [...]

  3. I love when the perfect book falls into my lap and it keeps me enthralled and happy just to be reading it Such was the case here and it was a wonderful surprise Not exactly what I thought I would find but just what I needed and was looking for A new to me author whose contemporary romance didn t include off the charts angst, death, sexual dominance, cheating, abuse, etc etc that so many of the top sellers feel are a must these days I just needed to believe in love And this was it wrapped in a sw [...]

  4. Can t wait to get some time to read this one I am featuring Tracy s series on my blog this week, check it out Carlene Inspired Blog

  5. This was okay The characters were likeable, I just thought the overall writing had an unpolished edge to it Ewens had solid ideas, but some of the sentences were very awkward and I felt like I was walking on an uneven brick sidewalk with small patches of smooth asphalt in between For example, instead of using wh what to display a character s verbal trip in the dialogue, Ewens had it written as what, what proceed with sentence It made it look like the person who typed the book up accidentally typ [...]

  6. This was a cute, easy to read but still fun and nicely written Love Story What i loved most about this book was that the main girl Kate who tried to regain herself an move on from her cheating ex husband, didn t just completely change herself or her life once she meets the main guy of this book I hate it when women just completely change themselves to be perfect for the right guy I also enjoyed that the guy Grady was then he first seemed Yes, he was a ladies man and enjoyed drinking and fun an [...]

  7. It started a bit slow but I fell for Grady I wish there had been a bite groveling at the end but I really enjoyed their story They got to know each other, became friends and finally fell in love.

  8. 4 STARS What a beautiful story That s all I can really say It wasn t cheesy, and it didn t have annoying drama Everything flowed smoothly and elegantly.Katherine is recovering from a failed marriage Her ex husband cheated on her multiple times Part of her healing process was to focus all her energy on work She works at a PR firm, and she and her team are hired to help the Senator to be reelected Kate s main goal is to make sure the Senator s son, Grady, behave.Grady has a reputation of being a b [...]

  9. Review originally posted at All Books Considered THREE AND A HALF STARSI really, really love political romances but I am a bit picky when it comes to them Recently I read Flirting With Scandal and Special Interests, both of which I didn t love That being said, Candidate was good I really, really liked Grady and I loved Grady and Kate together this was no insta love and there was a lot of push pull without silly drama An absence of both is seriously harder than hard to find these days in contempo [...]

  10. In Candidate I expected to find the requisite opposites attraction contempt always leads to love or at least some decent between the sheets action in romance novels and there is that However, I did not expect for the entire plot to be laid out before the end of the first act, a little anticipation please Nonetheless, I spot the author a couple points for going against the grain The characters at first glance seem interesting I love a strong heroine and a good guy masquerading as bad and Kate and [...]

  11. Thank you Netgalley for the the free book.I m a sucker for a good cover and this one totally drew me in This story was well written with believable and likable characters all of them The story was evenly paced and very romantic without being smutty The only thing that was a little un relatable was the economic background of the characters, but it was in no way over the top just something I personally could not relate to There was no big explosion of drama in this book, but I love a solid, well r [...]

  12. 3.5Some plot issues and tense problems but the characters were worth rooting for.The story was interesting and the push pull was realistic making the inevitable that much sweeter.It s a quick read but it keeps you hooked and this is a perfect vacation book.Also, it definitely had its steamy moments.I d read the next one but I really didn t care for Kara so I might just skip it.Also, I just realized that the cover is perfect Read and you ll make the connection ARC received from NetGalley in excha [...]

  13. This is a sweet romance, but alas it did not sweep me away I think this genre just doesn t grab hold of me the way it does for so SO many of my friends don t discount this title if you are a fan of young love.

  14. Politics are tough and public image is everything for United States Senator Patrick Malendar of California He s up for re election and his young Republican opponent is giving him a run for his money To secure his seat, Malendar has hired Bracknell and Stevens to handle his PR campaign But the big problem is what to do about Malendar s errant son, Grady, a shameless playboy whose carousing is frequent fodder for the scandal hungry media Malendar knows his son is the key to the young demographic a [...]

  15. Obviously I enjoyed this story having read it three times It s nearly perfect according to my own requirements for a diverting enthralling read Well written and just a truly good story.

  16. Estoy segura de que esta historia tiene un p blico espec fico al que le va a encantar, aunque por desgracia, yo no soy parte del mismo Me ha resultado floja, muy plana y carente de emociones.No hay nada nuevo ni original en esta historia Otro caso de insta lust, de atracci n f sica y descripciones de lo perfectos que son ambos protagonistas.Los conflictos que surgen entre los protagonistas para no poder estar juntos son los de siempre una vez que te ha salido mal una relaci n ya no conf as en el [...]

  17. Politiek is niet echt mijn ding Is het omdat ik het allemaal niet goed snap dat het mij niet interesseert of is het omdat het mij niet interesseert dat ik het niet goed snap Geen idee eigenlijk Het komt erop neer dat ik boeken die hierover gaan gewoonlijk links laat liggen niets met politiek te maken Ik kon ze evengoed rechts laten liggen maar de uitdrukking is nu eenmaal zo Ik had echter het gevoel dat het om meer dan de verkiezingen zou gaan en dat trok mij dan wel weer aan, dus besloot ik he [...]

  18. This is probably one of the loveliest romances I ve read lately Nothing is rushed, everything happens naturally and you are drawn to characters that live pretty normal lives This is the kind of romance that you believe can happen to you, not just the stuff you see in movies but never feels 100% real.Grady Malendar s father is up for re election to the Senate and Grady is, for once, asked to drop his bad boy reputation and behave, at least for as long as the campaign lasts So much that his father [...]

  19. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for a review Firstly, notice that I did not put this book on my fluffy goodness shelf which is where I thought it would wind up when I requested it A cheesy, light hearted romance sounded great but unfortunately this book fell totally flat for me.I pressed through about half of the book before realizing I didn t care what Grady s secret was which was referenced every other chapter , and I certainly had no connection to either of the main characters [...]

  20. Original review at 125pages I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.4 Stars Candidate was a formulaic chic lit book, but one of the good ones Girl who has been hurt in the past and boy with issues meet, instant dislike but they have to deal with each other due to circumstances, attraction is fought, fight is lost, then misunderstandings anger Then, finally true love The political setting made this a nice change from the female lead working at a newspaper or magazine as is [...]

  21. I was lucky enough to receive this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Best for Romance, Easy Read, FunnyI completely devoured this book It s one of the best books I ve read this year romantic, funny, relatable, sexy and with a great storyline to boot The book could have been cheesy beautiful young PR manager given the task of babysitting the Senator s rich, charming, playboy son in order to help the Senator win his election however Tracy writes the characters and the story [...]

  22. As a woman who has been through a divorce due to infidelity, I could relate to Kate I m still searching for my happily ever after though and there s no Grady in my immediate future intelligent, wealthy, hot men just aren t ubiquitous in my neck of the woods sly nod to Grady s dear Nana I liked the beginning of this book and I liked the last few pages But about about 3 4 through, I almost abandoned it because it just became too cloying There was so much angst and it just wasn t super believable i [...]

  23. Senator Malendar wants to be re elected To do so, he hires the firm Kate works at to be his PR firm But Kate s job is not working with the senator, but with his son Grady Needless to say she is not thrilled She sees him as a walking situation , playboy, who just doesn t know when to grow up As she starts to call him a spoiled litte , who do you think over hears her comments Yep, you have it right, Grady Grady sees Kate as his babysitter who is supposed to keep him out of trouble during the campa [...]

  24. This is a love story that does not disappoint It gives you all the feels of falling in love as Kate works through her issues to become a whole person again Kate is the strong female character that I always love She is great at her job but she is still dealing with her divorce Nick broke her heart, but as fellow police officers her brothers and father still seem to want her to forgive him Her new project at work is to babysit Grady Malendar She meets him knowing he s a playboy who is always getti [...]

  25. I thoroughly enjoyed this book This is the first book I ve read by Tracy Ewens but now I plan to read of her books I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The heroine, Kate, is difficult to like at first However, as the story moved along I came to understand why she acts the way she does In the beginning the hero, Grady, comes off as a devil may care, immature playboy Both of these characters have a lot going on than what you first see o [...]

  26. Thank you Netgalley for the copy in exchange for an honest review Candidate follows the story of Kate and Grady Kate works for a PR firm, which is hired to help with Grady s dads campaign to be re elected for senator Grady, being a kind of recluse, is not thrilled to have what he thinks of as a babysitter Kate s job it to keep Grady on the straight and narrow through election time But she didn t expect to fall head over heels in love with Grady in the process Just as Grady never expected that Ka [...]

  27. The Candidate by Tracy Ewens is about Kate, who just went through a terrible divorce that has uprooted her whole life so she buries herself into her work and about Grady, who hides his true self from almost everyone so no one can get close These two meet and almost seem to hate each other Can they find their real selves, and find love This book had down to earth characters The story line was believable It was a little predictable, except for Grady s outburst that caught me off guard I honestly d [...]

  28. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.So, so many reasons why I adore this book I could not put it down Kate is hard working and driven, with no time for love or nonsense Kate s P.R firm assigns her to clean up the image of a senator s son, Grady, who is the consummate playboy They have opposite personalities and very different lives, but they click and slowly begin to fall in love Grady and Kate s relationship is not about appearances or show, it s about real, ho [...]

  29. Easy, funny and not at all cheesy It has been a long time since I haven t spent such a great time with a romance story.Of course, even if the plot is predictable, the author has done a really cool job with her characters.Katherine is locked inside her perfect suit, like an armor, after a bad divorce The only person she is not supposed to open up and learn to live again will force his way through her heart in a really lovely way.Grady is not the normal guy He is rich and is playing a persona to [...]

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