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Gap Life Cray got into the same college his father attended and is expected to go And to go pre med And to get started right away His parents are paying the tuition It should be an easy decision But it s not A

Cray got into the same college his father attended and is expected to go And to go pre med And to get started right away His parents are paying the tuition It should be an easy decision.But it s not.All Cray knows is that what s expected of him doesn t feel right The pressure to make a decision from his family, his friends is huge Until he meets Rayne, a girl who isCray got into the same college his father attended and is expected to go And to go pre med And to get started right away His parents are paying the tuition It should be an easy decision.But it s not.All Cray knows is that what s expected of him doesn t feel right The pressure to make a decision from his family, his friends is huge Until he meets Rayne, a girl who is taking a gap year, and who helps him find his first real job, at a home of four adults with developmental disabilities What he learns about himself and others will turn out to be than any university could teach him and twice as difficult.

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Gap Life

  1. John Coy is the author of young adult novels, the 4 for 4 middle grade series, and fiction and nonfiction picture books His most recent books are Their Great Gift, a story about immigration with striking photographs by Wing Young Huie and Gap Life, a YA novel about a boy whose parents will pay for college as long as he studies what they want.John has received numerous awards for his work including a Marion Vannett Ridgway Award for best first picture book, a Charlotte Zolotow Honor, Bank Street College Best Book of the Year, Notable Book for a Global Society, and the Burr Warzalla Award for Distinguished Achievement in Children s Literature.He lives in Minneapolis and visits schools around the world.

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  1. Love John Coy and his books I m afraid my favorite will always be Box Out I love his sports stories so this one wasn t one of my favorites, though it has a solid story line and great characters.

  2. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineCray has had a decent time in high school and is glad to be graduating, but he is not okay with his father s plan for him to study to be a doctor at his father s alma mater Cray doesn t have better plan, so when he lets his folks know he is not going to college, they demand that he find employment right away No where is hiring, but Cray runs into a girl at a coffee shop Rayne is not the shiny, cheerleader type whom he generally dates, but she is interesting [...]

  3. I won this book in a giveaway.I was initially drawn to this book as there isn t much YA about gap years or young adults choosing not to go to college I was also intrigued by the job of working in a group home for people with intellectual disabilities Unfortunately, both of these things existed largely in the background of this book and didn t receive the depth of thought I d hoped for I was extremely appalled by Cray s behavior toward Rayne as at one point he was so obsessed with her that he sta [...]

  4. The I read, the I liked Cray as a character and as a young man There is a honesty to his character, sometimes subtle His story had me wishing him well and imagining what his future might bring.

  5. I finished this book yesterday night even though I actually really loved this book It was short, just above two hundred pages short, fast, and extremely heartfelt in my opinion Gap Life is about a teen boy named Cray and he has just graduated high school The only twist is that his parents have no idea that he is not going to college Cray doesn t want to go to college because his father is making him do something that he doesn t want to do He doesn t want to be a doctor just like his father and t [...]

  6. Cray just graduated high school and is expected to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, who are doctors He s not sure that this is the life he wants to lead, especially when blood makes him queasy He tells his parents how he feels and his controlling father insists he get a job and start paying rent While job hunting, he meets a fellow new graduate, Rayne, who marches to her own drum She is taking a gap year to travel Rayne opens Cray up to a new way of viewing his life and pro [...]

  7. Super quick one day read that tells the story of a high school senior post graduation as he s deciding between following in the prescribed footsteps of his parents who are both in the medical profession or following his own heart Along the way there is love and heartbreak as he is aided by a loose cannon female character that he can t help but be drawn to Similar character interactions as in Emma Straub s Modern Lovers, without as much overlapping plot line Recommended for an easy read.

  8. I expected from this book, because the premise was so interesting It s also rare to see stories about forced gap years But it was pretty disappointing honestly The characters fell flat for me, and overall, I just felt this story needed something Cray didn t grow all that much, and honestly, his randomly choosing to go to Barcelona is not evidence of any real progressanwhile Rayne was a token manic pixie dream girl type Eh Quick read, at least.

  9. It seems that Cray grows up in two months than he does in 17 years Maybe that is the point This is a short book so if you think that Cray is a bit whiny and douchey I did , stick with it It gets better.

  10. A much needed addition to the YA collection teen boy anxiety and uncertainty about future plans summer crush This is a quick read with a straightforward story line I ll definitely find readers for this book

  11. DNF at 15% I know I m picky, but nothing I m reading is convincing me that Rayne isn t just another manic pixie dream girl The premise of a gap year appealed to me initially, but I just don t think this would be a very satisfying read for me to finish.

  12. Great look at the transition from High School to Adult, and the different paths that might be different for each of us.

  13. Cray is on a straight path to becoming a doctor Problem is, his dad set the path and Cray is sure he doesn t want to follow it Right after HS graduation he decides to tell his family that he s not going to college His parents are horrified and his dad tells him he needs to get a job With help from his new friend Rayne, Cray gets a job at a home for adults with disabilities The job plus his relationship with Rayne help Cray decide what he needs to do during his gap year I did not like any of the [...]

  14. GAP LIFE by John Coy is a delight I read it early in January, and Cray, the protagonist has stuck with me I find myself wondering how he s doing on the adventure he undertook at the end of the book To me, that s the sign of a terrific character he becomes so real that he takes on a life of his own and we wonder what he s doing long after closing the final pages of the book.Cray is all set, at high school graduation, to follow in his domineering father s footsteps His secret terror that he cannot [...]

  15. I wish focus had been spent on Cray s time working in a home for adults with developmental disabilities That was the most interesting part of the book for me I would have liked seeing him develop as a person from the experience I didn t find Rayne s character convincing, she s of a caricature, and the Italian boyfriend story seemed unbelievable and unnecessary to the plot It does speak to a boy who is fighting the mold his parents expect him to fill.

  16. Cray s father expects him to go to the college he went to, become a doctor just like him, and carry on the tradition of having doctors in the family Cray has just graduated high school and is miserable He doesn t know what he wants to do with his life, but knows he definitely does NOT want to be a doctor Read the rest of the review on my blog shouldireaditornot.wordpress.

  17. I had such high hopes for this book had such an interesting premise, after all And there were some things I really liked I liked some of the secondary characters even than Cray and Rayne, as I just felt like both of them were sort of unbelievable I didn t buy that Cray would turn into this person all of a sudden and I don t get a true vibe from much of anything about Rayne She is too flaky to engender the kind of trust he gives her and she is too intentionally weird It just comes off as affecte [...]

  18. Seventeen year old Crayton Franklin s parents have always known what s good for him and have carefully mapped out his future in pre med and then med school But as high school comes to an end, Cray realizes that he simply can t go through with their plans, even though he d be financially secure After all, these are their dreams, and not his Even while he struggles with what he wants to do, he meets Rayne, a girl who seems unconcerned about the expectations of others, and finds himself increasingl [...]

  19. Cray has just graduated from high school, has been accepted to the college where his father and grandfather went, and is all set for a career as a doctor like his grandfather, father, uncle and cousins But there is a problem Cray doesn t want to go to that college or become a doctor He gets queasy at the sight of blood One problem is that he doesn t know what he wants to do instead When his father says he needs to find a job and start paying rent if he won t be taking their tuition free ride to [...]

  20. Cray doesn t want to follow the path his father has chosen for him Dad wants Cray to be a doctor, like him, and has all the pieces in place to make that happen The announcement of a gap year, by Cray, does not go over well Cray has even ignored a deadline to get into the college of his father s choice So dad decides Cray must find a job, not an easy feat in early summer, pay rent at home, oh andgoodbye graduation car He manages to get a job in a group home as a substitute overnight assistant He [...]

  21. After high school graduation, Cray decides he isn t going to follow in his father s footsteps He s not going to the same university, not studying premed and he s definitely not going to become a surgeon He s not sure what he wants to do with his life, but he wants time to figure it out on his own Meeting free spirited Raine helps Cray begin to seek the answers to the question of his future He begins working at a home for developmentally disabled adults and begins learning how to be an adult hims [...]

  22. I received an advanced copy of this book from a giveaway This was a really quick read It really only covered a couple months of Cray s summer after graduation He learned a few lessons over the summer but it didn t seem like there was enough real conflict for him to learn and grow There was of course towards the end but it didn t really seem that he had learned from that or taken from it as much as I felt he should I also would have liked to have learned something about the following year after t [...]

  23. This book showed a high school senior who decides to go against his father s wishes to become a doctor and decides to take a gap year He works the summer, meets a girl who helps him become independent, and stands up to his intimidating father In a time when the pressure to go to college and follow a prescribed path seems to be at a breaking point, this was a refreshing read about working hard to achieve your own goals.Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced reader copy of the book in exchange for a [...]

  24. Cray has graduated from high school and has decided that he is not ready to go college But how can he tell his parents Can he possibly find a job And how will he figure out what it is he really wants Maybe Rayne, a girl who others call interesting and different is the answer Find out the answers in this story that explores the summer after graduation.Readers who are curious about life after graduation or those looking for a fairly quick read with short chapters will enjoy this one.

  25. Read for 2017 Reading Challenge, book about a person who has a disability It has people in it with disabilities, but they aren t really the main characters.

  26. I received a copy of this book from Macmillan Children s Publishing Group via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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