Carolina Dreaming

Carolina Dreaming When it comes to love anything can happen on Dare Island especially in this latest novel from New York Times bestselling author Virginia Kantra After escaping a disastrous marriage bakery owner Jane

When it comes to love, anything can happen on Dare Island especially in this latest novel from New York Times bestselling author Virginia Kantra After escaping a disastrous marriage, bakery owner Jane Clark has convinced herself that she has everything she needs her precious son, a thriving business, and a roof over her head But the arrival of a handsome stranger on thWhen it comes to love, anything can happen on Dare Island especially in this latest novel from New York Times bestselling author Virginia Kantra After escaping a disastrous marriage, bakery owner Jane Clark has convinced herself that she has everything she needs her precious son, a thriving business, and a roof over her head But the arrival of a handsome stranger on the island shows her exactly what she s been missing The only home Gabe Murphy ever had was the Marine Corps He s working hard to rebuild his life It will take a special place, and a special woman, to make him want to stay Now Gabe is determined to prove that he s worthy of Jane s trust and her love But when her past reappears, that trust will be tested, and Jane and Gabe will have to fight hard to hold onto their love and make their dreams a reality

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Carolina Dreaming

  1. New York Times bestselling author Virginia Kantra has written over twenty five books of contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance She is the winner of numerous writing awards, including Romance Writers of America s RITA Award and two National Readers Choice Awards Married to her college sweetheart and the mother of three kids, she is a firm believer in the strength of family, the importance of storytelling, and the power of love Her favorite thing to make for dinner Reservations.In February 2016 look for Carolina Dreaming, book 5 in her Dare Island series.I love to connect with readers For exclusive content and news of my latest releases,join my mailing list.Or find me on Facebook

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  1. After three years of not believing in himself, her faith in him felt big and solid Real Right.Beautiful Heartwarming Sweet WonderfulG I still feel like my heart is going to explode with happiness This was such a beautiful story that touched my heart in every way Once I started reading this book, I couldn t put it down It made me smile, laugh, pout, cry, and it also gave me butterflies I have no idea how to write a review that will be able to do this book justice Oh, I really, really loved it Thi [...]

  2. Carolina Dreaming takes us back to the idyllic vacation town of Dare Island, where there s a small population of locals Everyone knows everyone and they look out for their own So when a handsome, dangerous looking stranger comes to town, the residents take notice But Gabe isn t quite a stranger After life s dealt him a few knocks, he s returning to the only place that ever felt like home Luke Fletcher and his family welcomed Gabe in the past with open arms and treated him like one of their own S [...]

  3. Jane is a successful bakery owner who survived an abusive marriage Her ex is now in jail, and Jane and her seven year old son Aidan live in the Outer Banks of North Carolina a place dear to my own heart and are pretty content She lives with her father, a police officer, who helps take care of her son Jane s mother left the family years ago, which has always left a hole in her heart.Jane worries about the bakery, especially when other coffee places similar to hers are starting to pop up She makes [...]

  4. The past few books in this series haven t worked for me, but I guess taking a long break from a particular series can sometimes help This is a sweet, small town romance between two people who have a lot of wounds to heal The hero has just been released from prison he killed someone in self defense and was languishing in jail for months until all charges were dropped, plus crappy parents The hero is also an ex marine whose life after the army hasn t been running smooth so he comes to town where h [...]

  5. This was part of a series, and I read it as a standalone It works beautifully as a standalone, but I loved it so much I will definitely be adding the earlier books to my TBR pile Gabe was a man with a major chip on his shoulder He s spent his life helping people in some fashion or another, and spent most of it not only unrewarded for his actions, but often shunned or ever prosecuted for them He s not so much a broken man, just not an optimistic one Heading into town to see an old friend, he star [...]

  6. This was LOVELY I m such a fan of this world set of characters that Virginia Kantra has created They re good, not necessarily extraordinary, people, trying to figure out what their place in the world is and along the way they find love Isn t that sort of what romance is supposed to be Anyway, this installment was great Gabe and Jane are a wonderful couple and I like the way the work towards each other, and the secondary romance in this one is one of my favorites I really like the way that older [...]

  7. This was nice Though perhaps nice is too bland of a word, but while I always enjoy these books immensely, because they make me smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside, they always fall short of my actually loving them.This was no exception I liked this book quite a bit, but it never moved beyond that I don t know, there s just something about the writing that often makes me roll my eyes because it s a littleover the top I mean, sentences like Jane s gaze met his, her face shining with joy and exerc [...]

  8. I REALLY liked Gabe He was incredibly well written and his developing relationship with Aidan made my heart melt Jane is a great character as well I liked seeing her vacillating between wanting to take control of her life and still being afraid of repeating the mistakes she made in the past I thought the way everything with her ex husband resolved was well done too Not too too much drama and a perfect closure The secondary romance in this amused and delighted me too And yes, because they have s [...]

  9. This is so, so sweet And a great palette cleanser, which I desperately needed I just like this world and these people a lot And it s funny, but the world doesn t quite feel claustrophobic yet Maybe it s because of the setting, like the fact that they all know each other anyway makes these relationships work maybe it s because new characters keep being introduced Whatever it is I like it And I want to visit.

  10. Each new installment of this series is a return to a warm, cozy place by the sea that loosens my tense muscles, slows down my breathing, and produces deeply content sighs The author writes gentle romances with lots of heart and home to them in her small town island setting.This is book five and while it works better in order, could be read as a standalone or out of order before going back for the previous stories.The story opens with small bakery owner, Jane Clark, giving the okay on the renovat [...]

  11. My review cross posted from Wit and Sin witandsin 2016 02Two endearing characters get a shot at happiness they never thought they d have in Carolina Dreaming In this fifth Dare Island novel, Virginia Kantra manages to deliver a romance that s incredibly sweet, but never edges into saccharine territory.Gabe Murphy is a hero who has been through hell an abusive home, war, and then jail Despite all this, Gabe has never broken He arrives on Dare Island because it s the home of his best friend and he [...]

  12. I have read 4 out of 5 books in series and I can honestly say I think this one was my absolute favorite one Kantra did a wonderful job with the characters and the HEA Jane is a single mother and the owner of a bakery on Dare Island She is currently living with her father whose a police officer and since her ex is getting out of prison soon she has a lot on her plate but after meeting Gabe she might be willing to try out love again Gabe is a ex marine and recently just got out of prison Ready to [...]

  13. Can I just say that I absolutely adore Virginia Kantra Her Dare Island series has quickly become a favorite of mine My heart is so happy every time there s a new release from Ms Kantra This is the best book in the series to date I LOVED every word of it I especially loved the fragility of both characters Jane has made some mistakes and trying to better her life for herself and her son She is such a beautiful woman inside and out and is always caretaking If it s not her father and son, it s her c [...]

  14. CAROLINA DREAMING by Virgina Kantra Never Give UpOriginal Post fangswandsandfairydust 201 E Galley provided by publisher for review No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.I was hooked by the beginning of this story A vet with trouble he is trying to overcome looks to the one guy he thinks he can count on And he s gone a heck of a long way to get there There are so many times this guy could screw up and get in trouble again, but he is smart and [...]

  15. This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksThe fifth installment of the Dare Island series is a solid, entertaining entry We meet Jane, a bakery owner and life long Island resident, and Gabe, a former Marine who is dealing with several life setbacks.Both Jane and Gabe are great characters who have not been dealt the easiest of hands in life When we meet them, they are both at a point of rebuilding or starting over and neither is really looking for a romantic relationship.I found mys [...]

  16. TWO AND A HALF STARS because I m struggling between I liked it and it was okay First off I m going to be super nitpicky The dog in this book is referred to on two separate occasions as a pit This is not a pit in any way shape or form That is a German Shepard Also, in regards to the cover, Jane is constantly described as round and soft The cover model doesn t look like she has a single extra pound on her Kudos to her I m sure this has nothing to do with the author Next, with a few minor differenc [...]

  17. This was an honest and realistic contemporary romance Gabe and Jane both had difficult pasts And it makes them a bit shy and reluctant to express their desires But with the help of their friends, they do get together I liked Gabe and Jane They were three dimensional, likeable characters They made a good couple This was a sweet, charming and sexy romance.

  18. This is the first book I ve read by Kantra, and I was quite happy with the setting and tone of the story I loved the closeness of the characters with their small town vibe and the romance was a happy balance of sweet and sensual Overall, this was a really good read.

  19. Loved this book Virginia Kantra truly evokes haunting characters who tug at my heart with wanting them to be happy.

  20. This is the fifth book in the wonderfully written Dare Island series I have enjoyed these books from the beginning the drama and romance in this series has always been a treat for me to read.Jane Clark is the owner of a bakery and coffee shop on the island She is a single mother who lives with her father and son, Aiden Her father is a police officer who is very protective of Jane and when a stranger comes to town, his first action is to encourage him to leave Her father knows Jane has always fal [...]

  21. 3.5 StarsI always come back to this series because of the sweet small town feel and the family unit that is always present in these books CAROLINA DREAMING still delivered on that Gabe is an ex marine He got into a bit of trouble after his military career and ended up in jail for a while He also doesn t have the best opinion of himself and always expects others to think the worst of him With no money he finds himself in Dare Island in search of his military buddy, Luke And what he finds there is [...]

  22. Carolina Dreaming is the fifth book in the Dare Island series The first three novels involved the three adult children of the Fletcher family Books four and five are about people in the small island community who have ties to the Fletchers I liked that the Fletcher family played than minor roles in Carolina Dreaming.We got to know Jane a bit in the fourth book, Carolina Blues She survived an abusive first marriage and several years later is still learning how to get control of her life She has [...]

  23. Carolina Dreaming Dare Island 5 by Virginia Kantra Carolina Dreaming Dare Island 5 by Virginia Kantra After escaping a disastrous marriage, bakery owner Jane Clark has convinced herself that she has everything she needs her precious son, a thriving business, and a roof over her head But the arrival of a handsome stranger on the island shows her exactly what she s been missing The only home Gabe Murphy ever had was the Marine Corps He s working hard to rebuild his life It will take a special plac [...]

  24. Carolina Dreaming is a new book in the Dare Island series and can be read as a stand alone Gabe is just fresh out of jail for a crime he was acquitted for, and is trying to find a place to call home Dare Island is a place where everyone helps each other and no offense are wary off outsiders He comes to see his fellow Marine brother meeting Jane along the way Jane is wary yet attracted to this bad boy But she has had some bad experiences with bad boys and tries to stay away She has her son to thi [...]

  25. SBTB reader RITA nominee reviewCarolina Dreaming is the fifth book in the Dare Island series, and I did feel like there was some character backstory I was missing by not having read previous books People are introduced by name and it felt like those names should mean something to me Jane, our heroine, played a minor role in a previous book, but that story is summed up here since our hero, Gabe, is new to town Both Jane and Gabe have a LOT of baggage to unpack, but most of it gets handled by the [...]

  26. Gabe Murphy, former Marine, recently released from prison after being found not guilty is trying to go back to the beginning and start his life over He heads to Dare Island to look up an old Marine buddy, Luke Jane Clark is owner of a bakery that she loves Her ex is in prison for abuse All she wants is a quiet life with her son Aidan After spending time with Gabe, she questions her no commitment vow Full review to follow on tbqsbookpalace.

  27. I don t think this was my favourite of the series all the well intentioned meddling started to drag at me.But I did find this a really easy one sitting read, the story flowed so well And Gabe was a great character.

  28. Loving Gabe Jane A book like this a paycheck away from being homeless usually makes me sad to read But Carolina Dreaming is so beautifully written I m grinning happily all the way through.

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