The Bed She Made

The Bed She Made An alternate cover edition can be found here Journey Durant s father warned her Someday you ll have to lie in the bed you ve made But she didn t believe him until now She has just received news that

An alternate cover edition can be found here.Journey Durant s father warned her, Someday you ll have to lie in the bed you ve made But she didn t believe him until now.She has just received news that her ex boyfriend is about to be released from prison, and this reformed bad girl can t shake the feeling that her troubled past is coming home with him The town of EmerAn alternate cover edition can be found here.Journey Durant s father warned her, Someday you ll have to lie in the bed you ve made But she didn t believe him until now.She has just received news that her ex boyfriend is about to be released from prison, and this reformed bad girl can t shake the feeling that her troubled past is coming home with him The town of Emerson, Georgia has forgiven and forgotten her involvement in the most publicized tragedy in the town s history, but only because of her three year absence, her prominent Southern Baptist family, and her marriage to the closest thing her small town has to a superhero.Bullets and emotions fly, leaving Journey to realize that no matter what penance she has done for her past, the mistakes of her youth still carry unpaid penalties.

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The Bed She Made

  1. Elicia Hyder is a bestselling author of paranormal suspense and contemporary romance You can get TWO FREE eBOOKS by clicking this link Get Elicia Hyder s Starter Library for FREE.When I m not writing, I can be found sipping craft beer in my blow up swimming pool or beating my children at Harry Potter trivia I am married to a superhero and have two dogs with severe separation anxiety I suck at CAPTCHA puzzles and firmly believe that heaven will have heavy metal music.

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  1. This was like reading a Lifetime movie it was melodramatic and mushy I laughed out loud a few times but overall, I didn t like the main character Journey, and I m unsure why anyone would If you don t see the very convenient ending coming, you weren t paying attention to the hints being dropped along the way no red herrings, just very obvious, this happened so X could happen If you like Nicholas Sparks movies books then this is for you.I m baffled because I expected blockbuster action to thrust m [...]

  2. Absolutely loved it Even though I had a sense of what was coming towards the end, it didn t stop me from getting totally hung up in the story and feeling the emotions with Journey I can t wait to read additional stories by this author.

  3. SpoilerThe Bed She MadeEpilogueJourney was working on her laptop in the kitchen, sipping a glass of wine, when she heardgravel shifting under the tires of a car in the driveway She glanced up at the time It was sixo clock on the dot A moment later, the front door flew open and her husband jogged into thehouse, sliding to a stop when he saw her seated at the table Did I miss anything David asked, trying to catch his breath.She smiled over the rim of her glass No He should be here any minute His e [...]

  4. I really enjoyed this comtempory romance I received this book free from the author in return for an honest review A little bit of a spoiler alert, keep tissues handy towards the end The main character had a lot of growing up to do So at points, it s a emotional roller coaster It starts off with a group of kids graduating high school.It takes a lot of kids through growing up They want to have fun but learn through it It was interesting to see the different ways that they did I gave this a 5 ratin [...]

  5. Choices made last a lifetimeStrong characters make this story of forgiveness and reconciliation flow I usually don t read young adult fiction, but this one was worthy of the time One thing that I felt should have been dealt with in Journey s reconciliation with her parents was their part in her life choices early on In her teen years, they were not really parents to her, rather concerned about their on lives.

  6. I admit it, I cried Spoiler free Wow I could NOT put this down I got off work and started it and just finished it Should have gone to bed an hour or two ago, but the book hangover will be WELL WORTH IT There were so, so, so many feels with this story I cried no, I BAWLED like a baby over a part no spoilers but the happy ending made it well worth the puffy eyes and ugly crying face Worth every penny and I have been singing Elicia Hyder s praises to all my friends and family New favorite author HE [...]

  7. it started great I really liked the idea, but suddenly the plot started crumbling on it self there was chapters where i had no idea what I m reading any and the end did not give me a good feeling.

  8. ExceptionalA great story with real characters Lots of twist and turns but love and romance to keep you anxious for the next page

  9. It was really so good, heartwarming and heartwrenching story at the same time A real lifetime story that you would enjoy the journey.

  10. Lots of ups and downs and a tragic loss, but I loved the ending, and would love to read a sequel Read the prequel first, and enjoyed it that way I got to learn a lot about Steven that this book doesn t address, which made that relationship all the interesting and sad for me Reading the prequel first also caused me to be surprised by Marcus s role in this book, but I was very happy I really liked Marcus, he was a good guy Well, there s probably I could say about this book, but I don t want to g [...]

  11. What a fab read Really couldn t put this book down The story of a small town girl, Journey, and her life choices Without giving anything of the story away, Journey has the type of homelife most teenagers dream ofgood parents who work hard to have a good life, but so hard that she is basically left to her own devices quite a lot and she has fun A good group of friends who are very supportive The only downside is her boyfriend Steven, who the family aren t keen on He is potentially trouble, but ju [...]

  12. Captivating I kept hoping that the main characters Journey and David would admit their feelings for one another and just get it together Loved the writing style of Elicia and how she made us feel like we were sitting on the side of the road watching the story unfold Would recommend this book to others who like a good romance novel, and I will be telling my friends about this author

  13. I was disappointed with the prequel but did care enough to find out how this story played out I did a speed read of this one to see how the story ended Too much drama and things all worked out too contrivedly but the author did manage to hook me enough to trudge through to the end which then wrapped up way too quickly.Content Language including the F word, implied sex, drugsSource Kindle Unlimited

  14. Bittersweet Love Story I love how this story ended up but it was so rough getting there The first half moves a little slowly and repeats a decent amount of what happened in the prequel so that definitely isn t necessary to read in order to understand this book Journey definitely grows up it s hard not to be really frustrated with her in the beginning but I m glad she ended up where she should have been all along

  15. Good readThe Bed She Made is the story about Journey and life choices resulting in good and bad outcomes I really liked the trials Journey went through and the growth of her character The author wrote a great book that readers can believe and enjoy There were times I wanted to fuss at Journey for her decisions and times I was proud of her Kudos to the author.

  16. I feel like two different people wrote this book because from start to finish, it isn t consistent at all So many plot holes, so many fillers, so unrealistic There was definitely some funny parts too though I don t think any of the characters were particularly developed well Good book about love, life, and loss is you re into happy endings and decent story telling.

  17. quality author, this book is a recommended read looking forward to reading from her check out her website, if you enjoyed the book, her blog post from Jan 6 2016 will really bring it to life side note, I laughed out loud during the going to the hospital scene for the birth so true thanks for the good read.

  18. ChancesFirst read from this author and it was super Storyline flowed smoothly relating the tale of these characters required weaving the many details carefully which Ms Hyder did quite well The second or even third chances given to Journey were fairly predictable but well worth the read

  19. This was tough read It started out very slow and dry and I almost was going to quit reading it The book became addicting very quickly to the point where I couldn t put it down The characters were so personable and relatable to life s crazy ways My heart was entirely broken in the end What a twist of events.

  20. Mistakes Made, But Finally Made RightThank you for this heartwarming story about Journey and the different loves of her life I found Journey made a few bad choices, but ultimately was rewarded with her true love I really enjoyed reading your story and look forward to reading of your work.

  21. Your will not be sorry you took this journey Great book, it had me laughing and crying I really read it in 2 sittings staying up very late to finish It was predictable but if you are sick of all the sequels that can actually be read in one good book then this is it Days later and I am still thinking about the characters in this story.

  22. This book was jam packed with so many events and passing time However, I loved that the author really tied up all loose ends and didn t leave any unanswered questions I laughed, I cried, and it pulled on my heartstrings than once.

  23. Laughter Tears Challenges Triumphs Changes and characters you want to root for Haven t read a book that has made me feel so much and find myself so invested in plot outcome in a long time Lovely read, you can tell Elicia poured her heart and soul into this one and I love her for it.

  24. Great Read This is a great love story I was envious of Journey and every girl desires a love story as hers and the surprises in the story were perfectly timed This book is the first one that literally made me cry out loud

  25. Very calm read for bedtimeThis is a calming read with some exciting chapters however it is pretty predictable and I was able to determine what was going to happen in every chapter.

  26. I really enjoyed this book Another fast read Read this book first before the prequel and after reading the prequel a lot of the story line really makes sense Can t wait for Elicia s next book Love her writing

  27. Great readThis is the best book I have read in a very long time It will have you experiencing every emotion you have I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys romance, thrillers and suspense.

  28. nice romantic storythis book had all the elements of a feel good romance i enjoyed it i gave 4 stars because it was a bit predictable for me.

  29. What a love story Could not put it down Devoured this book Great characters,plot line was amazing Laughed and cried in places, it seemed so real I felt like I was right there in the story Highly recommend

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