Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim This is th book in the Surf Bay series It is an origin story for Finley and not a HEA romance novel although it does have romance elements It is recommended that you have read the other books in the

This is 5th book in the Surf Bay series It is an origin story for Finley and not a HEA romance novel although it does have romance elements It is recommended that you have read the other books in the Surf Bay series first, although this CAN be read as a standalone no cliffhanger or as a prequel to the rest of the series Framed for a crime he didn t commit, Bri This is 5th book in the Surf Bay series It is an origin story for Finley and not a HEA romance novel although it does have romance elements It is recommended that you have read the other books in the Surf Bay series first, although this CAN be read as a standalone no cliffhanger or as a prequel to the rest of the series Framed for a crime he didn t commit, British teenager, Finley, is given a fake passport and forced to forget the life he s always known When he arrives in Surf Bay, he meets his uncle, Monroe, and he learns his time in America isn t going to be a vacation From the second his plane hits the ground, he is dragged into a world of organized crime, working under his uncle s wing He is forced to share a tiny apartment with another of Monroe s employees, Jay, and they soon become puppets, acting out Monroe s terrible crimes, side by side When their work starts to become increasingly dangerous, Finley is torn between his need to obey his uncle and his need to protect Jay As his life spirals out of control, he falls deeper and deeper into a world filled with money, crime and power and his only form of escapism is in his growing love for Jay Can Finley resist the lure of a life changing proposition from his uncle, while still protecting the one he loves, or will he make sacrifices, which could change the course of his life, forever Word count 86,000 This is book 5 in the Surf Bay series Although part of a se

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Sink or Swim

  1. Ashley John is a gay author of gay mm romance novels Living in the north of England with his fiance and two cats, Ashley John spends his days writing down the voices he hears in his head His books are primarily romance dramas with sprinklings of erotica and he has a knack for making you feel like you re living right beside the characters he creates Ashley John is also a keen artist and he puts his artistic side to designing all of his own covers.Find ashley john at ashleyjohnKEEP UP WITH ASHLEY JOHN ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook facebook ashleyjohnartTwitter twitter itsashleyjohn ashleyjohn

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  1. How do I click to add stars 5 is NOT enough I was a beta readerbut now that this story is live, I have edited my reviewThis story completely touched my heart I am not one for physical roller coasters as I get queasy, but this one was an emotional roller coaster When I finished reading, I set the book down and oh my, speechless my tears took over my emotions Heartbroken tears, sad tears, angry tears, happy tears, beautiful tears, love tears and everything else I absolutely love FinleyI always kn [...]

  2. My heart hurts I originally Beta read this, so I tweaked my review Just finished this work of art by Ashley John Sink or Swim is the fifth installment of Ashley s Surf Bay series Every one of them are equally a joy to read I ve fallen in love with all the boys of Surf Bay so far For all of you Surf Bay fans, you ll really get a sense of who Finley was before he became the Finley of Neon Zone This story was tragically beautiful the relationship between Finley and Jay is one I won t soon forget I [...]

  3. From the beginning the author made it clear that this wouldn t be a happy ending I usually prefer books that do have a HEA, however, I made an exception because as I read the first 4 Surf Bay books, I became intrigued by the character Finley.I knew there was a complexity to him that I could not understand unless I got some background information on him And boy did I ever reading this latest book in the Surf Bay series I will not give anything away, as I want all the readers to experience this bo [...]

  4. Finally we get to know that devil of a man Finley What a story he has, my heart hurt for him and his pain A story about loss and love and the power to break you What an emotional rollercoaster ride You have to read this to understand the man I didn t like before book 5

  5. OMG Ashley has done it again This book definitely didn t Sink, at Swam to the top as being my favourite in this series as it was such a beautiful and emotional story showing that Finley used to be a nice guy and explaining the reasons for his change My heart broke for him in this story as Ashley has a way of writing which pulls you in and you just can t stop reading Absolutely loved it

  6. My heart is broken In smithereens When it s mended a little I ll be reviewing this at BMBR Previously reviewed at BMBR.Wow Wow, wow, wow I m throwing all the hearts at this one which is super generous of me, as I don t actually have a heart that is intact after reading this As far as I m concerned, Ashley John blew this one out of the water After reading the last book, it is hard to believe that I would have any sympathy for Finley Even though, in Saving Michael, he took a character I didn t hav [...]

  7. Just finished by BETA copy of this, and my good I am heartbroken I m talking bigger than the Kindle Alexander Always Heartbroken incident of 2014 For anyone who claims to know Finley YOU DONT Sink or Swim, is a step back from the Current Timeline, We See Young Finley arriving in Surf Bay for the very first time He s so sweet and is completely at a cross roads in life I think at a young age Queue Meeting Jay Jay had my heart from the start, I loved who Finley became when he was with him I think f [...]

  8. Congrats Ashley you did it again with another awesome read I read it in one sitting did not want to put it down I understand Finely now but I still don t like himSorry I liked Finley in this book though Jay hearts breaking still I kind of seen it coming my heart was always up in my throat just waiting plus I read the other Surf Bay books,so you know what I m talking about,lol I was a bawling mess reading the last hour of book with blurry eyes The love Finley Jay had was beautiful but what they h [...]

  9. REALLY Really I cried for Finley I hated that guy for so long once again Mr Ashley John s in depth character development blows me away If you have not read the other four Surf Bay books I strongly suggest you read them so you can understand the dynamics of the scumbag Finley really is then read Sink or Swim how Ashley John is able to turn these very unlikable characters such as Michael and Finley into characters that you could weep over is beyond me Spot on with this book Mr John never stop writ [...]

  10. I went into this book knowing I really could not stand Finley now I am sitting here crying my eyes out for the loss of the boy that Finley once was his uncle destroyed him Ashley is a remarkable young man and an amazing author This has been an incredible series I look forward to many books from him in the future as he will always be a 1 click author for me.

  11. You know how you hate a character throughout a series And then you hear the author is going to write a book in the series about that character you hate so much Well , that would be me I knew there would be a story behind Finley if we look closely because he s the kind of character that has a lot to tell Not all is what it seems with Finley So I was fist pumping the air to hear Finley would be getting his own story You know you want to see what happens to him because if anyone deserves a rough en [...]

  12. Ashley John has outdone himself again This series just keeps improving with each book If you re like I was before reading the book, you wonder just how the author is going to make you care about Finley because he hasn t been the most pleasant of characters ever since we first were introduced to him Have no fear Just as he did with Saving Michael earlier in the series he managed to make Finley human The author does warn that this is not a happily ever after story for Finley, so if you absolutely [...]

  13. I admit that, despite being a big fan of Ashley John s Surf Bay series, I hesitated to read this book after I found out it didn t have a HEA But then I remembered how much I hated Michael and how my feelings toward him did a complete 180 after reading Saving Michael I figured if Ashley John could accomplish that then I should give Finley s story a chance I am so glad I did Yes, my cheeks are still stained with tears and my heart aches for both Finley and Jay, but their love story was absolutely [...]

  14. I don t know where I can start Just beginning that Finley and Jay fell in love with each other before the other characters in the prior books got together Now we got to know who Finley is When something happened, it always makes me cry I couldn t stop crying all the way from somewhere close to the Epilogue to the end of the book It hurts me on what happenedFinley being alone Why he is going back to England as it was mentioned in Love s Medicine, now we understand This is a must read Be prepared [...]

  15. It s gonna take a while to get over this one After the first 4 books I only felt disdain for Finley and thought I d read this book to finish the series but my feelings for Finley wouldn t change I was wrong, so very wrong And now I can t stop cryingr Finley And Jay

  16. So good That was so good I loved getting the back story on Finley I m glad that you have this to us It s wonderfully heart breaking.

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