An Unbroken Chain: My Journey Through the Nazi Holocaust

An Unbroken Chain My Journey Through the Nazi Holocaust A Holocaust survivor chronicles the chain of events that kept him alive providing first hand accounts of Hitler s rise to power Kristallnacht and confinement in various concentration camps

A Holocaust survivor chronicles the chain of events that kept him alive, providing first hand accounts of Hitler s rise to power, Kristallnacht, and confinement in various concentration camps.

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An Unbroken Chain: My Journey Through the Nazi Holocaust

  1. Henry A. Oertelt Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the An Unbroken Chain: My Journey Through the Nazi Holocaust book, this is one of the most wanted Henry A. Oertelt author readers around the world.

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  1. I always approach books about the Holocaust with some trepidation, because they both fascinate and frighten me so greatly In March, Henry Oertelt was mentioned quoted in a Star Tribune article because the 87 year old St Paul resident had spoken at St Cloud State University following a rash of hate crimes, which included graffiti of swastikas around campus The article mentioned a bit about his life, which included survival of a few concentration camps including Auschwitz , and he seemed like such [...]

  2. This book was about the main characters struggle through the holocaust Each chapter is a different link that add to the chain of his survival He moves around to different camps He loses friends and family.he tells about how every event in his life leads to his survival.This book is a very good read.The author string the story along greatly like its a chain to his survival ending each chapter saying another link in my chain of survival.I recommend this book This is a great book to read for anyone [...]

  3. Finally received this from ILL and it was well worth the wait Henry Oertelt has written a very accessible account of his memories of the Holocaust Henry was a young 22 year old when he first narrowly escapes a truck looking for Jews while at work He relates eighteen incidents or links, whether they be people or circumstances, that had they not played out as told, he probably wouldn t have survived to tell his story My copy, from another library system, is actually labeled as teen non fiction It [...]

  4. Not only did I love reading this book, but I m so honored to have met the man and spent time hearing his story It was a pleasure to see him at work every day A true blessing in my life that s for sure This was a simple book with an immense story I liked that it was a book for any age I do need to get a new copy as my oldest daughter swiped mine and has never given it back.Highly recommended.

  5. This book is the moving story story of Henry Oertelt, a Holocaust survivor Reflecting on that period in his life, Oertelt realizes that there are eighteen key factors that contributed to his survival The book is clearly written, and, while affecting, it manages to avoid sentimentality I found that interesting given the topic.

  6. Read this book in high school My uncle, who happened to be my teacher, knew the author He used to come and visit our school and discuss his book Unfortunately, he was unable to visit the year I took the class Great book

  7. The title of my book was An Unbroken Chain by Henry Oertelt with Stephanie Oertelt Samuels This book covers the time frame of 1933 1999 The main character is Henry Near the end of the book Henry meets Will Kuscheck who influences him a lot Henry chose to write this book to educate people on how destructive the Nazi holocaust was and how many innocent lives were lost On June 16, 1943 Henry and his family were picked up by the Nazis While he was there he got transferred to many different camps, an [...]

  8. Any memoir accounts for a good read specially related to Holocaust if it is well documented An Unbroken Chain provides the same fascinations For someone like me who is lucky enough not to born in that era,it always interest me to know life during the Holocaust the book recounts the horror of the time, the struggle, the pain and the emotions.It left a lasting impact as a reader The book moved me The journey of a Holocaust survivor is well chronicled in this book.

  9. A quick read with a new, personal perspective The author bases the retelling of his experiences on the personal characteristics and strokes of luck that led to his survival.

  10. The author s granddaughter gave me this compelling book I read it in one sitting and offered to make a film based on Henry s story It was a clear account of the author s experiences as a Jewish boy in Germany when Hitler came to power 7 years later, we have posted a short seven minute film called Becoming Henry based on the true story about when Henry met his liberator after the war It s a great introduction to the book and to this topic in history Our dream was to make the entire story into a f [...]

  11. So far this book is decent, it s very interesting to learn about the things that Henry went through when in the Holocaust I like it also because it relates to what we re learning and it relates to things that I am interested in I don t like this book because it is a lot of repetition and the author often expresses his feelings in a similar way all the time Overall it is a good read, there a just a lot of parts that are boring and repetitive.

  12. My father was lucky enough to know this man for many years, and his story has stuck with me since I read it years ago I am sad I was not able to meet Henry before he passed, but this is a powerful memoir I highly recommend it He had hopes for his story to make it to film, and it finally has Becoming Henry is shown at festivals around the country it s one of my goals to view it some day.

  13. I am so glad I read this book As a memoir, it was not particularly well written But as a means through which many people can get a vivid glimpse of the experience of those most immediately and profoundly impacted by the Holocaust, it was perfect.

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