Hard to Break

Hard to Break Quinn has spent her whole life working in her dad s garage leaving her comfortable with a carburetor than a curling iron Her world is turned upside down when her beloved garage is bought by none othe

Quinn has spent her whole life working in her dad s garage, leaving her comfortable with a carburetor than a curling iron Her world is turned upside down when her beloved garage is bought by none other than world famous, sexy as sin, custom car builder, Tazen Watts He s the one man she can t standeven though he makes her hotter than a high performance engine in tQuinn has spent her whole life working in her dad s garage, leaving her comfortable with a carburetor than a curling iron Her world is turned upside down when her beloved garage is bought by none other than world famous, sexy as sin, custom car builder, Tazen Watts He s the one man she can t standeven though he makes her hotter than a high performance engine in top gear.Tazen has no use for Quinn, at least not professionally, and he s making sure she knows it But there s a spark between them that she s finding hard to ignore She s determined to prove her talent is as impressive as her sassy mouth When she finds out Tazen is hiding a secret that could bring down his career and everyone involved in it, she wonders is falling for him is going to be work the risk Hard To Break is a full length standalone romance with a HEA

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Hard to Break

  1. Heya My name is Bella, I m a new aussie author and I am as crazy as they come I m playful, friendly and always up for a chat so stop on by x

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  1. 4 Angel Stars When the pain becomes too much, where will I go from there Hard to Break is the second book in Bella Jewel s series entitled Alpha s Heart I am a huge fan of this author and the amazing tales she manages to conjure up I connect with Ms Jewel s writing style and always fall hard for her hard edged and raw alpha heroes, despite the fact that they can, at times, act like huge JERKS In this story we are taken into the male dominated world of cars and the one female who is trying to pus [...]

  2. Don t find fault, find a remedy Anybody can complain.4.5 WattsAngel STARSTazen and Quinn Hard to Break Bella Jewel

  3. Unfortunately the words have left meI was soooooo looking forward to this book because I just loved Hard to Fight and I adore Bella Jewel so I m so bummed that I literally struggle to find the words.The only thing that kept me going was the authors writing style which I love because I did not like the characters, their interaction and how the story played out Both characters felt weak and when they started with the L word pretty early on I knew it was a bust for meAnd there s nothing left to sa [...]

  4. 4 PIXIE STARSI really enjoyed the first book in the Alpha series and this one was just as good Ms Jewel has the perfect knack of creating Alpha jerks that at first get you furious and then turned on Tazen Watts is no different He s an all out cocky, vain bastard that slowly wormed his way into my heart.The heroine in this tale is Quinn Peterson and she was one kickass gal Raised in a mechanic shop, Quinn has an affinity for a spanner and popping the hood of car and she s one fine mechanic While [...]

  5. 3 stars It s called wanting what you can t have, No, baby, it s called wanting, he leans in close so our lips are nearly touching, what s real Quinn has made it her life to take care of everything and everyone else but herself Her Dad, the shop and her memories of a family she misses Drowning in debt and with no way out her dad does the unthinkable and throws her dreams and life away or so she believes Tazen is every woman s wet dream, Quinn s included, but that changes the day his cocky self sh [...]

  6. 3.5 Angel Stars ARC generously provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for honest review When I first saw this cover I had a perception of the story I had a certain expectation of a love hate romance filled with steamy intimacy between a sexy bad boy and a small town gal Instead I read a pretty straight forward romance between two characters who seemingly belonged together.Quinn has spent her whole life covered in grease and loving every minute of the craft she honed in her family s gara [...]

  7. This was a delightful and fun book to read Romantic, sexy and surprisingly refreshing, I loved every single page of it.The characters were interesting and believable, and I loved the author s writing style.Her narrative was fast paced, smooth and honest The story she created had the right amount of romance and fun dialogues, all wrapped on a simple, but really entertaining plot I loved the interaction between the hero and the heroine Tazen and Quinn Not only did they have an extremely passionate [...]

  8. I woke up in the middle of the night, and what better thing to do to cure your insomnia but to start reading an amazing ARC you just got, from an awesome author Nothing So i grabbed my tablet and started right away Boy did i devoured it or what It was absolutely delectable and in a few short hours i was finished and with a big grin on my lips I don t think there is a real need to say how good it was because like i said that s a given, but i need to point out a few things This series theme is wom [...]

  9. The first half of the book was not to my liking There were many things off about the story, so much so that I started to worry about the rest of it I got bored of Quinn and Tazen acting as if they were teenagers They kept arguing and taunting each other whenever they met These two childish people might never know the word respect But somehow, I still had some hope that it would get better in the second half I expected something better or something to drag me out of this boredom.No Nothing It tur [...]

  10. Quinn isn t your typical girl or even your typical tom boy, she is a mechanic I love how Bella Jewel continues to write these strong females That isn t all that makes Quinn strong, what truly defines her strength is the way she takes care of her father Since her mother died it s just the two of them Since he has turned to alcohol and his addiction has taken over his life Quinn is left with burden of taking care of him, their house and his garage.Tazen is famous in Quinn s world He is known for h [...]

  11. ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewIn life, we all have reached a breaking point We can decide we can give up or we can learn how to stand up again in the face of adversary It is the marking point or what we like to call the defining moment And in Hard to Break by Bella Jewel, we are introduced to Quinn, a female mechanic who lives and breathes fixing cars She took on the responsibility of running her family s mechanic shop when her father became alcoholic due to his sever [...]

  12. Now LIVE Barnes Noble Kobo Quinn s whole life has revolved around Pixie s Wheels, the garage her father opened when she was born She started working there when she was young and eventually became a licensed mechanic But after her mother died things went downhill She not only lost her mother, but her father started to drink and she now she s of a parent than he is The garage is the one thing she has, so when hotshot, custom car builder, Tazen Watts comes around and says he wants to buy the garag [...]

  13. Total surprise here Loved HARD TO BREAK I am a huge fan of Bella Jewel but I had not read any of her recent books When an ARC of Hard to Break landing on my Kindle, I did not know anything about the story and dove right in I was completely taken by surprise but this sexy, funny fast paced story that had a gorgeous, Alpha and a strong and feisty heroine And, she s a mechanic There are plenty of contemporary romances out there and this story stands out Quinn is about to lose her family s mechanic [...]

  14. 3.5 Mechanics Join Forces Stars.Lovers of tough heroines and enemies to lovers plots will not want to miss Hard to Break Sporting a tomboy heroine, who is comfortable in overalls and under the hood of a car, than she is in a dress and lipstick, Hard to Break provides an interesting contrast to many of the heroines that dominate the contemporary romance genre The hero, however, still conforms to the alpha hero paradigm that most romance readers are accustomed to, which of course means that when [...]

  15. ARC provided by the author for an honest review Luvd Luvd Luvd this Quinn is dealin with a lot of shit the the min but the only thing that keeps her goin is her Dads garage where she as work since she was able 2 Pixie Wheel as been her dad s garage since she was born so it mean so much 2 her it s where she learned al she knows about cars an was taught by her dad but her dad as been in a bad way since her mam passed away he as been drinkin an an things have gotten 2 much Quinn as been running t [...]

  16. Review Surj Facebook facebook TheHopelessRTSU tsu HopelessRomanticsBlog thehopelessromanticsbookblog.bIf you enjoyed the first book in Bella Jewel s Alpha hearts series, then you can bet your bottom dollar, you ll enjoy this one too Hard to Break was another action packed, drama filled story that I was quite happy to get lost in for a few hours However, I will put my hands up and say, it did take me a little time to warm up to the hero Oh yes, Tazan Watts was like the devil in disguise Sure he h [...]

  17. 5 wickedly hot and tempting stars Quinn and Tazen made me burn all the way through the novel When they were good they were so good they made things set on fire When they were bad they were so bad they could blow up buildings from their explosive arguing and Quinn s no bull shit attitude The two were well suited for one another, understood each other s passions, and gave the other what they desperately needed Quinn is possibly one of my favorite female characters ever She s a grease monkey in a w [...]

  18. ARC received for reviewDNF Here I am in the minority again I really can t stand Taz He s an over the top arrogant jerk for no reason Plus, I m bored.

  19. 4 Bringing Back Beautiful StarsHard to Break is the second in a series of standalone books about woman in roles that predominately belong to men This addition follows Quinn, a 25 year old, who has spent her whole life in the garage with her father under the hood of a car She s an excellent mechanic running a failing garage ever since her mother died and her father fell into the bottle While she has a staff of dedicated men working for her, they haven t been able to keep up with the bills When fa [...]

  20. What are you doing to me angel Being real,honey.Just like you wanted This was a nice and easy reading I liked this book for the most part but there were some parts I didn t like very much with both TazenQuinn BUT they make it up to me laterSo this book is about cars We have Quinn who is a mechanic and own a garage that she is trying to keep open because of debtsAnd then we have Tazenwho is famous because he builts cars and has his own show and he wants Quinn s garage.The beginning was good and I [...]

  21. I found the story to be slow building and it didn t really hold my full attention, I think the whole mechanic s and car s part bored me tbh, I didn t hate the characters but I didn t love them either, this book also had a pet peeve of mine, whilst having sex Tazen asks Quinn how she wants to be fucked to which she replys Hard, honey, Hard I m sorry but personally I could never say that to my hubby, I d sound like a right twat it just makes me cringe so bad when authors use the word honey in that [...]

  22. I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Quinn s whole world revolves around Pixie Wheels, her father s garage It is a representation for happier times when her mom was still alive and her father wouldn t drown his sorrows in a bottle When her world is threatened, Quinn will do anything she can to save it Even if the threat is sexy as hell, custom car builder Tazen Watts.Tazen wants to expand his custom car shops into Florida and Pixie Wheels is the perfect location He s [...]

  23. Wheels and wingsReading a Bella Jewel book is a treat that excites me than Starbucks Before I even read the first page I already know it s gonna be good because she s a word wizard She always gives me what I need to enjoy a good read I always start out intrigued, with my heart full of anticipation, because I know that I ll be meeting him soon It s obvious that since the series is called Alpha s Heart, I can expect him to be bossy But what I didn t expect was Quinn She s the one that stole the s [...]

  24. First, I must thank Netgalley for gifting me this ARC in exchange for an honest review.Hard to Break is the second book in the Alpha s Heart series by Bella Jewel but it can be read as a stand alone Bella has became one of my favorite authors so it was no surprise to me that this book was perfect Quinn is a sassy, strong minded mechanic who is having to run her father s garage Since the death of her mother, her father has turned to alcohol and has been on a downward spiral The garage and the guy [...]

  25. I got this as an ARC it was amazing This book had me from the 1st chapter, I didn t want to put it down I really enjoyed reading the story of Quinn Tazen, they were very hot together even when they were screaming at each other To say that their relationship didn t start off good is an understatement Tazen takes the only thing that means anything to Quinn she s fighting back the only way she knows how showing him that she s as good as any guy around if not better There are lots of secrets between [...]

  26. Disclaimer I received as an ARC courtesy of St Martin s Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI am a long time Bella Jewel fan, I have read almost all of her books After reading Hard to Break, all I can say is that if the first book in this series is even a small portion of how good this book was, then it s a winner Hard to Break, was phenomenal.When we meet Quinn it s during a very heart breaking scene, we see her lost and unsure of what the future will hold, but the hope that rem [...]

  27. WOW I had a fantastic time reading HARD TO BREAK Since I ve discovered this author, it has been hit or miss, and let me tell you this was quite the HIT It was fresh, unique, and extremely sexy We dive in to the world of fast cars, custom builds, and illegal racing The sexual tension is at an all time high in Ms Jewel s latest standalone in her ALPHA S HEART series This heart pounding, exhilarating, and erotic thrill ride will have you on the edge of your seat This author delivered in a BIG way T [...]

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