Batman Caballero Oscuro III: La raza superior

Batman Caballero Oscuro III La raza superior El siguiente cap tulo en la saga del Caballero Oscuro est aqu Edici n en castellano integral

El siguiente cap tulo en la saga del Caballero Oscuro est aqu Edici n en castellano integral.

  • ✓ Batman Caballero Oscuro III: La raza superior ☆ Frank Miller Brian Azzarello Andy Kubert Klaus Janson John Romita Jr. Eduardo Risso
    293 Frank Miller Brian Azzarello Andy Kubert Klaus Janson John Romita Jr. Eduardo Risso
Batman Caballero Oscuro III: La raza superior

  1. Frank Miller Brian Azzarello Andy Kubert Klaus Janson John Romita Jr. Eduardo Risso says:
    Frank Miller is an American writer, artist and film director best known for his film noir style comic book stories He is one of the most widely recognized and popular creators in comics, and is one of the most influential comics creators of his generation His most notable works include Sin City, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Year One and 300.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.

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  1. The lightning can strike twice I bought this in its single comic book issues, but I d chosen this TPB edition to be able of making a better overall review.This TPB edition collects DK III The Master Race 1 9.Creative Team Writers Frank Miller Brian AzzarelloIllustrator Andy KubertInker Klaus JansonColors Brad AndersonFOUR TO RETURN, THREE STRIKES NINE MASTER Y When Frank Miller did the first delivery in this saga, The Dark Knight Returns, in four parts, back then in 1986, he got back the charact [...]

  2. Frank Miller is fucking crazy Obviously And The Dark Knight Master Race is no exception Looking to the past, The Dark Knight Strikes Again is a piece of shit Don t deny it It s a horribly illustrated, plotless mess of a book And the worst part it s a Superman story While this has the feel of a Superman story, it s not And while it reminds me faintly of TDKSA in its uncanny approach to Batman, Master Race gets back to the gritty hyperbolic roots of The Dark Knight Returns that Frank Miller is kno [...]

  3. Evil Kryptonians invade Earth The World s Finest are scattered Bruce Wayne is dead Long live Batman This is Dark Knight III The Master Race I have a lorra opinions on this one and many are spoilerific so if you re planning on reading this for yourself and are just wondering what I thought of this one, the quick verdict is nah I mean, it s always exciting to read a Frank Miller Batman book considering that if anyone s responsible for the modern version of Batman we currently have, it s him, and h [...]

  4. The Dark Knight Master Race is the third volume of The Dark Knight series, after The Dark Knight Returns, one of the greatest comics volumes of all time, and The Dark Knight Strikes Again, one of the greatest comics disappointments of all time I had begun reading the third volume in single issues, impressed by the promise hype leading up to it, but fearful given some of what I had perceived as recent disappointments from Miller And make no mistake about it, this is Frank Miller s baby he, throug [...]

  5. I gave up on this at about 70 pages or so I didn t realize when I requested this from Edelweiss that it was 3 I think I m supposed to know what s going on here already, but I don t This is my fault and not the fault of the book, author or artist I just couldn t figure it out starting from here No rating.

  6. I received this from Netgalley and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review This was quite possibly the best Batman story I ve ever read and the strangest Batman artwork I ve ever seen Loved the cameos from the various members of the Justice League, and the inserted issues highlighting each of them The concept of the story was a good one what would happen if the residents of Kandor were brought back to full size on earth I definitely liked the way this played out

  7. You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.Frank Miller teams up with Brian Azzarello to write up the third installment in The Dark Knight Saga Batman Master Race is a significant improvement to its predecessor, Batman The Dark Knight Strikes Again, and revitalizes the hopes of fans with the prospect that this saga can finally be graced with a satisfactory ending.Let s clear the air a little bit Absolutely anything would ve been a huge improvement to what Batman The Dark Knight Strikes A [...]

  8. I ll be honest I thought this was gonna be pure shit I don t like The Dark Knight Returns and Frank Miller is a hit or miss Especially his Batman now days hasn t been to my liking All Star Batman was justwow However I took a gamble and read this bad boy You know whaT Not half bad The story starts off with Batman being dead Well not really but you know that Then Atom unleashes a army of Kryptians and with the help of Superman Wonder Woman s daughter they begin to release hell on earth Batman step [...]

  9. Good So we finally got a conclusion to Frank Miller s Dark Knight Saga and I m happy to report this WAY better then Dark Knight Strikes Again Firstly I got to say, this is not really essential, I think if you just read Dark Knight Returns your good, I would only recommend you continue the series If your curious or you like Frank Miller DC universe, cause it essentially is its own thing But if you hated DK Strikes Again, I think you ll be happy with this one So the story is Batman is continuing h [...]

  10. 3.5 5It s actually not bad which makes me think that Azzarello probably did most of the work and think god Miller didn t draw this Also this book probably contains the best Batman covers of all time

  11. Gods vs Humanity Which is the master race That s what s explored in this third installment of the Dark Knight Miller Azzarello Kubert and Janson the baddest firm of outlaws if ever there was one offer a visual, storytelling style that is spare but potent Shout out to Brad Anderson on colors The Kryptonians in the Bottle of Kandor make their move against the humans, the ants that need to be shown their place, their inferiority, by they the gods A key player in this story is Lara, daughter of Wond [...]

  12. After The Dark Knight Strikes Again, this was really a breath of fresh air I was thrilled I could actually follow the story So the basic premise is a cult is released from the bottled city of Kandor They are Kryptonian, so once they are exposed to Earth s yellow sun we end up a killer cult all as powerful as Superman The cult attempts to either take over the Earth, or if that fails, kill everyone on Earth So Batman has to deal with that Thankfully, he has help Superman, who has been just sitting [...]

  13. Was skeptical, but curious to read this and I m glad I did Indeed, I was very pleasantly surprised pleased with the overall experience Specifically, after DK2, which I considered a mediocre letdown after the sublime, paradigm shifting DK1, this was satisfying.Granted, this may all be a matter of personal perspective Part of me thinks Miller intentionally wrote aimed this one DK3 for my demographic, the baby boomers we were in our 20 s and 30 s in 1986, when DK1 The Dark Knight Returns was origi [...]

  14. Blade Runner came back after 30 some years Star Wars has a new lease of life Couldn t The Dark Knight still work Perhaps, but it doesn t This has nothing of the original in it except an odd moment or two where Carrie shines I ve always been about the writing than the art, but The Dark Knight Returns revolutionized the look of comics by taking a formal panel grid and then playing with page layouts Most of the panels were tiny intricate works of art so that when there was a splash page, it sang T [...]

  15. It has been three decades since the publication of The Dark Knight Returns, written and drawn by Frank Miller, who along with Alan Moore, was the saviour of the modern comic book on how his reinvention of Batman became a template towards subsequent stories over the years, as well as influencing a new wave of dark superheroes Sadly, his return to this universe was not as welcoming with The Dark Knight Strikes Again, a sequel that lacks any emotional nuance and tries to be edgy for the sake of sho [...]

  16. Wow, this one had me going back and forth on whether I liked it or not I guess that might be par for the course on this, as generally, folks see Frank Miller s work as divisive.Now, I know that speaking in broad strokes here you earn your comic book street cred based on your opinion of the original The Dark Knight Returns DKIII is interesting and all, but I m unsure it lives up to its pedigree Also, I ve heeded the advice of most folks I know and not read DKII Having said that, missing out on th [...]

  17. This book blew me away I ll start with the cover, I think the stark contrast between the black and white and the simplicity of the picture is extremely striking and eye catching I could quite happily look at it all day and it will be a beautiful addition to anyone s collection To continue with the art, it s all outstanding the whole book through and the different styles of the artists are very distinctive There s one page with Diana Wonder Woman fighting a minotaur and it is one of the most stun [...]

  18. Miller used to be my favorite comic book writer, and this is decent, but I miss the magic he did with the original Dark Knight Returns, Sin City or 300.

  19. I wish Frank Miller would just goddamn die already, is one thing I found myself thinking as I approached the end of this monster This hot mess This shit show And yet, there s some gold in this shit Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, right I actually really like the premise for this alternate future universe story, and though I don t usually use my reviews for synopsis, I m going to talk about the Cool Ideas for a bit Batman has his famous giant penny and that T Rex in the cave, but one o [...]

  20. ARC REVIEW Story A lot happens, it s just shy of 400 pages and has almost ten different characters it follows, each with their own section so yeah a lot happens Three years after the events of Strikes Again Carrie is masquerading as Batman and proclaiming he s dead Superman is frozen sitting on a chair in the fortress Wonder Woman is raising yet another offspring of Superman s while their daughter Lara acts like a spoiled child Green Lantern went back to his weird dimension place The Flash is of [...]

  21. Probably the best thing Miller has done in the past 20 years I really enjoyed the story and Andy Kubert s art was very nice I think it s really of a Superman story than a Batman one Since the main villains are Superman related Miller also contributed art to the backup stories The art started off very poor, but by issue 9 I think the art work was quite nice Plus, Miller contributed a few fantastic covers Overall though, his artwork was incredible inconsistent ranging from some of his best work t [...]

  22. Frank Miller returns to the world of the comic that made his name except that statement needs qualifying, because where The Dark Knight Returns and DK2 were unquestionably Frank Miller projects, his faithful lieutenants Janson and Varley at his side, this time there are a lot of other names involved Brian Azzarello co writes Andy Kubert draws the main story some of the back up strips which are really subplots to the main story anyway have Miller art proper, while others bring the likes of John [...]

  23. DK III The Master Race by Miller, Azzarello, Kubert, Janson and AndersonimageI actually got this for Christmas, and haven t had the time to read it So this weekend I finally sat down and read this, New 52 Harley Quinn issues 12 23, the road trip Harley 1, and Harley Quinn and Power Girl issues 1 3 All this New 52 s are amazing I always enjoy them.Anywho, back to the Dark Knight I would advise watching the cartoon Batman The Dark Knight Returns part 1 It s about an hour long or so if you saw it, [...]

  24. Good enough even if it is not at the same level of the first one, but at last it is way better than the second installment in this series by Miller Abbastanza bello, anche se non ai livelli del primo, ma almeno molto meglio del secondoANKS TO NETGALLEY FOR THE PREVIEW

  25. Batman The Dark Knight III The Master Race by Frank Miller is one of the better books out there that stands on its own Its take on JLA characters and with the dark and twisted view of Miller make it one of the enjoyable reads to be found Frank Miller s The Dark Knight is a classic in comic book lore Unfortunately, it has made every sequel look like a sad sack sister in comparison That is too bad because read on its own, The Master Race is an incredibly well developed and thought out piece of co [...]

  26. Frank Miller writing Batman But which Miller is it Collect them all Writing about the debut issue of this series for Newsarama back in 2015, I recalled You can almost spot the moment in Dark Knight Strikes Againwhere the auteur s will breaks In the immediate aftermath of the 9 11 attacks, Miller shared every New Yorker s mixture of rage, helplessness and confusion over where to direct his emotion Bringing Brian Azzarello on board was a master stroke for The Master Race, with the previous volume [...]

  27. Llega a su fin la publicaci n de los nueve n meros que forman la nueva entrega de El retorno del caballero oscuro No hab a necesidad, seguramente, de volver a este mundo que tanto xito le dio a Frank Miller all en los ochenta y que tanta indiferencia dejo con su segunda parte Sin embargo, adem s de los consiguientes d lares con que habr n retribuido al autor y sus acompa antes, parece que DC pretende volver a la senda que tanto reconocimiento le dio de crear novelas gr ficas con identidad propia [...]

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