Eve of Tomorrow

Eve of Tomorrow The British are coming Eve of Tomorrow brings to a conclusion the story of Gabby and Dawn two English sisters thrust into the forefront of rebellion in the new world Set in a distant future laid wast

The British are coming.Eve of Tomorrow brings to a conclusion the story of Gabby and Dawn, two English sisters thrust into the forefront of rebellion in the new world Set in a distant future laid waste by change and conflict, Gabby and Dawn discover their parents among the Americans and pledge to fight alongside their countrymen seeking safety and freedom.The Republic ofThe British are coming.Eve of Tomorrow brings to a conclusion the story of Gabby and Dawn, two English sisters thrust into the forefront of rebellion in the new world Set in a distant future laid waste by change and conflict, Gabby and Dawn discover their parents among the Americans and pledge to fight alongside their countrymen seeking safety and freedom.The Republic of Texas has been defeated, but its doomsday weaponhas fallen into the wrong hands At first, warriors by circumstance, but now warriors by choice, Gabby and Dawn have a new mission to destroy the weapon before it can destroy their future.

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Eve of Tomorrow

  1. Happiness is simple just decide to enjoy life no matter what it throws at you I m a pretty simple person I like to write, I spend way too much time reading, and I love hockey I tend to laugh at inappropriate times and talk than anyone should I ve been given a lot of challenges in my life I have a disabling illness that leaves me unable to do most thing But through books, I can do everything I m a sucker for romance and get a little bored if the book doesn t have even just a little bit of it I love YA fiction because the style is so completely cinematic and exciting I review most everything I read, unless I can t justify giving a book at least 3 stars Some may call me a softy, but as an author myself, I know how that feels I just can t do it to someone I love the author community and can t imagine myself without it I ve made so many good friends who are brilliant writers It s truly a joy

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  1. You know that feeling you get after you ve ridden a particularly vigorous roller coaster five times in a row That s how I felt after finishing Eve of Tomorrow.This book, and indeed the entire Dawn of Rebellion series, was a non stop thrill ride, filled with action, drama, action, adventure, action, action, and action And at the center of it was Dawn and Gabby, two teenage sisters thrown headlong into a world of chaos, a world that they will ultimately reshape for the better, growing as characte [...]

  2. Okay, wow.So much action This book has so much action I was starting to feel exhausted for poor Dawn and her sister Gabby for what they were going through In a good way, I should add I was glued to this, just as I was to the first two books in this series.The main focus of the story is to prevent a biological weapon from being released, killing everyone in its way But so many obstacles occur in Dawn and Gabby s way Dawn has grown significantly since the last book and has become brave, strong, an [...]

  3. Source I received a free copy of this book from the author, thank you Michelle Lynn Cost Free Title Eve of Tomorrow Series Dawn of Rebellion 3 Author Michelle Lynn Overall Rating 5 starsThe term, Saving the best for last, comes to mind with this book It picks up where the second leaves off and immediately, your heart in pounding with the action that consumes Gabby and Dawn s life as the try their best to protect their people from a bio weapon that could destroy everything But the cost that this [...]

  4. Wow what an ending to a phenomenal series Eve of Tomorrow is a super action packed end of the gut wrenching story of Dawn and Gabby, two sisters caught up in the middle of a rebellion and forced to become unlikely heroes This last book had of everything I ve come to love from author Michelle Lynn The story was non stop and kept me at the edge of my seat, turning page after page and never wanting to put the book down It really seemed like the sisters came full circle in their character developme [...]

  5. Now let s get something out there For me, dystopian novels meant George Orwell s Nineteen Eighty Four There probably won t be a better novel released in that genre in my lifetime or ever , and I was as surprised as anyone when I picked up a YA dystopian novel a few years ago, starring someone from District 12.So with Michelle Lynn s series, it would be easy to be dismissive, to say this is a fluffy YA dystopian, no one will care what happens Not true And with each book, the story has evolved int [...]

  6. It took me a lot longer to read this than I wanted I would happily have read this in one day, it was that good This one didn t have a cliffhanger ending which I m grateful for and Michelle Lynn did a great job of finishing this book I have read so many books where the minor characters are forgotten about in the conclusion of the story, but in Eve of Tomorrow, we get to learn what happened to them all If they survived til the end, that is War is evil There is no other way to put it and although I [...]

  7. Just finished Eve of Tomorrow, book 3 of the Dawn Of Rebellion Trilogy Man, what an adventure The story of the two sisters, Dawn and Gabby, pick up right where the second book leaves off and it is just as spellbinding as the first two They are no longer the innocent, na ve teenagers we meet in book one however They are now bad ass rebel soldiers on a mission to stop a terrible weapon from wiping out what is left of humanity Michelle Lynn creates her characters with such depth and range of emotio [...]

  8. Wow What a sequel There was so much going on in this book, I m not even sure where to begin It was action packed, it was heartbreaking, and it was suspenseful The transition into Eve of Tomorrow was flawless, and once again, I was pulled into the story from the beginning What I loved about this series was how much the characters grew And not just the sisters, but all of them They suffered so much and to see how they persevered through each tribulation was exciting to read But then the dose of re [...]

  9. I feel save the best for last really fits this trilogy Just like the first two books the action amazed me, to be honest I began to feel quite exhausted keeping up, which is a good thing.There are always so many twists and turns, unlike most stories, you really don t know what s going to happen next Then, of course, the family dynamic and all the character development which has continued throughout the book makes everything all the believable.I m trying to be as conserved as I can here, be ause [...]

  10. OMG The author has saved the best for last with this third and final book in the Dawn of Rebellion series.I found all three books easy to read with each chapter titled with the name of the character who is telling the story Drew was my favorite but I think Lee has now surpassed him Ms Lynn has done a wonderful job of bringing these young brave characters to life.So much happens in this one It carried me along throughout the emotional ride and I m not ashamed to admit it had me in tears near the [...]

  11. Eve of Tomorrow is the third and last book in the Dawn of Rebellion series And what a cracking end to the series it is Quite a number of surprises and I dare you not to shed a tear What I liked most about the series is seeing the two girls Dawn and Gabby grow from London street urgings into not to be messed with strong woman, without losing their core characters Gabby remains mouthy and defiant, while Dawn keeps her softer caring side.Book 2 was rather dark and serious, and while things are grim [...]

  12. What a book, brilliant ending This has to have been the best series I ve ever read The power in the words were so emotional and I cried so much through it feeling what they were all going through As with the other books each chapter is a different character, the main ones Gabby, Dawn, Drew and Lee are the main ones throughout the book and series, but you do get the view from others too which only adds to it.I never thought I would get drawn into a series as I was with this one All along you are [...]

  13. Eve of Tomorrow is by Michelle Lynn It is book three of her series It is a science fiction which is set in the future The setting is what used to be the United States It is now divided into sections controlled by various groups The characters are realistic and you get attached to them The plot is one which unfortunately could be plausible in the future, although I certainly hope it will never be The book is gripping and I found I could not put it down Luckily it reads quickly so it didn t take m [...]

  14. Eve of Tomorrow is a sobering and sometimes cruel reminder that war can be just as devastating when fought by experienced, highly trained soldiers or a young, ragtag collection of freedom fighters.When we first met the sister duo of Dawn and Gabby in book one Dawn of Rebellion , Dawn was a shy, insecure, but likable girl living under the large shadow that her popular, pretty sister casts upon her For her part, Gabby was a mischievous, shallow, self conceited girl that I honestly found hard to li [...]

  15. Eve of Tomorrow is the final chapter in author Michelle Lynn s excellent Dawn of Rebellion trilogy and, as she did in her first two books, she has crafted a wonderful novel that is so very much than a simple dystopian adventure story.Writing in her trademark style of short, punchy chapters, Lynn skillfully uses her characters to examine just what it means to be truly human in the context of an exciting adventure novel that has enough great fight scenes to keep even the most jaded readers on the [...]

  16. Wow I couldn t put this book down I ve been so excited to finally read the final installment of the Dawn of Rebellion series, Eve of Tomorrow, and I was not disappointed I really enjoyed watching Dawn grow into a strong, independent, young woman, while I felt Gabby softened throughout the book with the help of her new love interest, which was a welcome change from her harsh attitude in Book two Eve of Tomorrow is packed full of action which makes it hard to stop reading, and it was easy to get s [...]

  17. I m heart broken This wonderful amazing trilogy has come to an end, and what an ending it is Action, explosions, torture, love, conspiracy and friendship all aplenty to make this a truly fitting finale to this trilogy Michelle has a real gift for character creation, she brings them to life in such an amazing way I loved our little band of warriors and heroes, I cried when they fell, hurt when they suffered and rejoiced in their victories Michelle has written a powerful dystopian trilogy and I ca [...]

  18. Eve of Tomorrow is the third and final installment in the Dawn of Rebellion trilogy Sisters Dawn, and Gabby find themselves in a race against the clock to find and destroy, a doomsday weapon fallen into the wrong hands This book is action packed dystopian adventure The author is master at character development, as well as making the words come to life I hope to see from Michelle Lynn.I very much enjoyed this book and this series and would recommend it to anybody.

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