Second Chance (The Transcendence Trilogy, #1)

Second Chance The Transcendence Trilogy One crime four people and a secret that could shake the world to its foundations Four lives become linked by a student s disappearance a politician looking to put integrity back into politics an inv

One crime, four people and a secret that could shake the world to its foundations.Four lives become linked by a student s disappearance a politician looking to put integrity back into politics, an investigator hoping to atone for past mistakes, a data cleanser searching for a better life while haunted by his past and a re life technician creating new lives for old soulsne crime, four people and a secret that could shake the world to its foundations.Four lives become linked by a student s disappearance a politician looking to put integrity back into politics, an investigator hoping to atone for past mistakes, a data cleanser searching for a better life while haunted by his past and a re life technician creating new lives for old souls.But it soon becomes clear this is no ordinary case, and in the pursuit of the truth, long held secrets are at risk of being revealed.Set in the near future where everybody is connected and death isn t final, this is the story of how far those in power will go to retain control, and the true price to pay for a Second Chance.

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Second Chance (The Transcendence Trilogy, #1)

  1. Dylan S Hearn was born in Ipswich, England and has lived and worked all over Europe before settling back close to where he was born He spends his day balancing being a husband, father and writer sometimes successfully, sometimes not His first novel, Second Chance The Transcendence Trilogy Book 1 was first on Kindle in January 2014 The sequel, Absent Souls The Transcendence Trilogy book 2 was published in November 2014 He is currently working on the 3rd and final book, Genesis Redux, whilst fighting back ideas for other novels until it is finished.

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  1. One of the reasons I like reading and writing science fiction is how well the genre plays with others Create a interesting futuristic setting, on Earth or somewhere in space, and there are any number of story types mystery, thriller, romance, action adventure, etc that can be told, separately or blended together The excellent first entry of the Transcendence Trilogy, Second Chance by Dylan Hearn HearnDylan is a political conspiracy thriller wrapped around a mystery, seasoned with some philosophy [...]

  2. This is a very clever book possibly too clever for me, because I m still not entirely clear on what actually happened having said that another part has just fallen into place But the ideas have got me thinking.I wasn t sure what to expect when I started this book and it took a little while for me to get into but that s normal because of the world building that s needed at the start of a series it also left a lot of unanswered questions because it s the start of a trilogy and you have to keep peo [...]

  3. Second Chance is thrilling and chilling There is blood and gore, but it is the cold blooded, or even bloodless aspect of British society that is really at the core of this story of a political system that controls everything even beyond the grave.There are four distinct threads to the story as well as sub stories, as murky as the crumbling cityscape Each chapter adds a little detail to one of the main threads, and as Dylan Hearn pulls in the threads, we begin to see through the murk to where th [...]

  4. Dylan Hearn has taken on a difficult task in writing this complex, near future thriller, but for the most part he has succeeded admirably in his goal Second Chance is a compulsively readable novel, which engages with some knotty political and philosophical issues while delivering a riveting plot arising from the interactions between a set of well realised characters The milieu Hearn has created feels lived in, and the technologies that enable it are likewise credible My quibbles with the book ar [...]

  5. A copy, NOT a clone not what i expected Twists and strong characters keep the story rolling A glimpse of what could be and the undeniable limits of science.

  6. Because seen through these eyesWe lead a double lifeNo one will knowSo check it out steppin out here I goAre we, are we, are we ourselves Are we ourselves and do we really know Lyrics excerpted from Are We Ourselves, The FixxFor the last twenty years of so, I ve been following guys like Ray Kurzweil and Bill Joy, prophets of the singularity and the melding of machine and mind Ray Kurzweil thinks we ll be uploading our brains into boxes in the 2040s and is all over YouTube pushing the idea He doe [...]

  7. I really like the cover The author know how to make simple but artistic cover I give it for him The synopsis also quite good Actually I really like the story and characters Basically there are 3 major characters which are Stephanie the politician, Randall the IT, Nico the investigator For the others, it was also quite interesting but not really major for me You get to know their life and how they interlinked with one another To be honest, I don t really know my feeling about this story and endin [...]

  8. Although both ecology and neuroscience are at the heart of the world Hearn creates they do not dominate the novel, making this very definitely a character driven thriller.When extremes of weather began to disrupt infrastructure and displace populations even in industrialised nations, the United Nations finally agreed a global solution to climate change Sustainable power, cutting edge technology, and open government now allow humanity to retain its comforts without destroying its future.Strugglin [...]

  9. This is a book I discovered via the world of blogging and occasional mentions on various other social media Set in a near dystopian future this is a multi stranded thriller that combines elements of science fiction with political intrigue, abduction and murder, all set against the murky backdrop of big business and globalisation Mixed in amongst the plot we have a pretty young researcher who has gone missing, a newly elected politician trying to make a difference to the world she lives in, and s [...]

  10. We self published authors are a happy and largely supportive community I found Hearn s blog earlier this year and seeing he had a book just out, I was intrigued enough by the premise to offer to review it.The plot is tantalising if you like your science fiction with a dash of thrills with some niche ideas to get you thinking This story about a missing woman and the plot to unravel her disappearance was she murdered if so, where is the body Was she abducted If so, why Who has her while four peopl [...]

  11. I really enjoyed Second Chance It follows multiple characters, alternating between each of their own PoV chapters It was a bit hard to keep track of who was who in the beginning but the confusion didn t last long, as the characters all felt different They had their own personalities, goals and motives, and throughout the story I wanted to find out how things would turn out for each of them A very good thing, since while the book has an interesting plot, it s very focused on the characters The si [...]

  12. I discovered this author s blog prior to his novel and admired his unusual style of writing This novel is no exception This is a multi viewpoint story so tells the story from the perspective of four different characters a politician, an investigator, an information cleanser someone who searches the internet and deletes any unsuitable information , and a science technician.The story had an interesting premise, set in a futuristic world with scientific research taking a lot of worryingly advanced [...]

  13. Indie Author, Dylan S Hearn, writes an intriguing dystopian future in Second Chance The Transcendence Trilogy Book 1 The characters are well defined and the dialogue is honed to a fine point The world Hearn builds is a very believable possible future a world that is on the verge of terrifying.Second Chance hooked me from the start and held my attention to the end, leaving me wanting This science fiction thriller includes abduction, missing persons, murder, mystery, neuroscience, and political i [...]

  14. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the author s first novel The future society was well thought out and plausible, with some interesting extrapolations of technology, neurobiology and political possibilities.A particularly insightful and pertinent sentence in chapter 35 struck me That s the biggest problem with democracy those in power will do anything to stay in power, and the best way to stay in power is to give the electorate what they want The ending felt rushed that and the apparently unnecess [...]

  15. After reading Absent Souls, the second book in this series, I was looking forward to reading its predecessor.Interestingly, while the general themes and principles are the same, and main characters make their first appearance, it was quite a different story I loved the political intrigue and the manipulation It was very cleverly done.Stephanie and Randall are very strong characters, while Gant and Sian, although secondary characters, stamp their mark firmly on this book And O Driscoll plays a re [...]

  16. This is a highly enjoyable read a real page turner, which kept me guessing to the end and then surprised me in a way I hadn t seen coming, not even a little bit The story is set in a believable future which effortlessly blends recognisable components with well imagined technologies and scenarios The individual character narratives are set out in scenes which weave together confidently, steadily mapping out the landscape and subtly revealing motivations and ambitions, before pulling together in a [...]

  17. The premise behind this book is one that will appeal to most people is there a chance to live on after death Often, I read sci fi novels with interesting concepts only to be let down by unappealing characters or overly complex plots Not so in this case The author has skilfully woven together the stories of likeable characters in a future that is utterly convincing At the same time, this is a well paced story with the right blend of plot development and thought provoking detail regarding politics [...]

  18. Here s another great example of why Indie Authors deserve credit where credit s due A near future sci fi thriller, Second Chance will keep you on the edge of your proverbial seat to the end The climax is fitting, whilst leaving plenty to be sorted out in a second book I downloaded it in a free promotion in May 2014 I took my time getting around to reading it, but it was well worth the wait I m definitely looking forward to the next instalment Remember, if you enjoy a book especially the free one [...]

  19. Second Chance was a free download I received from the author I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, although it s not a genre I usually choose to read The writing grabbed me from the start and pulled me right in, and I found the pace of the story to be just right to carry me along, wanting to discover the big secret of this very believable world Dylan Hearn has created Very good writing and storytelling for a first novel I would definitely read by this author.

  20. A gripping near future thriller I found the characters believable and intriguing, the plot gripping The sparseness of the descriptions help the story to keep moving at a great pace Looking forward to the next book.

  21. Political intrigue, neuroscience, a missing persons investigation this well written novel has it all Set in the future, a newly elected politician joins forces with an investigator trying to find a missing researcher and an information specialist whose own life is unraveling out of control Each has their own motives for finding the missing woman, and none are prepared for what they find The author creates a believable futuristic world, including an all encompassing datasphere where anything is a [...]

  22. Part political intrigue, part detective story, I rather liked Second Chance One of the things that really stood out to me was Hearn s use of future technology in a completely believable manner It wouldn t surprise me to see some of this technology in the next 10 20 years.I m a big fan of dystopian fiction, and although Second Chance is described as such, it seems the world is not that bad off Kind of a nice change of pace from the broken world I ve been used to in other dystopian stories.

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